May 29th, 2013


One of the most exciting features to come out of the last Nintendo Direct was the announcement that many of the demos playable at E3 will also be playable at several Best Buy locations across the country. By teaming up with Best Buy, Nintendo is bringing the best of E3 to its players. 110 Best Buy locations will be participating in the promotion, both in the United States and Canada. Games will be playable from 4pm to 8pm on Wednesday June 12th, and 1pm to 5pm on Saturday June 15th.

You can check the list of Best Buy locations participating in this promotion here. Will you be attending any of these events? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ernie Sanguyo

    woot they got visalia, CA yay 🙂

  • Robknoxious1

    Hmm my closest participating BB is about 1.5 hours away. Trying to decide if it’s worth it to me.

    • bizzy gie

      My closest participating BB is 2 hours and 4 minutes away.

    • The locations seem pretty sporadic, probably centered around population concentration. For example, the only one in my state is in a city that’s not the most populous, but is accessible to more than one state in terms of driving distance.

      • CapnCrumbles436

        They do seem to be stationed in the most populated areas that spread the coverage around the state.

        • Ace J

          there is only 2 states that have selected BB in the northwest out of 6 states not counting alaska. I feel like they could have done a better job with the selection process. I really wanted to try those games too. and i dont think they are in the most populated areas either

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Pretty much in the same boat. I’m in the US, in a fairly small state, and live in the capital city that is smack dab in the middle of the state. But apparently the Best Buys doing this promotion are at either the northern or southernmost part of the state. Very odd placement in my opinion.

      • Check the surrounding states for closer Best Buy’s. The only one in my state is in the northern half about three and a half hours away, but there’s another in a neighboring state closer.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, I live in the middle of my state, not close to any borders. The Best Buys doing this promotion are at the top and south border of my state. I did check though, and there is another Best Buy in the border of a neighboring state, but it’s not any closer.

  • WarioForever

    I live in Europe… *sniff*

    • I feel the pain. We Europeans are always stuck in the middle :'(

      • gamesplayswill

        *Starts sobbing in a corner*

        • DUNNY

          i guess nin doesn’t like us classy europeans

      • Leorio

        Seriously? Nintendo seems to have been kissing EUs ass lately(last 2 years or so)… they look like they favor you guys over NA. Special editions, games that release there and not here(until we complain enough) etc. I don’t see how this erases that.

        • Revolution5268

          thank you and most of the support that europe gamer are talking about support wii u never happen it did worst

        • Ugslick

          It has more to do with Nintendo UK vs. Nintendo of America.

      • Revolution5268

        you guys get everything that americans dont. mk 7 club rewards are one example.

        e3 is an american expo. gamecom is an europe expo.

        • Watch the language, please.

        • gamesplayswill

          BUT GAMECON ISN’T E3!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Metal_Man_v2

      It seems odd to me that Europe wouldn’t be getting similar promotions, considering Pikmin 3 comes out sooner there.

  • bizzy gie

    Yes! Wii U demo booths easily trump the PS360 ones! The display is a dedicated Nintendo one unlike the other two which use smaller, standard TVs made by other companies. The Wii U booths have better HD and more options outside of just demos alone (like explanation and accessories videos). This oughtta help move sales along especially if they (and I’m daydreaming right now) allow MK8, SSBU, and 3D Mario to be demo(able)!

    • jay

      The Wii U booths I’ve seen at Best Buy suck.

      They only let you see screenshots of games(No video) and only New Super Mario Bros. U is playable. Most the time the gamepad is off.

      Haven’t been to a Wii U booth in a month so hopefully things have changed.

      • bizzy gie

        I was basing my comment off of my nearest Walmart’s booth, but all of your concerns will change this summer.

    • CapnCrumbles436

      Every current WiiU booth I’ve seen (3best buys and 2 Gamestops) stinks. Rayman demo, and a bunch of short video clips. It’s been this way since launch. Sometimes they are even turned off. Hopefully this all changes come the week of June 10th. I’m ready.

