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Since Wii U Daily is dedicated solely to the Wii U, I wanted to separate the posts where I detail the Wii U information given and the 3DS information that was given for us. If you’re not interested in 3DS news, then this post has no new information for you. However, if you’re keen to know what was announced for Nintendo’s handheld, then please, read on.

Iwata started the presentation by revealing that he would be releasing more details on the Year of Luigi that was decided earlier in February. The first game he discussed was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. More information was given about the story and gameplay mechanics, including:

  • Mario must go between the dream world and the real world by using Luigi’s dreams
  • Princess Peach is kidnapped into the dream world
  • More co-op actions between battles and Mario must control many different Luigis
  • Game will be available August 11

The second game discussed was Mario Golf World Tour, which Iwata revealed would have a robust online experience. Those features include:

  • Play competitive multi-player against players across the globe
  • Upload your scores to a global leaderboard for large scale tournaments
  • Set special conditions for joining matches
  • The game also includes local multi-player
  • Game will be released Summer 2013

The third game Iwata talked about was the new Mario Party, which features an all new direction not seen in previous Mario Party games. New features for this game include:

  • Seven gamebooards with their own set of rules
  • Gameplay changes between the different boards so it feels like seven different games
  • 81 new mini-games
  • Game will be available this winter

More information was also given about Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, including the announcement of a new mode developed entirely for the 3DS. This new mode is designed for gamers who only play in quick sessions at a time and features new power-ups that can assist you in getting through the levels. Iwata also mentioned that this new mode is recommended for players new to the series. While the new mode has many power-ups in assisting the player, for players who enjoyed the original difficulty of the Wii verison, you’ll be able to play that as well. The new mode features include:

  • Adjusted difficulty balance for shorter play sessions
  • Increased the number of times you can get hit by an enemy
  • Portable DK barrel lets you summon Diddy
  • Green Balloon power up rescues you from falling once
  • Crash guard protects you from crashing in mine carts and rockets up to two times
  • Additionally, 8 new levels become available after you beat the main game in either mode
  • Local multi-player is support
  • Game will be available May 24th


Iwata also unveiled Yoshi’s Island 3DS by showing off some gameplay, but no title was given and no release date was announced. From there, he moved on to Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, showing off gameplay from that series. New features include:

  • Place different tiles on the flat map to guide minis to the goal
  • Limited number of tiles to complete the puzzle
  • Guide up to two characters at the same time
  • Navigate the minis through extra large puzzles
  • 180 different stages across 4 different modes
  • Upload and download original stages created by yourself or other players
  • 4 unique mini-games
  • Game will be available on May 9th exclusively from the 3DS eShop

The Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL bundle that we saw unveiled in the UK a few days ago has been officially announced for the US as well. It will start at $219.99 and will come with a pre-installed copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


As for the 3DS eShop, several new titles have been announced, including Capcom’s contribution to the Zelda series, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Those games will be introduced with their crossplay that they originally contained, meaning you can experience them as they were originally meant to be experienced. Other new releases include several Japanese titles that will make their way to the US eShop, including Bravely Default, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, and three of Level-5’s games called the Guild Series in Japan.


Shin Megami Tensei 4 was announced for release on July 16th and each bundle will include a soundtrack CD as well as strategy and art book for this massive RPG.


Perhaps the biggest news of the Nintendo Direct 3DS is that Nintendo is working on a new Legend of Zelda 3DS title, set in the same world as A Link to the Past. This game features an all new original story-line as well as new dungeons to explore. A new gameplay mechanic is that Link can become a drawing on the wall to access new areas. To experience the new gameplay right now, you can download a 3D video from the 3DS eShop. The game will be available this holiday season.


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  • Am I the only one who liked Mario Party 9?

    • Will Carpenter


    • My 6yo son likes it……

      • he and i should play it then

        • Will

          Dude, if Chris Hanson is trying to bait you with a 6 year-old boy, you are probably on “To Catch A Predator”.

          • XD I dunno why playing mario party is a crime 😛

          • Will

            I know buddy, I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to make a Chris Hanson joke. People willing to play Nintendo with kids help to make the world a friendlier place 🙂

          • ist better because it doesnt turn them into dicks like xbox live XD

    • Sdudyoy

      I liked it, But it was the worst in the series to me.

      • eh… i wasnt a huge fan of 8. it had some great boards, like the investing one, but the minigames lacked…

    • Hec4Mets

      It was ok but they really bare boned the game in my opinion just didn’t feel like a true Mario Party to me… wish this series would get online play as well.

    • Shane ♓

      Mario Party 9 was a lot better than 8. They just didn’t take advantage of the controllers capabilities in the previous that’s why Hudson lost development. People complained about the new movement which is stupid because they complained all the previous games were too similar. Try and listen to what people want and they still won’t be happy.

    • Arthur Jarret

      They should base the Mario party games more on previous mario games. I want boards that use different graphic types: A Warioware cartoon-style board, a paper mario board, an 8-bit board etc.

      • THAT would be awesome.

  • Tone78

    Good news

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    ARGH, I want all of these games on the Wii U. ugh.

    • Steven

      I don’t 😛 All of the previous games of each of these series have been either remade for or originated on handheld consoles. 🙂

      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        Sorry, but no. A link to the Past was my, bar-none, favorite video game of all time, and that originated on the SNES. Better luck next time.

