Aug 6th, 2013


Since the launch of the Famicom back in 1983, Nintendo has sold over 650 million consoles in the last 30 years. Breaking that number down to be a bit more specific, that equates to 268.97 million home consoles and 385.15 million handheld consoles. It should be noted that the Gameboy launched in 1989, giving handhelds less time to sell more.

Of these numbers, the most popular consoles are the Nintendo DS, which sold 153.93 million and has only been available since 2004. Current gen console sales are 3.61 million for the Wii U and 32.48 million for the Nintendo 3DS.

Not too bad, for 30 years of history.

[via ONM]

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  • The Clockwork Being

    Look at what the microwave has done to society. “We want it and we want it NOW!” Wii U launches with no 1st party titles and therefore little advertisement. Yet, “We demand million of units sold, RIGHT NOW!” Nintendo prepares 1st party lineup consisting of popular, must-have games. Day 1 of Pikmin release, “Pikmin’s not moving consoles, Nintendo must be doomed!” Every game that releases for the Wii U, “Game X hasn’t turned around Wii U’s fortunes, Nintendo should put Mario on my iPad!”

    • jay

      Thank GOD I don’t own a microwave.

      • The Clockwork Being

        LOL. I think it might be too late for me.

  • Jared Garcia

    It has become Nintendo’s goal to crush its competition by hitting one billion first!

    • Decker Shado

      The awesome thing is.. I was born in 1983, and will likely see that happen within my lifetime. πŸ˜€

      Unless of course I get crushed to death by an Xbox One or something…

  • Sdudyoy

    Now that’s a large number, I wonder if Nintendo will reach 1 billion, to me what’s more surprising is the fact that the DS sold one sixth of that.

    • Cyrus

      your math is bad, and you should feel bad!

      • Sdudyoy

        Oh I look dumb on the internet whatever will I do?

        • Andreas Sunde

          Quick! Say something clever!

    • Clel

      150 x 6 = 900


      • Sdudyoy

        I knew I was wrong when I posted that I was just posting the first number that came to my head, I really don’t care about looking dumb though.

        • Clel

          That’s good πŸ˜€

  • The Clockwork Being

    Nintendo has made a profit for each of the console that they have put on the market. They have been doing this for 30 years, has saved the industry once. They have turned the situation of more than one console more than once. Has outsold the handheld market, has hit a billion first, had the best selling console last gen, has innovated controllers and gaming. Has the BEST SELLING franchises and the best selling franchise of all times(Super Mario so that excludes Mario Kart and Mario Sports). Has made a base for successful platforms, has given birth to inspiration of platforms like Sonic(Sonic was created because his creator wanted to beat Super Mario Bros as quickly as possible), Has seen people leave the console market like Sega. Has made revolutionary games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme which is oftenly called the best game of all times, had their innovation copied by other companies(Wii Remote and motion gaming. You say PS2 eye I say PowerGlove), had to take the bullshit of the media and still prevailed. Now it sits at the top as the most influential gaming company in the World due to its history.

    Meh the Wii U sells are too low they should put their games on phones and Ipad

    • Nintyfan

      With near 30 years of straight profit and everyone’s calling for them to exit the console making side of the industry. Just goes to show how ill-informed and quick to hate people are, I guess.

      • D.M.T

        You know you’re doing something right when a lot of people want you to exit the home console market. People feel threatened by Nintendo, thry know Nintendo is the real deal. They want Nintendo games on their Playstation, Xbox and PC lol.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Yeah the hate is strong in the gaming community. Once the Wii U sells go up everyone will be copying it just like the Wii. Wait what am talking about it already started. PS4/Vita mandatory, Smart Glass. Even EA saying that you need a second screen to up your experience for Battlefield 4 and not including on the console that gives you a second screen with the console already.

        • Clel

          May I have your Miiverse tag (so I can add you)?

          • The Clockwork Being

            Sorry Clel I don’t own a Wii U im buying one in a month. But rest assured I will add you. As to where I get most of my Wii U gaming experience its a some of my friends’house

          • Shota

            add me too when you have it. shonenjump is my id

          • The Clockwork Being

            Sure thing Shota

          • Dustin

            You don’t own a wii u? lol, that figures. Talk is cheap my friend. Support Nintendo, Buy one today!

          • The Clockwork Being

            No worries Dustin i’ll buy one. Please excuse my poor support. lol

        • Jack5221

          The hate has always been strong against Nintendo. I wish it wasn’t. When it comes to Nintendo I’ve owned every single console from NES up until Wii U. I also own every single handheld except for the 3DS. My absolute best memories of gaming and games in general all come from Nintendo. I guess its true, that people hate Nintendo because they feel threatened by them. So when a little bit of bad news pops up saying Wii U is not selling so well, the haters are all over it like flies on poop. A bad day for Nintendo is breaking even while a bad for Microsoft is getting almost no pre-orders for your next gen console. lol.

        • David Porter

          The Vita is most certainly NOT mandatory. I have no idea where you’re even getting that idea.

      • Johny

        ^THAT !

      • David Porter

        Agreed. Nintendo doesn’t need to exit the hardware side of the industry. They simply need to reexamine their priorities and realize that they can and should focus equal effort on feature parity as they do “innovation” in interaction.

        Imagine if the Wii U were as powerful as the PS4 or XBox One, yet also came with the tablet controller? Yes, it would cost between 399 – 499, but it wouldn’t suffer the exclusion it does at the hands of third parties.

