Jun 10th, 2012

Wii U new super mario bros
Wii U Daily were first to report that Nintendo’s first party Wii U games will be running in 720p when they launch, and now Nintendo has confirmed just that: first party titles will ship with 720p support only. Nintendo game designer Katsuya Eguchi said in an interview that he believes 720p is “sufficient” for the kind of games Nintendo makes, and that the company will focus more on delivering games at 60 frames per second, rather than focusing on higher resolution like 1080p. He said:

“At Nintendo we have different teams working on different games that take into consideration the resolution. If they think that by focusing on 720p and a certain framerate to get a certain experience, than that’s ultimately how they make their decisions. We might consider using 1080p, but, for example, if we want to get 60 fps, at a particular stage of development, it may seem 720p is more realistic.”

According to Eguchi, the resolution and frame rate depends on the team that’s making the game at Nintendo, and it seems they have a choice of what to focus on, whether it’s resolution or higher frame rate. The Wii U technically supports 1080p, as Nintendo’s recent hardware specs revealed, but so far we haven’t seen a 1080p game from the company. All of the first party launch games, such as Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, and New Super Mario U, will be in 720p. However, in the same interview, Eguchi confirmed that the Nintendo Land mini games will run in 60 frames per second, and it’s rumored that Pikmin 3 will run at 60 fps as well.

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  • Chris

    Well Ubisoft managed to get Assassin’s Creed III working at 60fps in 1080p so it seems to not be a hardware problem, sounds like the system will be tough after all even though Nintendo probably won’t have 1080p games anytime soon.

    720p Nintendo first party games is fine by me, 1080p would be nice but 720p still looks good

    • steven

      Where did you get that info? I can’t seem to find it. About AC3 being 1080p at 60fps

  • Miks

    Ok, WTF, Nintendo?! This better just be a cover up story, so that you don’t have to say: ”Oh, our launch titles will be 720p, because we don’t know all the tricks yet, but there will be 1080p games after a couple of months.”.
    I’m starting to question Nintendo’s attempt at luring the hardcore gamer back, 30 min. maximum lag time because of moderation, not THAT many developers jump on the Wii U bandwagon, and now you are saying that there won’t be 1080p games from Nintendo? Nintendo, you better make a good console, or else this is my last Nintendo console, it’ll be hard to let go of you, but I’ve survived without you a lot of times in the Wii era.
    This has been a comment from a very angry fan, that is starting to doubt Nintendo’s understanding of ”hardcore gaming console”.

    • Chris

      Don’t be worrying dude, Nintendo is only new to the who HD gaming thing and they want to start off small before doing anything drastic like making a 1080p game. The system will run at 60fps at 1080p like they promised, Assassin’s Creed III is running at that speed and its 1080p.

      So don’t be worrying, in the near future Nintendo will release 1080p games but for now they are starting off small

      • Miks

        We’ll see about that…

        • Miks

          Why are people thumbing down my comment that much? I just typed: “We’ll see about that…”, I seriously ment what I typed, we will see if it can hold up it’s promises. Sheesh, those kind of sentences aren’t always bad, mainly because I’m not a super villain that is planning a assassination on Miyamoto, God forbid.

          • Chris

            I think people are thinking your saying that the Wii U isn’t going to be as powerful.

            But I don’t see anything wrong with that, your opinion really

          • Neonridr

            Miks : it doesn’t mean that when a Zelda game comes along down the road or the next Super Mario game (a la Galaxy or 64), it won’t be in 1080p. They are merely saying that for these games they are creating, they don’t feel the need to have it in 1080p. I don’t disagree with them as the launch games really aren’t the “killer app” games like a Zelda or Halo or Uncharted, so I don’t feel the need for a game like Nintendo Land to be in 1080p since it’s basically just a bunch of minigames anyways. Ubisoft has shown that they can push the system as well as Rocksteady Studios. Relax, there will be tons of 1080p content as the system matures.

      • Dave

        Do any of you actually understand that there are hardly any games that run at Native 1080p on home consoles??? 99% of XBOX and PS3 “HD” games run at Native 720p and some Blue-Ray films run true 1080p if your TV allows it and if they say 1080p it is up scaled.
        And FYI 60FPS are you kidding me?? 30/40FPS if you have a low poly rate game probably looking at even lower seeing the spec of the wii U, its an undercut PS3.

