Feb 11th, 2014


Nintendo have announced that they have ended their partnership with Stadblauer, who previously distributed Nintendo titles in the country. The announcement came via the General Manager of Nintendo Germany, Bernd Fakesch, who stated that Nintendo will begin their own distribution network in favor of using another third party.

At this point it’s not clear whether Nintendo will form a Nintendo of Austria branch in order to handle distribution, or if these duties will fall under the umbrella of Nintendo of Europe/Germany. No specific reason was given for the dissolution of the partnership, so we don’t know whether this is because distribution of Nintendo titles in Austria was poor, or if the third party was charging too much for the services offered. Either way, this is likely good news for Nintendo fans in Austria.

[via NeoGAF]

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  • Simon Stevens

    That is so beautiful, I wanna live there now

  • wiiucompl

    Cool news

    About new distributor for POLAND:ConQuest
    [part of answer to my email]

    We are distributor of Nintendo in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and will start distribution in Poland and Hungary from March.
    First of all we have to get Nintendo products (complete range) to the shops, so we start negotiations with customers now.
    Next step is providing service, Nintendo promotion, communication with polish media, journalists and fans.
    According my opinion first changes will be seen at the end of March.


  • val berger

    The reason might be, that this partnership SUCKS! I know that even if you’re working at a very popular magazine or newspaper, asking them if they would support you with anything for testing purposes and you’re gonna write about Nintendo, they just don’t care at all. It’s seriously messed up. No company in this industry is so hard to reach like Nintendo (here in Austria)
    Sony, EA and Ubisoft are doing the complete opposite, spamming with like everything journalists could propably write about, only Nintendo is a real pain in the ass when it comes to any support in terms of marketing. And I’m not just talking about free games, that’s not what this is about, this third party just doesn’t care about their customer as well as their client at all. I’ve been already cheering as these news aren’t too new 🙂

    • Glad to hear this seems to be for the benefit of people in Austria.

      • val berger

        thanks ashley. until now, Nintendo was hardly present anywhere here. maybe it’s been too much to ask from such a company but they really did an awful job. Even considering that Europe is generally quite a difficult place to sell your brand as every country is completely different to one another. STILL, it only can go up from now on.

  • Robin

    I come from Germany and the news is rather old: Firstly, it was already stated that Nintendo opens a seperate branch in Austria and it is a fact that there were no real conflicts. Stadlbauer explained that the friendship remains and that they will continue to sell Mario toys (eg. models of Mario Kart-cars).

    The only problem is the fact that these reports are not yet translated to English.

    Secondly, there is no difference between Nintendo Germany and Nintendo of Europe because NOE’s headquarters ARE in Germany. Therefore, you could also ask if Reggie was the COO of Nintendo Washington or Nintendo of America… 😉

    I recommend to update the article properly 🙂

    • Thanks for the information! I realize the news may be old for German speakers, but for English speakers this information is just coming out. I’ve updated the article mention of Nintendo of Europe. 🙂

      • Robin

        No problem but -as said- we do already know that there will be a dedicated branch in Austria 😉

        Source: http://www.ntower.de/News/31507-Nintendo-of-Europe-er%C3%B6ffnet-neue-Zweigniederlassung-in-%C3%96sterreich/

        German: “In Österreich sind Nintendo-Produkte bisher immer durch die Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH für Nintendo of Europe vertrieben worden. NoE gab aber heute in einer Pressemeldung bekannt, dass die Zusammenarbeit mit Stadlbauer am 28. Februar 2014 beendet wird, da Anfang März eine eigene Zweigniederlassung im Großraum Wien die Tore öffnet. Die neue Niederlassung übernimmt dann das gesamte Marketing und den Vertrieb aller Nintendo-Produkte in Österreich und wird regelmäßig Bericht an Nintendo Deutschland erstatten.”

        In English (I try to translate properly): Nintendo products in Austria have been distributed by Stadlbauer Marketing+Vertrieb GmbH. As Nintendo of Europe announced today, this distribution will stop by February 28th, 2014 because Nintendo is going to open a dedicated branch in Vienna by March. The new branch will be responsible for the marketing and distribution of all Nintendo products in Austria. It will also report back to Nintendo Germany frequently.

        Ultimately, I don’t care who distributes the games as long as I can continue playing all the amazing Nintendo first party titles 🙂

  • Petri

    They should assume whole EU.
    But maybe they’re just not big enough…

  • Albert Bucca

    Excellent news! Welcome, Nintendo – and I REALLY, REALLY hope that this move will help improve your marketing here. Which, I might add, seems to be largely responsible for poor Wii U sales so far.

  • Mario

    I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

  • I knew a long term Nintendo customer in Switzerland who abandoned Nintendo a year or two ago because of issues with the third party distributor. He didn’t consider their service up to scratch.

  • X3Charlie

    I thought it said Australia at first.

  • Rinslowe

    Sublime Austria 🙂

  • Tropeo

    Sorry but your assumption is completely wrong. Nintendo of Europe is NOT equal Nintendo Germany even if both are in Germany. They are two different companies with their legal aspects and it does not matter if they share the same roof.

  • PaulRuddsHair

    Is this a picture of a flooded town in Austria??

  • Rick Valenta

    Oh Austria huh? Well…..why don’t we throw some shrimp on the Barbie!?