Sep 2nd, 2014


Today Nintendo of America tweeted the launch schedule for upcoming games on the Wii U. The schedule spans 2014 and 2015 and showcases the hottest titles that are coming to the Wii U in the next year. The goal was to ask fans what titles they’re most excited for, but hidden among the 2015 release dates was a simple “Star Fox – Working Title”, meaning as of now, Nintendo intends the new Star Fox title that’s in development to be released in 2015.

We all know how common delays are in gaming so there’s no guarantee that we’ll see the game next year and as Miyamoto famously said, “a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” We’re not putting too much hope on the fact that we’ll see Star Fox in 2015, but it is nice to see Nintendo planning the title to be released at some point next year.

When do you think the new Star Fox title will release? Are you excited for it?

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  • Yes. (note that project guard and giant robot are listed separately from Star Fox)

  • darkcreap

    Unlikely to see Starfox for 2015. I see it too soon. When they showed it at E3, they said the had been working on it for a few months. As for the other Miyamoto projects, I see them in 2016, too. The other games I see them arriving on schedule.

    • FutureFox

      Pretty much. I’m seeing a pattern where Nintendo themselves will release about four games: One major title for holidays of current year, a third-party/second party game in October, a game in early late spring, one game in May and nothing until September. Rinse and repeat. In that same time of course you barely mentionable third-party games (Just Dance).

      If I had to guess Mario Maker would be February to use as a way to time gamers over and give the sim build game a chance to grow on people for the many months where no other games will be released. Splatoon would fit the May-June time frame. Xenobalde will see a fall release Sept-Oct, Yoshi a Oct-Nov date and finally Zelda at the very end. Even then I’m not that all confident Zelda will even make it next year. Nintendo may push that in Feb 2016 to encourage momentum during the supposed drought period.

      • darkcreap

        Hmmm. No, I have to disagree there. It is 2015 or never for Nintendo to gain momentum. If they don’t release Zelda or Xenoblade this year, then it’s the end for the WiiU.

        No, having seen their recent commitment, I think they will stick to that calendar, especially for Xenoblade and Zelda.

        If all those games release this year, the WiiU could perform pretty well. Chances are pretty low, but I think it could do better than Gamecube (despite trailing behind currently) or even better if Nintendo manages their efforts right, but maybe I am a delusional Nintendo fan, who knows?

        • FutureFox

          “If they don’t release Zelda or Xenoblade this year, then it’s the end for the WiiU.” Well then, I guess its the end. I hope you meant NEXT year in that last statement.

          • darkcreap

            I think you are over-pesimistic, but everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own, so I respect that.

    • Wrong, Miyamoto said he has been dabbling with a new Starfox for 6 years, it was originally planned to be on Wii, not Wii U, so it’s another Pikmin 3 situation. Not to mention his new team “Garage” it will come out in 2015.

      • ProteanKecleon

        I hope it’s not another Pikmin 3 situation, because Pikmin 3 was delayed… by a lot…

        • The “delays” have happened secretly in the past without use even being aware of it lol. I don’t think Nintendo would make an offical poster thing like this with it not being 100% confirmed and set in stone. Unless something like a meteor smashed into their building and killed everyone, that list is what will happen.

          • ProteanKecleon

            This schedule was released by Nintendo of America, and what do they know? They aren’t involved in the development of these games. Just looking at this, I already see discrepancies. Why is Disney Infinity 2.0 listed as a Fall game after Hyrule Warriors and Just Dance 2015? It actually is releasing before both those games on the 23rd of this month. Why is Splatoon listed as first half of 2015, when we were told Q1 at E3?

      • darkcreap

        Didn’t have news about it being for the Wii, but yes Pikmin 3 gave me that impresssion.

        Do you really think so? They didn’t allow the journalists to give any clear images of the game footage at E3 and it wasn’t in the show floor. Hmm, I am a bit skeptical. While they said they were advancing well in the gameplay, there was some things to be done for the graphics. Furthermore, I don’t know if they have designed the campaign mode or they were just working on the basic engine. Don’t take me wrong, when I say that it could slip into 2016 I mean to be realistic. The Starfox fan in me wants it right now.

