May 16th, 2013


Nintendo has just announced that a Nintendo Direct for both the US and the UK will be occurring tomorrow, discussing the upcoming summer titles for Nintendo consoles. The US version will focus on both the Wii U and the 3DS, while the UK version will feature upcoming games to the region. This falls in line with the original rumors for E3 that stated Nintendo would be hosting Directs before the end of May, so perhaps we should pay a bit more attention to what’s being said.

Of course we’ll have all the coverage available here on Wii U Daily, but you’re probably wondering what we expect to see. More information on The Wonderful 101 will probably be available, in addition to Wii Fit U and perhaps a bit more information on Wind Waker HD. What do you want to see tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Arthur Jarret

    I want to see a promo of whatever ‘First person science fiction’ title Retro has been working on!

    • That will most likely be saved shortly before E3, or at E3. Still, it’s something to look forward to.

      • Ony

        ^ i thought the same. This year ‘around E3 will probably kill me.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Ashley, it is likely you can find this info more easily than I could:

        Has there ever been any Nintendo Direct (except direct minis) since the 3DS released that didn’t showcase an unannounced title? I don’t think there has been, but I could very well be mistaken – so am asking this instead of making a possibly false claim.

        Because they have previously surprised us with a new title in every direct I can remember (there, didn’t make any false claims!), I do think they will either show Retro’s game, 3D mario or Smash bros in tomorrows E3 – and there might be a surprise announcement again.

        I also think they will showcase the next system update.

        As always with these directs, they are announced and I’m hyped for it. Can’t wait to see it and to read all the opinions about it on WiiUdaily tomorrow!

        • Zuxs13

          You may get a teaser of Mario or Smash Bros but i wouldn’t expect any more. They might talk about a new game or something towards the end but I highly doubt anything on what retro is up too will be talked about, they always reveal Retro stuff at E3.

    • Zuxs13

      They announced that there will be another Wii U ND just before E3 that will talk about WIi U games for Fall/Winter and beyond, so My guess is we will see it then or at E3. But it would be cool to see some sort of teaser tomorrow,

      • Arthur Jarret

        That’s the nice thing about directs, we’ll know very soon ^_^

    • bizzy gie

      Just call it Metroid U. We all know that’s what it is.

  • Erik

    It would be best to have a check list on me to find out if the “original” rumors are in fact true or not. Maybe in a separate thread or so to see if other readers got some right, maybe, or just plain wrong. I hope MOST of the original rumors are true then i can have my mind set for ALL games. But im keeping my ears out for the “Super Saiyan” rumors for Smash Bros πŸ˜€

  • redd214

    Awesome news, can’t wait to see some previews and get some release dates!!

  • Zombie Boy

    Fingers crossed for announcements of the Final Fantasy and Resident Evil remakes (not sure which games from the series’ back catalogues will be remade, but both have been confirmed, just not officially announced). And of course, Retro’s new game as well as more details on the upcoming Zelda titles.

  • Guest

    Let’s hope Nintendo offers an apology/explanation to their recent homophobia allegations…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Not the only thing they have to apologize for either…

      • What do they really have to apologize for? Everything they have done has been reasonable or a normal cycle of a new console. The only thing I could see an apology for is pushing the release date of first party title’s, but lord oh’ mighty if they delay a game to perfect it they owe us an apology.

      • John Raybell

        They don’t have to apologies for SHIT! People just need to grow the fuck up

      • NkoSekirei

        grow up bitch at least most of us dont troll like u do on here do us all a favor and act like a responsible adult not like a 12 year old

    • Zuxs13

      you know that’s an interesting topic, it all stemmed from an update saying it will fix human relationships that are “funny” or “strange,” but it never exactly said it was going to remove gay marriage. Now it’s assumed that it would be because Japan doesn’t recognize same sex marriage of its own people, only that of it’s citizens to a citizen of another country.

      my guess is there wont be any apologies on anything tomorrow

    • Revolution5268

      why should they that game never came out in the west.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I think they wil apologize for disappointing their fans this gen, and announce the apparent fail of Wii U.

    • Super Buu

      Have you ever heard of that expression ”Speak for yourself”?

      • D.M.T

        The answer = no he hasn’t heard of that.

