Aug 14th, 2014

This week’s Nintendo eShop deals and downloads have been announced, with plenty of love for Mega Man continuing as yet another Mega Man game is unveiled in the month of August. If you’re unfamiliar with how Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge works, be sure and check out the official trailer since it’s not exactly a platformer like most Mega Man games. Here’s a look at what else is available on the Nintendo eShop this week.

Virtual Console on Wii U

  • Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Nintendo eShop Sales

  • Gravity Badgets is 30% off until August 28 on the Wii U eShop.
  • Hello Kitty Kruisers is 50% off starting August 18 and extending to September 1 on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.
  • Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails is 50% off until August 21 on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.
  • ZaciSa’s Last Stand is 50% off until August 28 on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.
  • ATLUS Games is having a big sale on several of its Nintendo 3DS titles, including Code of Princess and Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl. This sale starts August 18 and will extend to September 1 on Nintendo 3DS.

Coming soon

  • Life Force – Aug. 21 (Virtual Console on Wii U)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math – Aug. 28 (Virtual Console on Wii U)
  • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Aug. 29 (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

Price reductions:

  • My Riding Stables 3D – Jumping for the Team has been reduced to $15.99 from $29.99 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.
  • Riding Stables 3D has been reduced to $15.99 from $19.99 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

Also new this week:

  • GAIABREAKER (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
  • Soon Shine (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
  • XType Plus (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
  • Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit! – Demo Version (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
  • Gothic Masquerade (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
  • Amida’s Path (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi Shop on Nintendo DSi)
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  • ActivesiN

    time to pick up scram kitty and his buddy on rails!

  • Zach

    Hey, I am looking to get back in contact with someone at Wii U Daily, can anyone help?

  • Merry_Blind

    Come on Nintendo, I just want a VC Pokemon game already…

  • Fred
  • Ducked

    GameCube and N64 virtual console could really light things up.

    • Merry_Blind

      At least N64… GameBoy Color games should be added too.

      • Ducked

        Especially N64. I haven’t owned one in years.

        • Merry_Blind

          OH well then I feel your pain! I still have mine so I’m fine having no N64 games on my Wii U, but I still find it retarded they haven’t released any yet given there are many on the Wii.

  • Link of all time

    i just got xtype +. very disappointed that it does not have off tv play. it went from a game i was very excited for, for about a month now, to a game i’ll never play. i hope an off tv patch comes soon.

  • Rey Armstrong

    weeell, more crappy content…

  • J_Joestar

    It isn’t actually Megaman,
    But Azure Striker Gunvolt has been confirmed for a NA release at the end of the month.

  • Darius

    im waiting for battle network three before I make my second megaman purchase. Does anyone know if this game is any good?

  • DeMar DeRozan

    ZimbiU for 12,5$, Black Flag and Rayman Legends 17,5$!

  • SmashFinale

    An Atlus sale?! No one saw that coming! [/sarcasm]