        Nintendo thinks about gamers first, and that’s laudable. They *do* have to recognize, however, that they must also factor developers into the equation.

        • Andreas Sunde

          “it wouldn’t suffer the exclusion it does at the hands of third parties.”
          Do you really think it’s all power? There seems to be this grudge against Nintendo in the industry, it’s at a point where it’s hard to deny.
          Publishers putting half-assed ports on the system and expecting them to sell millions, then dropping support for the console and blaming Nintendo.. Hideo Kojima not putting MGS on Wii U because he doesn’t know what to do with the gamepad, yet is integrating smartglass in the xbox versions (360 and 1). Developers not putting their games on Wii U because it’s a kiddie console. Etc. etc. you get the point. Third parties would just find another excuse.

          • David Porter

            No, of course it isn’t all about power. You’re absolutely right in your supposition that a lot of the problem comes down to bad blood between Nintendo and third parties. I can’t rightly say what caused that, but for me to deny it would be a whitewash on my part.

            What I *am* trying to say is that Nintendo isn’t doing themselves any favors by releasing a machine so drastically different in both architecture and capability in a time when game budgets are spiraling out of control, and the two (and ONLY) leading competition are so similar in both architecture and capability.

            Essentially, by choosing to release the product they have, they’ve put all the faith in what might draw a developer in into the different experience it may provide (which, again, is admirable), at the cost of losing developers who may not have the money or time to invest in a platform so unique.

            Put it this way: if the Wii U had the same components and same architecture as the PS4 or XBox One, the likelihood that we’d see more cross-plat games on the Wii U would be higher.

            Yes, third parties (some of them, at least) would still find an excuse. But that would then come down to management and, as I said before, bad blood. INVESTORS in those companies wouldn’t stomach it, because given the choice of making money and continuing some kind of feud, any competent investor will say “screw the feud”. Right now, Nintendo GIVES THE DEVS WHO DON’T LIKE THEM ALL THE AMMUNITION IN THE WORLD to not develop for them.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Hahaha! πŸ˜€

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan

      When someone first thinks of videogames, they might think of Halo or GTA
      but what really comes universally to everyones minds is Mario. He has
      graced Nintendo consoles since the 80’s and with the release of Pikmin 3 in Wii U he has shown the world that he is still on top of consoles.Nintendo has created so many different franchises that are still considered great today. Some examples would beMetroid, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., and of course Zelda. They also have the current slots for the best video games of all time which are generally Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Super Mario Brothers. There has never been a single developer to accomplish so much. Along with this evey single game that nintendo has put out has always been considered very good or great. Nintendo is the pinnacle achievement of the gaming industry.

      Rated E for everyone.

      • David Porter

        I agree that nobody can (yet) challenge Nintendo in terms of their impact on the industry. However, the industry as we know it (at least after the 1983 crash) is still young.

        In the early-to-mid-1970s, Apple was the king of the hill in terms of the personal computer space. As the industry aged, their star fell, and generic IBM clones ruled, because Apple made fundamental mistakes and introduced products that, while excellent, were too far off the beaten path of what was wanted and needed in the consumer and business space. This, in addition to what some would call their draconian control over aspects of publishing and strict control of the hardware, led to a nadir in the company’s relevancy.

        Nintendo seems to be (to me, at least), too interested in their OWN idea of what the gaming industry should be, and are sometimes TOO willing to “take risks”- I LOVE them for that, but I’ll also call a misfire a misfire.

        The Wii U is a great system, and I love my own Wii U very much, but I believe very truly that if Nintendo had it all to do over again, they’d re-think the Wii U, and what they’d release would look very different than what you and I have in our homes today.

    • Orto

      This news is good as it shows just how much better we are than the fony gamers. Well done my fellow fans, our dedication across the years has shown why we are the true inheritors of the golden gaming chip. Thank you and god bless.

      • David Porter

        Why the hate for Sony? One side doesn’t have to “win” for both sides to succeed.

        Sony’s consoles are great. So are Nintendo’s. I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated that the Wii U isn’t getting a “fair shot”, but to blame Sony (or insinuate that their product is inferior or their customers are dumb) is really missing the point by more than a mile.

        Nintendo is a wonderful company that desperately needs to change their focus.

    • Mr. J

      “Troll says” nintendo is stupid
      “Troll reads comment above mine” wow (he thinks) I’m an idiot
      “Knowledgeiswhatsup and truth teller then go to their rooms to cry”

      • Truthteller

        Yes I went to my room and started to cry because I am an idiot.

    • the1andonlyIKY

      Profit except for the virtual boy..i believe..

      • The Clockwork Being

        Ah the Virtual Boy i agree with you alright

      • I think while the Virtual Boy wasn’t a success on the market, it still played some inspiration a forerunner to Nintendo’s experimenting with 3D–that is, even more than they had already tried with the Famicom 3D system and then later with GameCube and now the Nintendo 3DS.

        It’s like Nintendo holds on to basic ideas of their past failures to find the better opportunity and technologies to host their basic ideas. So at the end, while the Virtual Boy failed, I think it taught Nintendo some lessons and their experience with it had a small role in helping them finally succeed with their hand at 3D gaming.

        True visionaries, I’d say. Turning failed concepts into successful ones. They liked the idea, even when it wasn’t yet a popular choice or well implemented at the time, and saying, “Maybe this basic idea deserves another chance.”

