Jan 22nd, 2014


In an article at CVG, an anonymous EA source reveals that Nintendo’s strained relationship with EA was gone before it started, thanks to EA’s focus on games that only sell blockbusters. The article calls for many changes to be made at Nintendo, including modernizing their direction for their platforms and listening to what gamers want, rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over. It’s an interesting read, but one that will likely anger many of you, considering it recounts Nintendo’s recent failures with past failures and what Nintendo needs to do to change.

Regardless of whether you feel Nintendo is succeeding or failing, words from an anonymous EA source in the article make clear that Electronic Arts isn’t keen on supporting any platform that can’t produce massive sales.

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly,” one EA source told me when asked about why the publisher fell out with Nintendo so soon after committing to the system.

“It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”.

This is a symptom of big Western publishers and has been for years now, even with those that have supported the Wii U. Ubisoft continues to release Assassin’s Creed titles year after year and the same can be said for Activision with its annual Call of Duty releases. Is the serialization of games hurting third-party support for Nintendo? According to EA, the answer is yes.

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  • That guy who hates Spike

    You have to be very wary when they say “Anonymous”. For all we know, it could just be CVG riding that trending topic that EA is a bad company.

  • Squid

    Yeah you don’t make games for kids, you make games for idiots (most of the time)

    • Michael Ocampo

      so people who like to play those games are idiots?

      • Chronic Gang

        no they’re idiots because they buy the same game every year

      • Squid

        No, I didn’t elaborate, most of their games are exactly the same with some tiny upgrade and release every year, people still buy them.
        Ps, Chronic Gang also helped me out here. I was mostly kidding on the comment, but seriously, EA is one to talk when they say “Nintendo is dead to us”

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          FIFA, of course, but I wouldn’t exactly say the likes of Mass Effect are in any way a rehash.

          • Yen

            Even the Mass Effect series is a bit over done though. They all came out within 4 years and they did a bunch of ports and collections not long afterwards.

  • Vakua Dorn

    EA: The only re-hashed IPs we make are those that result in athletes suing us for not asking permission to use them in the games

  • Ben Ifits

    hmm make games a lot of people WANT to play or make games a lot of people LOVE to play? thats okay EA you were dead before YOU started lol

    • Squid

      That’s why they were nominated worse company,

  • Jonathan Grine

    EA says Nintendo needs to stop rehashing. Thats all EA does.
    EA says they need big franchises. They do.

    This makes no sense at all, lol.

  • I feel like Electronic Arts should just be honest about their intentions, instead of saying Nintendo makes kids games. They don’t want to support a platform that’s not going to guarantee them 5m+ sales during launch because they’re more concerned about profits and bottom lines than making sure they deliver an enjoyable experience.

    They’re stupid if they think people wanted a $60 port game at launch when the Mass Effect Trilogy edition was releasing at the same time on other consoles. In fact, the only effort EA put into delivering a solid Wii U game at all was from Criterion with Need for Speed: Most Wanted U and that’s a damn fine looking game.

    • Iwata

      Very true!

    • XypherCode

      Props to Alex Ward for that great port.

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        Criterion are being damaged by EA. A few months back they took a huge chunk of their team and moved them over to Ghost Games.

        • Guesty Pooh!

          Plus the 2 people that actually started the company have recently left to start up another games company, good on them.

          The only franchises that EA own that I’m interested in are:
          Dead Space, but as per EA they have slowly killed the franchise.

          NFS, only because Criterion used to make awesome racers, but as per EA they not only killed Criterion they have also lost me because Criterion were raped & pillaged.

          Mass Effect, same as Dead Space, usual EA sloppiness.

          So to me EA are dead because they like to kill good franchises, try making actual fun games without slowly strangling the life out of the developers and the franchise.

          • ScrewAttack

            Two words (one word, one number?)- Battlefield 4.

            A pig-shitted mess with a ton of problems, but it’s okay cos EA are gonna put out some more battlepacks you can buy for $9.99.
            I’ll be surprised if DICE want to stick around much longer, the way they’re now being treated.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I still don’t understand why EA thought that was a good idea in the first place. They could have given Wii U the entire trilogy but nope they just spat out an enhanced port ME3 for 60 dollars that was poorly supported. I find their statements kind of ironic considering that they spit out a new installment of Madden every year which nothing more really than a minor roster update. I pretty much stopped reading at the kids IP part.

      • Nintendo Dragon

        That’s the thing thought they can’t spit out the entire trilogy because Microsoft owns the first Mass Effect game. That is why PS3 only has the second and third game. EA slowly ruined Mass effect for me.

        • Alan Michael Hensley

          the Mass Effect Trilogy on the PS3 has all of them, so therefore, the PS3 has Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. which means they could have ported the whole trilogy over to Wii U

          • Nintendo Dragon

            Oh I thought the first one was just a little thing letting you put the choices from the first game, so you’d be able to play the second and third game because of some legal thing that was going on with Microsoft owning the first game or something like that idk.

          • C.S. Bailey

            MS only produced the first game.

          • Alan Michael Hensley

            its all good, the trilogy for the PS3 actually took longer to come out than the 360 version, i’d assume the microsoft owning the rights had something to do with it

        • YogiGRB

          part one cqn be bought in the playstore (here in europe) for €15

          • Nintendo Dragon

            I guess they must have changed the whole thing on me since the last time I looked it up I just hope the next Mass Effect is more like the 2nd one I loved the third but that end just ruined it for me there wasn’t even a boss :/

          • Nintendo Dragon

            Either way my point is that it was a ported game most people already owned. I don’t see why they expected it to sell millions of copies right off the bat on release.

          • kaygivs

            mass effect wasn’t originally released on ps3 because the rights belonged to microsoft but ea but the rights and released the trilogy

          • Nintendo Dragon

            I didn’t know mass effects rights were bought, what I said earlier was true though when it came out at least. I don’t see why they can’t release the trilogy now if they wanted to but EA sucks on these things.

          • kaygivs

            yeah i really wish they would have put the trilogy on wii u. i would have rebought it just for gamepad only play lol

        • me

          That was a timed deal just like what thy are doing now with ea with titanfall

        • catsby

          They ruined ME 3 at least.

      • Inferno Uprising

        Remember that this company was voted the worst company of the 2 years in a row. There is also the problem that they wish they could be as successful as Nintendo. Just wait until 9 months from now when they start noticing how well the Wii U is doing. I bet that they will be just begging to help nintendo with a new IP.(By the way you may notice that Mass Effect 3 is $20 on amazon right now…just for the record.)

        • me

          I havent bought any ea games in THE last 3 years
          There is also no ea game I am looking forward two in future.
          I think that ea will be the first game company that gets that worst company award 3 years in a row.
          Come on people ea is more worse as microsoft if you told 10 years ago ea would be bankrupt in a day.

      • Rich Garriques


    • darkcreap

      I am going to read the full article, but I don’t get it. What has it got to do “games for kids” with “massive sellers”?

      I also hope that they are not confusing “games for kids” with “E rated games”. I don’t see some kids beating some Donkey Kong Country games, despite they are rated E (Not meaning all kids are necessarily less skilled at those ages, though). On the other hand, Lego City Undercover is easy as hell despite having a rating of 7 and older.

      I also think they should be honest, as for instance the publishers of Dark Souls: they didn’t bring it to WiiU because there is not an audience.

      It could also be argued that most Nintendo games are suitable for kids due to their rating. Because of that, it is more likely that mostly kids are keen on getting a WiiU because of no being attracted (or not being allowed) to M rated games. It is also true that Nintendo clearly marketed WiiU to kids this Christmas, but the year prior the marketing was completely different. Nevertheless, there are games games which are rated M, like Call of Duty (COD) and Assassin’s Creed (AC) and some adults play them (me for instance). Unfortunately, these games do not seem to sell have so well as in other platforms, especially compared with Nintendo’s own games.

      I also don’t see some kids understanding games like Xenoblade Chronicles, despite it being rated for 12 year olds. I won’t say any spoilers, but despite not containing violence it has a plot that is deeper than COD or AC (at least AC3 and 4, which are the ones I have played). I don’t mean that AC hasn’t good a compelling story, but I personally like Xenoblade’s better. At least in the philosophical part.

      I think that most teen gamers are getting into PS4 or Xbox One because they have this perception that WiiU is for kids, so they won’t buy WiiU because of that. Because they don’t buy those games on that console, almost no one wants to put them on WiiU.

      My opinion is that Nintendo has a problem of brand perception in that sense. Their platforms have a “cute” style that might be liked by some adults, but is more likely to appeal to kids. I think that leads some people to misjudge the platform. Nevertheless, this has been like that for years. When Sega was around, they occupied that place instead of Sony/Microsoft. A young cousin of mine has friends to whom Nintendo consoles are not “serious” or “mature”. Whether they actually think that or they just do it to not be rendered “kiddy” by their colleagues (which is something quite usual among teens and young adults) is another question. Nevertheless, this is a particular experience, which should not be taken as a generalisation, but I have a hunch that this is likely very true.

      Also, I think it does not help either that most games perceived as ‘mature’ are expensive AAA movie-like games and that Nintendo is not willing to money hat publishers to help bring some games to their platform. Although I think Nintendo is responsible by not entering that unsustainable model (very cost heavy) that Sony and Microsoft have entered, I think also Nintendo is overly conservative in that sense. Hopefully, they will improve that aspect (as they seem to be doing) with projects like Hyrule Warriors. What I am wondering is if they have enough of these exclusive collaborations. Because they are gonna need a lot of games to fill gaps.

      I think Iwata was right when he said that he is out of touch with the Western market. I wonder if he will actually mend it. At least his acknowledging of the situation is something positive.

