Jun 26th, 2014

This week’s eShop downloads for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U include the long awaited Shovel Knight, from Yacht Club Games. If old school 8-bit platformers like Mega Man are your jam, you’ll probably want to pick this one up for $14.99 either on the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS. Our review of the game is forthcoming, so be sure and check that out soon.

Aside from Shovel Knight this week, there are plenty of other releases and sales to tide you over as the summer just starts. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse graces the virtual console on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and both Ubisoft and Nordic Games have announced sales for their respective games on the eShop.

Nintendo Wii U Downloads

  • Shovel Knight
  • Wii Sports Club Baseball and Boxing will be available at 6pm PST. New 48 hour trials have been issued for the games, even if you previously used a trial for Wii Sports Club.
  • BrickBlast U!
  • Monkey Pirates
  • My Arctic Farm
  • My Jurassic Farm

Nintendo Wii U virtual console

  • Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

Nintendo Wii U eShop Sales

  • Select Ubisoft games are on sale in the Nintendo eShop for up to 75% off. This offer will be valid until July 7.
  • Nordic Games is having a sale on its titles in the Wii U eShop, including Darksiders II. This offer is valid until July 8.

Nintendo 3DS eShop Downloads

  • Shovel Knight
  • Cocoro – Line Defender
  • Hidden Expedition Titanic
  • Plain Video Poker
  • Quell Reflect – Demo Version
  • Toy Stunt Bike – Full and Demo Versions
  • Anne’s Doll Studio: Antique Collection
  • Anne’s Doll Studio: Lolita Collection
  • Anne’s Doll Studio: Princess Collection
  • Mysterious Stars: The Samurai

Nintendo 3DS eShop Deals

  • ATLUS is discounting games in the Nintendo 3DS eShop including Code of Princess and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked. Offer ends July 7.
  • Urban Trial Freestyle will be on sale for 60% off until July 10.
  • Disney’s Frozen: Olaf’s Quest is on sale until July 31.
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  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    15.00$????? sheesh i was going to get it if it were 5.00$ but i’m not paying 15.00$ for a platformer

    • Yen

      Steam sale setting unrealistic expectations for game prices.

      • Kevdbeast

        ^^ 😀

      • MerryBlind .

        haha so true. Good thing it’s on Steam too then!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        They’re great, aren’t they?

    • Jack5221

      For 15$, its worth it. I read plenty of reviews before picking it up, and after trying it out for myself. Its a fantastic game. Im really hooked on it. Definitely worth the 15$ in my opinion.

    • Darius

      what does being a platformer have to do with anything? Do you even know how many 3d games that are trash but are 50 PLUS dollars lol

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I’d rather get it on Steam.

      • jjbredesen

        Me to, my wallet is near empty now. but there is still so much more games on sale……

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Lol. Yeah happens to me too, despite a good income. Too many games to buy and money only goes so far. I’m looking forward to the Holiday sale this year.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            cool story. I’m sure with you in the basement and your Mom working two jobs to support you you have no issues buying your Sony games. Fraud troll is fraud

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I would have given you points for creativity if this wasn’t the 1 millionth time I heard this joke before on the internet. I’ll give you 1 point for at least trying. Keep aiming for those stars. Perhaps it’s time to lay off whatever you are on. Not even joking there. Lol.

          • jjbredesen

            Yup, nothing beats steam sales, i am taking just about any summer job i can to make money before the sale is over xD

            To many great games on sale, but now my PC is sort of half dead, so i need to buy a new one, but i have got it to run using linux, but the problem there is that not all games are supported on linux so i have to use wine, and anyone who has ever used it knows how much of a pain it is to get anything to work…

      • TheRealTruthTeller

        there are WAAAAAAAAY better games out there on steam, this game is going to get “buried” on the steam catalog brah, im better off buying it on the wii u, since Mario Kart 8 came with a game worth 20 bucks off the Digital Deluxe Promotion, so im getting it free brah

        • Zorlac79

          Dog? The bounty hunter? Is that you brah?

