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The Nintendo Direct presentation for Valentine’s Day is over and from it, we’ve gleaned a lot of new information concerning several of Nintendo’s new titles. Check out our coverage of the new announcements for 3DS below and let us know what you think of Nintendo’s commitment to their handheld in the comments below.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf releasing June 9

Perhaps the most anticipated title in this line up, Nintendo has finally set the release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf as June 9th. Players will become the mayor of their new towns instead of being an errand boy for Tom Nook. New features also include the ability to design your town  and the outside of your home, choose the location of your home dynamically, and visit all the shops available in the game through the Main Street Boulevard instead of running from place to place.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is coming March 24th

Satoru Iwata kicked off this Nintendo Direct by declaring 2013 as the year of Luigi. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will debut on March 24th and will feature brand new mansions to explore, new ways to use the Poltergust gun and new ghosts and critters to track. The game will also feature local and online multi-player with three different modes, including hunter, chaser, and climber.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Announced for Summer 2013

The second title Iwata announced in the year of Luigi is a new Mario RPG game featuring Luigi. The gameplay for the game sees Luigi’s dreams as the setting, with players having to get various reactions from a sleeping Luigi in order to complete the puzzles. If you were a fan of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, then this game is meant for you. No specific release date has been announced for the game yet, but Iwata said to expect it in the summer of 2013.

Mario Gold World Tour Announced

The final title that wraps up Iwata’s year of Luigi announcement is a new Mario Golf title for the Nintendo 3DS. No concrete details about the game have been announced, but several of you have been asking for this, so here it is. Mario Golf World Tour will debut sometime this summer.

New Fire Emblem: Awakening Map Packs Announced

New map packs for Fire Emblem: Awakening are now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. You can pick up the Champions of Yore 3 pack for $2.50. The Golden Gaffe DLC is also available for $6, pitting you against new wealthy enemies to take gold to buy new gear for your army. Additionally a new map is available that features a new character and a special skill that increases states for everyone by two points. The discounts on these won’t last long, so if you’re  a Fire Emblem fan, Nintendo encourages you to pick them up today.

Lego City: The Chase Begins Announced

Today Nintendo revealed that Lego City: Undercover will also receive a Lego City game for 3DS called Lego City: The Chase Begins. It features an entirely new story set two years before the main game available on Wii U, with Chase McCain as a rookie cop.

New Nintendo 3DS eShop Games

Nintendo also made several announcements regarding Nintendo 3DS eShop games, including HarmoKnight, a rhythm-based game, Kersploosh, a gravity puzzler, and a Dillion’s Rolling Western – The Last Ranger, a sequel to one of the most successful DSiWare titles to date. Release dates for these titles are as follows:

  • HarmoKnight – March 28th; demo available March 14th
  • Kersploosh – March 7th
  • DRW – The Last Ranger – April 11th
New Virtual Console Titles
Two new virtual console titles will be available soon, including Harvest Moon for Gameboy Color and  The River King, for Gameboy Color.
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move Announced

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D headed to 3DS

Reggie Fils-Aime wrapped up this morning’s Nintendo Direct by announcing the 2010 Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns will be making its way to Nintendo 3DS with improvements for 3D gameplay. A new video is available in the eShop for those interested, so be sure and check it out. No release date was given for this title, but expect it sometime this year.

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  • Nintenjoe82

    I hope the Wii U stuff applies to Europe too. Don’t want to have to wait a month to use Wii Street U once and then never again 🙂

    • kevinaaaa

       Did I miss something,  only thing I saw for WIIU was new DLC for super mario U.  That is it,  it was all about 3DS? 

      • Nintenjoe82

        There were a couple of minor wii u things on the US presentation like google street view, monster hunter, lego and a few 3rd party multi plats

  • Purple3DSXL

    From the Direct, March will be epic!  I’ve been waiting a long time for another Mario & Luigi, too.

  • Nothing new here, same old predictable Nintendo.  Flooding their systems with even more baby games.  They never even try to escape that image.  They are done for.

    • Robert Marin

      Donald. If you have a problem with Nintendo.Then, don’t bother being here. Go someplace else that suits you better.

    • Clem

      Donaald, I’m honestly just trying to understand you. Nothing against you or anything, but if you’re not a Nintendo fan WHY do you frequent what is essentially a Nintendo fan site? You clearly don’t LIKE Nintendo so why do you keep checking up on Nintendo news? That would be like me saying “Man chick-flicks suck but God damn! I better know every detail of what’s going on in the chick-flick world!” Seriously, WHAT do you get out of this? Again I’m not trying to be hostile or anything I just really can’t fathom the cause of your actions.