    • kevin

      What a stupid comment. All business worries about bottom line or they go under. Could be a reason why most game companies go under. If they feel like ashley, you can tell you never ran a successful company before. To keep the doors open the bottom line is all that matters. Everyone may hate ea, but they r one of the largest companies.

      On another point is funny talking about rehashing the same ip. Madden is yearly, fifa is yearly and many more, with little to no changes. All you guys talk bad about that but guess what it sales…… as

      • Alan Michael Hensley

        they’re not so large now, they keep shutting down studios and firing everyone, they’re losing money so fast that its almost funny

      • nf_zeta

        The problem here is that even though the entertainment industry is business, they fail to see the fundamental difference from normal businesses as if you don’t entertain you will eventually go down.

        The problem is they are taking the gaming industry with them, how many franchises have they destroyed so far.

        Its like they own a boat with a whole and instead of getting it sealed they sail out to see with a bucket to scoop out the water but because of fatigue eventually ur gonna sink.

    • Justagamer

      Ea is pure crap..Nuff said

      • Deadpool U

        True how can they call the ME3 port an effort? When they released the trilogy for PS360 cheaper?

        • Justagamer

          That’s ok i burned every EA game ive ever owned and have no regrets

        • Magnus Eriksson

          What was rhe reason for not releasing the trilogy on Wii U? That would have made sense. I might even ave bought it.

      • Inferno Uprising

        “EA was dead to us quickly.”
        The World

        • Justagamer


        • Michael Hancock

          Right! Even in the PS2 era. “Hey, there is this new Lord of the Rings game coming out from EA. It’s a hack n’ slash button masher!” What a terribly artistic way to use the license!

          • Graeme Lynch

            Those LoR games were good!

          • Nintenjoe82


    • Agent721

      Well said Ashley. IMO, Nintendo needs a new adult franchise made by them, something totally un-Nintendo, except for quality. If they can get an adult game to sell, the EAs of the world will follow, but not until then. Its a shame too…I could imagine the Simpson’s Tapped out, Simcity, Plants vs. Zombies doing well on the Wii U given the tablet (via solid remakes & realistic prices). But EA won’t play. I would also advise Nintendo to start licensing sports and make sports game…for kids in school, especially boys, not having any sports game is a sure way to not sell any systems. No FIFA for Europe is game killer. No Madden in the US is the same. This to me, is probably the biggest issue, as kids can’t afford multiple consoles and will go to the one that has the most games they desire, with the most friends on them. The Wii U has good games, but not a ton and hence, customers choose the systems that will give them more to do. The lack of trophies and online play across the vast majority of games makes the Wii U a tough sell to non-Nintendoites.

      • Skelterz

        A party chat would be a good idea also.

      • darkcreap

        Good input.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Metriod is a way to go or F-Zero for adult content if Retro did it then the game will receive critical acclaim without a doubt. Man F-Zero is like Wipeout for Sony but harder.

        • they have some adult games, not with blood, but like you say, metroid, F-Zero, 1080

    • Skelterz

      Its what we as gamers have come to expect the same thing applies to music film art i mean media and art in any form is become swallowed by corporate financial interest. Company’s like EA build there fortune using cut throat techniques its sick in a way what corporations like EA are doing to the industry to wrap it up if i could compare EA to a video game character it would be shadow from FF6 there’s this one line that stuck with me when someone talked off him they said, ” he would slit his own mothers throat for a nickel”.

    • Cena’s Smirk

      ash, what is stopping someone else from making sports games for Nintendo? I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a while. is it simply that EA owns the licences for the real players names?

      • kaygivs

        yep… the reason ea got so big in the first place was their deal with the nfl…. people just love to pretend they’re the famous people who get paid millions a year to fumble each other’s balls back and forth in a field….

      • Simon Stevens

        Konami could have football (soccer covered) with pes, not too sure about American football tbough, pes is a much better game btw ^^

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Agreed but the Ultimate Team I mean wow that somes innovation not even the great Madden can do. I wonder if EA did it or FIFA.

          • Simon Stevens

            I think FIFA probably did it, or encouraged it, probably not for the most noble reasons though, must make transfers much smoother being able to determine how is currently in form and out of form lol

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Agreed. Things like that was never been made by EA at all. I have no beef against FIFA but man I really wanna smack EA for their stupidity. Their competition against Nintendo is plainly stupid I mean why cant they settle it like man.

          • Simon Stevens

            FIFA the game’s, are very hit and miss, 13 (not the Wii U version), was amazing, I could take my favorite young players and take them to great heights on that game, 14 is very so and so and has many of issues, at least for me, Nintendo don’t need to explain themselves to anybody, especially EA, FIFA is a very popular game, but not by their merit, by the merit of love people have for football, same goes for madden, outside of those franchises, they have nothing that sells anywhere close to what even a low level franchise such as Kirby would sell on a Nintendo system.

            They act superior when In fact they are very much inferior, as are most companies when pitted next to the big N, I think they just love this little war they have got going on, stupidly assuming that one console not doing so well spells damnation on the whole company, but that’s certain yanks for you, always spouting there mouth and chucking round their dirty shorts without ever thinking twice, it’s not like Nintendo have provoked them in any way?, nah, they show their superiority by remaining silent and humble throughout.

            As a neutral, I may not agree with everything they do as a company, their ideas lately have been off the walls stupid, but in terms of how they run their company on good old fashioned values, they deserve respect for that, I hope they listen to what EA, Michael Pachter etc etc say and just simply ignore it.

        • lonewolf

          I was wondering for a while now what happened to konami‘s winning eleven football (soccer) franchise?

          • Simon Stevens

            Still around and proud, just not on Nintendo consoles 🙁 nothing beats the old ps2 days of pes

    • LopsidedPasta

      Amen, the politically correct BS needs to stop. Call a spade a spade, put on your big boy pants, and move on, EA. If you don’t want to develop for the Wii U, fine. But don’t treat us like morons.

    • John D

      EA is just salty because Nintendo refused to use Origin as their primary online marketplace for the Wii U! EA is seriously butt hurt because that deal fell through. EA is the worst company for a reason!

    • Simon Stevens

      You said it all :’)

    • Michael Hancock

      All humans are only concerned about profits. Well, concerned about power. For that you require money which requires profits. Nobody in history has ever cared if you enjoyed an experience they have created or not.

      Porting only one of the 3 Mass Effects games is perfectly logical. It was to test the waters. To see if there was any money to be made. If they had ported ALL 3 games, they would have wasted time, money and resources-especially if they wanted to make a “solid” effort. Alas, that is not how supply and demand works.

    • Volgana

      Neither PS4 or Xone can give them 5m+ sales. Did you see the numbers? Need for speed rivals didnt reach 600.000 copies on either platform.

    • Tecpedz94

      Supposedly Peter Moore says not to trust anonymous sources so in other words he stating that they dont feel this way but deep down i bet thats their way of trying to say something lol

    • starwars360

      IGN.com had this and updated said EA never said this. It is whoever person done stir things up. Let you knew. 🙂

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart
    • EA is just pissy because Nintendo wouldn’t build the Nintendo Network around Origin

    • beerkin

      Once again spreading BS rumors on this crappy site. Peter Moore has come out saying that that was BS and that ea never said Nin was dead to us. Find some real news to report on will ya.

    • Kevin Welch

      Ashley, as with many of your articles, very well said. I think your perspective is right on. Particularly, I think it is important to note that Nintendo, unlike EA has always focused on putting out the best products possible. That’s why they are the successful company they are. Great products produce revenue. This is in stark contrast to EA’s model of putting “good enough” products but with the focus on scheming for additional revue. Thus, all the additional content you have to pay for. This is why ultimately, a real partnership between Nintendo and EA could never work – they have dichotomous philosophies on games and conflicting views of the consumer. The consumer picks up on this too. After all, it wasn’t just Nintendo fanboys that got EA rated the worst company in America two years running.

  • thewinnipegger

    ” rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over.”

    That’s a little ironic coming from EA. They rehash call of duty on a yearly release schedule.

    • Iwata


    • greengecko007

      EA has no part in Call of Duty.

    • XypherCode

      You mean Battlefield…

      • Rick van der Linde

        Still Battlefield isn’t a yearly release, Fifa however…

    • Gabe Hoffman

      That’s Activision

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      EA don’t make Call of Duty. Learn your facts before saying anything.

      • Leo

        Call of Duty and Battlefield are all the same crap anyway lol

  • XypherCode


  • Let me fix it…Nintendo said “EA was dead to us very quickly,because we have Mario Kart 8,Super Smah Bros,a new IP soon…”Problem fixed!

    • Squid

      A new Wrecking Crew starring Waluigi (because he ruins everything) would wreck EA.

      • Go Waluigi!Where’s Wario?

  • Larry Howell

    Hmph. Words from the soon to be 3 time worst company in America? Keep earning it EA. Keep earning it.

    • Deadpool U

      They certainly deserve it no other company has worked hard enough to be laughably embarrassing.

      • crocodileman94

        The only company I would consider besides EA is Google, for what they’ve done to Youtube lately.

    • LordiMcKill

      Definitely. If twice wasn’t enough then a 3rd time is gonna make heads roll in the management department.

    • Skelterz

      remember any publicity is good publicity these days.

    • Fifi Larns

      Well their seeming to wear that title with pride right now lol .

  • Says the company who is about to be “Worst Company of the Year” for three years straight.

    • Nathan C.

      Don’t you see? They’re trying to get nominated for a fourth year.

      • Mario


        • Yousif Alromaithi

          4 years is not enough for them to learn lol.

