Mar 11th, 2014


Once again this year, Nintendo will be attending Gamescom, the biggest video game trade shows in Europe, which is often considered something of a European counterpart to E3. This year the event will be held from August 14th through the 17th in Cologne and several major publishers including Microsoft, Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA will be represented there.

Nintendo attended last year’s show as well, where they had won a few awards. We got previews of games like A Link Between Worlds, Professor Layton, Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario 3D World.

For some reason though Nintendo skipped the 2012 show. Despite this, we still managed to get some Nintendo news out of the show; with previews of Wii U games ZombiU and Rayman Legends being shown at the event.

So, what do you think Nintendo will be showing off this year at Gamescom? What games will we see any new information on? Hyrule Warriors? X? Sonic Boom? Do you think they’ll be any new game reveals? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

You can see more about Nintendo’s booth and other information here.

[Source: Gamescom]


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  • jjbredesen

    In other words we will get a Zelda U demo! and we will get the release date of Smash?

    • HungryMetroid

      Zelda probably won’t happen until june, but fingers crossed for a smash bros release date.

      • peeer

        This gamescom event is scheduled for August according to the article by the way. I’m assuming you are refering to E3 when you say Zelda won’t happen until June. What jjbredesen said about Zelda U Demo at gamescom could still be possible if Zelda U is revealed at E3.

        • HungryMetroid

          my bad for not fully reading the article

    • Ryan F

      I’d wager a full Zelda U reveal won’t take place until Hyrule Warriors is out for about 3 weeks. They might tease it at E3 or elsewhere, but I’m pretty certain we’ll get some full-on Zelda U press event/direct outside of E3.

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah, but Aounoma did say we will get to see it at E3, he promised me! So i think a teaser would be realistic.

    • Ducked

      Your thinking two months early. A game as big as Zelda U won’t have a demo until E3. If I’m wrong then I’ll change my disqus name.

    • David Horowitz

      Yeah, Nintendo said that Zelda U would be an E3 topic.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      and hopefully be shown a new game altogether.

    • Jon

      Doubt it, They’ll save Zelda for their bigger conference at E3… I hope they do a press conference this year and don’t do the same as what they did last year.

      • jjbredesen

        You misunderstood the comment, i said they will show a demo at GC, not that it would be revealed there, Aounoma has already said it will be revealed at E3.


      They’re saving that puppy for e3. Unless you meant Hyrule Warriors

  • matt

    I think they will have another 3 courses of Mariokart8 at 150cc,show more X,let people play a new level or the same one of Bayonetta2,i also think they will show a new game…….

  • Magnus Eriksson

    We will see a Metroid U demo, Star Fox U demo, F-Zero U demo, a Zelda U demo and a playable version of Smash Bros. Or more Mario Kart and Donkey Kong…

    • jjbredesen

      MK8 and DK will be out so don’t worry we are safe unless they announce MK9 at E3 and then MK10 next E3 etc. πŸ˜›

      • Ducked

        Donkey Kong Country Tropical Heat!

        • jjbredesen

          lol, Oh god now, i guess after that we will get Donkey Kong Country Cranky Kong returns!

          • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

            Their big announcement this time is Kranky Kong unlockable in Mario Kart 8

          • Asturias_Knytt



      • MetroidZero

        You know the rules! One Mario Kart game per console! πŸ˜›

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah, but if EA and Activision can do it why not Nintendo, Mario Kart 14, Mario Kart 15 etc.


    • Ducked

      Put “2D” in front of all of those titles lol

      • Asturias_Knytt

        or ‘NEW’

    • MetroidZero

      If Nintendo actually did that…

      It’s probably going to be a 2D Platformer or something of that sort.

      • jjbredesen

        And seing how 8bit games are trending you can add 8bit graphics XD

        • MetroidZero

          That wouldn’t surprise me lol

        • Ghost8484

          wat do u think nintendo should do in the future that will help them get a fanbase back that they havent had in years. i mean is 3rd party reallly that important. if so why?

          • jjbredesen

            Well, i will try to keep this short lol:

            The reason 3rd party support is important is, because it helps fill in the gaps between 1. party titles, and gives people looking to buy a Wii U, more games to look forward to and another reason to buy the system. Some people only play 3rd party games, so having stuff like COD and FIFA will help the system sell, even if the games are crap people still buy them.

