Jun 27th, 2012

Wii U models wiimote
Nintendo is considering offering multiple Wii U models at launch, some with included Wiimotes and possible games. That’s according to Nintendo France executive Stephan Bole, who said that Nintendo might offer additional Wii U models that include the Wiimote controller. This is because some people might not be familiar with the original Wii and its accessories, since the Wii U requires Wiimotes for multiplayer gaming. He added that while there have been over 200 million Wiimotes sold globally, it’s not guaranteed that future Wii U owners had the original Wii console.

Nintendo has been rumored to include a copy of Nintendo Land with the Wii U when it launches. The company showcased a white and black Wii U during E3, but it’s unclear whether both versions will be available at launch. Some have speculated that the black Wii U could be a “premium” version with an included hard drive. This could also pave way for Wii U bundles — consoles with games or accessories like the Wiimote and Nun-chucks. The Wii U supports all previous Wii accessories, including the Wii Fit Balance Board.

Nintendo has revealed several Wii U accessories so far, including a dock for the GamePad, a Wii U Zapper attachment, and the Pro controller. They’re likely to unveil more as we get closer to launch.

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  • Andrew

    This is good news more choices.

    • 3rd.Disciple

      GR8 ness has a new name, & it just… gets… Better!!!

  • swic11

    Well, since this has come from an actual executive, this is great. I am wanting the Black Wii U with the Internal Hard Drive, but I will get whatever I can. This is a smart move by Nintendo though, they can add a few things (wii motes/nunchucks) and make some extra cash.

    • Alienfish

      Internal HDD would be nice, but the article said ‘included’ so that would probably mean that it just comes with an external drive. I would personally just be fine getting one from Newegg or something. What they really need to do is change up those controllers and add some decent triggers. I’m really glad they did the clickers on the sticks (and the sticks) but that controller would feel so much more premium if it had that little extra input. Also driving games would be playable.

      If someone has a great idea on how to control the throttle of a car ingame without analog triggers please tell me so I can set my mind at ease. Sure, driving games usually have you holding down the gas pedal all the time, but a game like GTA V might require me to sneak up on someone in a car and I can’t see myself doing that comfortably by tapping a digital button.

      • swic11

        Well, I agree with the the controller needing analog triggers, but is the Wii U actually gonna get GTA V? And then in that matter, what about the Pro Controller does it have analog triggers? If so, Nintendo has rendered their own “selling point of the system” gamepad useless and obsolete

        • Alienfish

          I’m just saying that if they want to compete in the hardcore market they are going to have to make par before they venture into unknown territory. GTA V was an example, there are numerous other applications for analog triggers and they just don’t feel cheap like digital buttons do. I swear, wherever I go and talk about this mistake people give me hate. Why? Are triggers something people don’t want? Why wouldn’t you want triggers? … … ………………………….. triggers…

          • Cool Dude

            I agree with you 100% alien fish. No analog triggers was a huge step back by Nintendo. I really do not know what they were thinking especially when the GameCube had them. Real shame hopefully Nintendo changes this before launch. People who don’t want analog triggers on the wii u controllers need a hit in the head they only add more to the experience.

      • Brandon

        U cant race a realistic game without analog triggers! R they really not ? I really just changed mind about getting one cuz racing games r my fav (No kart games) And the only othercore gane I was interested in was zombiu besides project cars (Dont play AC and played the rest) Wow way to keep messing up. I really wanted wiiu to fix my prob of 5 redrings on xbox and hacked on ps3

  • Chupa-Chup

    This would be perfect. This would allow different people to get what they want so that everyone is happy.

  • Thrasher 1x

    when i read the title i was like, holy shit different hardware models YES!!!

  • iprino

    I am down with a premium bundle with HDD and a game. If not, I will get a HDD on Amazon. I would really like to have a game bundled in though. I already have wii motes and nun chuks, so don’t need those.

  • Paul

    yeah would love a wii u console bundled with pro controller and 40gb hard drive with 2 games for £300

    • Raid

      That is one unrealistic expectation.

    • James Bowserman

      All that for 300? That’s not realistic…

    • Bicyclicfiddle

      that would never happen, 2 games with all of that would not cost $300. I’m guessing the wii with the hard drive will cost $300, and the one without will cost $250. These of course would be without anything extra added.