      • nf_zeta

        lol that’s not true they tried dumping some money into charities to improve their PR.

      • Hahaha! Damn right. They are planning to be the world champion in that regard.

  • AlienFanatic

    Why are there just so many cowards at these companies who feel it appropriate to make derogatory remarks while remaining anonymous? Something about it just smacks of petty and immature individuals who long to see their quotes in print without facing the repurcussions of their actions.

    I don’t have any comments about EA itself, which I see as more of a competitor than a companion to Nintendo, and I don’t think much of developers like the one quoted in CVG as they’re too chicken to make their opinions known publicly.

    EDIT: And to make one crack about the assertion that EA and Activision are only focused on “large franchises” one has to wonder how Disney has made so many billions catering to just the market that Nintendo has. It’s more honest to say that EA and Activision’s developers would rather cater to ADULT franchises, and they lack the expertise–and I’d argue the interest–in crafting titles that children enjoy. The next Pokemon-type phenomenon will make an absolute mint when someone stumbles upon it.

  • shanafan

    Battlefield 4 was dead to me rather quickly.. oh snap!

    • JBeauregard

      or did you die rather quickly when playing bf4? I do! haha

      • MetroidZero

        My computer died rather quickly when playing Battlefield 4.

        “Battlefield 4 has stopped responding…”

  • Gosh,found this funny video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7QPPlwLLXM

    • Carlos Webster

      this is so funny

  • Brandon

    I dont see why so many people hate ea they are changing and their games are great. And on the other note battlefield is a great game but the wii u verison would be they exact same as the last gen version without the big sales.

    • Petri

      Hey there traveler, you must be from an alternate universe, from the one where Battlefield 3 was not made to be CoD clone, and Battlefield 4 actually works properly to justify the 60$ price tag. Where EA does not sell half the game as DLC. And didn’t make one of the best horror titles around a generic 3rd person action shooter.

      • Brandon

        Battlefield is amazing if even though and i can admit the game is kinda broken its still very fun, and people need to try especially on the ps4 or xbox. Other then nba live 14 ea has great sport games so you cant say nothing there.

        • Petri

          Well, I dont touch that kind of (sport) games, so I cant really form an opinion.

          Last time I played EA sports game was on Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

          • Brandon

            damn you are missing out not sorry not entirely but mostly, and titanfall looks very good

          • Petri

            Missing out on what?
            If sport games do not interest me?
            I will try Titan Fall, and Mirror’s Edge 2, but I am not expecting too much, and will use the satisfaction guarantee if those 2 games suck.
            What I wish I would have used when I bought Dead Space 3.

          • Brandon

            I wasnt talking about missing out on sport games i was talking about the games battlefield, dead space, and mass effect. But there coming out with great games anyway that will be worth it

          • Petri

            We seem to have a different meaning for “missing out”.
            I am not a Nintendo fanboy enraged of lack of support from EA.
            Though they do play a part.
            I can’t really support company as disrespectful, as EA has been.
            But major part of my dissatisfaction comes from them ruining every franchise I have enjoyed, don’t want to list them over and over, but there is many.

  • InsaneZucchini

    That’s a load of crap.

    “Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could
    never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games
    that can be big franchises”

    No DLC, released several months after release on other platforms, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal if they hadn’t also released the entire trilogy for $20 cheaper on those other platforms the exact same month. Not to mention Activision has been putting games on the Wii U. EA didn’t try with the Wii U to begin with.

    And EA knew Nintendo’s first party games were kid friendly when they first declared their partnership. That has nothing to do with why they disapprove of the console now. In fact Nintendo’s first party games being primarily kid friendly would be perfect because it would allow EA to fill the hole for “hardcore gamers”.

    Additionally we seem to be seeing more attacks from “anonymous” sources trying to further disparage the Wii U. Doubt this is anyone with any standing or merit in EA if actually within EA at all.

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      EA didn’t even put backbone into the Wii U ME3 – it was Straight Right who aren’t owned by EA, hence the Dues Ex port they did.

    • it doesn’t have a big install base… now is growing
      its hard to program in it… some programmers come out and say it isn’t true
      it doesn’t have the power… some dev says that have enough.
      it’s a kid platform, no M rated games… fk ….hole . . if you have the IP, fill that hole WITH COMPLETE GAMES

  • Petri

    YAAT, Yet Another Anonymous Twat.

  • Kuromad

    I wouldn’t be surprised if EA wanted Nintendo to ‘chip in’ on their ‘development process’ (read: sure we will make games, only if you are willing to carry the financial risk involved by paying up front) and Nintendo giving them the finger.

  • mikeybruises

    “listening to what gamers want, rather than rehashing the same IPs over and ove” Is this a joke. In ten years we’ll be talking about Madden #36–if EA is still around.

  • Joey

    Go to Hell EA the worst company ever…

  • The Clockwork Being

    Here we go again. I’ll make this brief and simple. Port ports! Crying over dumb things, unclear intentions. Worst company in America! And the fact that they stay anonymous just comes to show how much they fear the gamers. If you want to make a point come out with your name and occupation at your job. If not your opinion is quickly irrelevant to me on this one EA.

  • Sam

    I guess this means no more Madden. 🙁

    • Dark-Link73

      Just go into your copy of Madden 13 and update the roster yourself. Besides the rookies, you’ll be getting the same game EA would be making and you save $60 for a real “new” game. 😉

      • Sam

        Yes, I’ve done exactly that(I pretty much only do the Browns unless there’s something HUGE like a big FA signing or a hotshot rookie).

    • Brandon

      Get an xbox one it’ll always have the new ones

      • Sam


        • Brandon

          Lol.. Well you can get a ps4 or go back a gen.

          • Sam

            I already have a WiiU. I’m never buying a non-Nintendo system ever again.

  • Dj

    Well would you look at that? EA wants to blame Ninty againn, despite now guaranteed to be the worst company 3 years in a row (for MANY good reasons)

    Be a better company and shut the hell up EA

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I’m not upset, but EA does nothing but rehashes and they kinda suck now. There is a reason why I haven’t bought a single game from them for nearly a decade. I just have to put that out there.

  • Sdudyoy

    I just don’t care, EA has no game I want to play.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker


  • Leo

    WOW LMFAO!!! Now we know 100% that Nintendo will NEVER EVER allow a fucking EA game on its systems anymore!!! Guess what EA? We don’t want your fucking “mature” garbage!!!

  • Mario Szymura

    1. Ok litlle Question. Aren’t those how play mature games mostly Kids. example battlefield or COD?
    2. Nintendo has the the most biggest franchises beside battlefield or COD
    3. The Nintendofans are calling out extrem Loud for the continuing franchise.WE want a next ZELDA, Mario, Metroid etc
    3. What in the Hell did EA do for the gaming world that was amazing and give change to this world?

    • Ducked

      1: Actually most kids don’t play Battlefield.
      2: I wouldn’t even consider Battlefield in the top 10 big franchises in video games.
      3: What?
      3: Two 3’s? Okay. And the answer is nothing, EA only cares about money. Not adding creativity to the gaming world, just big franchises that make money.

      • Fierce-Deity Link

        i think he was saying that the reason nintendo releases “rehashes” is because fans ask when the next zelda will be released.. the next mario.. ssb, dk, etc. etc.

      • Jon

        you’d be surprised how many kids there are on Battle Field. When I play it the servers would be at least half and half.

        • yes i play in my neighbor is house, and i can hear all the kids voices in the chat

    • C4

      3.2: Nothing, on the other hand they killed things like Sim City, Wing Commander and many others.

      The Bond games were not bad, Nightfire for example. I think EAs usage of the licence was okay. But that’s the EA from ~ 2000 – 2006. Activision on the other hand didn’t know what to with it.

    • Agent721

      I play BF4 all the time and its not kids. Bottom line is this: Nintendo fans are dying on the vine or switching platforms, as the Wii U isn’t giving them what they want. And having beef with EA just enforces that view, leads to less games and leads to less sales, which simply repeats the cycle.

      If Nintendo wants new fans, they need to give them what they want and not insist they know what they want better than the customer does.

      Not having the EA sports licenses is a sure death knell…in high school, sports games were huge when I grew up and stayed with me until my mid 20s when I eventually got bored of them. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if the sports games were not on the SNES, N64 or Cube, I would not have bought those systems in the past. You can’t game on Nintendo games alone!

      Nintendo needs to kiss and makeup, end of story. Beef leads to nowhere in business and just alienates the customer. This is not a win win for anyone, but a lose lose.

  • Justagamer

    This coming from a company that got voted worse company in america 2 years in a rown and maybe going on a third..This is laughable but that is fine EA is a crap company anyways

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname


    I know VGChartz isn’t considered the most reliable source of information, but I will say it estimates well – EA still support PC but Most Wanted on Wii U apparently sold more than PC according to the site.

    • Petri

      According to vgchartz (which I think has about +/-10% accuracy),
      third party games has sold better, per sold console, on Wii U, than on competing platforms.
      But that is mostly because PS and Xbox has a lot of casual gamers, who only buy 1 or 2 games a year (next Fifa, CoD, whatever).

  • Nintendo Dragon

    I feel like they are being very hypocritical by stating Nintendo re-hashes the same IP’s over and over when western publishers do the same thing. EA is full of it for many reasons of course none of their games released on Wii U sold well because they were all on Xbox 360 and PS3 for months before the Wii U came out. All of the sports games EA makes come out every single year. Games like Super Smash Bros come out once in a blue moon. I just think western developers need to calm down on focusing on profit only when it’s about fun, that’s is why Nintendo is number one to me and this is coming from an Xbox One owner who is currently waiting on games to come out for the system just like Nintendo’s Wii U launch, but no one is saying anything about that, but whatever I’ll be laughing once I get my hands on Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Yoshi’s New Island, and Mario Kart 8 which are all releasing very close to each other. On my Xbox One all I am looking forward to is Titanfall that is literally it.