        Its just such a shame that people think we play true 1080p games, goes to show how well they market HD 1080p!

        Look it up guys it will open your eyes, so to speak.

        • Mike768

          You do realize you are comparing the Wii U a 2012 system against systems that came out in 2005 and 2006. Nintendo is releasing a new system that’s only catching up to the current gen of console. Your mad they we are pissed about the Wii U is not being better or only a little better than current console. Yes PS3 and Xbox360 only run native 720p(again systems from 2005 and 2006) but when Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles Nintendo is gonna be way behind again. Asking from a company that is releasing a new console in 2012 to have 1080p isn’t too much to ask. Most people’s HDTVs today are fullhd 1080p TVs. If someone buys a 720p TV today its because they don’t know anything about technology and probably have there console set on standard definition thinking it looks amazing.

          • Adam

            Or because they want to save a little bit of money and can’t see the difference.

            I don’t see how you can claim 720p at 60FPS to be “catching up,” since most Xbox 360 and PS3 games running at that resolution don’t run at 60FPS. Never mind the fact that we’re comparing games which have benefited from 7 years of developing experience to games being developed on brand new hardware.

  • aaron banks

    to do the games in only 720p is less labour intensive for the production teams. not announcing the consoles true power deters the opposition from more agressive product development and delay there consoles.. the new unreal engine 4 may well be twice as quick to develop games, if wii u cant handle this then couple of years down the line ps and xbox librarys gonna be huge, nintendo will suffer.. i have only owned gaming products from nintendo for the last 21 years, this may well be my last if they mess this up and leaving gaming altogether

  • Giuseppe

    Every game, at the launch of a console, runs at low resolution. The same thing was with XBOX 360. The future games will run at 1080p/i.

    • Miks

      You mean that the 360 games ran 720p at launch? Yeah, but the Wii U is a next gen console, it should, in theory, run 1080p since the launch.

      • Giuseppe

        In theory, yes. But what we can do? That will be a choice by Nintendo.

      • Giuseppe

        Anyway, I agree with you.

      • Swic11

        Hell no they didn’t, they still don’t. The PS360 can run about 540p

        • Mike768

          Alot of games on 360 run at 720p but even if not. The Wii U is being released in 2012 not 2005 like the xbox. There isn’t an excuse for Nintendo not pushing the envelope with this console, and don’t say something about that screen controller. I think the controller is a good idea but as far as we all know its another gimmick. I hope not but Nintendo hasn’t given anything to us to deserve their trust lately.

          • Mike768

            Our trust*

      • Agent75

        Nintendo has got in first with the Wii U, but how will it hold up against the Xbox 720 and PS4? Will the Wii U be able to handle Crysis 4 for example? If the Wii U is on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3, you could say it’s current gen. Publishers are power mad these days. I think once the Xbox 720 and PS4 are out there, not forgetting the PC, I think publishers will only be able to get so much out of the Wii U, more so for shooters.

    • Chris

      Well Nintendo only confirmed that their games will run at 720p but Ubisoft has already said they are running Assassin’s Creed III at 60fps at a resolution of 1080p.

  • david6

    You know maybe they shouldnt cut corners, and litteraly there arent any corners on console.

  • goggy

    Who told you it was a next gen console?

    720p is fine for most games, you just read too much crap on the internet.

    • Miks

      Uhmm, because the Wii was a current gen console, and the Wii U is a next gen console.

      • Fvaco

        Depends on what you consider “net gen”. I really feel that Nintendo is making an update to their hardware to catch up with the current gen…maybe we’ll have a better GPU but without next gen engines or next gen titles, we’ll have a current gen console. As a Nintendo fan, I hope I’m wrong but I think that when Sony or Microsoft bring us the real next gen consoles (in about one o two years) third parties will focus in create games for them and they will forget Nintendo (AGAIN!) as we saw with Wii…as I said, I hope I’m wrong… 😀

        Anyway, Nintendo have a whole year to make agreements and close contracts with third parties and to present new IPs or fresh versions of classic Nintendo franchises

        • Adam

          1. the entire body of individuals born and living at about the same time

          Hate to burst your bubble, but generations are divided by time, not by other random metrics.