      • Jonathan Robitaille

        duh! I mean, you don’t even own a Wii U or 3ds..you have no choice troll

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Actually, I own a 3DS. Lol. So, I do actually have a choice. Jokes on you my friend. Troll calling another a troll. Can’t say that isn’t amusing to say the least. Have a nice day.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            right. just like you owned a Wii U and then I proved you didn’t by looking at your old posts. fucking idiot fraud. go play somewhere else. nobody, and I mean even your like minded Nintendo haters believe you own or like anything Nintendo. smh

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “right. just like you owned a Wii U and then I proved you didn’t by looking at your old posts. fucking idiot fraud.”

            Oh, you mean by giving away my Wii U to my cousin who wanted one? I don’t see the problem with that. If that’s what you meant. Unless you witnessed the event, you can’t show how that is fraudulent, perhaps in your own mind, which you’re entitled to that.

            “go play somewhere else. nobody, and I mean even your like minded Nintendo haters believe you own or like anything Nintendo. smh”

            So you know exactly what everyone is thinking? You must be a mind reader. That’s some talent man. I think you need a break from the net my friend. Keep in mind, that giving out an opinion on any site, isn’t against the rules. I take it you were someone who had beef with me and got banned as a result of harassment? If so, that’s quite creepy.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            Interesting how you cried to your fat mother to get me banned. .”Oh please make the bad Wii U fan stop calling me out for my non stop trolling.” what a little cunt. Notice I am still here?

          • Zorlac79

            Try to ignore the troll, or it will type more, which is the last thing we want.
            I know, I am guilty too. But lets focus on talking about good things or he wins and returns for more.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            easier said than done right? We are subjected to his negativity and obvious disdain for the Wii U and yet we are on a Wii U fan site. He’s everything that is wrong with the internet.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “We are subjected to his negativity and obvious disdain for the Wii U and yet we are on a Wii U fan site.”

            Correction. You make yourself into a subject of what you like to view as negativity and disdain. No one lures you into these things but yourself my unfortunate friend. If it bothers you that bad, then maybe commenting on the internet, isn’t your forte.

            “He’s everything that is wrong with the internet.”

            That’s a matter of opinion. Feel free to have it. Though, I’d say a guy who came back to seek revenge as it clearly shows in your comments, makes you a bigger problem with the internet. I’m sorry you got banned, but perhaps you shouldn’t have made a mock account and instigated arguments over an opinion.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            Okay I’m going to keep it real Daniel. I and others come on here to
            discuss our console of choice…the Wii U. As an owner we want to swap
            opinions with like minded individuals. You aren’t like minded. Therefore
            your presence here is not wanted. You don’t own a Wii U. You never did.
            I proved that already to a poster who asked me long ago why I was mean
            to you. She apologized to me.

            I shouldn’t let a parasite like
            you bother me but you really do ruin an otherwise decent site. There are
            some people on here that aren’t happy with some of the decisions
            Nintendo has made and their input is appreciated as they are mature and
            we know they have real passion about Nintendo. But most if not all
            posters on here actually own a Wii U…or want one..or why else would
            they come here? That is..except you.

            You act as if I am the only
            one who confronts you about your obvious trolling. Dude, almost every
            single article you post in someone is pointing out how negative you are
            and asking why you are here. You really don’t have a plausible reason
            either. That’s because it is to opine negatively about a console you
            don’t like but instead of admitting it you act sanctimonious about it.
            You go out of your way to shit on anything perceived to be positive
            news. Then you wonder why people here hate you. And yes, they do hate
            you. I have been reading your posts and people’s responses to them for
            quite awhile now. Like a year. In all that time the only people who
            upvote you are the other trolls and ‘guests’ which I assume is either
            you not signed on or some silent troll to be.

            So as I and other
            have pointed out. It is just about the saddest thing for someone to go
            on a site that is geared specifically for a product you don’t like. Now
            if you were on say…IGN and you trolled there…well, that’s more
            understandable as there are at least articles pertaining to your Sony
            there and you might click on a Nintendo article just for ha has. But to
            actually go out of your way to frequent a site for a product you dislike
            makes you about the biggest loser imaginable.