        • Actually Starfox was in a closed off part of the show floor, there is a picture of Miyamoto watching a guy play Starfox and holding the Gamepad. We don’t see much, but it’s obvious that certain select people got to see it and have a minute with it, but probably had to sign NDA’s.

          • darkcreap

            Yes, but I seem to remember it was a journalist, they didn’t show it to the general public. I remember reading a journalist’s review from his experience. He kind of liked the controlling the turret idea of the gamepad.

  • Yeah, 2015. That could mean anytime from January 1, to December 31. Im sure they can fit it in. Im just wondering about some of the indies, like Mighty Number 9, and A Hat in Time, and Hover, Revolt of Gamers,

    and also

    MY STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT PORT GIVE IT TO ME EA YOU LOUSY SONS OF BISCUITS.×540/fit/hostedimages/1405750902/10445537.gif

  • Ducked

    2015 is going to be the biggest year in gaming ever! Not just for Wii U, all three consoles have their big guns out. Wii U’s 2015 line up already looks amazing. I just hope Zelda or Star Fox doesn’t get delayed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them did.

  • Pretty solid line-up, if I say so myself.

    Bayonetta 1 and 2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and Hyrule Warriors will hold me over until Splatoon, Mario Maker, and Yoshi’s Wooly World.

    And while I’m waiting for Smash, Bayo, Toad, and Warriors to come, I have Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country: TF, Wind Waker, Mario and Luigi U, and some great indie games to hold me over.




    • Phin68

      I don’t think Nintendo has a lot of faith in Mario Party 10. Especially when you consider how Island Tour turned out.

      • I found Mario Party 9 to be great, same for 4 and 5, but 6-8 felt bland. Island Tour is terrible. BUT I THINK MARIO PARTY 10 MIGHT BE A GOOD GAME BECAUSE OF THE GAMEPAD FEATURES.

        • palomino blue

          2 and 6 are my favorites. 6 is the last good MP in my opinion but I haven’t played 9.

          • Mario Party 2 is my all-time favorite party game in general. I just bought a Nintendo 64 with Banjo-Kazooie and Mario Party 2(I missed out on the 64, I was born in 2001), and I am having a blast with it.

            Already completed Banjo-Kazooie, probably almost done playing Mario Party 2 with my friends, and now I will buy Majora’s Mask and GoldenEye007.

      • Ducked

        Mario Party 10 should be bigger than Toad Treasure Hunter.

  • Nintenjoe82

    2017 confirmed 🙂

    • Nah 2016 🙂 2017 we’ll get the Wii2U (sarcasm)

  • didn’t they already set that date before? Anyways, it’s going to be delayed. trust me, I know the pattern 🙂

    • Starfox delayed? After 6 years of working on it? That would be ridicules.

      • How are they working for 6 years on that? Is that an official statement? What we saw so far looked like a rough concept of what could end up to be a starfox game one day.

      • read your comment below about those 6 years. Well… let’s just see. I don’t really think they were working for 6 years on this game. They might have tried out some concepts here and there, collecting ideas and so on, but I think after finding a way to combine the starfox theme with the need to show off WiiU’s Gamepad mechanics, they finally found some place for the franchise. And this is where production really started.

  • Petri

    Thats almost release a month.
    I can’t believe that’s their whole lineup for 2015 though.

    Bayonetta closing in, going to spend a vacation day to start early weekend when its released.
    Need to send my family to China or somewhere for that day.
    Btw people, check out PG blog for cool insight on the games development:

    • Thomas Vienna

      That’s a lot in 2015, considering there are probably plenty more games that have yet to be announced.

      • Petri

        Yes, release a month is all I ask for.
        Now that I have 3DS, Wii U and PC, I have more options than I have time.

  • simkenno

    Do you think this will be more like Lylat Wars or Adventures ?

    Personally id love a mixture of both. Bring it on 🙂

    From the blurry footage at e3 at least it looks like the flying will be smooth 🙂

  • GermGerm


  • mata

    Wait a fucking minute. Where is my goddamn mario party 10 ?

    • Confirmed to be E-Shop only! lol just kidding. But Devil’s Third is also absent from the list. Though MP10 is literally the worst Mario Party has ever been. No interest in it at all.