        He thinks every Nintendo fan should be disappointed like he is.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Speaking for myself? The numbers speaks for themselves. Of the 97 million buyers who bought the Wii only 3.6 million bought their new console. 94.4 million didnt bother to buy it because it wasnt very exciting.

          Wii U = VirtualBoy2

          • D.M.T

            What makes you think they won’t buy a Wii U later? The only thing Wii U needs is more games and the games are coming. I’m not gonna sit here and judge the Wii U just 6 months after launch like you because it’s too soon to judge. I will wait and see what happens

    • John Raybell

      fail of wiiu? just like the wii failed? if thats the kind of fail you mean sure, outsell all other consoles, break records. wiiu is just getting up out of bed, wait till its had a shower and some coffee πŸ™‚

    • Clel

      Because a less than 9 month old baby is a failure if he hasn’t built a rocket ship yet.

      • Arthur Jarret

        You, sir, have just illuminated me as to where my personal estimation of the human race stems from.

    • NkoSekirei

      fail of a troll like u douche

    • Iuri Borges

      lol, NO!!!

  • Zuxs13

    I doubt we will see much of anything new or secretive tomorrow, since this is for games for Spring/Summer 13, but it would be smart of them to tease some of the unknown stuff that will be revealed at E3 (or just before it at the next ND) to help generate buzz since Xbox infinity will be showcased 4 days later.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Hmmm, the only Wii U directs have been just before the PS4 and Xbox reveals. Let’s hope for a repeat of the quality from the last one

    Remember everybody, keep your expectations low and you’ll only be pleased with the outcome!

    • Clel

      Wise words, good sir; wise words.

    • D.M.T

      Too late, people are already expecting Nintendo to announce their secret Retro Studios game lol.

      • Nintenjoe82

        In that case let’s all go mad. I’m expecting:

        10 New Miyamoto IPs
        Star Fox 3
        Project HAMMER
        1080 Snowboarding U
        Waverace U
        15 Unannounced EA games as compensation for Frostbite
        Additional 3DS style autostereoscopic 3D gamepad that can play your Wii U games on the go and be used by a second player for up to 6 player fun.

        • D.M.T

          Lol. I have a feeling that Nintendo is working on Project HAMMER for Wii U. That could be Retro Studio’s new futuristic FPS game. Remember that Project Hammer was futuristic

          • Elem187

            Project HAMMER is dead man… let it go.

          • Nintedward

            DON’T SAY THAT!!!!!!!!! >:-(

            jk lol

        • Clel

          Hey, you forgot Super Smash Bros. Universe and Mario Party 29.

          • Shaise Mughal

            i thought it’d be mario part 10

          • DragonSilths

            Mario Party 10 is the 3DS one probably.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Then what about mp advance and mp ds…?

          • Clel

            No, the Mario Party for the 3DS is not called Mario Party 10; it is called Mario Party 3DS. However, if you mean its actual number place and not its title, then it would be Mario Party 12 (because of the DS and advance ones).

        • Shaise Mughal

          You got your mad hat ready?

        • Squid

          Sorry, I’d rather Miyamoto make one new IP and perfect it.
          For Miyamoto is great at perfecting.

        • HSN1

          Not crazy enough…
          -15 Unannounced EA *exclusives* as compensation for Frostbite
          There, now it’s perfect

        • Alex

          I hope they bring back Geist, Earthbound, and maybe Rampage.

  • Super Buu


    • Erik

      Don’t wprry Super Buu πŸ™‚ If you care in Smash as well.. ill let Yoshi take you out πŸ˜€

    • Clel


  • I want to see the first official screen shots of MKU

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Mortal Kombat U? Jk jk

      • derty


  • HSN1

    In Belgium:
    School finishes at: 3:50 PM
    Nintendo Direct starts at: 4 PM

    If it’s a race they want, it’s a race they’ll get

    • Shaise Mughal

      What?! Here in the UK school finishes at 3pm, & if you dont already know, thats the exact time when Nintendo Direct starts tommorow here, at least you get 10 minutes to race, we get no time at all

      • Sweet! I finish College at 12 o’clock tomorrow πŸ˜€

        • Nintendofreak

          or u can just see it at college like me

        • Einar

          It’s the 17th of may tomorrow, Norway’s national day so we have a day off πŸ™‚ I guess I will be sneaking away from the festivities for a bit..