        They seem to return to past ideas (both successes and failures) with new fresh eyes, and like looking back at the likes of the Game n’ Watch, the Virtual Boy and the GCN/GBA Connection Link, and wham–you have the dual-screened Nintendo DS, the 3D-gaming 3DS and the asymmetrical-gaming Wii U GamePad.

        Where the Virtual Boy failed in marketability, it, in a sense, still help make up in heritage. So maybe, perhaps in just a poetic sense, not all profit is money here.

  • D.M.T

    Nintendo would have sold more home consoles if gamers didn’t underestimate the GameCube.

    It’s hilarious to me how gamers these days love to say that Nintendo consoles are gimmicky while ignoring the fact that PS1 and PS2 were so success because of gimmicks. CD and DVD players are gimmicks

    The real reason why more people didn’t buy a GameCube was because it didn’t have a DVD player. PS2 sold 150 million because of that DVD Player inside the PS2.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Your comment has been removed by a moderator so ill reply to you here

      Yeah same I know that guy on facebook I posted this to him and he just took it. So I just decided to post here so that people that came here first would tell him he copied it from me and not the other way around

      • Clel

        Uhhh… what? Are you on the wrong tab or something?

        • The Clockwork Being

          No it was on the same news here its just his comment was removed for some reason so im commenting here

    • The Clockwork Being

      About the Gamecube, Nintendo only did 1 mistake and it was the mini disc which was a mistake toward developers not consumers. But I fully agree that the PS2 and PS1 success wasn’t the games. It was the CD and DVD. And those aren’t even related to gaming.

      What I also dont get about fanboys from Micro$oft and Playstation is this:

      So we have the best console in specs for the N64 and Gamecube while the PS1 and PS2 didn’t. No Nintendo fan was bragging about it. We were humble as hell. We just worried about the gameplay not the specs. Then comes the Wii and everyone thinks Nintendo always had an under powered console.

      • Jeffery02

        You know what? I would LOVE Nintendo to go with more powerful hardware. You know why? Because I’m sick of the Nintendo bashing. “Oh, it’s not powerful enough”, “How will it keep up with the PS4 and Xbone?” and so on. People are blinded by specs and I just want them to shut it. I don’t actually care how powerful the Wii U is, what I care for is what it can do. We are gamers! The only thing we should worry about is the experience. Let the developers worry about the specs.

        • The Clockwork Being

          In a way Nintendo could have owned with better specs. Look at all the RAM of the next console 8 GB but 3 are used for the OS. Now we see the Wii U having 1 GB for the OS. IF they would have had 8 GB like everyone else and 1 out of those 8 are for the OS it would have shut up devs and fanboys

          • Jeffery02

            I have a friend that likes to complain about the Wii U using “slower RAM”. The fact of the matter is though, that there is a reason that regular RAM hasn’t exceeded DDR3. Ram is already so fast that it is the least likely component to slow down the system. Nintendo went with RAM that was just above what was needed by the rest of the hardware because faster RAM would have given the same loading times, it makes Wii U cheaper overall, and it makes Wii U more stable/power efficient.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Exactly just to add

            I think Nintendo did something smart with the Wii U and for the next gen. The Wii U will probably last 7 years compared to 10 years like the other consoles project to do. By that time after 7 year Nintendo would be ready to release a new console. This console should be miles out preforming the XboxOne and PS4. Im talking about 10 GB of RAM with 1 for OS and a strong architecture. As the other consoles reveal their consoles and spec, Nintendo just changes their specs silently not telling anyone. Than as the the rival consoles come with their final stage Nintendo reveals theirs which out preforms the other consoles. Just hoping I am right. Nintendo could play the advantage for the next gen

          • Jeffery02

            The PS3 and 360 lasted 7-8 years. That is nearly double what previous generations have been. Because of this, I believe that an 8 year jump in hardware will potentially mean nearly 15 years for the next one. If the Wii U were to last, say, 2018, then they could have tech 6 years from now to put into their new console. They don’t even have to blow the competition out of the water or anything. They could have maybe 10-20% increase over the PS4 and Xbone.

            Sony and Microsoft would still be in the middle of their generations but the Wii U would be at the end of its. Then Nintendo would have another good generation to go with a hardware superior console. This is one way that Nintendo could slingshot themselves past the other 2. Then the PS4 and Xbone will be due for a new generation but Nintendo’s new system would have a year or 2 to go still and could thus slingshot past them again.

            Also, 6 years from now, those specs won’t be top of the line so we can still get a cheap, innovative, and Nintendo-ized console that just HAPPENS to be more powerful than the competition. πŸ˜› Nintendo doesn’t need to do this, but it would sure as hell shut everyone up to know that Nintendo beat Sony and Microsoft at their own game.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Doing this Nintendo is taking itself out of the rhythm of the gaming industry which is that everyone releases their consoles at the same time. Nintendo would be in a position of power.

            Nintendo’s next console would have spec that the consoles now are paying for at a high price at such a lower price it would be sad for the other 2. It will go on as Nintendo brings in a new console that lasts the same time as the consoles from last gen. It also gives Nintendo an edge in their time to put out some hardware. They will have enough time to see what they should add bring in the games and just sell a product better than the competition. But it will arrive to a point where the difference wouldn’t really matter or that the development costs will be too big that the consoles from the competition shouldn’t be too high.