      • G

        um no the wii u is basically a ps3/360 with a tablet controller. thats it dude lol. it doesnt do blu ray or dvd’s even. thats not next gen, it cant even do the basics.

        • Draco Breach

          Cutting DVD and BRD means reduced customs costs, smaller hardware profile, and simpler circuit stamps. Nintendo isn’t out to make a home entertainment system. They’re out there to make a gaming console. They also want to cut costs to consumers as much as possible to pull in as much profit as possible.

          Those are not “basic” functions. They are added cost and overhead.

          • Mike768

            I just the like comment on Nintendo isn’t trying to make a home entertainment system when their first console were named entertainment system. Its true though I don’t care bout bluray and dvd but the Wii was the easiest to mod and to copy games so maybe the media route they went actually screwed them in the past. I know you can mod any system but its way harder for the 360 and PS3.

        • Miks

          Oh, so my Blu-Ray built-in TV is a next gen console, thanks for the clarification.

          • Neonridr

            why do you need the Wii U to play DVD’s? Tell me you don’t have at least one bluray player in your house and I’ll shut up. Nobody needs those features in their system because they either have a bluray player or a PS3 already. Adding in that functionality only raises the price of the system by having more components inside. Personally I want it to play games. Period.

          • Adam

            I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, but that’s because I need Blu-Ray movies like I need a hole in the head. All of my movies are archived on my hard drive, because collecting piles of discs is annoying and unnecessary.

            The technology geek in me will probably buy a small collection someday, but that certainly isn’t going to include a game console for playing them on.

  • Marco Aurélio Moura

    It would be great seeing a fresh MARIO GAME running in full high definition resolution (1080)

  • Miks

    Wait a minute, they had to lower the resolution for New Super Mario Bros. U, to get 60fps? Either, NSMBU is a bigger game than we all thought, or the Wii U might be underpowered. Nintendo, don’t do this to us, please, you promised so much.

    • Draco Breach

      I honestly don’t think Nintendo is ready to develop 1080/60p games. They’ve never really done it. It’s a lot easier to throw technical demonstrations together at 1080/60p, but a game is a lot trickier.

      As other posts have stated, Ubisoft has Assassin’s Creed III running at 1080/60p with GamePad functionality, so it’s not at all far-fetched to say the Wii U is perfectly capable of delivering.

      We also have to remember; Nintendo really didn’t throw out the best “eye candy” the Wii could handle until Retro Studios showed the world how to do it. Give Retro a chance to develop a 1080/60p game on the Wii U, and we’ll see Nintendo really try.

      I think the Wii U will do just fine. After all, developers have only had their hands on the hardware and SDK for a little over a year now.

  • DerikGotro64

    Start off small then grow as time goes on. People think this console is gonna fail but they never played it yet; its not even out yet! What difference foes it make weither its at 720p, 1080p or 60 or 100 fps!?!! I swear people are so spoiled with what they read and think! Its not the e nd of nintendo: its the beginning of a new era. A time to start again. Some of you people need to grow up and start acting like mature adults and enjoy the fact that nintendo is going through with this console instead of bashing it so early!

    • Draco Breach

      I think they also forget that the “underwhelming” 3DS is kicking the Vita’s butt =p

      I think people get a little caught up in rumors and speculation. Unfortunately, that is all we have until Nintendo gives full disclosure. They’re tight-lipped like that though, always have been.

      We also have no idea what developers are working on outside the “launch window” – which says a lot more to the future of the console. There are some developers still playing the waiting game, and many of those have already said they have an “interest” in the Wii U.

      I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and list future titles. I mean; Epic’s said so much with so few words that I just get the feeling that they have a surprise waiting for us. There are whispers out there that, when you listen close enough, you start to wonder if it’s a roaring wind muffled by time and space.

      • DerikGotro64

        I agree. Instead of speculating, we should all just wait till they put out the facts and we think of the good things the wii u will bring. Top-of-the-line graphics, awesome game line ups to look forward to and a 2 kick ass controllers. Its like a ps3 and xbox360 mixed with nintendo (just no dvd player but no biggie). How can you say no to that?