        • Tecpedz94

          Sweet i finished college last week :p Ya i’m being an ass πŸ™

        • derty


        • Sidney Majurie

          Sweet I finished college in 2009, I’m $50,000 in debt, and I’m living at home with my mom writing my name on the orange juice container in the fridge. We should have time to kick back with some OJ and watch the Nintendo Direct together. Family time… I’m just kidding xD

          Well,at least the living at home with mom part, LOL.

          • Richard Yates


        • CRAP! I finish work at 6pm in the Netherlands, and have a hour drive home from work, so will get home at 7pm, as the direct starts at 4pm and lasts about 50 minutes so it’ll finish at 4:50 or so πŸ™ I guess it’ll be another YouTube show for me 3 hours later xD

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Dan kijk je het op je werk terwijl je ff een ‘koffiepauze’ neemt xD

          • Haha, vrees dat de chefin dat niet zal waarderen, nogal strenge regels op het werk, ben bang dat ik er niet zonder officiele waarschuwing mee weg kom, maja als ze X laten zien is t die waarschuwing mischien wel waard haha.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            En zoveel heb je nu ook weer niet gemist hoor, ik vond hem een beetje tegenvallen eerlijk gezegd…

          • heb m net gekeken, inderdaad erg teleurstellende direct
            m.u.v. Sonic beetje Hyped πŸ™‚

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Nah, ik vind sonic games niks… Het enige leuke voor mij was het nieuws over Pikmin 3 en dat je NSLU ook in doosje kan kopen πŸ˜€

      • badmario

        Here in Germany, school finishes at 5:15 PM ._.

        • Richard Yates

          OMG what a random time…why not like 5pm?

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            Why is that random? My school finished at 2:05 today…

            That’s random πŸ˜‰

      • Kyle Berger

        my school finishes at 1:47, eastern time. πŸ™‚

      • bizzy gie

        At least you and him will get to see most of it. Here in the eastern U.S., Nintendo Direct starts at 10:00am and I get home at 2:25pm approximately. I have no chance. πŸ™

    • Nintedward

      haha , this comment made my day! Kudos to you , sir.

      @EVERYONE – Nintendo has confirmed that tommorows Direct is for Spring and summer 2013.

      They confirmed they will be having another Direct around the time of E3 talking about unnanounced and upcoming Wiiu games for Fall and beyond.

    • Chiwawaboy

      I’d use a bike if I were you. XD

      • HSN1

        I actually live exactly at 10 minutes from school by foot, and I’m preparing my return home so thoroughly I’m putting Napoleon’s tactics to conquer Europe to shame.

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      At least you get a chance
      My school gets out at 2:30 EST so I’m gonna miss it

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Haha, ik ben morgen om 2 uur uit! πŸ˜›

    • Silent

      Holy crap, 100 likes lol

    • Don’t go to college >:)

    • RoadyMike

      The single most awesome comment so far

    • Ony

      Going to watch it at the office. Customer wants what ? naaaaah I’m watching Nintendo Direct, deal with it

    • Levi Johansen

      Hahaha, 17th of May is Norways national holiday.

      No work for me… Jackpot!!!

  • incoherent1

    I bet we’ll see some gameplay footage from Pikmin 3, too. Maybe a couple other new goodies as well. Can’t wait!

  • Henk

    I hope they say that they did ”underclock and overclocked the system” with the firmware update! It would be awesome like trololol MS and SONY fuck we got power bitches! -_-

    • John Raybell

      Face palm, they didn’t do any under clock or over clock, this would be like hoping Santa is real.

      • Henk

        Yeah, but we can hope for it I guess! And it is kinda possible, (not the overclocking) but the underclocking! I just hope for it bro, it probally be just a stupid fake thing, but who knows!

        • John Raybell

          why hope for an under clock, lol. the cpu is just fine, and under clocking at all would have been retarded and made no sense at all. Im happy with the Wii U and hate retarded rumors, i dont need a false reality to accept nintendo or the wii u:).

  • AlexG

    OMG!!!! tonight i will not sleep.