    • nf_zeta

      yea it definitely feels like only Nintendo need to prove themselves, as even though the install base for those two systems is good those systems themselves did nothing to deserve those install bases, the library is just as bad, not to mention a host of problems already popping up.

    • Rich Garriques

      im getting titanfall on pc im not even going to bother with xbox one

  • thomas stevenson

    The reason 3rd party games never did well on nintendo systems is simple. Nintendo always got a dumbed down version of those games since the n64. Madden on the n64 had less features than the playstation version did during those years. The gamecube always got a port a month or two later (tony hawketc…) . Nintendos franchises along with good 3rd party support would not hurt EA in the sales area. That being said, nintendo does need to support its own system better by having more of its popular system selling games available early in the life cycle of its system. Mario 3d worlds should have been a launch title. With Mario cart a few months later,metroid, zelda….every few months.

  • Pablo Lavín


  • DC777

    Madden isn’t a rehashed IP?

  • Super Buu

    Typical butthurt EA. Basically, we can’t make money even if we do everything in our power to suck the money out of the wallet of gamers. Every year. And that thing about Kids games is just one of the reasons I have absolutely no faith in the future of modern gaming. Back in my day, developers made a lot of games that were accessible to kids. Basically, no adults shouting to kids online because they are playing M rated stuff. The kids had their own library of games and the adults had their own library of games and everything was fine (In comparison to today). Gaming wasn’t an hobby for the adults only. It was an hobby for *gasp* EVERYONE! But of course, the new wave gamers came by and brainwashed society, making them think that a game with an E rating is inferior to one with an M rating (An argument that, after many years of research, still doesn’t make sense to me). Also, as some people pointed out, these bastards are a bunch of hypocrites. Rehashed IP? Can we get a MADDEN, FIFA and whatever sport sims they make? Also, grow a pair and don’t talk as an anonymous resource, fucking coward.

    • Leo

      I will always see a Mario game as a much more complex experience than mindless shooters of nowadays. Basically the FPS genre sucked the life out of the gaming industry. Its a monstrous tumour.

      • LJay

        The Truth!!!

  • Maddok

    Unsurprising comment from the greediest company in the industry. As if losing their support is a loss to any Nintendo fan.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      They publish some great games. Not having some great games on your chosen platform is a loss for any Gaming fan, Nintendo or otherwise.

  • Kyle

    Funny how this guy brings up EA and Activision and ironically, they’re my most hated companies.

  • Heaven on Earth

    Madden is dead to me very quickly and not to mention nba live was a tragedy at best this year

  • Brandon

    Even though EA was voted worst company in america twice i dont think its going for its third this year I think alot of the nintendo fans on this site are just mad that EA is not supporting nintendo and/or talking bad about them.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      I agree 100%. EA has had some unsavory practices, but they seem to be turning those around. Too many people on this site just refuse to see any problem with Nintendo: it’s always the fault of the people uninterested in the platform.

      • Brandon

        True that. The wii u doesnt suck but its far from perfect

        • Simon Stevens

          I can agree with that, my gamepad’s right analog stick is mashed up at the moment, can’t exactly go out and replace it and if I did, it’s pretty expensive, would of preferred the Wii U to work without it just fine so I could have sold it, it was always a bad idea :/

        • Kevin James McAllister

          It’s a great console. It’s all I’ve been using lately, playing Pikmin 3 and 3D World with my girlfriend, playing Wind Waker HD, and watching Netflix and Hulu. I love it, and I love the game pad. But I’m also a Nintendo loyalist, and that’s not who Nintendo needs to be concerned with right now.

      • Simon Stevens

        I bought FIFA 13 and got version 12, I payed 50 quid (100 dollars) for it, I think I have good right to be pissed at the moral of the company, terrible, absolutely awful company, may there HQ burn in flames.

        • Kevin James McAllister

          For the record, 50 pounds is not 100 dollars.

          • Simon Stevens

            Feel big now?, condescending prick

          • Kevin James McAllister

            Wow. That escalated quickly. Just thought I’d let you know that part of your statement wasn’t quite true. Didn’t mean to offend you so much.

          • Simon Stevens

            When has correcting somebody ever made anybody NOT look like a prick? lol I knew it wasn’t 100 dollars but it’s there abouts, I don’t wanna do the actual math, but it’s a lot of money either way, and you didn’t offend me, I just tend to tell people that feel big enough to correct people, that they look a prick lol probably should have put a lol on the end, as it wasn’t meant to come across in an angry way, more a sarcastic way, I did an all nighter playing Spyro on my gamecube yesterday so do forgive me? 🙂

          • Kevin James McAllister

            Of course you’re forgiven. But I know personally that I like to be as accurate as I can be, and so I prefer someone to correct me if I’m wrong in any way, as long as they do so politely. Sorry if my correction came across as rude.

    • Carlos Webster

      umm… they’re also mad at EA for making garbage games

  • darkcreap

    Read it. Yes, it has a lot of valid points. Nintendo needs a good shake up.

    • Deadpool U

      Please the only point they have is ‘Nintendo games aren’t about blood death and destruction so we wont work them’.

      • darkcreap

        Well, I think there are another points:

        -They need modernisation.
        -They haven’t defined too well what the console should be. I do not agree when the article says they should not try to cater both casual and hardcore, but it is true they haven’t had a consistent strategy. 2012 was hardcore, 2013 has been more casual.
        -They need more system seller games. A couple of games won’t be enough. I think Mario Kart and Smash Bros will be wonderful, but they need more to fill the gaps in the year and have a great 2014. We will surely see more in an upcoming Nintendo Direct, though.
        -Except for the Wii, Nintendo has been losing market share in the home console business. I think they will not have such a bad ending as in the Game Cube era, though.
        -Nintendo hasn’t tried certain genres. On one hand, they have a lot of franchises, so it cannot be said that they haven’t got a good variety, but they don’t (and probably can’t) cover all successfully. There is where third party support should step in. For whatever reasons, a lot of third parties don’t want to develop for the WiiU. Nintendo needs to either 1) buy third party support, 2) buy studios (they already have some, like Monolith and Retro), 3) make deals like those with Tecmo Koei and Namco Bandai. Monolith software, for instance, does some great titles that Nintendo themselves wouldn’t be able to produce by themselves. Nintendo’s central studios have another philosophy towards game design.
        -Nintendo hasn’t taken all the power that online gives. You just have to notice that XboxLive and Play Station Network give better functionality in some aspects. In this aspect, Nintendo has done a great job with social network integration, but some of their games usually lack online when it could help.
        -If they want to appeal to the core market, they need to change some things. Either produce more M-rated titles themselves or buy them. Nintendo’s main studios don’t cover everything in the game market. That is why we have Monolith soft there. Nintendo thenselves could probably not replicate what Monolith does, but they bought it and their games are great additions for the Nintendo library.

        Even if the article is very critical, it still recognises one thing: Iwata is the man who can do it. He has transformed the company before and taken big risks (don’t tell me the Wii wasn’t a big risk) and he has acknowledged humbly (something that not many top bussinessmen would say in public) that he misread the market. Damn, a lot of CEOs won’t out there won’t say “I was mistaken” even if it is true. I hope that he will act coherently to this affirmation and change that problem Nintendo has. Let’s face it, Nintendo has a problem: there is a part of the market that is ignoring them and that is not healthy for the WiiU and those of us who have invested in the platform.

  • Shaise

    Alright this kid game gimmicks gotta stop.
    And as for Nintendo, they need to start some sort of reform to get things right.

  • Angelo G

    Why does ea still support the Vita since this is also a ‘dead’ console? And last i checked most of my students and my 3 nephews (ages 4-10) play call of duty on their xbox, so i guess call of duty = kids game and xbox = leapster. EA = I dont have a good excuse.

    • C4

      They don’t.

      The real reason? PC, PS4, Xbone is the most easy to cross-develop for. ME3 only got ported because of the UE3, it’s multiplatform and NfS which has good developers technically so they were able to port it quickly. EA takes the quickest and laziest approach.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    EA you are dead to most hardcore gamers…you better freaking hope you can milk the casuals as long as possible, because once they give up on you…you’re finished literally. 🙂

    • Brandon

      Not true

      • GregoryTheRainMaker

        It’s true…EA biggest franchises are casual dominate. BF and most of their sports games. They have no good will with hardcore gamers, and they are not trust-worthy. They are only alive because of all the rehashes they have been selling…once that stops they are pretty much going to die slowly. They don’t even have a strong fanbase …they are making money..that’s the only reason why they are relevant atm. It’s like if EA goes under …the only thing people will care about is the employees who work there…will they be able to get jobs? As far as EA as a company…nobody is going to even care they are gone…I just have to be honest with you.

        • Brandon

          They have great games an they have changed there biggest fanbase is on battlefield but there other games have a strong fanbase also ea is not thq they know what there doing just cause there games are not going to the nintendo consoles doesnt mean there going away.

          • GregoryTheRainMaker

            They do not have a strong fanbase….their support comes from casuals. Watch…the moment EA starts losing all the casuals they have..you will see EA plummet so bad. I swear to you..the ONLY reason why they have any relevance is because of money…that’s it.

          • Brandon

            Thats not true me and my friends like ea and where all core gamers. Knowing some casual gamers they seem to actually like ea because the great sports games. They have all types of different games that attracts people and the people like those games. Their a company they make mistakes lots of companies do and there supposed to make money and thats what their doing. The reason the do put there games on the wii u is because they dont sell well.