      • Mike768

        Are gonna start bringing up Wii sales too. The Wii sold a lot of consoles but a lot of people used it for a month and then put it on their shelves to collect dust. I don’t care for any of the handhelds but I hate when Nintendo brings up their sale of the Wii. They cost alot less at launch and people bought the gimmick. All Nintendo should have said is hey look at all the people we fooled into buying a Wii. Its just like when Sony was comparing the PS2 sales when Xbox360 came out. PS2 was priced at $150 to $99 when Xbox was priced at $499. BTW I like the Wii but i’m not kissing Nintendo’s butt this time around. Most people I know with a Wii beat one game or just played Wii sports for a bit and then never touched it again.

  • Lyonat

    I guess logic is completely over peoples heads at this point. Just because Nintendo decided to do this at 720p, doesn’t mean it can’t do 1080. Assassins Creed 3 is CONFIRMED to run at 1080p/60fps. I think a lot of these early first party titles are games to tide people over until Nintendo gets the next batch out. They need games to be done well and efficiently in the launch window. With that said do these particular launch games really need to be in 1080p. A 2d side scroller, a Wii Port, and Mini game collection. No, not really. When the new 3d Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero come out will I expect them to be in 1080p/60fps? Certainly I will.

    • Draco Breach

      Personally, I think Retro will give the Nintendo development house the first 1080/60p game =p

      After all, they were the first to revolutionize what the Wii could really do.

  • The Kid

    I’m sure 1080p games will follow pursuit. Assassins Creed 3 is running at 1080p & 60 frames per second on Wii U. Nintendo’s 1st party haven’t worked with HD before so it may take them time to learn the development process.

  • alienfish

    I totally agree with Miks and Marco Aurelio Moura. Pikmin 3 and Nintendo land running 720p, fine, but a Mario game isn’t exactly graphically intensive. They would do better to make simple games at maximum resolution.

  • Skozo

    Its not that the Wii-U is weak, oooh its very much more powerful than the past generation consoles; hell it would cost more to make it just as strong as the past consoles. Thing is, Nintendo is not used to having HD looking games and they need to improve and get used to it. Ubisoft can do 1080p because they are used to it so they can make it.

    It just takes time though, Nintendo isn’t full of idiots.

  • Miks

    Ok, upon further research, I found out that the 1st party games aren’t 1080p, because they don’t need to. And I agree, I see no reason to put 1080p on a Mario game, it would be wasted time, because 2D Mario games don’t really need HD graphics, it’s a 2D platformer after all. Though, I think Pikmin could have used some 1080p, but I guess it’s not THAT neccesary, probably because the art style is beatiful without 1080p. So I guess games like Zelda, Metroid, StarFox and F-Zero get 1080p?

    • david6

      Its not the 720p that is concerning, its the frame rate going from 60x to 30x with pad, its stopping nintendo from getting high profile games, unless the up it a little or devolopers down it a little.

      • Miks

        Nintendo have mentioned that games only drop to 30 frames a second with 2 pads connected, but even then it’s just *possible* not that games would always be 30 frames a second.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely disgusting.

    This is on par with 7 year old hardware – the WiiU should be delivering something significantly superior to the garbage the PS3 and 360 offer after this long a wait.

    All to cut costs.. Nintendo should have sold at a loss to compensate with better tech – then we’d have something that can at least last an entire gen, unlike the wii.

    • Draco Breach

      So we are not going to believe very easily available interviews with developers saying the Wii U is much, much more powerful than current generation consoles – namely the 360 and PS3?

      SEGA has stated, as hard fact, that Aliens: Colonial Marines looks best on the Wii U. They can’t praise it enough.

      I could go on (Ubisoft, Epic, et cetera), but I haven’t read through every single article I have found yet. With a few exceptions (annonymous almost exclusively), developers have said the Wii U is in the neighborhood of 50~100% more powerful than any currently available consoles (that means the 360 and PS3).

      The fact of the matter is simple. The 360 and PS3 cannot handle 1080/60p on games with a lot of stuff – like AI – running in the background. A lot of games use resolutions lower than even 720p in order to maintain 60fps and upscale later – either using the hardware or lab tricks.

      With the extra punch given by Wii U hardware, developers have room to work without gimmicks or quirks.

      • Matt

        No developers are saying its a “much, much more powerful system that current generation consoles”, they’re saying it’s a powerful system or that it’s on par with current gen consoles or that it’s about 50% more powerful than current consoles. I’d love that to be the case and I appreciate the enthusiasm but that’s just not true

        • Jack

          Yes they have. The GPU has been confirmed to be 1.5 times more powerful than the PS360, that’s 150% more. Also allot of anonymous devs have said that It’s much more powerful but allot have also said that it’s either on par or weaker. I wouldn’t trust them; stick to the facts.