            I am not on here
            ‘for revenge’ genius. I happen to like reading other Wii U fans’
            opinions on games and news. It just so happens that you are an easy
            target as the resident troll so if I see your obvious trolling I have to
            stop by and say hi.

            You aren’t sorry my account got banned.
            Let’s be real. You instigated it and the mods who run this site love
            guys like you over me. They know your trolling incites responses which
            ups the clicks and helps generates revenue..at least in their distorted
            view of things. But what they fail to realize is trolls like you
            actually turn more people off on specialized sites like this. Those
            people click on an article and see your negativity and take their
            attention elsewhere that gives them satisfaction instead of what you
            offer. That is why this site will never grow. That is why they have to
            resort to click bait constantly. Because they know trolls like you will
            show up shitting on the Wii U…and justifiably the Wii U fans will
            defend it. It’s quite sad.

            But just know I get great pleasure
            seeing people recognizing you for what you are. I also get great
            pleasure seeing pretty much the majority of your posts with zero upvotes
            and when there are some it’s from the same 3 to 5 other trolls on here.
            In fact, that is a good case study for exposing just who you and they
            are. Just looks at the circle jerk between you all as you congratulate
            yourselves and upvote each others posts. Post I might add, that are
            negative and trolling.

            A sane and normal person wouldn’t go
            where he isn’t wanted. But you obviously are a gigantic loser with the
            requisite time to spare to troll the few Wii U owners out there. I mean,
            just pathetic. But I imagine as I enjoy seeing your fail…you
            obviously enjoy seeing us upset. So congratulations on making enemies
            and being the biggest loser on these forums. But don’t think for a
            second anyone besides your fellow few trolls care about your opinions
            because you are a mere nuisance nothing more.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If I wanted to read a novel, I would go to the library my friend. No offense. From what I gathered from some of it, it seems you are still under the impression that the site is for people who own a Wii U. It’s to get news updates and to discuss the Wii U, 3DS and its games. Last I checked, there is a 3DS section, which I do own. So, my presence here is perfectly legit.

            Again, I’ll be real with you. You apparently are too invested in me, and it’s quite creepy. You simply got banned because you harassed me over my opinions. As funny as this may be to you, I get along with plenty of people here, and only a small fraction of people like yourself, have an issue with it. At the very least, extremely vocal about it. Here’s some sound advice. Ignore what you don’t like to read, it saves you the trouble. If you have a hard time ignoring it, then you or anyone who is complaining so much, are the real problem. Right now, you are being the nuisance. While I’m speaking nicely to you, you came at me with the crazy insults.The fact that you’re back here obviously looking for redemption, is rather disturbing.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            lol at your continued attempts to convince people that owning a 3ds (not that you do) is somehow relevant to the Wii U which you hate. If someone owns a Vita but hates the PS3 and goes on a PS3 site and is constantly negative that’d be just as pathetic. But you see, nobody is that big a loser except you.

            Daniel. You don’t get along with people. Trolls like Garcia and Greengeck yeah…but not 90% of the posters here. And that is my point. You are trolling and enjoy doing so with your select few trolls on here. The mods eat it up as it drives clicks. Congrats to you and them for a job well done. Only a site run by mods like these would ban me over you when I can imagine how many times you have been flagged. But they turn a blind eye. That is unless they are actually the one and the same..the mods and the trolls with clicks being the end goal.

            Again, your continued responses are falling on deaf ears. You are exposed as a troll. We all know who and what you are. Your weak sarcasm and dim witted justifications won’t change that. So keep responding thinking anyone cares except for your fellow trolls. Have fun with that. It is very amusing. I’ll keep blasting you between levels of DKTF. You know…a Wii U game…something that should be getting discussed on here but instead we have to suffer through click bait articles over run by trolls like you.

