Sep 15th, 2015


One of the reasons Satoru Iwata is so well-known to Nintendo fans is the Nintendo Direct, a novel way of releasing new information about upcoming games. Iwata had been the presenter for Nintendo Direct presentations since the inception of them, but with his passing many wondered if Nintendo would continue using this method of distributing information, rather than relying on large trade shows like E3 and Gamescom.

According to a Nintendo representative who spoke with IGN, Nintendo Direct presentations will continue in Iwata’s absence, but there is no information on who will replace him as the main presenter. Iwata’s style of presentation was light-hearted and fun, so Nintendo will need to find someone who is capable of capturing that presentation style.

Nintendo Directs will continue, but we have no details to provide now on who will be featured or the topics that will be covered.

Some fans have suggested that Bill Trinen from the Nintendo Treehouse assume the role for Iwata, but what do you think? Who would you like to see giving Nintendo Direct presentations from here on out?

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