            Fully agree

          • PS4 uses roughly 1gig per core (or less, cluster mem structure) and has some latencies between hardware, which gives Wii U some advantage since it can use the whole RAM with almost zero latencies (thanks to the integrated design). PS4 is maximum 20% faster than Wii U and is achieved only by optimized programming. This gap between the performance in real life is quite meaningless, since both systems are able to provide almost a par level graphics.

            Controller wise Wii U having the tablet as a native part of the system makes possibilities for a far more advanced and interesting game design, while PS4 sticks with a basic controller – being not so much “next gen” after all despite the CPU power in the background. Power alone doesn’t equal with innovation. It’s more like a marketing trick to get some attention. If programmed right, Wii U can do pretty much anything PS4 does. So the games and programming makes a difference, not the small gap between performance.

            Optional link to the VITA or some other touch screen devices for controlling PS4 games won’t make the situation any better, since the games aren’t seriously designed for this use – but more like slapped on the side as a bonus function and probably a rare thing in a long term (a bit like the PlayStation Multitap, which wasn’t supported that much and didn’t make much of a difference).

            At this point we haven’t yet talked anything about heat/noise issues, which we already know that Wii U can handle well with no problem. Those issues on PS4 are yet to be seen, once it’s released. Who knows how many revisions are needed before it’s done right (remember how the 1st PS3 was alike?) if the history repeats itself.

            Meanwhile Wii U has a good head start in all areas (IMHO).

          • David Porter

            Where in the hell are you getting this? There is nobody in the informed world that would equate the PS4 and the Wii U on a hardware capability level as anywhere near “close”.

            You are speaking out of your ass, here, pal.

          • GPU wise if PS4 has a modified Radeon HD 7870M and Wii U has a HD 4770, the passmark scores different 21% (7870M is stronger). We don’t know how much they are modified, but this is a good base to start with to make a comparison.


            Now when we look at the design; Wii U having the integrated chip where GPU + CPU are “one” making it a almost a zero latency device, while PS4 is more PC like design with separated cards quite far away from each other (= latencies are higher) we can conclude Wii U isn’t far behind. You may Google up what the latencies mean if you’re not familiar with the subject. It means a lot in overall performance and if done wrong, it could be a bottleneck (like PS3 GPU was versus Cell CPU, the CPU has to wait for it all the time).

            Core per core PS4 aren’t that far away from Wii U as you can see from the link below. As developers cannot yet even utilise multiple cores to max until maybe some years later, the first generation of games in both systems won’t look far from each other.


            And in modern world what makes a difference is the rendering and usage of the GPU’s, more than programming the CPU. In the old world CPU made a big difference, but not so much today. GPU does the main work now where CPU is just more like a storage guy shuffling data and logic. The real performance comes from the graphics card. That leads to the RAM speeds and use.

            RAM is important for delivering lot of goods to the screen as example better textures. Wii U is capable enough to perform this well since it has already a lot of memory, even compared to the PC gaming. Therefore PS4 memory is an overkill, which isn’t a bad thing, but compared to Wii U you cannot see much difference on the 1080P television screen between the systems of what they can deliver.

            All this can be studied by reading articles and if you understand a little bit of tech & hardware, it makes all sense.

            So I wonder, who’s now speaking out of his ass?

          • You speak of the latency (yes, I’m quite familiar with the concept) as if the GPU being off-die (which I think you’re wrong about- it’s my understanding that the AMD-built component being used is an integrated APU) would be orders and orders of magnitude in difference. That’s absurd.

            You are claiming right now, that *at best*, the PS4 will be 20% more powerful than the Wii U.

            You’re comparing a machine with 2GB RAM (with who knows how much taken up by the OS) and a triple-core CPU to a machine running 8GB GDDR5 RAM and an 8 core CPU, and you’re coming away with a 20% difference? No. Emphatically, no.

            Any developer who has talked about the Wii U at length has complained about the slow CPU. No developers are porting their shit to the Wii U in part because the system isn’t as capable as it ought to be.

          • As for power, PS4 is an average gaming PC in a console outfit. Do not expect it to be that revolutionary even it has a big amount of RAM or multiple cores. PS4 CPU’s are basically 2x/4core using hyperthreading so it’s performing good, but nothing mind blowing compared to what we have already seen in PC world.

            Now compare Wii U games to existing PC games, how they look like and I’ll say the machine delivers pretty good. As example Most Wanted U is so far the only version (in a console world) which is capable of PC like textures, framerate rolling @ 60hz/sec 1080P. And that is one of the early games. Not bad in my book.

            So time will show if PS4 is going to bring us anything Wii U couldn’t do. We speculate with specs, which don’t mean everything, since both machines are pretty capable. What matters is the games & programming – how the hardware is used.

            Compare VITA and 3DS specs, then compare the games – and you know what am talking about.

          • I would sure hope that a console that shipped seven YEARS after its counterparts can run Need For Speed with better textures.

            The Wii U is a moderately powerful device that is nevertheless, outclassed at every turn by the PS4 and XBox One (in terms of hardware capability). That says NOTHING of how outclassed Nintendo is with respect to their online offerings– who in the hell thought it was a great idea to offer Pikmin without an internet multiplayer experience? Likewise with NintendoLand.

          • Well there are Miiverse where you can as example share art academy pics etc. and the online gaming can be easily arranged later if they want to (and if there’s enough demand for it). Am sure they want more sales and users first until they boot up any gaming servers.