      • Alienfish

        No, it would likely translate to $400 since Paul was talking in pounds.

      • Bram

        He says 300 pounds, so that means 468 $. In my opinion that quite reasonable.

    • Neonridr

      guys, he did say 300 pounds which works out to almost 450 dollars..

      sheesh, how come we have so much trouble reading? did we forget our grade 3 skills again?

  • Buzzeh

    Cool, what i want is a black with with the GamePad and Controller Pro,

  • Wii Uoops!

    Nintendo Land better be included with the system. It seems to much of a simple game, and would probably be a little to boring as an actual title bought separately.

    • swiftcashew

      People who played it at E3 said it is more complex than it seems.

  • Chupa-Chup

    I didn’t buy the wii, so I don’t have a wii mote. So a deluxe package with a wii mote would be perfect for me.

  • ck1x

    This would be really great news and I really want the black model so i’m willing to pay for it. A premium WiiU would be nice if it consisted of a 250GB usb drive, Bluetooth headphones, gamepad charging dock & Wiimote+ w/nunchuk.

    • swic11


  • You We Us

    I thought this would be essential. They need to offer one box with at least one Remote, to really drive home the fact that it still has all the motion gaming the Wii was famous for, plus another box with a Pro Controller to attract the “core” gamers. Including Nintendo Land or New Mario U with the first set, and some third-party game like ZombiU or AC3 would be a great idea, too. I don’t care as much about the HDD, but it would be neat to have a Nintendo-branded external drive sitting there.

  • david6

    This is promising, it would be good to have a casual version with weak cpu/gpu and can play 360 type games and then a more powerful console that can play both 360 games and next gen. games w/ ur4.(and that secret EA game being produced for ps4 720 and pc.) I would buy it if they could do that. And I would buy one with hard drive too. I already have wii motes, but just need 2 pads also. And i like animal crossing type online, very happy with some stuff, but ooh just an inch away from victory, still havnt heard bout unreal engine 4, back when they first said that we were all in. Different models very promising then can make everyone happy. ++++positive 😉

    • swic11

      Selling a console with different GPU’s? Not gonna happen. Its pointless.

    • Marq

      Having a console with different specs (other than HDD space) would be absolutely stupid and create levels of confusion previously unheard of in the video game industry. Imagine some clueless parent buying the cheaper version for a child, then whenever the parent or the child goes to get games, everything made after the first year is unplayable. The point of buying a console is so that you don’t have to worry about hardware and software requirements.

      • swic11

        I’m actually rethinking this. If they were to use a GPU that is pretty modern and “crossfire” compatible, then this could work. But Sell it as the “modern” version at the time. Anyone remember the expansion pack the N64 used? Same principle. Have an empty space in the console itself, and 2-3 years down the road, release the second GPU to double the power of the console. Now it wont be required, BUT just like on a PC newer games would run at lower resolutions/textures if you dont have the expansion. So In theory, Nintendo could future proof their system by adding the space for a “crossfire” type feature.


        • P$temperance

          they future proofed the wii and look what happened? we could have had Skward sword control in twilight princess, we couls had have Wii sport resort controls if the wiimote was a Wiimote + in the first place maybe it wouldn’t have been so overlooked, but that’s just my two cents, I still love and play my wii, and when this beast come out i will catch it and bring it home 😀

          • swic11

            The Wii was never future proofed, it was merely 2 gamecubes thrown together

        • Daemonrunner

          That really could work!

          Another possibility is that, as technology gets cheaper and smaller, Nintendo could add a CPU and GPU to the tablet itself – allowing developers to focus almost 100% of the system assets to what is on the TV (rather than the system dual rendering/calculating). I say almost 100% because it still need to push some information to the Wii U Gamepad, but not nearly of the same level because the Gamepad’s CPU/GPU would process all of that information. With the added GPU/CPU, the display on the tablet could be bumped up to 1080p.

          Also, since this would be something that comes later down the road, it wouldn’t be super expensive, either. As you said, this would just be optional and would allow higher graphical capabilities like the Expansion Pak.

  • Enigma

    They should have the Wii U PRO Bundle which comes with the gamepad and Pro Controller, lord knows I’ll buy that

  • jonny

    Its gonna be a BIG BOX.