    • Louis AragΓ³n

      same :C

    • Shaise Mughal

      Wow! What if by the time its E3 you’d be extremely tired because of no sleep last night? In that case you’ll need energy drinks! Lots and lots of em!

      • AlexG

        Then.. we’ll have a ‘without sleep’ new record (more than 246 hours) πŸ˜›

  • Now to convince the boss that this is research so I can watch it at work.

    • Zuxs13

      just take a long bathroom break.

    • Clel

      Tell him you have an appointment with ‘The ND’. It’ll sound official.

      Trust me, I’m a dinosaur.

  • Clel


  • D.M.T


    Thank you Nintendo.

  • JuleyJules

    This is fantastic news!! I hope it means we get info on games we know out of the way before E3, hints of games we’ll see at E3 and concrete release date for games we see plus more than just Wario, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U. Lets see Zelda, X, Bayonetta 2 or even something new or a hint of Retro’s game.

  • derty

    GCN virtual console downloads! That and maybe screen shots of Mario Kart WiiU would b nice as well πŸ˜€

    • Shaise Mughal

      I heard Mario kart wii u will be playable at E3!

      • derty

        Ya but that’s the full on trailer and debut of what the new mario kart is all about πŸ˜€ I’m just wishin for a little tease action haha

  • John Raybell

    This is why im glad nintendo isnt doing the normal press conference E3 starts early for us, and pretty much extends past E3 because there will be more of these nintendo directs to come πŸ™‚

    • D.M.T

      Exactly. They don’t have to wait for E3 to announce everything. They can announce things whenever they want with these Directs.

    • Shaise Mughal

      Yeah, so we get more teasers even though even is one month away

  • Clel

    My body is ready.

    • Shaise Mughal

      So is mine, I might miss 10 minutes because of school but its ok

      • John Raybell

        you should be saying you might miss 10 minutes of school for this. lol jk

    • Silent

      My Body is ready too…To go to school and come at 4:00 pm to watch the replay :- I

    • Ony

      My body is never ready for a Nintendo Direct, they can show EVERYTHING, like, my heart coult pop-out of my dead corpse after a heart attack.

      I don’t know if I want to know the retro studio secret project, if it is not Metroid I could litteraly die D:

  • gamesplayswill

    *kneels on floor*

  • val berger

    I’m so excited
    that I just can’t hide it!

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    In dont expect too much or something new but…. SURPRISE ME NINTENDO PLEASE!!!

  • DennisJKA

    It’s not announced ‘…for both the US and the UK…’

    It’s for the US and Europe!
    UK != Europe

    • audi lover

      Not for long with a bit of luck, if we get our vote on getting out, its Uk and Europe

      • Petri

        They wont start splitting pal region to Europe and UK. That doesn’t have anything to do with the Union.
        But if you’re planning on leaving the continent and setting sails closer to America or what ever, you’re welcome to it.
        Norway has never been in the Union, still they’re part of Europe (shocker, I know).

        • audi lover

          just cause we all use pal does ot make us part of europe, uk is not europe and never will be, we have our own markets as well as a european bail out scheme but again if you ask british people if they are part of europe they will say no, people in europe just like to think we are but were not, i wouldnt expect anyone living outsise of the uk to understand this

          • Petri

            Ok, what ever.
            Did they stop teaching geography in UK?

          • audi lover


    • Petri

      I’m not really bothered by that.
      All they can do, is rely on English, and get their news from UK sites.

      Though it clearly says, “global presentation” in their link, but I’m not expecting that much.

    • Hirgie

      You are right here, just checked out the official nintendo page for germany ( where it is announced for tommorow, too. Must be US and Europe. *Happy* πŸ™‚

  • I hope they announce a pikmin 3 demo coming this month.

  • mojack411

    Hmm, I can’t really get excited for tomorrow’s ND if it’s going to focus on summer releases. We already know most of, if not all of, the summer releases coming so the most I’d imagine we get is a few release dates. Those are good and all, but I prefer when ND are used for making big game announcements rather than just release dates. I could be wrong, and I hope I am. Maybe they’ll surprise us all and say the SMT x FE and Project X games are sleighed for summer. That would be great, but unlikely.

    The ND close to E3 seems much more promising.