            Wii U is the only machine offering backward compatibility meaning it has over 1200 games right from the start + all the Wii U games (not to mention VC games). That’s pretty f’n good IMHO.

        • Squid

          I really agree with you, but even though I don’t care about specs, I have to say Nintendo looks BEAUTIFUL in HD.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Just thinking about Zelda in HD makes me faint

        • classicgamer20

          it looks like it’s the bit wars all over again

        • jay

          How much more powerful do you want the Wii U to be?

          You’re looking too deep into gaming sites and lame youtube videos. The truth is the Wii U is a powerhouse.

          The fanboys will never shut up. Deal with it.

          During the gamecube era they said it wasn’t about GRAPHICS but about SALES.

          When the Wii released they said it wasn’t about SALES but about GRAPHICS.

          • Jeffery02

            If it was just sites and YT, then I would be fine. It’s everyday people and people I know as well. It’s just too much. They bash the Wii U and at times refuse to even try it. I’m just sick of all of the bashing Nintendo always gets.

        • Yuri Barros

          Y’know, if nintendo did what it did with underpowered hardware, not only with the wii, but the SNES, that would be a BIG concern to the competition if nintendo go full hardware.

          • Mohammad Badir

            yeah, they never really did go full hardware right? the N64 was the most powerful console in the 5th gen, but it was limited due to the carts, and the GC was almost on par with the Xbox despite being immensly cheaper, but it had mini DVDs.
            although, the Wii U might not be on par with the PS4 and XboxOne in terms of power, it’s still a powerful system and efficient system, I’m sure devs will dev more on it soon, and TBH i kinda see the AAA industry crashing soon due to the huge risks and dev costs with each game, and that’d pretty much leave the PS4 and XboxOne as “overpowered”…

          • Jeffery02

            I never thought about the AAA industry crashing, but I do see it. I’m not going to say that it WILL happen, but it might. And if it does, then Nintendo will look just as good as the other consoles regardless.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Because it’s so efficiently built, the power difference will be smaller than the specs indicate. The Wii U has custom built parts, while the other two has more standard parts, not built specifically for each others.

          • Exactly what I’ve tried to tell people here. Furthermore Wii U is the only machine being a true console around anymore, because the other two are basically x86 PC’s in different cover.

          • David Porter

            Nope- the costs of the industry will drive the devs to ONLY develop for the PS4 and XBox One. They save money by not even considering the Wii U.

          • Mohuz

            Well, best of luck to them.
            Though here’s the important part: the company would lose millions if their game doesn’t sell above 5-10 million on the PS4/XboxOne.
            It’s either they take a huge risk in nearly bankrupting themselves, or they take multple, smaller risks with the WiiU.

      • jay

        You’re right. I remember 12 year old trolls saying “Well Nintendo never cared about grafix.”

        To clear up WHY Nintendo went mini-disc:

        They did this to prevent piracy, which has always been Nintendo’s concern. This is why I would laugh when all the “Will Wii U have Blu Ray?” articles would come up.

        Nintendo avoids mainstream media-tech mainly because it’s easier to hack/duplicate/pirate.

        P.S. all my home theatre buddies in 2007 bought a ps3 for the blu-ray player but no games.

        • The Clockwork Being

          I love how people are so ignorant about Blu-ray.They go and see Wii U doesn’t Blu-ray it will suck with discs LOL. Well the disc is close to blu-ray but its a custom disc with the same capacity storage and you never know it could be better.

        • David Porter

          Yeah, because the non-standard discs Nintendo used for the Wii really helped them there..

          Aw shit.

    • Clel

      I think another reason the Gamecube suffered is that Nintendo went all-out with experiments that people didn’t want.

      Launch title was a Luigi game
      Mario was not normal (F.LU.D.D.)
      Zelda was cartoony and the art style was weird
      Strange names for the color of the Gamecube (Indigo?)

      I think these are some things that made people not realize how great the Gamecube was. I, for one, have not had much experience with it–almost none at all–but this is what I’m deducing from what I’ve seen most people say.

      • blindtiger

        indigo is a completely legitimate color… ROY G BIV, remember?
        other than that… totally agree (and have gamecube experience)

    • Jeffery02

      Don’t forget the PS3’s success due to Blu-Ray. The only company that can sell a system purely on the games it plays is Nintendo. Any other company that tried failed and every company that succeeded didn’t try. Nintendo’s the last true game/hardware developer.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Sega was the last REAL competition. With all the Sega does what Nintendon’t. Ever wondered how gaming would be if Sega was still here.

        • Jeffery02

          More like what would gaming be like if Sega didn’t go to shit? Sometimes I wish that Nintendo would just buy Sega out because Sega’s good ideas seemed like they died with the Dreamcast (very underrated system btw). Nintendo should take some of the developers, cut out Sega’s decision making, and use them to expand both their resources and IPs.

          • The Clockwork Being


          • Mark

            I would love to see a Dreamcast 2, especially because the Dreamcast was the bomb! Here’s my idea: say Nintendo buys Sega. Every console generation, one of the subsidiary’s develops the console while both still create games; it’s like the 9th generation is Sega’s turn to make the console, and the 10th generation is Nintendo’s turn to make the console.