          • ” As an owner we want to swap opinions with like minded individuals. You aren’t like minded. Therefore
            your presence here is not wanted. ”

            That’s the most hillbilly thing I’ve ever read around here, grats for that. Even DMT wouldn’t be able to top that.
            Really, what you are saying is arrogant, ignorant and somehow the same stuff that really creates problems spread over our planet. Is it really necessary to dig that low? Is it so hard for people to use their brains for once and think about how the stuff they write actually looks like? I understand that if you’re in RAGE MODE you don’t really always mean stuff the way you actually write it, but that point should be long over by now. This seems really like some kind of fascist ideology, which is really, really awful.

            For the record: Of COURSE discussion apart from worshipping and glorifying are very welcome here. I’m so freaking sick of kids using this board for only letting out their verbal orgasms about the GREATNESS of their big leader while completely denying any discussions, critique or whatever else. If people are so narcissistic that they can’t live with other opinions, they should stop surfing through communities. calling everyone a bashing asshole who doesn’t share their 1dimensional view is something that shouldn’t even be possible in the modern age. what next? do you people want to crucify Daniel? stone him to death? goddamn, it’s so ridiculous. ESPECIALLY because Nintendo just fucked so DAMN much up the past 2 years, forbidding people to be disappointed about that is a kinda embarrassing statement for the rest of Nintendo Fans.I’m not one of you guys, I can live with other CONSOLE NATIONALITIES and with people being pissed about what our great leader did to us because, guess what? I’m a paying customer after all and I don’t need to accept everything just like that.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            cool story. The fact is he is a troll. He is more subtle but the end result is the same. He is here to disrupt our discussions by interjecting negativity about everything Wii U. I welcome dissent from people who actually either own the machine or will want to in the future. He is neither. Therefore his opinion isn’t wanted. Why would I or anyone else care about what he thinks about a product he dislikes and will never buy when we are on that product’s fan site? Are you dense? How does this not compute with you.

            Your defense of him is irrational. Like, you are doing it for the sake of doing it instead of actually understanding the reasoning behind it. There is none. You have a known Wii U hating troll spewing negativity on a Wii U fan site. Congratulations on being a hero for his cause.

          • He actually bought a WiiU and gave it away. So he actually bought it.
            Look at me, I didn’t plan to buy it and got it for my 30th birthday, how do I fit into your profile? But wait, yeah, I kinda like that console, so I guess you allow me to stay here. thank you. Really that’s quite gracious.
            As long as Nintendo will keep bullshitting around like they did for the past 2 years, there will be a certain amount of people being disappointed by them, so welcome to reality. If you just can’t handle it, then maybe get some meth and go under for a while.
            I don’t really know what makes you believe that stuff you say suddenly can be handled as ‘facts’. There were political regimes who claimed, it would be a fact, that there might be people who need to vanish from the face of our planet. It’s really great inventing some facts about harming other people, makes you mighty, makes you feel strong, and so on. I really believe you that. Still, it’s one hell of a bad attitude and to be honest, it’s far worse than every troll combined who has ever been around here could ever get. Because most trolls really are just kids who come from some Sony-fanboards to go on someone’s nerves. But they aren’t like calling together other people to bash one single user. If he’s a troll, you could ignore him. I guess you knoe better that he isn’t really a troll, but you are just to deep into justifying your stupid behavior so you really need to claim that he would be, otherwise people could totally see what a fascist hater you somehow are. That’s really sad. Especially to see that there of course are other N-minded fans around here who really get influenced by your bullshit and start bashing on that guy.