  • Mario is STILL rescuing the princess? How many times must that be done?

    • As many times as she gets kidnapped.

    • Ace J

      CoD games are STILL about war? how many times must that be done?

      • YEah and they still put in Zombie Mode or whatever they call it. Grand Theft Auto is still about gangs and violence.. Sad part is Nintendo always tries to put something new and creative into their games. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. I see very little creativity put into the Next New War Game most of the time.

        • It goes to show that you have never played a GTA game if you think it is about gangs. Only ONE game was about gangs. Nintendo puts nothing new into their games except new controllers. They are the least creative of developers and their heyday was in a 2D world.

          • Javy G

            No one really plays these games for the story though it is an okay story, but for its replay value in the free world or online is what keeps them coming back. Wether it’s saving a princess or taking over a city, it’s all about the stuff in between, the journey, and this is why ALL of these games are FUN!

          • Javy G

            *this is what ALL of these games are about, FUN!

          • Ace J

            how much did you get paid to type that? lol damn i crack myself up

          • So there has never been a GTA game where you have to do work or missions for Mob bosses and go out and put a hit on a person in a rival mob, gang, or faction?? I’ll give you I got bored with GTA4 because it was the same old GTA M.O. but I used to be a fan of the series.

          • You said it was about gangs.

          • You really are dense aren’t you? A Mob is a gang

            /gaNG/ (Noun) – An organized group of criminals.

            The game is about crime and doing illegal things for crime bosses and running from the police.

            You should seriously remove knowledge from your name because it is quite apparent you are severely lacking in that area. I always found it funny that the ones that think they know it all and make it a point to argue with everyone are the ones that are the dumbest of them all.

          • No, the game is about the American dream.

      • Not that I care about call of Duty, but there are many scenarios for war, but only one for saving the same old princess all of the time.

        • Ace J

          all i hear from you are excuses

        • Shane ♓

          Really? Only one scenario for saving the princess? You must not play a lot of Mario Games.

        • Squid

          The Mario RPGs have a different way of kidnapping.

    • Javy G

      Really, you got this off one Luigi game mentioned? Give us better explanation. Something that is not so…so…Knowledge-less! What’s up?!

      • He knows nothing. Mario does everything. Not every Mario Game is about saving the princess. Heck it started with Super Mario Bros. 2 in the US where the princess was a playable character.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Actually it started with Donkey Kong where he was saving his non-royal girlfriend, and continued with Mario Bros. – where he was just beating innocent flies and turtles inside of a sewer for fun.

          Of course, the evolved form of that turtle has been trying to get revenge ever since…

          • True True… I guess I was just thinking of the Super Mario Series I guess.

          • Arthur Jarret

            If it needs super in front of it: Super Mario Land? Where he saved a DIFFERENT princess from an Alien, but which was all a ruse to get him away from his own kingdom (which no-one knew he had) so it could be taken over by some fat guy who tried to steal his looks and most of his name – which was then kicked out – but who fought some pirates to get a golden peach statue they stole to buy his own castle… even though mario stole it back from him in the end but luckily he could make a wish with a genie, one he needed to pay more treasures & money for than a castle is even worth… then…

            And people say mario games don’t have an interesting story… Sheesh, I’m rambling. Maybe I shouldn’t click the post button…

            whoops, my finger slipped

          • LOL… Once again you are correct sir.

    • Squid

      I actually think New Super Luigi U will have Daisy…

    • Hec4Mets

      I’m assuming you are talking about Mario & Luigi: Dream Team which is an RPG who is to say that that will be the only thing that happens in the game we might be saving her but if the previous Mario & Luigi titles are to go by that won’t be the only thing that might need to be saved in the game.

  • Ducked

    New Mario Party game is great news. And the Mario Golf World Tour having global internet play. Love the Animal Crossing 3DS XL, but I just got my Pikachu 3DS XL last month.

    • Squid

      Yes pikachu 3DS! High five!

      • Ducked

        As great as animal crossing is, we sure have the better limited 3DS

  • Ray01x

    Mario&Luigi Dream Team, Yoshi’s Island 3DS, Bravely Default, Shin Megami Tensei IV, AND A Link To The Past Sequel!
    Holy shit, this really is the best Handheld ever made! They should’ve just called it the Super Nintendo 3DS. XD
    EARTHBOUND!!! lol
    I wished they would’ve talked more about the Wii U, but I think its pretty obvious that they’re gonna stay quiet about it until E3 & they’re getting all of the 3DS stuff out of the way so they have more time at the event. 😉
    Regardless, this was one of the Best Nintendo Directs ever!

  • Squid

    Yoshis island and Legend of Zelda, more games, and now that more Wii u games were looked at, such as Pikmin, it must means we only have more at E3

  • A NEW Zelda (sequal to a Link to the Past) Shin Megami Tensei IV and Bravely Default Nuff Said! xD All I miss now is Metroid.

    *hugs his 3DS XL*

  • TheGreatOne

    Man…I REALLY wanted the Oracle games on the 3DS. I started playing them on the GB but never finished them, so I will definitely picking up both on the e-shop!

  • Squid

    I can’t wait to beat up a robot resseti!