            Nintendo has got a great library, but they can’t support Wii U on there own, because if they don’t get any big 3rd party games, Wii U owners miss out on some great games that become exclusive to Xbox One and PS4, and that could be one of the most important factors in deciding what system to buy. So 3rd party support is extremely important if a system wants to do well.

            If Nintendo want to regain there fanbase they need to work on a lot.

            First thing they need to do, is explain why you should buy a Wii U, and make sure consumers understand what it is, still people that think its a Wii add on. Then they need to fix there marketing, they have gotten better but they need to show of Wii U during prime time TV, in the brakes of big series, Super Bowl, AGT and other things where a lot of people are watching. Once people are aware of the system, they need reasons to buy it, and thats where the messaging part comes in, the need to explain why the gamepad is fantastic and what it can do, and why it makes the system different and superior to the competition. once the public knows what Wii U is, and what makes it special they need some reasons to buy it, because just having a unique controller will not cut it, thats where Nintendo’s fantastic library of games come in, they need to show of all there games in adds, BUT also show that the system has games such as COD that can be played in a unique way compared to PS4 and Xbone.

            Once they have done that, the gamers will like what they see and hopefully buy the console if there are enough games. But before they do that, a lot of them will look at the online, Nintendo has gotten a lot better, but there online experience needs to be on par with PSN and Xbox Live, so that last gens gamers don’t feel like its a compromise. To do this they need to get more VC games out, improve loading times, get more games on E–shop add party chat options and get just as much or more futures than there competitors. Once that is done the hardcores will be onboard, if they like what they see. Next step is the casuals, and since the adds have explained what Wii U is, they need a reason to buy it, and thats where they need the Wii strategy, they have the Wiimote etc. So they just show them Wii Sports club, Wii Fit U etc. And show why the upgrade is worth it plus show them something new and they will want the system, since Nintendo has Mario etc. They can reach a wide audience with there games. Then get some sort of crossplay going between 3DS and Wii U, make Nintendo Network a bit better, and show of stuff such as Miiverse, and everyone will want one.

            They need to get out games such as Star Fox, F-Zero and Metroid to get fans from the gamecube era back, and other old Nintendo fans, so that they can use the nostalgia trick to get just about everyone.

            Last they need to teach devs how to utilize Wii U’s architecture so games can be closer to the PS4 and Xbox versions, see my other posts on specs etc for more info on that subject.

            And that sort of all they need to do.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      Wow, you’re optimistic for once ! A man can dream, I guess…

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Cant be an asshole everyday. I need to let you guys rest once in a while πŸ™‚

        • Peter Lythaby

          You are too thoughtful Magnus

      • Asturias_Knytt


    • Daniel Gonzalez

      No Tingle Demo?

      • WolfgangAmadeusMozart
      • Ghost8484

        do u comment whenever magnus comment?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Do you comment whenever I comment?

          • Ghost8484

            really? u dont have to get personal i just asked. this my first time speaking to u on here.u seem like u make good points about stuff u talk about. i didnt want to see u as a nintendo troll and then say u giving them tough love because of there decision making. its like u go at people who u think treat nintendo like gaming gods.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Sorry. Not sure if you were asking that to cause some kind of comment war or genuinely asking. Wasn’t meant to come off as offensive.

            As for going after people. Nah, not at all, it’s for the most part the opposite. I just enjoy annoying fanboys by making outlandish comments which in some cases, tells me who the diehard fanboys are. Overall, I just like to be sarcastic, which is something Magnus and I share.

            As for Nintendo in all honesty, they have done some good by doing some advertising, but their commercials to me, have been lacking. A lot of them just come off as cheesy. That is something they need to work on. Third parties is a tough one for them due to their rep. Plus with third party games selling poorly, I believe most are going to look pass the Wii U and stick with PS4 and Xbox One this gen. Nintendo will be fine on their first party, but just won’t be the system to go to for a combination of 1st and 3rd party.

            If you or anyone wants to consider me a troll, then by all means. I like adding a little diversity and character to the site, despite the dismay of others. As long as people can talk to me with without the insults, I’m pretty easy going. πŸ™‚

          • Ghost8484

            sorry for commenting to u. have a good day.

      • iamserious

        Why was tingle ever made that way!?!

  • e3 is better

  • mar laguna

    Maybe retro’s new game maybe I hope it’s star fox

    • Ducked

      How about a new Metroid

      • mar laguna

        Well I was sure it was metroid but a recent interview with retro said that they would love to work with another metroid being that they are already doing a new game so maybe, maybe not i really don’t care I love both of them

        • Ducked

          Maybe their hiding something

          • mar laguna

            Yeah who know’s maybe metroid, starfox or another game who know’s bro

          • Ducked

            In some ways I’d prefer Star Fox over Metroid just because we haven’t seen one since the GameCube. Even though I enjoy Metroid more.

          • mar laguna

            It’s just that we need a starfox in a home console It’s time and we know that we will have a metroid so we need to have starfox cause I dont think we will get a F-zero so Starfox I hope

  • Capt. Smoker

    I have a feeling they have a big jrpg up their sleeves to unveil, a jrpg that isn’t X, it’s only a hunch though, but it’s about that time on the calander for them to pull something like that out of the bag πŸ˜€

  • peeer

    “So, what do you think Nintendo will be showing off this year at Gamescom? What games will we see any new information on? Hyrule Warriors? X? Sonic Boom? Do you think they’ll be any new game reveals?”

    The answer to this is quite obvious, since its going to happen after E3… Their going to show pretty much the same stuff they will show off at E3 with few extra tides and bits. Its safe to assume that Nintendo is going to reveal new games at E3 so those will be shown at gamescom with few more images and details pretty much. The rest of the other games that still needs a specific release date to be announced will be revealed too in both these events with more images and details.

  • Ducked

    Nintendo better have a big E3 conference this year unlike last year.

  • Ryan F

    Maybe we’ll finally see Fire Emblem U

    • Kevin James McAllister

      That would be awesome. Never was interested in Fire Emblem as those games usually don’t appeal to me, but after Awakening got such great reviews, I downloaded it. It was so good. I was working at the time as a bouncer at a bar, and on slow days I’d play Fire Emblem while keeping an eye on the patrons. So fun.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Yeah the crossover with Shin Megami Tensei would be more than welcome at the show.

  • MetroidZero

    As much as Nintendo had their reasons for not being at E3 last year, they better NOT think of not showing up this year. Nintendo Directs are good, but it lacks in overall publicity. The Wii U needs ALL the publicity it can get.

    Show it off, Nintendo. Force people to change their undergarments this summer after your E3 presentation.

  • belbobagins

    Hopefully some news on zelda u

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      We will be seeing Zelda U earlier at E3 anyway.

  • Blue Hernandez

    Sonic Boom! with more dubstep though πŸ˜›

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Oh please no

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Let’s see what they present at this year’s Gamescom.

  • Well as nintendo has showed new trailers of the same games for 1.5 years now Nintendo will probably show a new trailer for X, A new monster in Bayonetta 2 and tell us both Bayonetta 2 and X are being delayed to 2015 to “polish” the games and give a release date for smash brothers set to December 18th 2014… owh and a new trailer for Hyrule Warriors showing a big Octoroc. (being sarcastic here)

    I think E3, Gamescom and that event that is somewhere in may pre-e3 could be pretty interesting for Nintendo, atleast I hope so…

  • Carlos Webster

    I hope Money$oft gets last place.

  • crocodileman94

    Cranky Kong for SSBF!

  • David Trail

    F-Zero FX…

    We had X, GX I think FX is a cool name for F-Zero

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t rule out a remake of Super Mario Sunshine for 3DS.

    If you look at Nintendo’s handheld history they have a record with Mario remakes.

    Gameboy Color:
    -Super Mario Bros.
    Gameboy Advance:
    -Super Mario Bros. 2
    -Super Mario Bros. 3
    -Super Mario World
    -Yoshi’s Island
    Nintendo DS:
    -Super Mario 64 DS

    The next game chronologically in line is Sunshine.

  • Asdf

    Actually, it’s the biggest video game trade show in the WORLD.

    • asdfg


  • Asturias_Knytt

    Nintendo will make some irrelevant QOS presentation and show some footage of Hyrule Warriors. People will give even less of a shit about Nintendo and the Wii U than ever before.