  • 9 AM? Let’s do this Nintendo

  • Highrevz

    date for link to the past would be nice (cross’s fingers)

  • Nintendo4life

    Metriod please and something on super smash bros

  • Ducked

    10am EST. In school πŸ™

    • NatT96β„’

      Yep, Nintendo just gave a lot of its fans the middle finger, Its probably for investors.

  • Squid

    Is your body ready?

  • Gabriel Dowdy

    Hope we get some info on Deus Ex. Really looking foward to that.

  • popo

    i want to see the new mario game!!!

  • Starfoxguy

    I want to see Retro Studios game!!!!

  • FlyingBoat

    which do i watch in australia? do i watch both? i dont understand!

  • Focal1

    My body is ready!!

  • LopsidedPasta

    Can I get an ‘Amen’? AMEN

  • Here in Panama I usually finished school last year on 2:30 this year they changed it to 2:15 but have to wait until 3:00pm as that is the our my teacher leaves cause she leaves in my building. But now I am in finals and I would usually leave at 12:00 but there has been an electric power in my city and now I leave at 10:30!

  • Silent

    Seriously… Am I supposed to watch that in school? They should give us easterns some accomodations.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Im happy to hear that you go to school. It might extend your vocabulary, and also good for the critical sense. When you reach the intellectual level in a couple of years that you realise all the bad things you have been saying to me and is ready to make an apologize, ill be waiting. And I will forgive you. But you must make the first step.

      • Silent

        Sir, I can agree with all these things above except the request of apologizing. I am well aware of the comments I make. School can make you book-smart but not street-smart.

  • Ice Climbers

    For Spring and Summer? My predictions:
    3DS: Flipnote 3D release date, Mario Golf World Tour release date, more details about Mario & Luigi Dream Team and Animal Crossing, and reminders about DKCR3D, Project X Zone, SMT4 and the VC release of the Zelda Oracle games.

    Wii U: Details about the summer system update, more footage of Pikmin 3, release dates for Wii Fit U, Wonderful 101, and the New Super Luigi U DLC, and some other things.

  • Christopher Westcott

    My prediction is that we’ll see more information on Pikmin 3 for Wii U, DLC for Super Mario Brothers U – or rather, Super Luigi – and that’s mostly it for the Wii U. They’ll save the majority of the information for June to be better aligned with E3.

  • Superbax

    Since this is just games for the summer, I think some downloadable titles will be showed off and I also want to know about Pikmin 3 multiplayer (will there be battle mode, is it online?)

  • EST: 10 AM
    In Brazil: 11 AM

    Oh yeah!

  • Dodge Pribyl

    The prophecy…. Is complete:

    • Erik

      He’s back from the DEAD!

    • NatT96β„’

      Oh my gosh, 2006’s Wii introducing Iwata has risen….I new the new one was being controlled as a robot, I KNEW IT!

  • Leo

    NINTENDO bought RARE back Lol can i dream right? ;(

    • NatT96β„’

      ……you can only dream….you might be dreaming now.

  • Game Master

    I’m glad I have no work tomorrow. at 10am EST I will be watching on my laptop.

  • Joey Perez

    Afte reading all ur comments I realize you all are children … all these arguements about specs n tech n history and success … when nearly all of u haven’t lived prior to ps2 makes me coclude 90 percent of all opinions here are not valid

  • SUPER SMASH BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NatT96β„’

    C’mon Nintendo you can do it, don’t give up. Just do not go 3DS crazy. I swear if you neglect the Wii U I will be so angry and literally pic up the console and throw it through your window and yell, “It exists, its full of demos and its Daily Log contains 234 hours of Netflix recorded”.

  • NatT96β„’

    I WANT GTA 5! DO NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS SAY AT ALL……the Wii U can run it.

  • Streakin-Cobra

    all I want is GTA V thats all

  • Yong Woo Kim

    at work in buenos aires, 7:53 am. NY, 6:53 am… 4 hours and 7 minute left… WTF!!!!!!!!!!! it a whole life D: D: D:

    • Yong Woo Kim

      no, wait, 3 hours and 3 minute left :O but still being lifetime. is me, an atheist yelling OMG

  • RonnieMexico

    -crip walkz onto comm3nt pag3 y3lls fuk all whit3 ppl-

  • Mark Thom

    Nintendo WOW!! us please lol