  • Joey

    A good bundle would be the console (with the sensor bar and HDMI cables, of course), the gamepad, a wiimote plus, nunchuk and a game or two, hopefully Nintendoland & New Super Mario Bros U. IMO, that’s worth the $300 people are guessing it’ll be.

    • wirby

      Nintendo would be selling that stuff at a loss if all of it was in one bundle, which will not happen for $300.

    • Ninty fan

      It would be $400

  • DerikGotro64

    Id want to use the wii controller as less as possible on the U. Cuz its a new system and id rather use the gamepad and pro controller and use the wii controller for backwards compatibility. Can’t wait to get a black U 🙂

  • Drew

    Yes! More of a chance Nintendo Land will be bundled!

  • TopCat

    This would be an excellent move. When the NES was originally launched, Nintendo would offer a variety of packages to suit everyone and that certainly worked from both a commercial and business standpoint. For the Wii U, they should offer a base package with the ‘GamePad’ and then another with the ‘Pro Controller’ and WiiMote.

  • Daemonrunner

    I like the idea of bundles on first release! This is very reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System when it was released. I remember my dad got the NES Premium Bundle with the Light Gun, 2 games (Gyromite and Duck Hunt), and R.O.B.

    I would just like to see a bundle with a Wii U Pro controller. A New Super Mario Bros. U bundle is probably a strong possibility as well.

    Personally, I doubt they would do one with a hard drive. I could see retailers offer a discount on a hard drive with a purchase of a Wii U, but I don’t see Nintendo packing one in. Now one bundled with a 32GB SD card feels more like a Nintendo move – then again, they have been pushing this whole idea of digital AND retail versions of games, so I could be proven wrong!

    I have a strong feeling that Nintendo Land will be bundled with the system no matter what. I know we have only seen a fraction of the attractions, but I just can’t see them selling many copies of that unless it is bundled with a Wii Remote Plus or sold at a budget price. It looks like a great Wii U showcase; but unless you have a solid stream of local multi-player availability, it’s just not worth a stand-alone game price (unless the other attractions are mind-blowing).

    They need to sell a LEGO Cities bundle where the Wii U’s casing looks like it was built out of LEGO blocks!

  • Nintendo Gamer

    There should be a bundle with the console, the pro controller, and Nintendoland for $300

  • Nintendude3112

    Black wii U 🙂 i want it i have already 2 black Wiimotes and 1x nunchuck & 1x clas,Controller pro …. Im so excited And also waiting Zelda and metroid prime4 Nsmb U and Especially Black ops2. Black color Fits For everything 😀

  • xino

    doing this is pretty good!
    because it will target both hardcores and wii owners.
    Already the Wii U is already catered towards gamers who owns a Wii, so it would be advisable for them to own Wii U.

    But hardcore gamers who are skeptical about all these Wii stuff need to be sold.

    For an example I can foresee =
    Core- Wii U+Tablet Controller+Wii Remote bundle
    Hardcore- Wii U+Tablet Controller+Gamepad Pro
    Wii Owners- Wii U+Tablet Controller
    Family- Wii U+ 2 Tablet Controllers

    the only problem is trying to figure out the groups who wants to choose an ideal package, if they already own a wii or not.

  • Sour grape!

    Y cant nintendo let go of the whole wii mote thing yes its greeat for family and other players that already have it but its giving them a disaddvantage since there is no sticks or the other button requirement that the wii u has i say in probably3 yrs forget the wii mote and focus on the pro controller… PLEASE NINTENDO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    dude the tablit dude gets a different job than wiimote dude and im a hardcore gamer and i want the family version for the 2 tablits and THE CAKE IS A LIE i want portal 2 on the wiiu

  • Enigma

    Heres my proposal

    Wii U Basic: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad = $149

    Wii U Fun: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad/NintendoLand = $199

    Wii U Pro: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad/NintendoLand/Wii U Pro Controller = $249

    Wii U Family: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad/NintendoLand/Wii U Pro Controller/Wiimote Plus and Nunchuck = $299


    that cant be true the wiiu basic will be at lest 250 or more (most likely more)

  • Paul

    all i want from my bundle is 2 or 3 games, wii u console and tablet, pro controller and thats it and maybe a harddrive as i dont want none of these wii controllers