  • DeedsGaming .

    i wanna know where EU support is :/

  • Nintedward

    So we’re not getting this in Europe ?
    *my reaction*

    • gamesplayswill

      Please don’t cry…

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      I want it!!!! 🙁

    • Desmond Lum

      I live in Hawaii, so I’m living in the U.S. and not getting this.

      *my reaction*

      • Nintedward

        Dude , get a boat!

    • Best Buy in Mushroom Kingdom

  • Guess I’ll need to take a plane to play some of those games T-T

  • Looks like there is one 25 minutes away from me…


  • Donnie4life

    There would be 3 best buys near me and none of them are gonna have the demos! I say do all the best buys or none at all

  • Jim Wanstall

    I live in the UK ,so please someone get some game footage , I beg you 😛

    • Nintedward

      If there is one thing Americans are the best at it’s video game media and coverage! They won’t let us down. Youtube and websites all over will fill with footage almost imediately.

  • Christopher Johnson

    no thanks i’ll save my gas

    • Tyler Read

      Maybe try public transportation?

    • jay

      Depends on what games will be playable. If Smash Bros. U is playable you better believe I’ll WALK to the nearest Best Buy!!

  • gamesplayswill

    Fuck England!
    Pack my bags Ashley K it’s time I moved to america!

  • Leorio

    Hell yea there’s one near me here in Phoenix xD DEFINITELY FREAKING GOING. I’ve always wanted to go to E3… I guess this is kinda the next best thing lol

    • That’s the one I’m heading to as well!

    • Ony

      I upvote you because of Gintoki.

  • JuleyJules

    Uh, Best Buy in Canada AND the US? Where are the Canadian locations????

  • Clel

    Visiting my family in France… could not have been timed more poorly ;(

    • Erik

      France? Well at least you are lucky for a Yoshi like you to go to France 😛 Wonder how fans there will react…

      • Clel

        I’m French 😛

        • Erik

          Ahhh French Yoshi 🙂 I really wonder how France look like… i only seen photos but never in person 🙁

        • Agent721

          Moi aussi je suis Francais, but I am jealous that im not going back like you! Bon voyage!!

          • gamesplayswill

            I just read out the first part of the sentence normally…
            I’m scared…

  • Sidney Majurie

    Woohoo! Only 25 minutes away. Maybe I’ll try to sneak a camera and post reactions on my YouTube channel.

    • jay

      hell yeah! Do that.

    • Aqua Team

      We will pay you to do that lol

    • Clel

      Yes please!

  • John Andalora

    Nothing near my area.
    Closest one is over four hours away…

  • majora :D

    goddamn, why this stuff only happens in the USA? sometimes nintendo just forgets the world has two hemispheres 🙁

    • Clel

      That’s funny, I thought the USA was in the Western Hemisphere and Japan in the Eastern Hemisphere.

      • majora :D

        i was thinking in northern-southern hemispheres…

        • Clel

          Japan is also in the northern hemisphere, believe it or not.

          • majora :D

            that’s my point, nintendo seems to think just of japan, usa, and sometimes europe, which are all in the northern hemisphere

          • Baconfat23

            Whist Australia is forgotten about 🙁 . Sometimes it’s really annoying living in Australia due to it probably being least prioritized. But E3 is an American event so it doesn’t surprise me its localized to their (and Canada)

          • Clel

            Oh, silly me. I get it now.

  • wober2

    No love for idaho :,(

    • gamesplayswill

      At least you have your potatoes, right?

      • wober2

        Then send our good potatoes to other states 🙁

  • 4 hours and 37 minutes is the closest one for me. 🙁 No love for Southern California!

  • wimpykid456

    Out of all the Best Buys in Illinois, they choose Schaumburg!? Definitely not an easy drive for Peorians.

  • My state isnt even listed XD

  • kenny Johnson

    How odd that they don’t eve have one near L.A. — where E3 is happening! Guess I’ll miss it. I’m not driving 3 hours to play some demos.

    • Agent721

      Oh come on Kenny… you mean you’re not driving up 4-5 hours to the middle of nowhere in Visalia??? I live in L.A. as well and theyve had good coverage in the past, so hopefully this is just a starter list.

    • Agent721

      They added one in Culver City.