  • Tommy

    OMG BASIC 2-D GAMES RUNNING AT 60 FPS, STOP THE PRESS, STOP THE PRESS! people, this is nintendo, dont expect crysis level graphics here, they are gonna be behind current gen with their “next gen” this console is for kids and families, as nintendo always have been, you want consoles for gamers, microsoft and sony got that covered, they earn 50% of the the hardcore side’s money each, you think nintendo want to go 33\33\33% on that when they can go 100% on the casual market? face it, we all grew up on sega or nintendo, but when we passed a certain age, they stopped caring and now theyre going after our kids

    • TheMaddMan

      I’m pretty sure that Assassin’s Creed 3 isn’t for kids and families, Mr. Microsoft and Sony fanboy.

    • Draco Breach

      I suppose that’s why Microsoft is scrambling to compete with Nintendo by introducing SmartGlass?

      • DerikGotro64

        Smart glass is a bonafide multimedia entertainment device.

        • Mike768

          Although I think most of smart glass is probably gimmicky. The remote control functionality of control you Xbox with you phone is cool. Another thing is its just an add-on its not a must have accessory so I don’t know why people complain.

  • wicho

    720p???… I think that fits for mostly HDTV users…
    (mostly people don’t have 1080p, you know -.- …)

    • Draco Breach

      Well, the human eye has difficulty discerning pixels beyond a certain point. The pixels might be far enough away from each other on a 42-inch or larger television for great to excellent vision to see the difference between 720p and 1080p.

      The big reason frames per second is far more important is simple. Not everybody sees at the same frequency. The human eye typically refreshes at 30fps – interesting factoid 😉

      Why, then, is 60fps so important? If you refresh at twice the average human eye’s refresh rate, you are less likely to refresh “out of phase” with your consumers. It looks a lot prettier to more people if your graphics card refreshes at a higher frequency.

      I other words, biology seems to play an important role in evolving technology.

      Personally, I like the visceral reality the Wii offers. If we add the Wii U’s new way to experience the game world, you have a recipe that’s already got me thinking and wondering.

    • Mike768

      Well that might be true but if so its because they don’t know anything about hd in most cases. I know a lot of people who buy the most expensive TV and a PS3 and the PS3 is set up at standard def. People who know technology tend to buy 1080p TVs. LCDS, Plasmas, and even LED TVs are so affordable now and are fullhd tvs. I have found and this is only opinion that downscaling 1080p to 720p looks better than 720p upscaling to 1080p so what the problem with them getting the most out of their games and people downscaling if the have to.

  • Rick

    The truth is: the majority x360 games are 540p, even when is 720p (some games are below HD like BF3 that runs at 1280×704) they run at 30 FPS (not every), there is no way to compare x360 with Wii U…

  • Dan

    The problem isn’t so much that you’ll have to play games at 720p rather than 1080p, there’s really very little difference. The problem is that nintendo is basically a generation behind their competition. It’s 2012, 1080p should be a standard, whether or not they’re making 2D kids games or whatever. The graphics are “maybe” slightly better than xbox 360 and ps3, but they’re at the end of their life cycles, the Wii U is coming out later this year. How the hell do they expect the wii U to do well once the next xbox and playstation come out? Getting a jump on the next generation will make them feel warm and fuzzy when they’re selling a bunch of consoles compared to xbox and ps3, but it doesn’t mean much in the long run.

    • Rick

      You say that the 1080p should be a standard, but even on PC, 1080p isn’t the majority of the screens. What the people aren’t seeing is that on Wii U the games aren’t below 60 FPS, and this isn’t a standard even (again) on medium PCs. I don’t understand the point here, when I think about this…

  • Agent75

    HD gaming has been out there for a while now, Nintendo joined in way too late. But Nintendo’s Wii U games at 720p is quite a poor move. All Nintendo’s games should be 1080p, even games from other publishers. As much as I like Nintendo, they’ve made too many mistakes, more so with the 3DS launch in the UK. The Wii U will be a great console, but I don’t think it’ll do as well as the Wii. But once the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are out there, publishers will ditch the Wii U.

