Jul 31st, 2014


In anticipation of the upcoming release of Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct in order to discuss the game. The Direct will take place on August 4th in the United States and August 5th in Europe. It occurs at different times than usual, given that the Nintendo Direct presentations usually happen around 9am EST. This Direct is taking place at night, so Europeans will have to get up extra early if you want to watch it life.

  • USA West – 8pm August 4
  • USA East – 11pm August 4
  • UK – 4am August 5
  • Europe – 5am August 5
  • Japan – 12pm August 5

With so much information already revealed about the game over the past month, it’s hard to imagine what new fresh information we’ll see.

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  • Phoenix Maybe

    Looks like Japan is the only country that can watch the direct live with a good night’s sleep.

    • Chris Orr

      8 At night is too late? or even 11? (11 is arguable)

      • Phoenix Maybe

        Oops forgot about that part.

      • Sdudyoy

        I’m a night owl, it won’t be a problem for me, I go to bed at a minimum of 1-2 AM.

        • Chris Orr

          Yeah, me too. But I put the arguable parenthesis there cause I know some people like to sleep early

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Same for me here, and I am exactly 12 hours behind Japan. Their ND will start at 12:00, and I’ll be watching it at 0:00. I usually sleep around 2am, so it’s nothing for me! 😀

    • The Clockwork Being

      Well I am on summer break and I sleep late anyways. Watching it at 11 pm here in Canada won’t be a problem.

      I don’t even think I’ll be able to watch the Direct Live since that day I’ll be out late watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Petri

      I’m waking up just in time for some live direct.

    • Prizm

      And Australia.

  • Mayoo

    I don’t get this. Did Nintendo never learned to use internet for what it is? Release it once and let everyone watch it when they want.

    • That’s exactly what they’re doing. It just happens to be released on Japanese time instead of a time that’s standard for North America and Europe.

      • Mayoo


        Yes indeed.

      • ChariotMan7

        Yea but this game may not have online smdh.

    • James Kephart

      The different times are just different time zones. 8pm US west = 11pm US east = 4am UK = 5am Europe = 12pm Japan.

      • Mayoo

        You sir, must learn to read replies before replying. But you are right.

  • Arkamarky

    Is Los Angeles USA West or USA East? Sorry for asking, I’m Canadian and my time is 4 hours late then Los Angeles.

    • Hikingguy

      Los Angeles is West. New York is East (for reference).

      • Arkamarky

        Thanks 😀

  • Whoa, looks like we’re finally getting fierce deity link!

  • cl0s

    “If you want to watch it life” I think she meant “live”

  • Logan Wayman

    Maybe they’ll reveal Tetra as a playable character (which is pretty unlikely.)

    • nigeriangamer

      hmmmm thats is interesting, i wounder how see would look?will they retain her cartoon look or make her more realistic?

    • dubaloseven

      They revealed a little while ago that games being represented are Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. So most likely no Tetra.

      • Logan Wayman

        I don’t agree. The Wind Waker baton was revealed as a weapon a while ago.

        • dubaloseven

          I mean in terms of playable characters. They’re referencing other games like the hooshot being able to summon the Moon from Majora’s Mask, and of course the Wind Waker, but no actual representatives from any game other than those three plus the original characters.

  • jjbredesen

    “so Europeans will have to get up extra early if you want to watch it life”??? Think you mean live 😛

    Anyway, no chance I will watch it live unless I stay up until 4:00…..but i am actually a bit excited for this direct, want to see a bit more of the game before deciding on buying it or not, so this one better be good!

  • LevenThumps

    I’m still hoping for a Direct focusing on the 3DS since it was glanced over at E3, but I’m excited for this as well.

    • uPadWatcher

      “Not my problem.” -Reggie

  • ActivesiN

    8pm for me, much better then 11 in the morning

  • steveb944

    What the heck is up with the crazy times. I’ll be watching it the following day or just reading up on it here in the morning ride to work.

  • I’ll watch it later getting up at 5am is a no go for me I’m an evening person so to hard to get up at 5am unless I go fishing at sea 🙂

  • Boo, I want a refund oh the time I have wasted so far seeing this shit. Seriously I HATE COD WITH A BURNING PASSION but I would rather play it then Hyrule Warriors which is nothing but an insult to Zelda aka my #1 favorite franchise. Hyrule Warriors should be cancelled or Japan only or something. Don’t want to see that anywhere, in a store, anyone on my friends list playing that will be removed without hesitation.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Nice sarcasm

      • Dude, I’m dead fucking serious I REALLY CANT STAND HYRULE WARRIORS. When it was on during the E3 Treehouse Stream me and my friend were like fucking hell enough of this shit go back to something like Splatoon or move along. I’m not joking, Hyrule Warriors is COMPLETE FUCKING SHIT. I want NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

        • Milky Bacons

          Why is it an Insult to LoZ?