          • Petri

            EA is alive (as a big company) only because they have those licensed sports games.
            Without those, they would have never been able to buy (and ruin) those game studios that makes (or made) the games you like.
            And without those sport games, they would not be able to keep on delivering those “core” games.

          • Brandon

            Every company starts somewhere and thats where they went and they made those studios who they are today.

          • Petri

            And that’s what they still are.
            They would take a big hit, if they lost the sports audience.

          • NkoSekirei

            i dont know where ur getting they have a strong fanbase thats a load of crap cause the only reason people would play battle field 4 cause its way better then cod but for us cod is the only military shooter well get.

          • Brandon

            There fanbase is not weak i can tell you that. Im a fan of ea of not what they do as a company but because of the games they release and alot of great games are coming from them in the future. Their fanbase is only going to get bigger once they start releasing the star wars games. Your just mad. Not judging you if your a fanboy or not cause i like nintendo too but im just saing.

        • Oblivion

          What does COD have to do with EA?

          • GregoryTheRainMaker

            Sorry, I mean BF.

      • NkoSekirei

        umm didnt u hear that Ea is getting sued by their own investors over how broken battlefield 4 was wen it released and it was due to Ea rushing dice to get it out to compete against cod

  • Christian Schoff

    Such BS. Nintendo was dead to EA when they wouldn’t use Origin for their online infrastructure.

  • Warren

    EA ended its relationship with Nintendo when Nintendo refused EA’s Origin as the backing to their network. EA is just being a spoiled brat kid that didn’t get its way so now it just wants to ruin Nintendo just because it got turned down. Get bloody over it EA, Origin sucks and Nintendo knew that plus wanted to chart their own course into the network frontier. You didn’t get your way so you canceled most of the games you were going to put on the Wii U and served the rest half baked, not only that but you stopped making games all together. You want to stop being the worst company? Start by growing up and mending your relationship with Nintendo. Also put some more bloody effort into your work! Got that EA?!

  • Ducked

    Madden, NHL, NBA, Fifa, Need For Speed, games that come out every single year. Battlefield and Mass Effect are the only EA games that doesn’t come out every year, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to call first person shooters a “dead” genre. So yes, I’m saying the only good franchise EA has is Mass Effect.

  • Noah

    There’s a fundamental flaw in our thinking we assume that anything that’s not rated “M” is automatically “for kids.”

    C.S. Lewis once said, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.'”

    • darkcreap

      Having read him (all the Narnia collection), I do not quite like his books and especially his way of thinking in some moral aspects, but he said something very sensible in the prologue of one of the volume’s in The Chronicles of Narnia. I think it was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Summarising, he said to his goddaughter (I seem to remember) that if she wouldn’t like to read the book because she was too grown up for it, she could keep until she was adult enough to read it.

      Here it is:

      “My dear Lucy,

      I wrote this story for you, but when I began it I had not realzed that girls grow quicker than books. As a result you are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still. But some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

  • Kyle Zawacki


    It angered all you fanboys alright.

    • Deadpool U

      Please if anything this makes me laugh all EA is doing is giving cover-ups when the reason they’re not supporting Wii U is because Nintendo wouldn’t let them control the Wii U’s online with their crappy origin.

      • Kyle Zawacki


        It’s the same reason that all of the other third parties aren’t making games for the Wii U. Don’t be blind.

        • Deadpool U

          Please other 3rd parties have EA doesn’t all EA has is a little grudge and nothing else.

  • Beau H

    “The article calls for many changes to be made at Nintendo, including modernizing their direction for their platforms and listening to what gamers want, RATHER THAN REHASHING THE SAME IPs OVER AND OVER.”

    EA saying Nintendo shouldn’t rehash IPs over and over? Is this some sort of bizzaro world EA?

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      I’m confused by this, too. EA is one of the biggest rehash whoring companies in the gaming world..lol. They are too fake.

    • Brandon

      Well nintendo does need some changes on there hardware not there ips

      • NkoSekirei

        the hardware is fine its the lack of games is the main issue why the wii u isnt selling

        • Brandon

          Well the hardware is lacking some power but they to add more to the wii u’s os

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Its ok EA is dead to me i dont play any of there games

    • Deadpool U

      EA’s been dead to me for a loooong time the only reason I’d buy a EA game is to give to my cousin since he likes Madden.

      • wiimenonowiiu

        I refeuse to support a company like this

  • SethLaw

    in other news I’m still playing Monster Hunter 3 ultimate.

  • linxz

    I can assure this idiot that my friends and I are far more mature and possibly older (most definitely) than he is. We have a helluva good time playing SM3DW or going at it with the big ones in MH3U, all the time.

  • Beau H

    “Nintendo is dead to us”… says the worst company in America.

    • GregoryTheRainMaker


    • TheMoeses

      hahaha.. yo got da ponit bro.

    • NkoSekirei

      their going for 3 wins in a row for worst company keep it going Ea eventually karma is gonna be a bitch//getting sued by 3 of their investors.

  • Herman Jeeves

    It’s funny how money-grabbing corporations like EA think they have any place criticising the games nintendo make.

  • Frankie

    “The article calls for many changes to be made at Nintendo, including
    modernizing their direction for their platforms and listening to what
    gamers want, rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over.”

    EA makes the same games every year lol.

    • Extra Vinegary

      Yeah and they do a great job at “listening to the gamers”.

    • Petri

      Fifa 14 Legacy Edition…

  • Extra Vinegary

    Don’t worry EA, you’re dead to me too.

  • LordiMcKill

    I say this a lot and i’m gonna keep saying it; Publishers and developers like EA are nothing but lazy, greedy, show no enthusiasm and lack any real innovation into to making great games that can stand the test of time. Nintendo has and will always do this, hence why games like Zelda OOT and MM are still revered as some of the greatest games of all time and we’re released over 10 years ago. When was the last time EA did something so ground breaking that it’s still fondly remembered to this day? Cos i can’t.

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      They haven’t…..they are only alive because of casuals gamers who just buy nothing but sports games. If it wasn’t for that they would be gone already.

  • Entropyguy

    Honestly, after last year’s SimCity EA is dead to me.

  • Michael DeVore

    Funny article from CVG, and a bit stupid. Take this part

    “In fact, if one takes the Wii as the anomaly (bear with me on that), historical figures show that Nintendo’s home console sales have been in steady decline since the ’80s.”

    Then show’s a nice bar graph with the Wii removed. If it was “steady” decline then the number of Wii U units should be represented by a nice linear trend line.
    -2.2072 * (year) +4439.1
    Pretty simple formula of Nintendo looses 2 million or so unit sales per year for each generation. So if this “steady” decline is true what should the WiiU sell

    -1.78 Million units. Yes, if the decline were a steady trend then Nintendo should have sold negative units. I applaud the man who though slapping in a graph to prove is point would make him look smarter.

    Truthfully the SNES sold less because it actually had competition from the Genesis. The N64 sold less because it had competition from Sony, and Sega. The Game Cube sold less because it had competition from an exploded Sega, Sony, and then MS. Guess what, the Wii won because MS and Sony jacked up the price, and Nintendo didn’t. Motion controls never were as impressive as the price point of 250 which is the historic launch price for a System with 1 game until then. The WiiU has an issue with sales, but it’s far more complex due to a game supply, and I’d say price point.

    What other stupid things did he say in this article?

  • Satoru Iwata

    EA is irrelevant. We shall aquire the company and rebrand them “Nintendo Arts.” All their IP will be remade with the magic touch that Nintendo can only bring. Please understand.


    • Save your money for more talented devs.

    • Deadpool U

      How about buying Capcom so we can get some MegaMan games?

  • Shy Guy

    Well gee whiz I guess this means we won’t see the Wii U flooded with yearly rehashes of sports games and first person shooters, I guess we’ll just have to make due playing X and Hyrule Warriors while we dream of playing EA Sports 2K same old same..

    Seriously though nothing was lost here, if people want to play yearly releases of similar “mature” games with lots of gratuitous violence and little creativity they have two other nearly identical consoles to choose from, have fun. Nobody buys a Nintendo console for Grand Theft Auto, and I hope they never do, because the day people start buying Nintendo consoles for games like EA and Activision make is the day Nintendo consoles stop being what I and I’m sure many others buy them for.

    • Agent721

      You miss the point. There aren’t enough of people with your taste to support the system. That’s the point and that’s why the Wii U sold 60% less than was projected. You may not want FPS or Sports game, but another gamer might be fed up with tons of platformers in reverse. To run a successful console business, you must attract every gamer and not just Nintendo-ites. Nintendo is down to you & I, the uber fan and that is not good for business. Nintendo should provide those games and the Nintendo games we love. Customers should not have to choose…because clearly, they are not choosing the Wii U and Nintendo’s games.

      • Rinslowe

        The main reason Wii U sold any % less than expected was due in most part to A: Lack of compelling first party titles in the first 10mths on the market, while being brought to market early to reach 2012’s holiday season. Which in turn created the fallout issue of a software drought and B: Little to no advertising on the system, again an issue linked to the software drought and lack of compelling reasons or ways related to tangible software examples in how to advertise the system…

        Not so much related to tastes, or how many or how less those tastes = sales. If anything it showed many peope just needed a reason to buy it. And outside of the early adopter crowd – which isn’t the exact same thing as “core audience” – that was shown after sales started to increase when first party titles, price cuts and bundles were available.
        I agree that all consoles need to have a wide range of genres to choose from, to be succesful. But that doesn’t mean people haven’t been choosing Wii U, as the last few months has proved many have. And Nintendo titles have done well overall in 2013.
        A comparison of the other two next gen consoles and their greater sales success so far also does not prove otherwise either, as it is all relative. And perhaps too early to say at this point in time.

