Jul 14th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:10 pm

First person shooterWhile Nintendo is determined to bring Call of Duty and other hardcore titles to the Wii U, the company isn’t interested in developing such titles themselves. Speaking to The Independent, Nintendo el Presidente Satoru Iwata said that the strength of Nintendo lies in creating games where people can play in the same room together. Despite the rise of online gaming over the past years, the company seems to be sticking to “offline multiplayer” quite a lot. Its upcoming Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U both offer offline multiplayer only.

But that doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t interested in online gaming. “We also have titles like Mario Kart that are heavily reliant on online and support online multiplayer. But you shouldn’t be expecting Call of Duty-like games to be offered from Nintendo”, said Iwata. He added that these types of games — Call of Duty-like titles with heavy focus on online multiplayer — are done by third parties who can do those kinds of games “very well”. He said Nintendo has no intentions of trying to compete with them on that front. Instead, they would like to invite the likes of Activision to bring their franchises to the Wii U.

That’s not to say that Nintendo isn’t doing first person shooters — the company made the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime series, and is reportedly working on a Metroid game for the Wii U.

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  • victor

    nintendo never done such games, why should them do it now?

    • .


      • Gamecube forever

        but they are not doing those games so they dont just want money.

      • NintendoMan :D

        Microsoft is the company that wants everything just for the money.

    • 3DS

      Then you’ve never played Metroid Prime.

    • Uh…

      They kind of have done a series like CoD it’s called New Super Mario Bros. They are milking the sh*t out of that.

      • srsly?

        They’ve made three Smash Bros games, spread out over three console generations….compared to CoD ever year…

        I’m kinda sad Nintendo won’t do a proper FPS. Red Steel 2 was great, and even Red Steel 1 had pretty good FPS action I think.

  • Vulture

    Thank god, there are enough shooters out there already, and hopefully this means that nintendo will be focusing on making new amazing original games instead.

    • Nintendude

      I completely agree. I also hope Nintendo makes a new IP this year.

      • gabe

        apparently Miyamoto is working on like 3.

      • Jarred

        Sorry for my stupidity Nintendude, but what do you mean be IP?

        • Vulture

          Intellectual Product, for example, Mario, Zelda and Pikmin.

  • trrainerblk

    Agree it be a threat to 3rd party if so cause like they say nintendo first party allways sell more then 3rd party & may scare off potential. 3rd party

  • Bob Singh

    At first when i read the title I thought it meant that Nintendo won’t get COD.

    • AcesHigh

      They’ll be coming to Wii U in droves. With the Wii U able to support Unreal 3, a scaled version of Unreal 4 and full CryEngine 3, publishers will be able to port from current Gen AND Next Gen! and for current Gen games for the next few years, they’ll as good on the Wii U at the very LEAST or even Better / with new touchpad functionality at best. AND it will support online multiplayer – just not by Nintendo. Like Iwata said, they ar emore than happy to let the companies with experience in this realm bring their experience to Wii U. That’s actually the sign of a very confident leadership team. They know what they’re good at and they know where others are better – so they’re not looking to try and best them. They’re saying, “just bring it on over”.

      With the breadth of superior content from 3rd party experts, 1st party content that only Nintendo can provide and graphics capability equal to or better than current gen for then next 2 years, honestly, this IS a “Super Console” like Wii Uoops!! below suggested!

    • Rawr

      Yeah the title was confusing. I hope they will bring cod or other games like that.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    Is that a real game? If it is it looks retarded

    • Joey

      You’re kidding me, right?

    • SanPharaoh

      Nah. It’s more of a statement.

  • Meelow

    That’s really good actually, if they create a really good FPS and out sales COD than Activision and other third party’s would stop supporting Nintendo because they wouldn’t be able to compete, so I bet third party’s are happy about this.

  • AwayToHit

    Good thing if you ask me.

  • Garzard

    Metroid with online anyone?

    • AwayToHit

      yeah…except that metroid prime hunters on the DS did that and it was abysmal. Cheaters in every matches 🙁

  • Man

    Nintendo would never do games like that because they use imagination and creativity to make games.

  • Wii Uoops!

    So Nintendo will still make its relatively casual games, while others will still make first-person shooters, and then there will be Super-Hardcore games, too? It’s like a Super Console with Super Everything! 😀 😀 😀

    • Marmor

      You make it sound as if casual games and first-person shooters are two different kind of games. 🙂

  • Draco Breach

    I’d rather see Nintendo publish a Metroid Prime style game. I don’t really care if it has multi-player. I think they tried that with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and I never used the feature – to the point I’m not sure it actually exists.

    I want to see them do something with Project Dread hinted at during the Metroid Prime trilogy. With Retro Studios developing.