          • Sega is doing their stuff now with Nintendo, not against them and the companies are pretty much married together. So I see no problem here. As example 3 different Sonic games from Sega are released for Nintendo consoles exclusively in near future (for Wii U & 3DS). IMHO it looks like Sega & Nintendo are very good buddies nowadays and that probably results into smaller cooperation between Sega and Sony. Time will tell.

            Also Namco & Nintendo are good friends in today’s world, which is a benefit for them both. When PlayStation (1) was born, Namco and Nintendo was huge enemies and Sony used this situation for their own benefit to launch their console with cool launch titles. Part of PlayStation design back then was based on Namco’s hardware coin-op board (with lesser specs). Sony has lost this position with Namco. Now you can get Tekken, Ridge Racer etc. on Nintendo side as well and they run like a dream.

            In my view Nintendo has all the possibilities to be succesful against competitors. All we need to wait is for some good titles and the sales are on the roll. Just wait and see. =]

          • Jeffery02

            I also feel like everyone believes that the PS4 and Xbone are going to be unrealistically amazing systems. I believe that once they are both out, even though people will still say that the Wii U is behind, people will realize that the Wii U isn’t as bad as they thought. Right now the Wii U cannot compare to the imaginary PS4 and Xbone that people have in their heads. I’m not saying that they won’t be good systems, only that people put them on a MUCH higher pedestal than they are actually on. If Nintendo would have worked on getting 4 GamePads to work at one time, then I believe the Wii U wouldn’t need any more power. That’s all Nintendo needed, 4 GamePads at one time and I feel that the Wii U couldn’t get much better.

    • jay

      HOLY SHIT!!

      Someone is smart here!! Been telling people for years that anything gaming related could not be a gimmick according to the dictionary.

      They say “But blu ray/ espn streaming”

      I say “Wii Remote, Touch Screen”.

      They reply “gimmicks!”

      • i just say… blu ray? really? with netflix, hulu and amazon?

    • Michael Ocampo

      It’s funny because my uncle bought a ps3 just to watch blu-ray movies

    • David Porter

      If more people bought the PS2 because of its ability to play DVDs, that doesn’t make it a gimmick. It makes it a core feature.

      • D.M.T

        It doesn’t seem like you know what a gimmick is. A DVD Player is a gimmick because it’s a non-gaming feature. The DVD Player would be a core feature if the PS2 was advertised as a Multimedia device but it was advertised as a video game console, Sony made it clear that the PS2 was made for gamers. Those who bought a PS2 for DVD movies are not gamers, so the DVD player is a gimmick. I’m telling you right now that I don’t plan on arguing with you, if you don’t understand what I’m saying now then that’s your problem. I’m not going to argue with you like i did last time. You seem very stubborn and i don’t like that.

        • David Porter

          The PS2 was most *certainly* advertised as a multimedia device in addition to its gaming capability. There was PLENTY of press about its ability to function as a DVD player, and, as a result, the PS2 is credited with helping to usher in the DVD as the format of choice.

          I don’t really care what you like, or not. You aren’t entitled to your own facts. You could make the argument that *ANY* product is a gimmick, so long as it’s intended to attract attention. A useful feature is elevated by its utility and its ubiquitousness. The PS2 is *still* used to this day as a DVD player in many homes.

          • D.M.T

            A video game console being used to watch movies is a core feature in your own fact. That’s laughable. A DVD Player doesn’t enhance your gaming experience which is why it’s a gimmick.The DVD Player was used to attract casual and non-gamers, nothing more nothing less. The DVD Player was a bonus to make the PS2 more appealing/attractive to casual gamers and non-gamers.

            Not any product is a gimmick. GameCube was the last true video game console ever. The only thing you could do on the GameCube was play video games. People bought it to play video games, not to watch movies or listen to music.And this my last reply to you.

          • David Porter

            The DVD playback feature of the PS2 was great- the PS2, at launch, cost about as much as any standalone DVD player. Without the PS2, DVDs wouldn’t have caught on as quickly, or (possibly, though this is conjecture) at all.

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with consoles doing more than just “gaming”- what in the hell do you think Nintendo was aiming for with the TVii? Is that a gimmick? How about the MiiVerse? That’s not gaming. What about any other aspect of ANY console that extends beyond playing a game?

            The fact is, you want to cherry pick features for certain systems that fall outside of a narrow range of what you consider to be relevant, but give Nintendo a pass with their own choices.

            The DVD playing aspect of the PS2 was ABSOLUTELY calculated and MOST CERTAINLY a core aspect- remember, Sony isn’t just a game company. PLENTY of thought went into this: their media arm wanted to sell movies to homes, which dovetailed nicely into a console that ALSO wanted to sell media (of a different type) into the SAME FUCKING HOMES. That you would think the DVD playing aspect was some kind of thrown-in gimmick is laughable. Sony knew EXACTLY what they were doing. That’s why they priced it the way they did. Come on, man- you can’t be so daft.

            I don’t care how often you reply to me- in fact, I welcome your replies. I’m not arguing with you because I don’t like you. I’m not doing it to “troll” you, either. I genuinely disagree with you, and there’s no shame or problem with arguing a point. You MIGHT be right! I just disagree, and I’m willing to fight for the ideas I have floating around in my head, JUST. LIKE. YOU.

            Yes, the GameCube might have been the last PURE game console. But, my man- as technology improves, it does more. Computers used to only run one program at a time, and had no GUI. Do we suddenly say that the last “true computer” was an Apple II? Hardly.