        Overall I agree with what you’re saying…

  • TheMoeses

    Actually, EA is dead, (not only for me)…

    • Inferno Uprising

      “EA was dead to us very quickly.”
      The World

  • Nathan C.

    EA just gave me another reason not to like them.

  • ICHI

    Its no great loss and to be honest I have not bought mass effect for Wii u as they released a trilogy on ps3 and Xbox 360 only a month or so after and sold it at a cheaper price point, why would any mass effect fan or console gamer buy one game when they could get 3 for less? Stupid EA 🙁

  • Gordon Tillett

    The comments on Nintendo “rehashing” games yet EA produced the SAME games every year is so ironic it is laughable.

    • NkoSekirei

      add activision to the list wen it comes to cod

    • Yes and Nintendo are the only one being truly innovative with their games (and hardware) with new possibilities. Then gets bashed from the software industry. Seems wrong to me. Nintendo should be appreciated for giving us new things.

  • wober2

    Why does EA feel compelled to insult nintendo? They come off as bitter.

  • tom

    Should we be surprised? EA is in for Nintendos failure.

  • Who’d buy Mass effect 3 on wii U when you could buy the full trilogy for less on other consoles?

  • Dez

    Strange, I haven’t been able to see comments for a long time.

    Anyway, we saw this coming, coming from EA who milks the Sims and their sports games to death they are in no position to criticize Nintendo given they keep landing worst company in America. In fact, they are the only company in history to get it twice in a row and have you seen how many Sims expansions packs there are, they charge you full price for content that was cut from the base game. I am curious about the support for Activision yet Activision has actually been making good revenue off Nintendo platforms with Skylanders.

    To top things off, never listen to EA when it comes to business. You will not do well and you will be ousted pretty quickly probably by EA themselves, assuming you enter the industry, then they will give you a project you can’t possibly make a success with their policies then they will use that excuse to shut your studio down. EA doesn’t understand honesty though, there are still rumors how they force employees to lie to their consumers and their forums are heavily moderated so that any ill word against EA gets you a permanent ban.

    I have to agree Ashley, only Need for Speed was remotely a good effort.

  • NkoSekirei

    EA is dead to me cause their run by greedy pansies that threw a stupid tantrum over not getting origin onto the wii u so suck it EA we dont need ur flawed online service and by the way i hope u lose EA from being sued by ur own investors after battlefield 4 was released broken and rushed.

  • I know the Nintendo are for kids line gets thrown around a lot but I wonder what the actual stats are when it comes to age demographics and console brands. I’d imagine Nintendo appeals to grown up gamers in their 30’s (ME), families and kids but is less successful with teenagers, but this is just a guess and I’d like to see some actual figures.

    • Rinslowe

      Most likely true…

  • Logan Waltz

    What bullshitters. Its all about the sales and nothing else. If Wii u marketed properly a year ago and hadn’t named the fucking thing wii u, those douche nozzles would be making plenty of games for it.

  • Oh so in EA’s mind Zombie U is for kids? EA are kinda dumb for expecting big results from re-releasing an old game on a new console. Oh i don’t know, try something new? I’m sure if EA had released something that didn’t come out HALF A YEAR AGO things may have gone a little better for their sales on the console. Most people that wanted to play Mass Effect would’ve picked it up for the PS3 or 360 because it was out before it was even announced for Nintendo’s Next Gen system. It’s funny though, EA wonder why they have the golden poo award for 2 years running.. This is one of the contributing factors EA.

  • Jared Garcia

    You know what Nintendo needs to do to EA? This.

  • Mario

    Rehashing the same IPs? You guys barely do anything new!

  • Jon

    lol, it was quickly dead because Nintendo wouldn’t let Origin on the Wii U.

  • Gabe Hoffman
  • triplegamer3K .

    Ea Was dead to me ever since the disaster-piece known as “My Sims”.
    And really,there saying activision is only focused on big franchises?didn’t they make the I-carly games for the wii?Or the balls-tastistically bland game wreck it ralph wii/3ds?And besides,activision ruins ANYTHING that has the slightest sucsess.(thps,guitar hero,pitfall!,crash,etc)

  • nin-10-doughfan

    that is crap and EA is full of it!

  • tom

    Looks like the EA Trolls are waking up from hibernation early this winter!

  • bobbybangin

    EA mentions Nintendo’s rehashing of the same IP’s? That’s odd…

    # of games released for each IP by EA
    04 Battlefield
    29 Madden Football
    16 Medal of Honor
    20 Need for Speed
    25 NHL
    61 FIFA
    21 NCAA Football
    17 NASCAR series
    18 Command & Conquer
    08 James Bond
    08 SSX
    11 Harry Potter
    08 Burnout
    04 Skate
    03 Army of Two
    06 Dead Space
    03 Dragon Age

    Wow…talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The sad part is that EA has done the most to hurt the two consoles that helped make them so famous, Nintendo and Sega. It first started with EA refusing to make games for the Sega Dreamcast and now with the Wii U. This is Maddens 25th anniversary year with the game ‘Madden 25’ that will be the first Madden title, since it was released on console, to not appear on a Nintendo console. They didn’t want to compete against Sega’s then 2K titles, so they bought out the licensing rights to their competitors titles. Not to mention, EA is butthurt over the Wii U not wanting their Origin. EA is single handedly trying to determine the success of console manufacturers. It’s all due to greed. EA loves the DRM and anti-piracy measures that Microsoft and Sony employ with their consoles. They also love the online cash-cow DLC sales that MS LIVE and PSN have to offer.

    • darkcreap

      Sorry, did I read well? Did I read 61 FIFA games? How the hell? How do you count them. I mean, there is one per year. How is it possible that they have 61 instead of 20 or 30?

      • Guest


        Don’t be so surprised. There are at least 113 Final Fantasy games globally. There were 8 Call of Duty games made last gen alone. That’s as many Mario Kart titles, ever. That’s why it’s funny to me when fanboys whine and moan about Nintendo recycling the same IP’s over and over again.

      • Guest

        http://en . wikipedia . org/wiki/FIFA_%28video_game_series%29

        You’ll have to close the spaces in between to follow the link. Don’t be so surprised, there are at least 113 Final Fantasy games globally. There were 8 Call of Duty games last gen. That’s one more than there are Mario Kart games, ever. It’s also why I laugh when other console fanboys always make the same remark about rehasehed IP’s by Nintendo.

        Oh, and in all fairness, I also included mobile and hand held games in those totals. They should all be fairly accurate, give or a take a game or two.

      • Simon Stevens

        Don’t forget all the world cup, champions league, Euros, Fifa street etc etc that they have done.

      • bobbybangin

        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_%28video_game_series%29 A lot of those games are the manager series. Don’t be so surprised, there are at least 113 Final Fantasy games globally. There were 8 Call of Duty games last gen alone. That’s one more than there are Mario Kart games, ever. It’s also why I laugh when other console fanboys always make the same remark about rehashed IP’s by Nintendo.

        Oh, and in all fairness, I also included mobile and hand held games
        in those totals. They should all be fairly accurate, give or take a
        game or two.

        • darkcreap

          Um, I don’t know if you counted the same version of the game in multiplatform. I mean, there is not much point in considering FIFA 13 “a different game” if it has X360 and PS3 versions.

          Just mumbling, I did not check your statements. In any case, it seems legit. Could not imagine there were so many. Yes, definitely EA is not the one to talk about rehashes. Nintendo does only 1 or 2 iterations of their IPs per platform (usually). Especially, see Zelda, Mario Kart and Smash Bros, some of their other million selling franchises.

          Nevertheless, even taking that into account, I feel a bit saturated of platforming Mario games lately because they started publishing the 2D and 3D Mario games as different games. I hope Nintendo will stop Mario a little bit. Even for me a Nintendo fan there have been too many since 2006.

          Super Mario 64 DS. (DS) (2004)
          New Super Mario Bros (DS).
          New Super Mario Bros Wii. (Wii)
          Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
          Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
          New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS).
          Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)
          New Super Mario Bros U (WiiU) + New Super Luigi U (WiiU)
          Super Mario 3D World. (WiiU) (2013)

          Even taking into account that one is 2D and the other 3D and that some are for handhelds and the other for consoles, I think it has been too much lately. It does not achieve COD levels, but I think it is devaluating the value of the Mario franchise. Nintendo should take care of not generating fatigue for a franchise so central to their bussiness. I’d rather see a little less from him. I think that having the 2D and 3D series at the same time is causing that perception

          Maybe part of my perception also comes from the fact that the last Mario game I played in a handheld was Wario Land (the first one, after playing Super Mario Land 2). After that, my first handheld was a DS in 2009.

          Even then, all those games come from different platforms and different generations. And even then, they are not so many as FIFA games has EA. So yes, even taking that into account, Nintendo does much less rehash.

    • Rich Garriques

      wow 61 fifas , ea has no say

  • Nikko Ybanez

    Sounds very professional of a company! EA doesn’t sound like a sixth grader at all. Have fun with Sony, which is currently in debt and selling HQ buildings.

  • Guest

    EA means Eat @ss

  • Rob

    “It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids.” I guess I am a big 34 year old kid.

    • Sam

      I am one of exactly three people I know that doesn’t play M games. I’m 14.