            Newflash: The WiiU didn’t perform so great during the past 1,5+ yrs. It’s not completely unnatural that there might be a user dissatisfied with that company he grew up with and spent 300 bucks on their new console to find out that they fucked it up. It’s not necessarily what I think about that system, but I can totally understand everyone who does. And everyone is far more welcome here than those superbiased fanboys who are starting to cry around because someone doesn’t wanna share their soulless glorification of … what the fuck … a videogame company? sure.
            Although I don’t really think you give a shit about my judgement, but I’ve read enough stuff from daniel that proves me he actually is able to have a intelligent and even interesting conversation with, something I can’t really say about you. It’s true that he’s a bit on the depressing side, so maybe I wouldn’t share my personal-biased-fanboy-impressions about Mario 3D World with him as I guess I wouldn’t get too much in return here, but damn, I ain’t got a problem with that. And you know why? Because I don’t really give a shit. If’e seen trolls come and go here and some of them really got extremely nasty, I mean really high profile troll-bullshit from people who spend every cell in their brain into how to best go on users of internet communities’ nerves. But Daniel just isn’t one of them. Maybe he’s overdoing it sometimes, but look at the fascist bullshit you’ve been writing all along, so who the hell isn’t?

            If you wanna get rid of him, get rid of yourself, 90% of this community and let the super one-dimensional thinkers here alone, posting ‘CAN’T WAIT FOR ZELDA’ ‘SO HYPED’ all the day. And. Nothing. Else.

            That’s what a discussion board is made for, right?

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            nice speech! I actually thought you were a girl because of your name Val which is sometimes short for Valerie so no gay reference really. But nice try I guess. See, this is where you are wrong and irrational. A while back I was arguing with him about the fact that he doesn’t own a Wii U or ever had. Some other hero (an actual girl that time) was defending him as you are now. I proceeded to go through his posts and found several proving he never owned it. She saw them and apologized for questioning why I was mean to him and admitted that yes, he is a troll. Now I don’t really feel like going through all that trouble for you as you are a lost cause. But I and others know what he is. Again, congratulations championing a known troll. You must feel real special. BTW, your attempts at demeaning me and insulting me are laughable. Daniel may not be harsh and obnoxious with his trolling but that doesn’t change the fact that he is trolling. I am not rallying people to get him out. The mods like guys like him they will never ban him and we know he is accomplishing his goals here so he will never leave on his own volition. So I will keep pointing out his trolling and if you so choose you can keep irrationally defending him. Just know I wont’ respond or read your comments so don’t waste your time or the boards

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            sorry I proved he was lying about him owning a Wii U to another hero awhile back. Don’t feel like doing it again as you aren’t worth it. Congrats on defending a known troll.

            btw Val is sometimes short for Valerie and I thought were a girl.

          • Double Post? I can’t say what you proved or proved not to someone I don’t know at a time I wasn’t there so I could also tell you here I had proved that he had the WiiU.
            I guess he hasn’t bought that game on his 3DS then?

            And even if he hadn’t, read those lines:
            ” As an owner we want to swap opinions with like minded individuals. You aren’t like minded. Therefore
            your presence here is not wanted. ”

            Shoutout to all not-WiiU owners out there: you are still welcome. This guy isn’t like our glorious leader to tell who can stay and who needs to leave.

            If you are unable to have some proper conversation with Daniel, it’s your pity, but it may have to do with your general attitude which somehow turns out to be far more trolling, on a human level.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            man wants to talk with fellow 2014 Ford Mustang owners. He spots a door marked 2014 Ford Mustang owners discussion room. He walks in. There is room for ten people in the room. There are 8 in there with him making it 9. There’s lots to talk about. So many stories about this feature and that feature. Everyone’s having a good time. They have something in common. Each of their opinions hold weight, even those who don’t like certain things about the 2014 Ford Mustang. In walks a guy who doesn’t own a 2014 Ford Mustang and actually hates them. He starts talking about Chevy. He is reminded that if he wanted to talk about Chevy, perhaps maybe he should go to the room over there with the sign that says Chevy discussion. He says, but I used to own a Ford Probe ten years ago. They respond, that’s well and good, but this room isn’t about a Ford Probe…it’s also not about Ford in general..it’s not even about 2014 Ford cars…it’s specifically about 2014 Ford Mustangs. He continues to talk bad about 2014 Ford Mustangs despite not owning one or intending to ever buy one. Everyone else in the room is confused and as time goes by they keep asking him why he is there? Why is he so negative about something he doesn’t own? With no experience with a Ford Mustang..and clearly being a Chevy guy…why spend your time in this room trying to make us feel bad about owning a 2014 Ford Mustang and constantly bring up Chevy. He has no answer, but he continues to defy logic and make people angry with his comments. That Chevy loving guy is Daniel.