  • PS4/WiiU

    There is no Canada, I checked the site, and it only says select a state
    . Which means no Canada. Even when i check the states, there are no canadian provinces. Why u no say truth to me

    • There will be 21 stores in Canada, but those have not been announced as far as I know. Just the US state finder has been revealed.

      • PS4/WiiU

        Good to know, Thanks

  • Madmagican

    Even though I live in Virginia the two best buy E3 is available at are over 5 hours away
    …guess I’ll start driving

  • GameChanger

    110 stores across 2 countries? If they didn’t want them at every location there should have had at least 300-400 stores.

    • CapnCrumbles436

      Look at it this way: At least they are doing it. This has never been done before. It’s a bit of marketing genius on their part.

  • Britton Smith

    Nothing in Utah, what a crock…

    • CapnCrumbles436

      If you’re near a border check the neighboring state.

    • Dahui

      There is one (Sandy).

  • Nintendofreak

    well like always a stupid city twice as small as mine get the thing but mine doesnt….follow the e3 demo on e shop movement support it post it…link it….like it…share it…n all that shit

  • Guest

    There’s one 25 min from my house…

    • jay

      NO BODY will be ready for the heat Nintendo will bring.

    • Sol Ridgeway

      I got one 20 minutes away in Kissimmee, FL.

  • Both in my area are well over an hour away… Oh well

  • Agent721

    These are terrible locations. The ones in Cali are literally in the middle of nowhere! Youre telling me Nintendo couldnt secure better locations??! These are farm towns!!!

  • Volkstimme

    Not all of the locations were listed right away– the first time I checked there were none in Wisconsin, but now they’ve added Southridge Mall, which really isn’t all that much better than Illinois, but at least we have no toll booths this side of the border.

  • gimpcell

    i am glad Austin is included. 110 is not impressive. I wish more could get a taste of the goodies.

    • Chris Heskin

      not impressive? the fact that they are the only video game company to do this EVER is impressive

      • gimpcell

        Well yes thats impressive. Just hoped people could get a piece of the pie times 10. However, yes it is immensely impressive for the industry.

  • di g

    oh come on i got like access to 4 best buys and none of them fucking have it! thats bullshit

  • Rade

    You may all want to note that it is constantly updating, I checked this morning for my state Utah and the state wasnt even listed, but I recently checked again and it was added.

  • Len Johnson

    This is going to be great. I think every one needs to go to this! Post on Facebook Twitter what ever! Nintendo brings E3 to your city

  • Jon

    it seems they left Canada out…. :S

    this makes me sad 🙁 at least I’ll get to watch the coverage

    ok, I see that there should be 21 in Canada but… they must have not been announced yet, I hope there is one near me in the Maritimes 🙂

    • andrewjcole

      I’m in the Maritimes too. Nintendo almost never brings anything there. Plus, there’s no best buy’s in my province. One of the cons of living on the country’s smallest province.

  • jay

    This is whack!!

    I thought it would be a week long at ALL Best Buys.

    No Best Buys near me will get it WTF?!

  • Pikachief

    You’d think they’d have one around LA :/

  • Aaron Bryant

    Dude there is one like three miles from my house!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • CapnCrumbles436

    Dang. It’s not at the best buy 15mins from my house, however it is at the one 30mins away. I’ll have to make a little afternoon of it. Me and my bros.

  • Ace J

    wow of all the damn cities in WA why would they choose lynwood? what about the people that live in Eastern or SouthEastern WA? thats a 5 hour drive. what about the people that live near Seattle? hell what about Redmond?

    • Shaise Mughal

      Redmond is where the Nintendo of America headquarters is, what were they thinking! I guess its by population

  • Ace J

    and why does Texas has 6 and my state only has 1? not fair lol….

    • CapnCrumbles436

      Texas is huge in terms of land mass, and it’s one of the most populated states. Where do you live?