          • Cause it is. AI that just stands there like a dolt, mashing the greatest franchise ever with one of the most bland, boring, repetitive franchises ever, Dynasty Warriors. It’s just go here smack 100 enemies, okay no go here smack 100 enemies no over there. The wold Midna rides around on looks like shit, nothing like the original wolf from Twilight Princess. It’s supposed to pay tribute to Zelda but it just goes backwards from that and has nothing good about it. Some might enjoy playing as Shiek and such, which is fine, but playing as characters isnt a key factor. If you have a junk game but awesome characters you still have a junk game.

          • nigeriangamer

            whoa whoa calm down now, some people like the crossover or mash up and some people dont, its not killing the franchise. its more of widening the franchise proving it can work with alot of game mechanics. i for one is not really interested in buying it but the zelda does work well with it (from what i have seen) i just dont like dynasty warriors but alot of people do. you can also say the same for soul calibur 2(some people liked it, some people didnt)

          • Soul Calibur in general is meh. Not bad not great. Its alright. As for me “calming down” there are a certain few things in the gaming industry that just infuriate me, Hyrule Warriors is one of those things that just really rubs me the wrong way.

          • Milky Bacons

            Listen, I’m fine with you voicing your opinion but when you’re cussing your pants off and using caps… you shouldn’t expect the internet to take it lightly. The game is, after all, a spin-off. Not “official” You don’t like it don’t buy it. Enough said.

            Also, I would comment about your lack of reason but I really don’t feel like getting involved anymore than I have.

          • I’m not buying it. Lack of reason? I explained that in an earlier post.

          • Milky Bacons

            Listen, I’m not buying it either but slaughtering hundreds of enemies is that type of style of game play. I agree with you to an extent, but saying it is a mockery to the LoZ series is a little overkill. Also, the AI is standing around so you can see the different moves the character can preform with ease, and I’m sure it won’t be like that in the game. 🙂

          • We saw lots of gameplay, the game is finished, it will play that way.

          • Milky Bacons

            Well, we did see a lot of gameplay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s finished… I mean look at Super Smash Bros. We see lots of gameplay in tourneys and such, but it isn’t finished. Both games are able to play fluently, but… idk. We’ll just have to see the live stream to see how much was hidden from us.

          • Hyrule Warriors comes out this month in Japan…it’s gone gold, its finished. A game is roughly finished 4 weeks before it releases, which gives a month to mass produce the game and ship it out.

          • Milky Bacons

            Oh, well… I didn’t know that. Yah, it’s finished. :/

          • WR

            I’ve really gotten sick of you hating on everything Nintendo does. If you don’t like Hyrule Warriors, and don’t want to ever play it, then DON’T PLAY IT. The people developing this game aren’t slowing down the development of the latest Zelda title. If the game sucks, who cares. The CDI games didn’t do any harm to Zelda games. You can completely ignore this game. It comes out shortly before Smash 3DS.

          • What fucking drugs are you on? I’m not going to play the game, I didn’t say it slows down Zelda Wii U…

        • Michael

          If you want nothing to do with the game then why are you reading and commenting on an article about the game? That just doesn’t make much sense. Or is it that you have nothing better to do with your life? Just curious.

          • Just cause I don’t like something doesn’t mean I wont talk about it. I speak my mind, whether its something good or not is irrelevant. The internet isn’t only for kissing ass and praising you know. Your allowed to bitch and moan about things, in fact it’s a good thing to do.

    • Dylan Groot

      Totally with you on this man, this game is gonna suck ass. If this would have been a new Dynasty Warriors game nobody would have cared, but now that its Zelda themed everybody goes nuts, Hello?!?? Its a Dynasty Warriors game folks! Ever played one? They suck!

  • mojack411

    Well… I feel like we already know a lot about Hyrule Warriors so I can’t get terribly excited about this. On the other hand, the guy doing the livestream of it during E3 did mention how he wanted to talk about the “entirely separate game mode” as well that is the other “50% of the game”. Maybe that game mode will be revealed.

    On one hand I really want to watch this, but on the other I still want to leave some surprises for when I finally play the game.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I just found out this game WILL feature online play according to Playeressence

  • SolarShane13

    When are we going to get back to the normal directs? The last direct was in March. April’s was for Smash, and May’s was for Mario Kart. E3 doesn’t count as that really isn’t a “direct”.

    Also, we get practically daily information on said game. Why the need for a whole direct?

    • C4

      Probably after GC, TGS and/or release of Smash.

  • Marioman21

    I can stay up and watch this.

  • Prizm

    “OMG like maybe they’ll reveal the 276th playable character in SSB!!!1111”

  • C4

    This is only Hyrule Warriors like MK8 a while ago? Or will there be some surprises?

    • Rickem

      Like a Fatal Frame V surprise? I’m hoping so. Both are Tecmo-Koei.

      • C4

        Dunno but not really expecting anything. Then again that’s the point of a surprise 😛

  • MetroidZero

    At least my workplace will be closed at that time.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    I’d like to see guest appearances from Marth and Isaac.