  • larz_1234

    I really hope they make star fox available in 2015. Been my most anticipated game coming to Wii U!

  • Jack5221

    I hope they make it similar to the classic Starfox 64. NOT a remaster, but a whole new game, levels, and story. I wouldn’t mind some original phrases though! “Fox! You got a bogey on your tail! Do a barrel roll!” – Peppy.

  • ProteanKecleon

    I’ll believe it when I see it. If that were true, why didn’t they show actual footage, or anything beyond a tech demo they took the time to blur out because it obviously wasn’t good enough to show?

    • It was just to tease us. They just wanted to say yup Starfox is in the works, Miyamoto has been working on it for 6 years and it was going to be a Wii game originally, so it’s like a Pikmin 3 situation. Miyamoto shows off his ideas when he wants.

      • ProteanKecleon

        But if they actually had footage of a fairly complete game, why wouldn’t they show it? Also, Pikmin 3 was suffered a significant delay after the Wii U launched, so the new Star Fox game being a similar example does not exactly restore faith in it coming out anytime soon.

        • And what about Resident Evil Revelations 2? Just a teaser on that yet it’s coming next year. You really can’t make judgment on a release on the fact that “we haven’t seen anything yet” that has basically 0% effect on a release. Fast Racing Neo is still coming this year and we haven’t seen a damn thing on it yet, though this month we finally get Screen Shots, Super Mario 3D World was revealed in a January Direct and came out the same year….Starfox will be the same. We will see in early 2015 in a Nintendo Direct and poof by October it will be out.

          • steveb944

            Revelations 2 on Wii U? Where the hell have I been?!

          • No, my point was a game can have a teaser with nothing really shown off and yet still come out the next year.

          • steveb944

            No I hadn’t heard of RER2, and wish I hadn’t. Still come out… but on other systems. I went from euphoria to gaming depression in no time at all.

            Skipping out on Capcom games the rest of this generation now. Thanks for the heads up tho.

          • Oh, yeah no probs. As for me, Capcom is on thin ice with me, other then MH4U on 3DS I can’t think of another game of theirs I’m getting…If the make a Dragon’s Dogma 2 I might get that.

          • darkcreap

            I think Miyamoto showed exactly what they had. He likes to work in gameplay first and graphics after. The reason why they didn’t show it was probably they didn’t want people bitching about “soooo pooooor graphicssss”, because they haven’t put the emphasis on graphics yet.

            I think that, though it has been 6 years in development, the actual implementation has started recently. By the way, do you have a source about the 6 year thing? I have been following it since E3, but I didn’t see anything about that.

          • Miyamoto himself said he was trying to do Starfox back on the Wii but it just didn’t work out, he couldn’t lock onto a new way to take the game for a long while, it was in an interview, the one that got leaked right before Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event. I think it was with Polygon? Can’t remember exactly.

          • ProteanKecleon

            Nintendo developes games at a much slower pace than other big developers. The fact that 3D World, with its repeated bosses and remixed levels, took over a year to make speaks volumes. We also got more than blurry concept footage for the reveal of 3D World.

            You could very well be right and we could se Star Fox next year, but to me it seems unlikely. They haven’t shown anything to create the impression that they are very far in development. I said the same thing about Zelda all last year, but several people reassured me that it had been in development for a long time and would be a 2014 game. Now we know…

  • Vorpal Blade

    I see 4 games I’m getting this year and 4 maybe 5 or 6 next year.

  • Will the3rd

    Where is the Fire Emblen x Shin Megami Tensei!?!? :((((

  • C.S. Bailey

    I’m guessing that at least three of the 2015 titles will be pushed back to early 2016. Even more if one of the early 2015 titles slips a few months. I counted 8 games I’ll be buying no questions asked so far.

  • masterjedi

    There’s 6 games next year that I’m interested in. That’s a LOT of moolah to lay down for games in one year for a family man. And that means Ninty has done a good job of scheduling a compelling lineup.

  • Mayoo
  • Petri

    Interesting, something missing there?
    Watch Dogs maybe?

    And 2015 is Nintendo only.
    I guess they will go all passive on third party.