    • Luinkman

      They said they are still new, and will move to 1080. They just need to learn how to deal with that. They are preventing bad games by testing the tech. First, before using the wii u’s full potential.

  • stugorna

    In all honesty I think Assassins creed 3 will run in 720p and 60fps but with superior lightning, textures and anti aliasing to the ps3.
    I want proof it will run in 1080p.

  • stugorna

    Besides it is very hard to tell a diferent between 720p and 1080p but on the other hand you will notice a huge different if the lightning, textures and anti aliasing is superior to the ps3 version.

    • Mike768

      That all depends on screen size. I have a projector and its screen is about 140″. 720p and 1080p are a big difference when it comes to pixel structure. I know having a projector is my fault but that’s why I want 1080p games just that much more.

  • wicho

    720p is standard for HDTV and max resolution for mostly TV sets, so the FullHD thing doesn’t matter… even with new antialiasing, “jaggies” will be the last thing you’ll saw on this console… I hope so 😀 !

  • Marmor

    Where does Ubisoft *confirm* that AC3 runs in 1080p/60fps?

    I think 720p/60fps with AA is more than enough.

    Sure, Next Gen will do 1080p/60fps in 2013/2014 but because it’s only thing MS/Sony can do to compete with Nintendo. Not deeper gaming experiences nor gameplay. Just graphic power.

  • McDaniel-77

    @Draco Breach: Don’t trust stupid rumors! Human eyes like yours will see the difference from 24 fps to 30 fps and 60 fps and 100 fps !!!

    Try it, you Steam > CSS > -console > sv_cheat 1 > fps_max 24 (30-60-100)

    As you can see, you have to activate cheats, to use 24 fps, because such a low framerate isn’t playable.

    Nintendo should focus on 60 fps in every game and should force 3rd party devs to focus on 60 fps as well. If the player wants 1080p instead of 60 fps in 720p, this should be the players choice.

    It is not possible to render good looking games with 60 fps and FSAA in 1080p without a the power on an actual PC.

    Wii U will cost 1/2 or 1/4 of what hardware will cost to run 60 fps in 1080p.

    PS360 couldn’t even handle 720p and 30 fps. That’s why Wii U is more than twice as powerful than PS360.

    • Draco Breach

      I have been saying that the human eye can see the difference in frames per second, but it’s mostly because of frequency matching. I do know what I’m talking about, and it’s not from rumors and speculation. It’s from actually working deeply with programming code, SDKs, et cetera. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that I know a thing or two about the whole programming process and the technology behind video games.

      The average human eye refreshes at around 30fps. It’s not exact because biology does not equal machine. The addition of adrenaline doubles the eyes refresh rate to around 60fps. This is some of the science behind video gaming that a lot of people don’t know. This is why the actual “sweet spot” is around 120fps – double the “doped” eye’s refresh rate.

      I have stated that the human eye finds it difficult to differentiate pixels beyond a certain point. Please go back and read my posts. When a human eye views a 42-inch or smaller television, the pixels are so close together that the human eye – at reasonable viewing distances – cannot see a difference between 720p and 1080p.

      I said pixels not frames per second. Trust me; I know better than to make that mistake 😉

      I do disagree that Nintendo should force anything beyond their Nintendo Seal of Quality. I think guaranteeing a game actually works is about as far as Big N should go. Not all developers want to work under the same constraints. I want to see the kind of variety developers can come up with. I have a strong feeling that several developers will opt to work with only the classic-stye controller in at least some of their games.

  • nucima

    God… I’m so disappointed. This was my only argument to buy a Wii U.

    Till now I had only Nintendo consoles. Have to say, the Wii only because I had just a Pal-TV until 2 weeks ago.
    But honestly, today you don’t even get a HD-Ready TV anymore. Full HD is a must have. And if it isn’t now, it will be in one or two years, when the console arrives.

    What more arguments are there, to buy the Wii U? The second screen will be just gimmicky in most games and makes this thing so expensive….. The nfc-chip: gimmicky. The wii remotes are just a compromise if used for racing games or like in SMB.