          • Oy. Sincere reasoning is rare in this world, ain’t it?

          • David Porter

            It’s a real shame you’ve chosen not to respond any further, because I feel like my last reply delivered quite a few excellent counterpoints to your position. It would be interesting to see your response.

            It would be a pity if you didn’t man up.

        • It seems you don’t really know what a “gimmick” is. A gimmick doesn’t necessarily mean a non-essential feature. It means any device or method of gaining customers’ attention by accentuating a certain trait/quality of the product to make it stand out more from the competition.

          Typically, we tend to think of gimmicks in terms of what stand non-essential to the core functionality, but really, even a lot of what gets past as core functionality is technically a “gimmick” in the sense that it’s a feature there to gain attraction for being unique.

          Technically, the Wii Remote was a gimmick. The dual screens of the Nintendo DS, as useful as it was at times, was still technically a gimmick. The GamePad is technically a gimmick. A gimmick doesn’t necessarily it’s a cheap gimmick. Gimmicks bear their connotation in terms of their quality.

          By the way, millions of people bought a PS2 for both games and DVD player functionality, seeing how DVD players were new and rather pricey at the time. To merely make the claim that people who bought a PS2 for DVD movies are not gamers is a stupid baseless assumption.

          And next time you seek to correct someone, don’t be such an arrogant ass right off the bat. It’s unbecoming and unnecessary. You’ve shown more stubbornness here than the one you’ve accuses. Seriously, why be like that? There are far more rational and sensible ways to communication, dude.

          • By the way, since I’ve had a history of dealing with irrational people before, let me just preserve your comment here originally as written, just in case you feel like editing it later, just for others to read:

            D.M.T. to David Porter:

            “It doesn’t seem like you know what a gimmick is. A DVD Player is a gimmick because it’s a non-gaming feature. The DVD Player would be a core feature if the PS2 was advertised as a Multimedia device but it was advertised as a video game console, Sony made it clear that the PS2 was made for gamers. Those who bought a PS2 for DVD movies are not gamers, so the DVD player is a gimmick. I’m telling you right now that I don’t plan on arguing with you, if you don’t understand what I’m saying now then that’s your problem. I’m not going to argue with you like i did last time. You seem very stubborn and i don’t like that.”

          • D.M.T

            I have a feeling that you and David Porter are the same person. Brian Lockett is your other account that you use to continue to annoy people. Congrats Brian Lockett aka David Porter, you have my attention again but like I said, I will not waste my time arguing with you because I know how annoying you can be.

            And just so you know, you don’t have to copy paste my previous comment because I’m not a coward. I stand by what I said, the DVD player is a gimmick and you yourself explained why it’s a gimmick. Here’s what you said:

            “It means any device or method of gaining customers’ attention by accentuating a certain trait/quality of the product to make it stand out more from the competition.” Here you explained why the DVD Player IS a gimmick. The DVD Player was a method of gaining customers’ attention. It was a feature made to make the PS2 stand out more from the competition (GameCube, Dreamcast). This is I believe exactly what I said in my second reply to “David Porter” but I used other words. Here’s what I said: “The DVD Player was used to attract casual and non-gamers, nothing more nothing less. The DVD Player was a bonus to make the PS2 more appealing/attractive to casual gamers and non-gamers.”

            So at the end of the day, my definition of gimmick wasn’t 100% wrong but for some reason you want me to continue wasting my time with you. I’m done talking about this because I proved my point: the DVD Player inside the PS2 was a gimmick and it’s the reason the PS2 sold 150 million. The last true gaming console was the GameCube.

  • Truthteller


    • Guest

      650 million.

      • Truthteller


    • Clel

      I see you have sense of humor

  • Jack5221

    Proud Nintendo fan here! Been a fan since I played Punch Out on my NES which I STILL own today!

  • starwars360

    Sweet. Can’t wait for lots of upcoming Wii U games as well 3DS games. πŸ™‚

    Nintendo have plenty money so they shouldn’t worry about Wii U moment but Wii U sales will back up soon. I believe.

  • John Smith

    Is it better than xbox and playstation ?

    • Zuxs13

      What’s an Xbox?

      • Starfoxguy

        The worst and heaviest console ever.

        • Andrew Chambers

          Really? Ever hear of the Phillips CD-i, Atari Jaguar, or 3DO?

          And no matter what you claim, nothing was as bad or as heavy as the Pioneer LaserActive.

          • Starfoxguy

            Yes but I only said that from experience. I never had any of the consoles you said.

          • Andrew Chambers

            Neither did I, but they are such utter crap to have no contest.

    • Mark

      Yes, MUCH higher. Nintendo Sold 650 million units, Sony sold around 413 million units, Microsoft sold around 101 million units.

    • jay

      ummm Duh?

      But sony has a chance of catching up because they count broken consoles as a sold unit. How many ps2 fans bought a 2nd a 3rd because of bad manufacturing?

      I had a friend who owned 4 BROKEN ps2’s and was looking to buy another.

      Nintendo on the other hand makes a solid product. Which is why you only need to buy a console once.

  • Adrian

    Well I’m totally off topic as usual, but I just beat Xenoblade last night! Looking forward to X, but I hope (strongly) they change the quest system from Xenoblade. I probably did 200 quests in Xenoblade, and I probably didn’t get a single good item from a quest.