    • Screw Watch_Dogs, it’s probably been cancelled.

      • Petri

        I don’t really care, but seeing as Just Dance is up there, and WD is not, just made me curious.
        Ubisoft went hard and fast to my “buy when 5€ on Steam category”.

        • Same here. Except for their Rayman games, they were beautifully crafted.

        • There never was a Wii U version, just Ubisoft lying as always.

  • William Cole

    Wow, just when you think that Nintendo doesn’t have any more to show, they show it to you. I for one do not think that Nintendo needs all the 3rd party attention. Other sales analysts say otherwise but it’s not like hard core fps games sell on Nintendo consoles. I mean come on, Nintendo needs to show everyone what they do best and now they’re doing it.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Star Fox will be Christmas 2015 ready…its not a game that requires a long dev cycle…and they have probably already penned the story and level design over the last year. Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is notably absent. Will probably be revealed at TGS and slated for next summer.

  • No Mario Party 10, Devil’s Third, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, or Fast Racing Neo which is this year supposedly, though an E-Shop only game so I will let that one slide….but would that mean Project Guard and Project Giant Robot are going to be retail games? As for Starfox, we new it was coming next year, Miyamoto himself said so at the E3 Treehouse Stream.

  • PachterStation

    Current and future releases, I’m only after 3 Wii U games. I thought Starfox (Lylat Wars) on the 3DS was a poor idea. Starfox on the GameCube was pretty poor. Wave Race 4 is top of my list, plus a few others. If Nintendo got out of the habit of releases the wrong games, they’d sell more Wii U consoles.

    • BrBa

      I agree, but u don’t need to thump your comment up -__-, let us do that job, pachter …

  • Milky Bacons

    No Metroid? *Sigh*

  • Kicked to the Kirb

    Itll get pushed to 2016 Im sure. If xenoblade isnt here yet until 2015 and we found out back in 2013 than starfox aint going to magically be done next year. They just show It so it looks like they have a of games coming.

  • 504HotBoy

    This must be a bit old. Bayonetta 2 has Oct 24th release date now. No longer labeled as just October. Also certain games are missing.

  • MadLink26

    Can’t wait. Its been too long with out seeing a new starfox game

  • ActivesiN

    can’t wait for for Star Fox!

  • jhell

    what a great lineup

  • zoohero

    I know its of but This is just a sad thing to see and it dos not help Nintendo in the right direction…. so sad 🙁

    • Thomas Vienna

      I don’t understand, what’s the problem? Are you saying they should have used a more recent game?

      • zoohero

        No its not the game thats the problem at all its the consol hanging under the tv fhats the problem. .. its a ps3

  • Derek

    What ever happened to SMTxFE? I’m interested in that

  • ming

    Damn…nothing good until smash bros and the games in 2015.

    Back to MK8 and PS4!

  • Somebody

    Placing bets that it will be delayed.

  • Potatous

    Funny that it doesn’t say “working title” for the new Zelda

    • great deku tree

      looks to me like they’re simply holding back the subtitle of the next Zelda game. besides Nintendo already said that it’s development is progressing really smoothly. perhaps they’re not so sure about a 2015 release date for starfox and are simply waiting to see how things turn out. maybe they’ve also not came up with a subtitle just yet for starfox.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I’m just happy it’s being made.

  • ChariotMan7

    And they forgot Devils Third Lol. Another 1st party game coming into 2015. I’m glad they’re taking they’re time with that title!

    • BrBa

      second party*.

  • BrBa

    2015 will be the year of Nintendo!

    • Wilks

      It seems it will be everyone’s year.

  • anthony optimo

    I would love to see an Ace Combat 2 type starfox.

  • allvalve

    I’m guessing this means that they now have a developer lined up, as Miyamoto said it wouldn’t be developed in house. Retro? Shin’en? Namco?

  • Prizm

    Interesting that “Star Fox” is a working title, yet Zelda seemed to be named just plain “Zelda”.

  • MewtwoWillBeBack


  • Dimitri Soto

    Nintendo can’t afford to have any more game delays I know it’s to really make the game better but they need to hire more staff increase budget or work harder because delaying any of those games into 2016 is a death sentence