    I don’t want next gen Titles in FullHD 60FPS, but all actual games should work! Don’t forget that its still a half year or more untill the release!.
    And I don’t understand, why “experience” should help in this. They just have to let the GPU calculate twice or more of the pixels. In a low detailed game like SMB its absurd not to integrate that.
    My 7 Years old PC could do Crysis on high Settings and almost FullHD (well maybe with some fps drops). The hardware wouldn’t even cost 100€ if you buy it now, and the game wasn’t optimized for that!

    Btw.: Assassins Creed looks bad in my opinion. At least the winter scene, I’ve seen yet. Maybe the perfectly for the assassins grown branches just make the graphics looking weird, but in opinion even the first title looked better.

    The only game that makes actually want to get the Wii U is Zombi U. The Style looked great :D. It needs just a bit more difficulty. But think it was anyway the start I have seen.

    • Draco Breach

      Uh… Take it from somebody who’s played around with programming code and architecture. If you do not fully understand what the CPU and GPU can do, you will fail in fully utilizing the hardware. While Nintendo has kept some of the basic architecture from the GameCube and Wii, there are obvious differences between generations.

      If you look at PC games, you’ll notice something rather significant. They often list what architectures they are compatible with. In fact, most games install a small text file on your computer that has a lot of simple “OR” statements to insure compatibility.

      With consoles, this is easier. You always know what your consumers are using. There is no difference from Wii U to Wii U. It still usually takes years and dozens of games to really understand what a system is capable of and milk it for all it’s worth.

      As for Assassin’s Creed…not a game format I’m interested in. I’ll give AC3 a whirl on the Wii U.

      In response to Crysis, I’m not a betting man, but I am very willing to state that all three games would easily run on the Wii U. It’s up to Epic if they want to put that franchise on the Wii U, but they have expressed an interest in the platform.

      One last thing. “gimmicky” implies that either a) nobody wants to use it, b) nobody wants to copy it, or c) it only works in limited instances. These points can be thoroughly proven with a) developer interest, b) sloppy SmartGlass rush to market, and c) viability in a wide range of games and formats.

    • stugorna

      The winter scene is not from the Wii U version of the game. If you watch the Boston gameplay video wich is on Wii U you will notice that the anti aliasing, the textures, and the contrast between light and dark and so on is way beyond anything 360ps3 can handle. And if it looks that good, who cares if it’s ”only” 720p.
      Besides the 360ps3 version of the game will run at 30 fps while the Wii U version will most likely run at 60 fps.
      So, there seems to be more than enough reasons to buy a Wii U if you like playing high quality video games.

  • Alex

    awwwwww……. but i wanted 1080p zelda

    • Luinkman

      Probably not the first Zelda game, but Hopefuly the second one.

  • Annonomous

    Why do you guys think that what the system is running makes up the games, if you ark me it doesn’t matter. It the games that matter god dangit! I buying the wii u for its great titles and unique gameplay. And for you guys who think the xbox720 and ps4 will destroy it, think again. Microsoft and Sony don’t want to release them. They don’t want to invest in the next gen and don’t want to put up with the work. They’re giving the wii u the spotlight for the time being. They won’t release their new consoles for 2-4 years. And just so you you know, Microsoft put out a crappy rip off of the wii u called smartglass. There are several flaws with it such as it being a distraction and I’ll need a third hand to use it because it’s not a controller!

    • Luinkman


    • Mike768

      True but unlike the Wii you don’t have to use it. Either way the companies don’t give a fuck about us so bashing anyone of them and sticking up for the others is pointless.

  • Luinkman

    Dont forget, Nintendo is always the first to try new things. Ex. The wii! A few years later, ps3 came out with motion gaming. Then kinnect. Again motion gaming. Nintendo try’s new things. 3d gaming. I’ve heard, “it hurts my eyes” when in about a week, your eyes are fine. Nintendo always try’s new ideas, and they rock. Their ideas just get stolen by other consels. The wii u can be as powerful as the ps4/720. But it would cost too much. So they had to make it “less powerful”. I’m fine with 720p. In truth, gamers don’t care so much about graphics after the first 5 min. They care about the gameplay. The reason why the Wii was “bad” is because it was made for casual gaming. And the programming must be a killer to make. Not only do they have to make regular controls, but also include the motion sensor in compadability. It’s probably so complex, that they can’t make a ton of hit games really fast. And in truth, I would rather have a game last for 1 year before the next one than have one month. I save money that way. Sorry this was so long. I’m just tired of haters hating nintendo.