  • Madmagican

    Damn, has it really been thirty years already?
    I feel pretty old now :l

  • sdmac200600

    And people expect Nintendo to leave the hardware market if the Wii U fails. I have two words for ya: Virtual Boy

  • bizzy gie

    Leave Luck to Heaven should be Nintendo’s overall company slogan. I’m surprised it isn’t.

    • The Clockwork Being

      I love how everyone just uses the ”Leave Luck to heaven” in such a natural way

    • Andreas Sunde

      What exactly does that mean, though? “Let heaven do your job for you”? “Don’t rely on luck”?
      It feels like some artsy bullshit that sounds good, but doesn’t actually make sense.

      And no, “Nintendo” does not literally mean “Leave Luck to Heaven”.

  • Leo

    $ Nintendollar $

  • PS4/WiiU

    Not too bad!!!!!! That’s freakin amazing

  • Ducked

    Anyone remember that Circus game on the famicom? I can’t find a way to play it anymore. It shows you Nintendo will always be in the game.

    • jay

      Circus Charlie?

      • Ducked

        Yes that’s it! I loved that game! Around the World in 80 days, and a few others I can’t think of were my favorites.

      • man, you’re good.

  • Kirbyomega

    So in another 20 we should see a billion. and wow the DS is more than 1/6 of the sales

  • JBeauregard

    Take a little over the population of my home state (Vermont) and multiply that by 1,000 and you get an idea of the number of consoles they’ve pushed out. WOW!

  • Juan Benitez

    GUYS new smash news. A pilot wings stage has been confirmed for super smash bros!

    • jay

      POST Smash news n Smash articles.

      Some people are saving themselves for that one special night.

  • Michael Ocampo

    How do you upvote an article? πŸ˜‰

  • Michael Ocampo

    I’ve been with Nintendo since I could pretty much hold a controller and have never regreted it. Here’s to another 30 years Nintendo!! πŸ˜€

  • Mark

    I have friends who are avid Xbox 360/Xbox fans; they are not fans of Nintendo whatsoever. Therefore, they feel appalled that a guy like me would like Nintendo and ask:”Why do you like NIntendo?” I reply “Do you love your parents.” They say “Yes.” and I reply back “that’s your answer.” Than they look all confused and walk away. Here’s the story behind this answer. I’m gonna talk about myself and my family for a second. Both my mother and father are great role models and I love them. They always brought me to new places, bought me new things, take care of me when I’m sick; most of all, they taught me new things. Let’s put the “taught me things” into a Nintendo loving aspect. For 30 years, Nintendo’s showed us new ways to play games as well different software experiences; even the simple addition of a directional pad or shoulder buttons created a lasting impact on the me and the industry. While the competitors focus on power and graphical capability, Nintendo continues to bring lasting innovations to the table. Like the father of gaming they truly are, my respect will always be with them. 650 million units……that’s awesome. Here’s to another few decades to all Nintendo fans and Nintendo themselves!

  • RoboticLink

    Good job!

  • Truthteller

    When you have to keep talking about what did DECADES ago to counter what you are not doing now – you know it’s over.

    • Mohammad Badir

      I’m pretty sure the Wii and DS (whivh sold a combined total of 250m) weren’t released decades ago -.-

      • Truthteller

        Well, they were released in the last decade…

        • Luffy

          your point?

          • Truthteller

            The point is, you edited your idiotic post.

          • Luffy

            yes i did. second after i wrote it. too complicated for nothing. πŸ˜›

          • Get a life.

  • Aamir Islam

    And MS said this console generation would sell 1 billion consoles *sigh*

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      Not saying they know better…..but with China lifting restrictions on gaming consoles…with a potential 1 Billion new customers as well as other emerging markets it may be possible…though I doubt it will all be this gen of consoles that makes those kind of sales…7th and 8th, most def.

      • China tends to do their own thing, regardless. They always has and probably always will sell cheaper knockoff versions of consoles more than the real consoles. It’s what they do. Though, you’re just counting the Chinese population here–not the number of actual gamers there. πŸ˜‰

  • RandroidRampage

    Hey Sony and Microsoft, I think we should all sit down and a have a history lesson.

  • GameChanger

    I have 14 of that 650 million.

    • I’ve owned every North American Nintendo console since the NES, short of Virtual Boy. πŸ˜€

      • GameChanger

        This is my 14:

        1, NES
        2. SNES
        3. N64
        4. GameCube
        5. Wii
        6. Wii U
        7. Gameboy (original)
        8. Gameboy Color
        9. GBA SP
        10. DS (original)
        11. DS Lite
        12. DSi
        13. 3DS
        14. Virtual Boy

  • I_I

    Nintendo in simple terms:
    The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.
    I think it’s suit Nintendo more than the hit man

  • Funny enough, Nintendo itself as a company is over 124 years old (founded in 1889), most of that time being a card game company, so in reality, they’ve been doing gaming (games of any sense) for more than a century now.

    • It’s no surprise to me of their rich legacy in electronic video form of gaming. Games is simply in their blood. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Nintendo is like the Hank Hill of gaming–they sell gaming and gaming accessories. It’s all they do and they do it with passion. Can’t beat that legacy.

  • Starfoxguy

    Suck it Microsoft!! Nintendo and Sony are really true gaming companies. The Wii U and PS4 are true gaming consoles. That entertainment center they call Xbox One has very little chance of making it big. Wait until the sales number come in. It will be at the bottom of the list. The Wii U sales will jump starting holiday 2013.