      • Rob

        That’s a good thing. The extra material added to give it an “M” rating is not necessary. There were awesome games that challenged my friends and I that were E rated, all the way from the original NES, up to the GameCube/PS2. The M rated games gained popularity after that era (I think). I guess some will say they started back in the days of Mortal Kombat and Doom, but they were not so prevalent.

        • Sam

          Thank you very much. I completely agree. I’ll play my Star Wars Battlefront and my Ratchet and Clank on the PS2 occasionally, but I’ll stick to Mario. HALO and CoD just don’t appeal to me. I don’t like killing and blood and gore.

      • crocodileman94

        A kid that doesn’t play M games? Blasphemy!

  • kaygivs

    why oh why did bioware have to go to ea…..

    • Rinslowe


      • kaygivs


        • Rinslowe

          (plays air guitar)

          • kaygivs


          • Rinslowe


          • kaygivs

            this has been a most bodacious conversation

          • Rinslowe


            That is because we know to… “Be excellent to each other.”

          • kaygivs

            and party on dudes

  • Rinslowe

    The only thing clear here is that absolutely, this is certainly yet another anonymous source speaking anonymously. The other clear point is that EA is such a company that if and when Wii U reaches a critical mass, they will flock to it with FIFA 2012.5 in the hopes of making “money”…
    EA doesn’t care if they’re in bed with the so called “dead”…. So long as it can be profitable.
    Can’t wait to congratulate them on “worst company in the states 2014”

  • kaygivs

    rehashing…. didn’t they release a madden 24 recently?

  • Shadao

    EA is long dead in the waters. The only thing left to do now is kill that rotting, walking corpse of a company threatening to drag the gaming industry into the grave.

  • William Martinez

    EA buried dungeon keeper and thrill kill, the last because it was too violent… who the hell understand them?

  • Simon Stevens

    I could say so much, but there are times a simple facial expression will suffice, oh EA, your constant hypocritical BS exhausts me, your corrupt business model depresses me and your high and never mighty ways, just destroys each and every part of my soul.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    EA is rubbish. The only thing I love them is FIFA if FIFA was never made by EA. I will never get an EA game again. I love FIFA because it is my favorite sport ever it is a thing I like more than video games.

  • Leonel

    Well i’m happy EA doesn’t put games on the Wii U because then we don’t have to buy DLC or play incomplete games. EA had great games but as time went on it just felt like they are falling. Imagine if EA was in charge of mario we would have to pay money for additional stages and much more and I’m happy nintendo does amazing games. There is no doubt the next zelda will be one of the biggest zelda games ever. Once the Wii U starts selling really well and watch EA crawl back to nintendo hoping they can put their 3rd party games on the Wii U.

  • ENDOT123

    “The article calls for many changes to be made at Nintendo, including modernizing their direction for their platforms and listening to what gamers want, rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over.”


    “rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over
    ,rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over,rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over,rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over,rather than rehashing the same IPs over and over” EA SAID THAT!!!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!

    • Diaz

      Don’t put it past them.

  • Nathan Verbois

    It’s actually a fairly good article, even if some of the statements are painful to hear, and it actually paints Iwata in a good light.

  • Takarashi282

    You know, rated E games aren’t necessarily all kiddy. E is for Everyone. Do we need to bring back K-A to prove the point?

    Let’s say that Nintendo does produce mature-rated IP for their system. What happens then? Nintendo loses their image. Their image isn’t really kiddy, rather to extend to a large demographic. As that demographic shortens either way, Nintendo will lose their main demographic: the family.

    No, I didn’t stutter. I’m really sick of hardcore gamer shit because that seems to be who major gaming companies are aiming for. And if said game has a larger demographic, it’s considered kiddy.

    Why can’t man enjoy Zelda? Because it has a large demographic.

    Why does man //have// to love Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed? Because it has a much shorter demographic. (I even dare to say that CoD is sillier than Zelda, but that’s beside the point)

    What I’m saying is that people are getting so adept to strictly honoring demographics. The whole entire rite of passage concept is becoming in our minds something you can easily destroy. Say, if you watch (and enjoy) a single episode of My Little Pony, nope, you’re not a man/woman any more. But if you play games and watch movies with a lot of swearing, gore and sex, you’re good to go. This attribute is only intensified when it comes to the internet.

    This is the problem with everything, ladies and gentlemen. Rant over.

    TL;DR version:
    People want to prove their masculinity or femininity to ensure their overall maturity. That’s the virus of the internet and more.

    • ~OMEGA~

      exactly, besides, i have a great respect for game devs who can make a game like ocarina of time, have it appeal to a huge age demographic and still keep it at a E10+ rating…

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Well F–k you, EA!

  • FutureFox

    This nonsense again?
    EA = “Eating Arse.” That is all.

  • Why on Earth are gaming blogs so preoccupied with the likes EA and that analyst who’s famous for being wrong? These people don’t make games, at least nothing of note, you might as well write a blog about my ramblings.

  • leo

    ok ready everybody ? 1.2….3 FUCK YOU EA!!!

  • ETeach

    Not saying they don’t have the right to feel that way, buy if they felt like that, why did they even work with Nintendo at all? It’s like they joined up and then suddenly thought, “hm, maybe they’ll continue doing what they’ve been doing for the last ten years for the foreseeable future…”

    • ETeach

      Also, “kiddie games” and “massive sellers” don’t always have to be seperate terms. Just look at Disney Infinity…

      • joey t

        look at grand theft auto..

  • ACE

    WOW A console Without sports Games is retarded Nintendo must do something

    • GmailIsDown

      wii sports?

      • ACE

        Wii Sports is too casual !!!!

  • Aleks

    EA voted worst company two years in a row. ‘Nuff said.

    • extremethunder

      Only 2 years in a row? EA can’t have that, they gotta go for 3 YEARS!

  • Captinn2


  • DragonSilths

    We all know its that Origin Temper Tantrum that killed off support to Nintendo.

  • AceRuby

    But yet Activision still puts their IPs on Nintendo’s consoles with no worries whatsoever great logic their EA… either way it doesn’t really matter to me as I don’t play EA’s games to begin with anymore.

  • blindtiger

    nintendo BECAME a kids ip platform? you mean like in the 90’s? pretty sure you still supported nintendo long after that…

  • blindtiger

    serialization of games is hurting the industry… not just nintendo

  • TULFich

    maybe, just maybe, if they had released the Mass Effect Trilogy instead of only the third one it wuold have been more appealing. I own the 3rd for the Wii U though, and all three games for the Xbox 360

  • ThisGuy18

    And i was just about to go to sleep too. Now I’ll be up all night thinking about how i won’t get to play the new madden 25 with graphics that are completely new and impro-…. No wait they Still look like cardboard.. I guess with rehashed games come rehashed graphics when it comes to EA.

  • C.S. Bailey

    So a game they put out can’t just make a profit, it needs to make a huge profit. I can deal with that, just tell me upfront.
    In the case of ME3……. Considering the fact they bundled all three for the same price around the same time for the other systems, I’m more inclined to believe EA did that just to say “Well, we gave you ME3”.

    • extremethunder

      Actually, the Trilogy bundle that they released at the same time was $40 while the ME3 on Wii U was $60. Yet they are shocked that it didn’t sell.

      • C.S. Bailey

        That actually made it worse. I own the first, played the second, and was waiting for the third. When I heard it was coming to the Wii U (no news of a bundle back then), I decided to get it for that system. Then the bundle news hit and I was pissed. I ended up getting the Wii U version when Gamestop put it on sale.

  • matt

    It’s funny because Ive been checking on Amazon UK movers and shakers and EA games are not selling good on ps4 or xbox1 ??? so this guy chats shite and it will be EA running bk to Nintendo when Mariokart sells about 40 million consoles worldwide yes i think people are ready for a real Nextgen Mariokart so lets see if I’m right….

    Normally a Mariokart game sells about 30 million consoles i think this one looks remarkable and will sell lots more….

  • audi lover

    haha an anonymous source means hes to scared to reveal his name because of the massive backlash this fool and his company would get on social media fair play, great way to lead your company to the 3rd year of bullshit and crap, kids games hahah the guy has no idea haha

  • ben

    EA have been dead to me for years….

  • What does EA know about what gamers want? And who’s rehashing year after year the same thing? 😀 Look at EA games. Same ***t in a different package every year.

    • Someone must have courage to do something new and innovative… who might that be? Hmm… which company have done that again and again…

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Remember that Wii exclusive game by EA called Boom Blox? That was actually really awesome and a fun way to get the brain working. It didn’t need any realistic graphics and it was really cute. They should have done another Boom Blox game instead of porting Mass Effect 3. EA has become so lazy and full of greediness minds.

  • EA, the dEAd space in the gaming industry.

  • Mj78

    EA are hardly going to upset or bother Nintendo fans these days. They are voted worst company in America and to be honest, they should just shut up and go away.

  • jhell

    EA is shit to me

  • InterTreble

    In my humble opinion, the only thing that emerges from these words is that there are people who work at EA whose professionality is more than debatable. If we were at a pub, or in the flame zone of any blog, ok, Nintendo makes consoles for kids, and whatever… But if you are a seriuos company, you cannot say things as a common troll or hater. Perhaps EA is not. For sure it is the worst company in America, and I’m not saying that but it was officially stated. This must mean something. They consider good those stupid people buying a fresh new console just to play FIFA Soccer or Just Dance, i.e. all the same identical game, year by year. Nintendo people are not stupid, sorry EA, and they will never buy a ME 3 Special Edition without anything special but the lack of the Trilogy version, and at the same price of the Trilogy version released for old gen. What a shame to even name that game. And Activision? Do they know COD Ghosts and Skylander has been released also on Wii U? Do they know what they are speaking about? Do they know where they live? As for me, EA has beeing dead far before.

    • Out of all the staff employed by ea there has to be at least one nintendo fan surely? Or does their relentless pursuit of the dude bro market mean they only ever hire people that conform to that demographic. The quality of their games suggest that is the case.

  • Spencer Manigat

    “Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business.”

    You do realize the Mass Effect Trilogy, a cheaper deal with three games instead of one on consoles with 16x the installed base sold just as poorly, right EA? Come off it.

  • JVAN63

    EA is dead to me. Their games are the ones geared towards (primarily) kids. While most of their games may not look childish, many of them are just run and gun shooters with no depth and little thought needed. The very few I may like I buy used (I also have a 360), so they’ll never see a nickel from me. Honestly, though the eye candy doesn’t last for me. I’ve never finished an EA game. Not because of difficulty, but because I just lose interest.

  • Adameh_

    EA is dead to most gamers anyway regardless of what platform they play.

  • blindtiger

    ea doesnt make games for kids? what about every sports game? or nfs? kids play lots of mature games too… ea… just stop talking. you sound more and more like a dumbass with every press release

  • Sean

    the partnership certainly was unprecedented

  • The most fascinating thing about this fiasco is that Nintendo dug the hole all on their own. You launch the Wii. It sells 100 MILLION+ units. That is consumers saying, “we like this”. Notice that Apple doesn’t make needless changes to the iPhone? Whether you agree with the practice or not, its because people LIKE the iPhone as it is. They vote with their wallets. Make your new system far more powerful than the original Wii, upgrade the wiimote, call it Wii Too or something to clearly state what it is, offer the pro controller for people who hate the wiimote, and have a Zelda and/or Mario 3d game at launch plus a new high def Wii sports as a pack in game, and they’ve probably sold 15 million units by now. The gamepad is VERY cool, IMO but no one asked for it. I predict that when all is said and done, we’ll find out that too many people were involved in planning the Wii u. It always seemed like an amalgamation of tons of different ideas thrown together. At least it will live on in marketing classes worldwide…that’s something.

    • Andrew Chambers

      That really wouldn’t have worked. Apple doesn’t chance iPhones because people actually use them everyday for years. Sadly, because it was so popular, the Wii was bombarded by shovelware. Most games sucked on the Wii, and the casual crowd didn’t really know how to find those great games. And if they did, most of the great games on the Wii weren’t really designed with the casual crowd in mind. I’ve talked to enough people to know that the majority of Wiis were only used for about a year at most and just sat there by the TV for five years.

      That’s how we have the problem today. Most third party games on the Wii U are gimped because last generation third parties learned that they could make shit games and they’d sale well. Basically every third party game on the Wii that was good was marketed to the hardcore crowd, which was not a very large audience on the Wii. This setup lead to the only great games on the Wii that did really well where published by Nintendo.

      Now we get to the Wii U. Most people that bought the Wii U are the ones that enjoyed their Wii (again, not a huge crowd ~3 million. Yes I’m pulling these numbers out of my ass). They’ve learned that most Nintendo games are worth owning and that most third party games are going to be lazy ports. And even when we get good ports, we are expected to pay more then other platforms (Deus Ex) or get less content for the same price (ME3 vs ME trilogy).

  • long_dong_donkey_kong

    You know what games I loved as a kid? Sports games. Kids are huge sports fans because their favorite athletes are larger than life in their eyes. I loved the NES Tecmo sports games. I loved Blades of Steel. I loved RBI Baseball. Kids love sports games, and if EA views Nintendo as a kids console, they missed a huge oppotunity.

    EA could have made the premiere edition of Madden on Nintendo systems. With the Wii, the ability to draw audibles, slide coverages over, etc. would have been easy to do with the Wii Remote. They started in this direction too, but then they gave us a more arcade like, cartoony version of the game and it was a turnoff. With the Wii U, the GamePad allowed for drawing up plays, changing plays on the fly, the ability to move players around like chess pieces rather than having to cycle through everyone to get to that linebacker you wanted to move over, etc. There was so much potential. Instead, they gave us a lazy port full of glitches running on an old engine of the game, and when it didn’t sell, they blamed the audience. As a gamer and a sports fan, there’s nothing I want more than for EA to lose its exclusivity licenses.

  • Zach Cruz

    The thing I find disappointing is that EA probably wont bring Battlefront to Wii U… luckily i have the other systems, although would be nice to also see on Wii U and see some cool features on the gamepad… That and always being able to play no matter what for instance if i need to go to the bathroom! battlefront while taking a poo sounds great! oh well…

  • Brandon Olson

    Mass Effect on Wii U was a solid effort? Blow it out your fucking asses, EA. I am so done with ALL of your bullshit.

  • Norfair20X5

    Well yesterday I felt, “King can get fucked for that copyright bullshit.” Now at least I can slide that to the side for some cathartic facepalming and rage at EA’s expense. Asshats.

  • LJay

    The only decent port for wiiu was nfs,the rest were a complete shambles,you get what you put in EA!! Rehashes!!!?? Are you fucking kidding me?? Fifa is the biggest milked game on the planet!surely that was a joke right?lmao!

    I have to say i dont see any difference in the way EA work to the way Microsoft work,both are horrible companys that throw there money about paying for false pr/trashing and trying to crush smaller companys,nothing ethier of them do deserves any merit and i hope they both sink like lead balloons,i actually believe one,the other or both will be the death of the games industry,they are ruining it as we speak with there cheap dirty cheating bastard ways. EA n MS please just go away.

  • DarkYoshi

    Do not incorporate emotions and personal things here, this is pure business. EA drives shitty business, but they earn money, and thats all they care about.

  • Barters

    Pull your heads out of your bums Nintendo fans and stopping making excuses for a multi-billion dollar corporation that tells us generation after generation that they’ll have 3rd party support, then 1 year after release publicly state they don’t care for it.

    Nintendo LIE to us YEAR after YEAR. And you all accept it cause you think you’re cool for liking Mario? I don’t get it. Yeah Mario games are fun, but that shouldn’t remove our expectation to all products being great. We’re the consumer paying good money for an experience. And regardless of the rampant fanboyism, many who obviously like Nintendo enough to buy a Wii U, feel ripped off and disappointed.

    • Andrew Chambers

      If 3rd parties want their games to sell well on Nintendo platforms they should start by not gimping the game or sales.

      Mass Effect was a solid effort by Straight Right, but then EA killed any chance of it selling. Let’s see, we could buy ME3 on Wii U for $60 with all previous DLC, but no chance of getting the newest (and best) on there, or we could buy the Trilogy on PC, PS3 or 360 that comes with all three games and DLC (with future support) for the same price. Why anyone bought ME3 at full price on the Wii U is a mystery. I waited until it was $10 at Best Buy.

    • Enumerating Wishes

      I could live with a lack of 3rd party games, I’m more disappointed at how much Mario and Zelda they’re throwing out (especially Mario.) Sure they’re fun games [like you said] but it wouldn’t hurt to spread the love to their other IPs. A new F-Zero or Starfox would bring incredible hype and revival.

    • X3Charlie

      Please point me to the press release where Nintendo said they don’t care about 3rd parties.

  • William Cole

    If Nintendo makes kiddy games then I’m still a kid. Sorry I actually
    like games that don’t revolve around sports and war and everyday life.
    But that isn’t what it is about is it? I know everyone has preferences
    but this is EA calling Nintendo out this time around so I’m responding:
    EA, grow up. We get it, you don’t like the Wii U can you move on and
    focus on creating GAMES.

    And what gets me is even though they are called out for being kiddy…(straight from VGChartz)


    The top 5 is dominated by Nintendo and 7 are from last gen! Look at all dem kids. I wonder where the “grownup games” are. Don’t get me wrong, I love to blow people away but all the time!? I’ll stick with Nintendo until their doors shut or either I

  • Kazuo Hirai

    Yes….Excellent! Good job, EA! Once Dimtendo are out of the way, we will easily smash Microdicks in sales in Japan. Yes….First Japan…then THE WORLD. Kahahahaha!

  • Oblivion
    • Rinslowe

      “Peter Moore responded to this statement on Twitter today, writing, “Don’t trust ‘anonymous sources.’ Nintendo’s a great partner. They never have been, and never will be, ‘dead’ to EA.”
      Yeah, but we all knew that though right? lol. Haters gonna keep on hating. They are nothing if not persistent.
      Still EA cannot excuse themselves their inherent stupidity as a company….

      • Oblivion

        I wouldn’t presume to know what the truth is in this situation but it sure doesn’t seem like they are backing that up by releasing games for the Wii U. (Ever)

        • Rinslowe

          I don’t believe it means a lot actually…
          But one positive for EA at least… Peter Moore is obviously not a complete moron. Some form of good public image/ relations is infinitely better than EA execs bitching about Nintendo…
          Obviously they have bigger issues than worrying about Nintendo, lol.

      • LJay

        Lol not dead! Well Peter,wheres all the fucking games!?-jerk


    Ea sucks who cares about their opinions!!!

    • david daniel wharton camacho

      … i do, and i understand i dont blame them, before you even go saying im a troll please note i have a wii u and enjoy it enoguh not to sell it



  • Oni

    …Says the company that gets voted worst company in America

  • McHenryGames

    EA can just go (censored) themselves. Same goes for the others who abandoned the platform. With the first party and remaining third party support is more than enough to keep entertained the current and future installed user base. Just like during the Gamecube and N64 days.

  • Arobadope


  • Robert

    Sounds like something the worst company in the world would say.

  • DrNope

    “…rehashing the same IPs over and over.”

    This is coming from EA? Seriously?

    Buh-bye EA. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.