      •  I like videogames and I want to see if Nintendo at least tries to do the right thing instead of sticking with the baby formula.  Clearly they want to stick with the baby formula.  I will keep checking until the new systems come out.  By then I should hear an announcement from Nintendo saying that the Wii U is discontinued.

        • Clem

          Fair enough, I suppose. Though I’m going to place my bets against your predictions, there 🙂

          The way I see it, the games that you consider “baby formula” have a much broader appeal than you seem to believe they do; I know plenty of people my own age (mid-twenties) who are plenty excited about many of these announcements, particularly Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Animal Crossing and the two Lego City games. I respect that these aren’t the types of games that fans of Playstation and Xbox tend to be interested in, but keep in mind that they DO have a very broad audience which only Nintendo tends to cater towards in a meaningful way. And on top of all that, as long as Nintendo has Mario and Zelda it’s always going to be able to draw in some people on familiarity alone.

          The Wii U isn’t doing great so far, but I firmly believe that that is because it doesn’t have much of that unique content yet which drives Nintendo sales. Over the next year or so, as more good software is launched, I fully expect Wii U sales to pick up. It’s a fairly typical situation at the beginning of a console’s lifecycle.

          Don’t forget, just because something doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a market. Perhaps you just aren’t the target audience 😉

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            People have been saying this to him from the start. He just doesn’t get it and never will it seems. I think Donaald thinks that Nintendo themselves promised to develop games targeted at teens and adults I guess, but he should know better that Nintendo makes games for everyone, and not one particular audience. Only thing Nintendo has done was publish games that are mature rated from second party and some third party. That’s about it.

          • CChaplin

            It’s sad to think that there are people out there who can’t process an equation as simple as (what appeals to me) != (what appeals to the mass market)…

    • Fred

      If baby games is what you call them, then I guess I’m a 27 year old that loves playing baby games (in fact my wife got me Kid Icarus on my 3Ds for Valentines day)

      • Nintendofreak

        wish had someone like dat me going to concert to see some dude sings love songs(pepe aguilar) but oh well ill do it for her

      • I’m 28 and I’m still loving it all too!

      •  Damn.  A 27 year old playing with a DS?  Damn!

        • CChaplin

          It seems to me like your problem is that you just don’t realize that there are people not like you. LOTS of adults play 3DS. Hell, I’m 30 and I have one, my wife has one, most of my co-workers have one and some of them are in their 50’s. Just because a game is rated “E” doesn’t mean that it will appeal to EVERYONE, it’s just saying that it CAN be for people of all ages. I assume you’re into shooters and gritty games, which is totally fine don’t get me wrong, but we’re not all into that. Nintendo is for a different kind of person.

          Seriously dude, stick with your 360 or PS3 or whatever you play, there’s nothing wrong with not being a Nintendo fan, but can’t you try to be open-minded enough to realize that Nintendo HAS an audience?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’ll answer that one for you. No, that would be too difficult to attempt.

    • Rick van der Linde

      Nothing new here, same old predictable Donaald. Flooding news items with even more baby comments. He never even tries to escape that image. He is done for.

    • Rob Lucci

      Rehash right? It’s not like they try to even change gameplay.

      • Clem

        That is beautiful lol

    • Silent

      Same crap every day. A frustrated fanboy who doesnt like his console. He just hates ours. Sad

    • CyanideInsanity

      You know what dolan, just because something is rated E doesn’t mean its for babies.

    • Infrared511

      I can understand where dumb Donald is coming from. I remember saying Nintendo was over when they released the snes, then 64, then GameCube, then wii………. Wait a second!?!? Nintendo is still here? How can a such a new and wet behind the ears company even last. 124 years is pathetic. Look, if your I.Q. Is under 90(Donald) then you should stick to your burger flipping job and leave the comments to the big boys. I’m not gonna point out the many flaws other consoles have because they have good qualitys too. Granted they were mostly taken from Nintendo, but not everyone can be original. The point here is Nintendo puts out unique games, consoles, and experiences. The meatheads can take consoles that provide shooters and sports, which have flooded the market and really aren’t that great. I’ll stick to the “baby games” that outsell whatever crap you play 9/10 times. P.s. Donald, I can have this post translated to smaller words if you need, just ask.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Unless you speak troll, I highly doubt it can be translated any easier. Well said anyways.

