Sep 17th, 2013


At this year’s Eurogamer Expo in London, Nintendo is planning on showcasing several major indie titles for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The expo will take place between September 26 to September 29 and will include a host of new games that are playable on both systems. Here’s what you’ll be able to check out if you’re headed to the expo this year:

Wii U

Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut
Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails
Knytt Underground
Coaster Crazy Deluxe

Nintendo 3DS

SteamWorld Dig
Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse
Retro City Rampage
Putty Squad

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  • Marcus Navarro

    Where’s Cryamore?

  • I like the idea of Nintendo being the home for indie devs. (next to steam, of course..) I hope they continue to build this image of indie friendship

  • nintendope

    Come on!! Volgarr the Viking!!, I need that for my Wii U, its awkward playing it on my computer, bring that or i’m gonna riot !!!

    • nintendope

      Now.. why would i get a downvote?…

  • DeedsGaming .

    Really really want Q.U.B.E

    • It’s a great game. I’ve played through the PC release and the Wii U release is supposed to be even more refined.

      • DeedsGaming .

        I’m soso glad 🙂

  • YogiGRB

    Looking good for my WiiU 😀 …. not that good for my wallet though ;-P

  • Marcus Navarro

    Any of you that never played Q.U.B.E. before- COP DAT SHIT! Like WWHD, I will be buying and playing it again to experience it on the Gamepad.

  • Louie

    Q.U.B.E looks interesting, I may get in in the future.
    On the topic of indie games for Wii U, a long time ago ‘Oliver and Spike: Dimension Jumpers’ was announced for Wii U, the game caught my attention but I haven’t heard anything else of it. Does anyone know if its still in the works?

    • Kyle

      I’m with you bro, I never forgot that game after I first saw it. So colorful, and shiny *-*. Sadly people are saying the game is only being released for PC, and has no date yet.

      • Louie

        I hope it isn’t true.

  • JeanPaul

    Am I the only one who doesnt care much about indie games? I mean they are great but I don’t think they are as important as any of the big three are making them out to be…

    • Arthur Jarret

      They will be.
      With the rising cost of making video games up to todays standards, a quality full retail title needs to sell millions of copies to even break even.

      Multiple studios have already gone bankrupt last year due to the failure of a single game. It isn’t uncommon to see sale targets higher than 5 million. With the next generation of consoles this target will only rise further.

      Indies – or games by smaller faux-indie teams (like the now-reduced 15 man Criterion team at EA) will allow studios to experiment, to bring games in shorter time with less bloated budget – using ‘out-of-the-box’ features of the engine the game uses instead of pushing milestones.

      I think the amount of big budget AAA games next gen will be half the amount of AAA games we had this gen. To compensate, indies will increase (and since a team of one AAA game can make 50 indie games in the same time, it will increase A LOT – you know, all those people in the games industry still need to keep employed.)

  • Matt

    I’m looking forward to seeing Tegami.
    David Wise is doing the music for that game and I would like tto see how it goes.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Retro City Rampage isnt coming to Wii U? wtf?!?!?!?!

    • Arthur Jarret

      Get it from the Wii Shop within the Wii menu instead.

  • Ganjabriel Del Campo

    Eh??? What are those games ??

  • val berger

    Just because there are Indies devloping for WiiU doesn’t mean, the support is really great. Tengami looks really beautiful and I think I’m gonna buy it, but I think there could be far more done here. The WiiU isn’t that new anymore and indie support could have already been something natural not worth mentioning if there are five (?!) titles on some future release list.
    I’d really love to see the WiiU being the one and only choice to play indiestuff, but at the moment it’s more like ‘ah…there’s dropping an indie game in the estore from time to time … let’s hope there’s gonna be something in for me one day’
    As Indies are usually far more into trying out new mechanics and using a systems technology in all sorts of superwicked ways, it would be awesome to see more support here, as they could give huge studios some advice of what can be done.