            To make matters worse, one of the 2014 Ford Mustang owners turns to everyone and says this Chevy guy is welcome here. There’s no sign that says he can’t be here and share his biased anti 2014 Ford Mustang opinions. Sure his opinions aren’t based on experience, sure his shitting on any good news is annoying..sure it makes no sense why he would come in here and be ignored by everyone and hated by most except me…but he is entitled to be here and you calling him Mr. Chevy is really mean. Grow up. That Val…is you. Congrats on being THAT guy.

            This has grown tiresome. Have fun being that guy. I will refrain from addressing you any further and will not read your response. So if you respond, know it goes unread..that you are essentially trying to win an argument you lost from start, and are talking to yourself. Peace bitch!

          • you said that before, remember? and actually it’s the most childish reaction to something mankind could come up with. do what you want but stop harassing other users on this board or your posts are continued to be flagged. And I’m not even the boards police or whatever, it’s just not really the concept of a discussion board to push some console master race and silence everybody else. as I said, fascist bullshit and your half-baked comparisons won’t change shit. Especially because you just aren’t this boards glorious leader as you act like. It’s really not you. So stop being such a coward, hiding behind your screen, throwing with console fascism around here, it’s really not right. You don’t have to respond, but neither should you to stuff that people who aren’t fitting into your master-race-picture say. If you don’t like someone who’s not a completely biased fanboy, you’re welcome to just ignore them.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’m not surprised that you’re still here, I never put that past you. Difference between you and me my friend, is that I’m not taunting you. I’m leaving you to do that. Lol. So crying out troll while trolling defeats the purpose of your argument.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            Strange how you obviously do not know that I am anything but a troll. I’m a troll slayer friend.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Ahh. Gotcha. So you practice self-infliction. That’s quite creepy. Even creepier than you came back for revenge over something that was your own fault in the first place. You really need to seek help friend. Friendly advice.

          • Zorlac79

            Wow, what a loser you are. Did it start with your parents hating you, not showing attention, or neglecting you?
            You are the one who needs help, I feel bad you live a sad, empty life, but it could change.
            Only if you want for something better, and to not be so filled with negativity.
            Your passive aggressive comments don’t fool even the weakest minded.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I find it funny that one calls another a loser, when they themselves, are the one’s who are so vocal in the first place. Nice job contradicting your own point. Don’t feel bad for me, I live a good life, and have little to no actual hostility towards you or Jonathan. It’s apparent that you do. That passive aggressive point isn’t working in your favor. While you’re doing the same juvenile insults, I’m here speaking calmly about it. Might be wise to reflect on your own short comings.

          • Zorlac79

            No, nearly EVERYBODY here at one point in time or another has made it clear that you are not liked nor wanted here, yet you still linger around, defining the true meaning of being a troll.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            So by everybody, you mean a sample size of people who roam this site? Gotcha friend. It still doesn’t change the fact that this site is about opinions, and not about who is wanted. I don’t come here for that. If that’s what you’re here for…..well that’s another story entirely. Have a nice day now.