    • $43737085

      Yah, we need for violence so more kids will think that killing is the norm.  Moron! Nintendo is a multi-billion company and has existed for decades because of their “baby games”.  I’m sure they will be out of business soon. LOL! 

      •  Listen you minimum wage spokesperson, how long have they been making videogames compared to their history?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Good lord. Minimum wage has what to do with someones knowledge? That was probably the most lamest comment I’ve seen. Lol. You must be mad to call someone that. Getting under your skin? Only babies get mad dude. Don’t worry dude. it’ll be ooookay. Just step away from the keyboard and go play some CoD with all the othe 10 year olds trying to be adults. Come back when you found your common sense.

          •  Stop being sensitive and addressing every little comment.  I don’t like Call of Duty because I hate first person shooters.  That’s the only reason.

        • Longer then Sony and Microsoft atleast.

          •  That was not the answer to the question.  Sony and MS got it together and surpassed Nintendo.

          • That’s the answer to the question, just not the answer you wanted to hear. But ask me if I care what you want to hear, owh wait better not ask if I care because I don’t and that too is only the answer you don’t want to hear.

            The thought I have now is to no longer bother to reply to a Baby with Baby comments and baby replies like yourself, from now on I’ll just read what you have to say and lol on every comment which is the direct opposite of the facts like your useless comment on Skylanders calling it a baby game on a nintendo console yet forgetting that that same baby game is also available on PS360. 

            Out of your 350+ comments I only twice could agree/relate to comments which atleast made some sense. You’re done for in my eyes, what little credibility you had you just threw it overboard. Yes, I’m a Nintendo fan, but I also own and love Sony PlayStations, except for the psp/vita.

          •  lol

  • Clem

    That Nintendo Direct was a big let-down considering how awesome the one before it was… The only thing that really got me excited was Donkey Kong Returns 3D, and then it turned out to be a port of the Wii version, not a new game… I mean I’ll still get it, the game’s one flaw (motion control) won’t exist in this version, so it’ll be pretty much perfect. But still. How long until we find out what  Zelda-y goodness has been brewing in the handheld world? Have they not realize that their recent releases have been over-over-saturated with Mario-related titles? /endrant

  • DemonRoach

    No games for Wii U.   F U Ninty.

    • uPadWatcher

      Check the list again, DemonTroll.  U mad?

  • guest

    this nintendo direct was about nintendo marketing games that are out now or about to come out. its smart for them to do this from a business standpoint. Free google app is nice, dlc for nsmbu, nfsmw, lots of handheld games to lookforward to, oh and the 3ds being able to be used with the wiiu.

  • AAAkabob

    HARVEST MOON!!! Too bad I don’t own a 3DS=[

  • catsby

    Looking forward to all those games except the mario and donkey kong game.. the video made me facepalm

  • I haven’t seen the direct yet, but what I read on the roundup here about 3ds, very dissapointing, hoped for some information on a possible new Zelda and Metroid for 3ds, but other then chase hardly any worthwhile info for my taste, might give a shot on donkey kong though, I didn’t play the Wii version, so this 3ds version might really be worth it.

    • DragonSilths

      Zelda 3DS was supposed to be last E3 but wasnt shown for some reason. This E3 we should see it. As for Metroid on the 3DS…unless its Prime Hunters 2 I have no interest.

      • Opinions differ and nothing wrong with that 🙂 as first response I really did not know a new Zelda game was supposed to be shown on e3 2012 for 3DS so I’ll look forward to that for sure, did hear some vague rumors of a remake for A Link to the Past.

        As far as Metroid Prime Hunters goes, if they would release a Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for 3DS I would be less interested, but still interested enough to get it, heck my name is obviously even from MPH.

        Loved the game, single was dissapointing in a way, but hey the game was ment to be multiplayer, but never been to fond on the online multiplayer, I prefer to play multi local, as somehow I always have the feeling online to many people play with unlimited ammo/life godmode etc. (as european releases are pretty often after US and JP releases, and had bad experiences on many games online thanks to that) Either that or I just suck at online MP free for all. But yeah I would be interested for MPH2 aswell but more excited for a single player like Metroid 2, Fusion, Super etc. (or even a remake for this, many available from fans though)

  • WiiUltra

    You guys need to stop complaining about being let down from Nintedo directs. Did you really expect them to release information about their most anticipated games? Thats what E3 is for. One Nintendo direct with a bit of information is better than no Nintendo direct. Get over yourselves.

  • I deserve my own year and my own game!!!