    As for this news, I might just play some first person shooters in that vein if they use the GamePad smartly – scope, map, radar, general HUD.

    • Manzam

      Nah MP3 Didn’t have it, but even if it did, I’m sure it would go largely ignored anyway, so I get where you’re coming from.

  • Mateus Palamecia

    I’m glad SOMEBODY still sees the value in offline multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong, online offers quite a window of opportunity (especially with games like Pokemon and Mario Kart), but nowadays, I see so many games on PS3 and Xbox that only support online multiplayer, it’s kind of depressing. Whatever happened to just sitting down with your friends in the same room and playing a game together? You can see everyone laughing and smiling (and sometimes raging) right in front of you. Not to mention “online only” kinda screws you over if none of your friends have the same console and game as you.

    And I’m glad that Nintendo isn’t going to go for any sort of Call of Duty style. There’s just something unique and endearing about Nintendo’s first party games the way they are. I dunno, maybe I’d find those “realistic” style games more appealing if they didn’t use such dull, washed over color schemes or go with this recurring theme of “GUNS! GUNS! GUNS!”

    • victor

      exactly what i think. many online games, which are alright no doubt, but on the weekends my friends come over and we play some wii or nintendo 64, and i can tell, we have much more fun than playing any other game on pc

      • 3DS

        And Gamecube.

  • Leeroy

    Since when was cod hardcore?

  • Dustin

    Nintendo made multiplayer and first person shooters work on consoles with the N64.
    Everyone knows that their first parties just don’t make these types of games, but they used to have second parties like Rare and Silicon Knights that did deliver exclusive Western content and that is what they need to get back to. They need to reestablish their Western second party strategy to deliver exclusives.

    • SanPharaoh

      I agree with your comment wholeheartedly. I still wish they never sold Rare to MS. I can only imagine what KI3 would be like now.

  • 3dsguy

    I think all games should have online and local multiplayer like games on 3ds i live on my own and dont have friends round alot cos they stay at home on there xbox so nintendo land offline will be pointless for me it needs online

  • Paul

    lets leave the shooter games to the third partys

    i hope we here some news of dices battlefield game coming to wii u soon

    would love a test drive unlimited game on this console

  • Roger

    That’s a dumb move by nintendo, because M$ has halo/gow, P$ has killzone/resistance, nintendo need it’s own fps for the reason being that if 3rd party decide not to port those games to the wiiu or they are released late or lite version. Those players will go with the system that has them and it will have the effect of 3rd party not bringing their others heavy hitters to the system. Plus nintendo can show how a true fps can be done using the gamepad and not just a half ass done fps that doesn’t use all the system potential.
    Imagine if nintendo was to turn Retro into their own little Naughty Dog, where they can develop different types of game from platformer to adventure to fps without missing a beat. I want Nintendo to start expanding with new IP.

    • EvanescentHero

      While I see your point, I don’t think Nintendo should jump into FPSs without some idea of what they’re doing. I believe Miyamoto has an idea for one, but he’s working on other projects, and I think letting third parties take the reins, at least at first, is the right way to go. Retro is working on something right now, and Miyamoto even says Metroid would be amazing on Wii U. I wouldn’t be surprised if Retro’s project was an FPS, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Metroid Wii U came to fruition. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but in the long run, I don’t think the Wii U will be devoid of FPSs.

  • Jarred

    I’ve had an idea that’s been tossed around in my head for awhile now and since this is an FPS article I feel like I can share it here: What if Ubisoft redid the original Red Steel? I’d love that, an ability to use the Utablet or the Wiimote with HD graphics like when it was first shown. Terrific!

  • Iknow

    Nintendo will like they did black ops 1 mw3 and refliex

  • The Baconater

    What if Minecraft came on Wii U… the next time I would see sunlight is if I had an open casket the day I die.

    • EvanescentHero

      Minecraft would be amazing on the Wii U. I feel like its 360 release probably doesn’t have the precision of the PC version, and a touch screen version of the game would fix that. However, if the game took place on the touch screen, what would happen on your TV? I suppose that could show your inventory or a map of the area or even a third-person view while the GamePad’s screen kept you in first-person–the third person view granting you more awareness of your surroundings. Pressing up on the D-Pad or X wouldmake you jump. Tapping a block would start to destroy it, and tapping while holding L or R would place a block instead. You could move the GamePad around to look around or simply use the second stick, and the D-Pad and face buttons could be used to access things like inventory, map, etc. In Creative, ZL and ZR could be used to control flying. And it would all look so pretty…

  • link5

    I was kind of waiting to see what they were gonads with call of duty oh well there is a lot of shooters out there well atleast we have zombie. U


    at least give it a go

    if u dont like…dont do it…but try