          • not really everybody. stop bashing another user. If you don’t like what he writes, don’t read it. If his language is too harsh for your taste, flag it. For what I saw so far, you are the one bashing on him and why? because he’s not worshipping like you do? Oh boy, where are we here? The Nintendo Tea Party? There used to be real trolls and bashers around here, be happy they aren’t showing up too often these days, if daniel’s really your biggest problem, then you got my envy.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            wow, you two must be dating for you to defend him for his trolling. Just because you are okay with it doesn’t mean we have to be. Have a nice day

          • You are a ignorant person. I guess you are one of the guys, calling for backup to beat up some boy in school together just because he isn’t your stereotype quarterback alpha boy who always pretends to be your best friend and likes the same icecream as you do. I’m not dating that boy, I’m just helping him, because I believe that thinking something different has never been a crime. Bashing together onto one guy? seriously? And you guys call yourselves grown ups? Funny thing is, I don’t even doubt you are. Maturity hasn’t too much to do with how old you are and people like you can die at 110 and will still be immature for life. What really drives me crazy is that you don’t even try to understand how bad this is, what you’re doing. It’s really fascist shit, no kidding. Sure, it’s only about videogames so we shouldn’t take that stuff too seriously, but damn, these are some social roots coming through here. You really are calling for help to throw out someone who’s differently thinking, and actually just for that. And now you even dig out that gay-bullshit, any other clichés you need to master here or are you finally done?

          • what’s your fucking problem???? a user says he might be getting it for his 3DS and you start messing around without any reason? kids like you are really damaging this community.

          • Zorlac79

            Obviously, kid, you have no idea what goes on here, or have no ability to do simple things such as read.
            Next time, try observing before opening your mouth as it is displaying your intelligence and it isn’t too pretty.

            Try to post a comment with at least a little proper punctuation and grammar, and hold off on the profanity as there are other kids (besides you) that visit here.
            Have a little bit of dignity.

          • and who the hell are you? the guy who has spent a quarter of my time here in this community to tell me what’s going on? instead of kicking together with another troll on some user you could just stay out of it and let us handle this thing with gentlemen, without someone who really needs to call others ‘kid’ bitching around? pretty please? thank you.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You took the words right from me there. It’s basically a simple attack on a user they hate. Rather childish if you ask me.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            listen. if you aren’t a troll yourself, here’s the thing. you look at his comment and view it as seemingly benign as viewed like a snapshot. However, if you know Daniel. You would know his posts are anything but. What you aren’t seeing is he goes out of his way to announce how he is getting this game or that game on PC, PS3, PS4, or 3DS (like he has one lol) to throw a dig at the Wii U. And my point is that is fine but this is a fricken Wii U site. Why do that if you aren’t trolling. Believe me, it’s not an innocent statement on his part. It happens over and over.

          • thanks for the lesson, I’m longer around here and thus know Daniel longer than you do. Although I appreciate your attempt to communicate with me in a bit more mature way, I can’t avoid mentioning that it’s just bullshit, treating someone like that. I know, Daniel isn’t the kind of guy who literally triggers his Nintendo-Loveletters into this community all the day. But I can tell you, just because he’s a bit cynic and disappointed by how Nintendo performed, he’s far from being a troll. Most users here are just calling him and/or magnus a troll to avoid using their brain and think about criticism. But after all, these guys actually do represent a completely legit audience of Nintendo-players who are used from that company to perform better ans asking for a change all the time. I personally don’t care as much anymore to completely share their picture, but I can completely understand it and think it’s just childish how 99% of the other users here react as soon as there’s someone not glorifying their holy gaming-company. Especially if this someone DARES to mention, he/she would play on another system, it’s like calling for WAR.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            I’ve been frequenting the site since almost its inception and since he came aboard. He is definitely a troll. I have had more back and forth with him than just about anyone except maybe his troll friend Garcia. There is no denying what he is. I’ve read through some of your posts. You aren’t trolling and I see you offer what this site needs more of. Maybe I take it personal because it’s so constant with him. How he calls people fanboys because Gosh forbid they show their love for the Wii U on a Wii U site. I am very critical of Nintendo over the Wii U on a variety of issues as I believe most are on here. But he is about as negative as they come on pretty much any Wii U news. If that is the type of input you appreciate on here and he appeals to you then more power to you. I can’t ignore him so I will keep trying to expose him so that a new poster doesn’t ignorantly engage in a discussion with him thinking he has anything but trolling to say concerning the Wii U. It’s been working so I am happy. My goal is to get it so it’s just the 4 or 5 main trolls posting and responding to one another with nobody else to acknowledge them except themselves. It will look like a monkey fucking a football.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If you simply can’t ignore, then perhaps you’re not mature enough to handle an actual discussion on the internet. I wouldn’t be giving anyone advice if you can’t even follow your own. Lol. Looking at your post here, it seems you are far too invested in this “exposure” fiasco. Whatever you’re trying to expose anyone of, is beyond me. What is for certain however, is that you continue to expose yourself, for being quite the crackpot.

            You only have a few people around that actually care enough, while the rest of the community, remains peaceful, or they are far more mature and can handle anything that comes at them. It’s apparent you have a hard time grasping that. I’m honestly not even mad at you, I feel bad for you. Hope you get well.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I actually just bought it today on my 3DS to play on the go. I find it odd that people are so invested in someone they hate. I agree, that’s what truly damages the community. Whether people like it or not, positivity and negativity are two sides of the same coin. We are free to choose whichever side at any point. Last I checked, it comes with the territory of comment sections. The way I see it, if a handful of angry posters can’t handle that, it makes me wonder if they’re mature enough to handle the internet.

          • greengecko007

            Flagged. Have a nice day.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            Oh no…the site’s second worst troll is flagging me. Whatever shall I do? All we need is Garcia and Erikson and we can make this a party!

  • audi lover

    No shovel knight in uk:( not ye on mine anyway but on a good note mk8 still no.1 seller on Amazon uk and now zombieu is the 2nd best seller shame its selling for 6.99 ubi might have got some profit otherwise and started realising all there titles on wii u again

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Cool, another ONE VC game from their catalog of thousands.

    • Jonathan Robitaille

      right? it’s my single biggest gripe with Nintendo.

      • thedeciderU

        i just went to wii shop channel (for some reason on old router could not get the wii mode online) and bought up castlevania: rondo of blood and splatterhouse for TG-16. Great games!

  • Spaniard0069

    Shovel Knight and Castlevania 3! On the same day. Is this the “Quality of Life” that Nintendo spoke about earlier this year and never mentioned ever again? Take my money Nintendo. You earned it.

    • wober2

      LMAO! your “quality of life” joke cracks me up

  • Ducked

    Frozen Olaf’s Quest on sale! Really Nintendo , your eating my money! Nah really VC still needs a lot of help. Is it so hard to bring Final Fantasy and other good Super Nintendo games to VC? They’re already out in Japan.

    • Jon Turner

      I’ll say, but hopefully they’ll still come stateside.

  • greengecko007

    Shovel Knight looks amazing. I’m really considering getting it, meaning I’m a dirty cheapskate that needs to just go ahead and buy it… Definitely looking forward to this site’s review of the game.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Well it’s worth it. Bought it on Steam. Deciding if I should get it on 3DS, too.

      • greengecko007

        Awesome. I decided to get it on the Wii U. I have plenty of handheld games already to play on long rides, and I really want to listen to that juicy chiptune soundtrack with surround sound.

    • Jonathan Robitaille

      does look good. I am a little surprised at the price but I feel almost obligated to support high quality from a 3rd party so I will be downloading tonight.

  • Prizm

    With games like Shovel Knight being $15.00 – The game may look 8-bit but it’s built from scratch with a lot of hard work. It’s not some lazy port of an old game. I think they’re well within their rights to charge a measly $15.00. They even scored Jake Kaufman, the guy who remade the soundtrack for DuckTales Remastered. I’ll be getting it (even if only to support the developers), and I’ll certainly enjoy it more than a $90 COD or whatever other on-rails AAA BS is out at the moment.

    • ign gave it a 9.0 and the author called it his game of the year so far so I guess there shouldn’t be too much need to explain these 15 bucks =)

  • steveb944

    I still don’t see how a digital game costs more than the physical copy. Even after these ‘deals’ you pay more. Yet I still bother checking, hoping that I do find something.

  • Madmagican

    Let Shovel Knight rise to the top of all things gaming.