      • Ace J

        i thought New York/Jersy and California were more populated then Texas. and Califonia only has 2 locations. i live in Washington

    • Shaise Mughal

      Because there are alot of cowboys! Nintendo dont give em demos they’ll throw dinamite at them. ( this is not intended to offend anyone )

  • Savion Tucker

    Nintendo…your loaded with money. Why couldn’t you find a way to make these games be at GameStop for people to play. I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure that you could have found a way to make it work. GameStops are more local.

  • disqus_bxZzrx0L10

    I live in Canada but the list only shows states?

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      Recheck it…they added a bunch of stores…added 3 to to Florida.

  • Ben Kapferer

    Hopefully, I’ll make it on Wednesday or Saturday (since there’s an event going on at the North Olmstead store). Maybe I’ll be able to get there early!

  • Aqua Team

    Mine is 40 mins away.
    Pro: I can play all the newest games during e3 for the 1st time!
    Con: The Best Buy will be PACKED!!!!! Maybe theyll have turns.
    Pro: gas is no problem
    Con: gas for 3 days, 40 mins there and back, thats a problem
    Pro: Wii U giveaways and luigi merchandise!!!!!
    Con: Might be all out if I dont get there early. Ok go early lol

    Ok Ive decided……….That I work mon-fri 2-10 and couldnt even go lol someone kill me 🙁 🙁

    Edit – Ok i re-read and i can go on saturday! Man Eff the rush ill just hav to be 1ST IN LINE!!! Anyone down to carpool? :p

  • disqus_8bLkQpoelI

    Awesome! There’s one within 15 minutes of my house!

  • miiandmario

    Really happy about this, I get to experience the games at e3 without going to e3

    • Cameron

      It’s good for everyone like me, I don’t have nearly enough money to get to E3, let alone stay for the convention

      • miiandmario

        same here

  • Cameron

    Nearest one to me is 10 min away. Aw Yeah! Bring it on Nintendo!

  • tronic307

    Nintendo should let us download these, along with the bird and Zelda demos.

  • Streakin-Cobra

    I love in the actual U.S. and I dont have one in my state. :’-(

    • Shaise Mughal

      Lol, I’m not sure there are any in my COUNTRY, I’m in the UK, are there any over here? I hope we get to download from the eshop

    • Aamir Islam

      You love in the United States? Me too!

  • Destructonator101

    Why do I have to live in Australia?

    • Shaise Mughal

      Whaaat! Australia is a beautiful country! I know alot of people who would want to move in Australia!

  • 150Db

    I don’t see any Canada..

  • Aamir Islam

    Yes! It’s in my nearest store!

    • gigantor21

      Same here. Can’t wait to try some of this stuff out.

  • Guhtere

    Closest one to me is just over 15 minutes. Seems like it’s good.

  • Winston Bradley Boz

    Why… Is Mississippi not in the list?! WHY?! T-T

  • helpo

    only a few miles from me 🙂

  • Josiah Parsons

    Guess I’m headed to Fairborn. 30 minutes away.

  • Ice Climbers

    Elk Grove? Could get there in 30 minutes. If only it was in Roseville, then I’d be able to get there in 5 minutes.

  • Only ONE in the whole of CT? I guess I can go to the West Nyack, NY one then! Hold up! Why would I go for a Wii U event at a Best Buy?

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    The List has been severely updated, they added three more for my state….MY CITY WAS ADDED…woot…recheck for you areas peeps.

  • pickyness

    I’m still confused as to why did they team up with Best Buy when Nintendo can simply release these games as demos on the eShop. Wouldnt it reach far more people than selecting a few stores to run the promotion?

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      The point of the promotion is to also get people who don’t own a WiiU to be interested. A demo for people that already own one isn’t going to sell units. Hopefully we’ll get access to them for a short time after as well.

  • Magiphart

    26 miles… Hmm…

  • Rage Train

    I am 30 minutes from the only Best Buy participating in my state so I will probably go.

  • JVAN63

    I counted about 90 for the U.S. That leaves 10 for Canada.

  • Luis Rodriguez

    I AM TOTALLY GOING!!! I live in Wisconsin and there is only one best buy that i live near thats available for this event!! 😀 I’m so excited.

  • Luffy

    Here are the best buy store location for Canada for E3!


    North York






    Calgary (2 locations)

    British Columbia: