May 16th, 2014


While Nintendo isn’t having a traditional conference like Microsoft or Sony again this year, it looks like they’ll be having two developer discussions this year instead of one. The first is with Masahiro Sakurai and focuses on Super Smash Bros., so expect lots of new Smash Bros. information to come out of E3. We may even get a concrete release date for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U version. The second Q&A session is for an unannounced Nintendo 3DS game.

There’s no hint at what the game for Nintendo 3DS could be. What would you like to see?

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  • marvin atwell

    First to comment

  • ActivesiN

    Nintendo will probably get a lot of idiots asking hey bro nintendo bro why dont you put your games on my ps4 and xbox one bro

    • Arthur Jarret

      They’ll definitely announce to make games on Android this year. That ouya market is just too good to pass up!

  • Dimitra Giorgiou

    a new metroid on 3ds :0 pokemon is probably not that game because it says unnanounced

    • Yeah! My comeback and revenge time, although I’ll do with Samus alone as well 🙂 Give Metroid! Or perhaps monoliths project, not to long ago Monolith was looking for extra developers for a 3DS project.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Beat me to it. I was thinking of Monolith’s mystery game too. I hope it they announce it soon, the worl needs more Monolith!

        • Lot’s more Monolith but not so much it get’s boring, but yeah more Monolith.

          (Election joke in Europe especially the Netherlands incoming below)

          Me: Do we want more Monolith or Less Monolith?
          Crowd: More! More! More!

          • Arthur Jarret

            I loved how Ali B riffed on that idiotic bigots speech.
            But being for 3DS it won’t be monolith, I think – although the info sheet for the financial briefing on the japanese website does mention a 2014 worldwide release for their Wii U title.

          • Shota

            ali b is een klootzak

          • You’re right probably but one can dream right? I wonder what could be so interesting to hold a specific Q and A for an unannounced 3DS title.

            I’m getting more and more curious what Nintendo brings this year though. Two so so years in a row at e3 is pretty annoying.

    • AlienFanatic

      The last thing I want is a new Metroid on that tiny screen. I want a HD successor to the Prime series. Anything else is of no interest whatsoever.

      And color me disappointed that the second Q&A isn’t for another Wii-U game, which makes me think that there are going to be no other major Wii-U first party titles this year.

      • Ice Climbers

        Don’t jump to conclusions. Just because they’re doing a Q&A presentation for a 3DS game, doesn’t mean there won’t be new Wii U games. In fact, Iwata said there are several unnanounced games for Wii U that will be shown.

        Also, I’m pretty sure the Wii U has its lineup for the second half of 2014. Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Boom, X, Smash Bros, Watch_Dogs, and Project Cars. Perhaps even Yarn Yoshi will hit this year.

        Zelda U, the NFP stuff, SMT x FE, Fatal Frame (maybe), and things like Pokken Fighters (strong evidence for this being shown) will likely be released next year.

  • Deadpool U

    In the Smash Q&A someone needs to ask “Where are the rest of the veterans?” and they’ll probably be alot of people asking if Mewtwo’s in or not.

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      All of the veteran’s are coming back, without a doubt. That would be a waste of a question in my opinion. I really don’t know people have doubts about Captain Falcon and Ness returning.

      • brian0057

        I have a theory. Maybe they are saving the reveal of Captain Falcon when they announce a new F-Zero game.

        • Nostalgic_Chaos

          Well, you never know.
          Although, if they were to release a new F-Zero, it wouldn’t be released for another 2 years probably, as Mario Kart 8 is just about to be released. I don’t think Nintendo would release two big racers close together.

  • Justin Carlson

    I have an idea Nintendo… how about a Wii U focused Q&A instead of a Q&A for a 3DS/Wii U game and another for a 3DS only game.

    • Alexizzle

      My thoughts exactly. I’m really afraid E3 is going to be like 90% about smash, 5% about mk8 (even though its been released at that time) and the remaining 5% will be like “oh here are a few glimpses at shit that won’t be released for YEARS”.

  • Noah

    “why isn’t my favorite character in smash bros?” -90% of the questions

    • J.r. Storms

      “Please Understand” – 90 percent of the answers

  • jjbredesen

    Majoras Mask 3D! (one can dream)

    • Kobe

      Well it’s probably a game with alot of questions to ask. Majoras mask remake, people already know about that game butnitsnstill possible i guess.

    • darkcreap

      I fear it will be Monolith Soft’s new game. They have been working on it for a while. Just the suspicion. Because I think they are going to give monolith the attention they require.

      • C.S. Bailey

        New Monolith game is for the Wii U, the unannounced game is for the 3DS. Breathe easier now.

        Edit: Unless I misssed a new 3DS from Monolith being developed.

        • darkcreap

          Yes, that’s the thing. Apart from X for the WiiU, Monolith has been working on another game for the 3DS too. The thing is that it hasn’t been announced, no one knows what it is. X, on the other hand, has already been announced.

          Sorry, I should have said “Monolith’s new 3DS game”, since around here everyone is expecting X for the WiiU. Me too, actually. Loved Xenoblade…

        • jjbredesen

          Yes Monolith is developing a brand new 3DS xD

  • readypembroke

    Could be about the new Mario game that Nintendo mentioned about. Hopefully not unless it’s a spin off like Galaxy.

    • Ice Climbers

      It just started development. There’s no way it would be shown this year.

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Can never get enough of Smash.
    If Smash Bros is going to play somewhat of an important role at their conference, then I’m sure we’ll be getting some good announcements for the game. I’m pretty sure that Shulk from X will be revealed as a character, among some other unexpected reveals. Can’t wait to see what else they’re going to bring to this game.

    Smash Bros 3DS and Mario Kart 8 are going to take up my summer.

    • Fred

      I would LOVE to see Shulk. It would be great advertising for Xenoblade/X

    That’s actually my question…

  • Alexizzle

    I’m really afraid E3 is going to be like 90% about smash, 5% about mk8 (even though its been released at that time) and the remaining 5% will be like “oh here are a few glimpses at shit that won’t be released for YEARS to come”.

    • Purple

      I’m starting to get the same impression. Why is this E3 even mentioning or talking at all about Super Smash Bros?! wasn’t that talked about and shown off Last year?!!!! and Mario Kart has been beat in the head enough by the time E3 rolls around. I’m worried. very worried by this article.

    • FutureFox

      The Year of Smash Bros. and I don’t mean that in necessarily a good way.
      We already had over 6 months of Mario Kart talk already. The constant
      updates about the same two games is just unbearable.

      E3 better be a home-run or Nintendo will have done its job of pushing into camp PS4.

      • Commander Jim

        Amen. As I’m not interested in either series all the talk about nothing but those two games is getting really irritating.

    • lonewolf88

      or it will be he opposite and it will blow everyones minds and create so much hype it saves the wii U for years to come…. they always go one extreme or the other.

      • Commander Jim

        Theyd probably have a conference if that was the case.

        • lonewolf88

          nintendo may never have a conference again as they said they don’t want to do them and lets be honest here the last few conferences not just nintendos have been cheesy and boring the direct last year atleast wasn’t cheesy like example

  • therealruben1

    Virtual Boy Remix!!!………… one else?

  • lonewolf

    Hmm who might this tweeter be? Is he working for Nintendo? If not this is not legitimate

  • Sycamore

    Mother 3 Remastered maybe? A man could dream.

    • Arthur Jarret

      If we’re dreaming: Mother Collection remastered – a bundle of all three titles and a playable alpha from the cancelled N64 game

  • SolarShane13

    Please don’t tell me Yarn Yoshi has been moved to 3DS. Though this will explain why we haven’t heard anything about it since it’s announcement last year.

    • darkcreap

      Unlikely, since there already is Yoshi’s new Island and the WiiU needs it more.

      • SolarShane13

        Tell that to Mr. “Let’s favor the 3DS instead of our suffering Wii U” Iwata.

        • darkcreap

          I think they favoured so much the 3DS because it had a rough start in 2011, so they started developing games maybe like in 2011 and we saw the results in 2013, that’s why we had such a solid stream of games last year. I believe they are probably focusing resources now to the WiiU. Bad thing is that this things will take time until we see the results.

          • Ice Climbers

            Which means the 3DS will start seeing major droughts.

            There’s a major problem right there. Nintendo shouldn’t have to shift resources between the two systems like that. They can’t juggle two systems anymore.

          • darkcreap

            I think that they can if:

            1) They hire more people/get more studios and
            2) Integrate their handheld architecture, so it is easy to develop ports and/or adapted versions of their major console’s games. Actually, the PS Vita is in that aspect a model to follow.

            The only thing they have to avoid with number 2 is making direct ports for a lot of games, since then you are killing the differentiation of your handheld, which is paradoxically something that is bad for the Vita. There is no need of a having a game in a handheld if you already have that very same game on your PS3. What you need is providing an experience so a lot of the same people who have a PS3 see an added value in buying your handheld and that means differentiation in games.

  • darkcreap

    My feeling is that it could be Monoliths new 3DS game that they haven’t yet announced. I don’t think it will be any of the usual suspects (ie Metroid, Starfox, etc).

  • So what happened to the Digital Event all about new Wii U and 3DS titles? Or is that still happening?

    • Cyntheta Luis

      It’s still happening, its just that they’re also having 2 Q&A discussions.

  • Derek

    My guess is majora’s mask 3D

    • Jason

      I would cry tears of joy.

      • Derek

        I’ve actually never played majora’s mask or ocarina of time

        • watchin

          oh you poor ignorant fool… may the gods show mercy on your soul

        • Jason

          I’m actually sad now. That comment was depressing.

  • Commander Jim

    Another year without an E3 press conference, the biggest event of the year for console makers to sell their systems and get consumers excited about them. It’s like Nintendo wants the Wii U to fail.

    • watchin

      that’s because it should

  • Commander Jim

    Wish list
    1. New IPs, And when I say new IPs I mean big AAA calibre titles with mainstream appeal, not some cutesy Pikmin type thing with limited appeal.
    2. A proper Mario adventure in the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy tradition.
    3. Metroid
    4. The return of other classic franchises unrelated to Mario (F-Zero, Starfox , Wave Race, Pilotwings)

    What we’ll probably get
    1. Tons of 3DS games
    2. New Super Mario Bros U 2

  • dgallo911

    All i want to know is when will Gamecube games be available on the Eshop and how titles like Eternal Darkness will set me back

  • Brandon

    no new wii u game fuck that shit! >=(

  • Ice Climbers

    Yes, E3 will have a lot of Smash stuff. Assuming these two Q&A presentations function like the Pokemon X/Y one last year, then they will start with a presentation and will follow with the Q&A session afterwards.

    It looks like Nintendo is spreading the Smash stuff out across the Digital Event, the Smash Invitational, the livestream on the showfloor with the Nintendo Treehouse, and now this Q&A presentation. Not to mention the SmashFest at Best Buy.

    Anyways, I wonder what this 3DS game could be. Monolith Soft’s unannounced 3DS game comes to mind personally.

  • Mario Fan

    I hope it’s for a new Advanced Wars game!