Nov 29th, 2012

New Wii U owners had to go through some trouble first time they booted up their console. A lengthy day-one update had to be downloaded, which in some cases took hours. And if the player got impatient and turned off the Wii U console, it would completely “brick” the device, making it useless.

That’s a serious design flaw in the hardware, and Nintendo is aware of it. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata apologized for Nintendo wii u logothe issues. “Personally, I think that users should be able to use all the functions of a console video game machine as soon as they open the box,” Iwata said in an interview with IGN, adding “So I feel very sorry for the fact that purchasers of Wii U have to experience a network update which takes such a long time, and that there are the services which were not available at the hardware’s launch.”

Iwata also said that Nintendo isn’t looking to mirror Xbox Live or PlayStation Network with the Wii U’s online features. Instead, Nintendo wants to do something new with the Wii U. One of such things is Miiverse, as Iwata pointed out, which sets Nintendo apart from the competition.

The Wii U launched in North America on Nov 18 and sold over 400,000 units during its first week on the market. It launches in Europe tomorrow (Nov 30), and on December 7 in Japan. Hopefully Nintendo has corrected the issues so that European and Japanese Wii U owners won’t have to go through such a lengthy day-one update.

Source (via Wii U Forums)

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  • Nik


    • Gillian Cabrera

      Mine does too when I’m playing Black Ops II

    • beerkin

      Seriously? How often?

    • Seth S. Scott
      • prettypinkpanacea

        Thanks for this link and interesting read. I am in Australia and going to pick up my wii u today. I know the first thing I will be doing when setting the wii u up is setting it close to my router in anticipation of this download. If I have any freezing issues, I will definitely take on board what you have written.

  • Laud

    I knew it! We were the beta testers! Dun dun dun…

    • drew42o

      I thought that all the systems were manufactured at the same time and they’ve been sitting in a warehouse awaiting distribution to retail outlets and websites. Thus, they are getting the same network update on day 1 on a Wii U that just has a different language pre-picked and different app availability. 

    • Night0fCore

      We didn’t even know it! We were guinea pigs!

  • Jeffery02

    Really? Mine has only froze once, and it was while using the YouTube app. I have constantly played my Wii U otherwise with little to no problems

    • D2K

      My YouTube just froze a few minutes ago.  No big deal.  Stuff happens.

  • Dear minions,

    When I conquer the world, software updates will be instantaneous or your soul back.

    Your evil overlord,

  • Superstick

    Mine took 20 minutes…

    • Robert Papageorge


  • TwisterSaito

    Someone have to test it, so the future owners in the other places on the globe will not suffer with them.

    At the same time USA receiving the Wii U first was a bonus for the americans, it was something bad too.

    Luckly, Nintendo cares about us and will fix all the problems, i have to wait several months to get my Wii U, because i live im Brazil…

    • Me too 🙁

      • Rafael Siano

        Just got mine on eBay 🙂
        I live in Rio de Janeiro.
        But I couldn’t play it yet cause after almost 2 hours the update is still around 30%. If it takes long to download in the US, just imagine in Brazil with poor connection speed..

  • Mickey Mouse

    Nintendo can’t be perfect all the time, and nor will they ever be, or indeed their competitors. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft and Sony have problems with their next systems. Heck, their current systems have only just begun becoming ‘reliable’, and the Wii didn’t have such problems. So lighten up people, it will be fixed as soon as.

    I doubt the European ones will have been fixed in time, as pre-orders (mine included) are in transit to be delivered tomorrow on launch day. I can wait for a system update to download and install, it’s a little time invested to make sure everyone can get the most enjoyment out of their new system.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Another post of mine linked on the main site page? I feel FamoUs!! LOL….I love this site!!!!

  • AlienFanatic

    I’m just hoping they can smooth out the experience with updates, especially with the 3rd party video apps.  I really do love how Netflix works, but I don’t like that I have to leave my Gamepad on while I watch the movies, draining the battery.  For many games, you can turn the Gamepad off, but it boggles my mind why you can’t do that with Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Instant, or YouTube where you can easily spend hours without having to look at the pad.  

    (I also wonder if anyone other than Netflix even knows what they’re doing, since all of the other apps do a horrendous job of using the Gamepad’s touch screen effectively, especially YouTube.)

    I think that many of the Wii-U’s ideas, most notably the Miiverse, are incredible.  But they need to smooth out these rough spots or these positive feelings toward the Wii-U will fade.

    • beerkin

      Question. Can you plug the Wii U in and play while its charging.

      • Ryan Vincenzetti


        • beerkin

          Then peoples complaints are null and void. I don’t know what is happening to gamers these days but everyone just complains about everything. Why can’t the gaming community celebrate the arrival of a new Nintendo console and not try to shit al over it?

          • D2K

            It’s not just video games, it’s the world at large.  Everybody complains about everything.  Everyone looks at the negative in everything.  Everyone CELEBRATES the negative in everything.  Since Nintendo is on the top of everyone’s minds at the moment in the gaming world they are an easy target. 

            There is no gratitude, no appreciation, no thankfulness, and no humility left anymore.  Just self gratifications at all costs.

      • AlienFanatic

        Yes, but imo that’s not really the point. You shouldn’t have to keep the Gamepad charging while you are watching a movie. Since the Gamepad can be shut off during many games (you simply hit the home button and choose the “Gamepad” settings icon and turn the screen off), it doesn’t make sense that Netflix, Hulu+, etc., require that you leave it on. It’s an oversight on the part of the app developers that I hope they remedy soon. The goal is to simply start my movie and then turn the Gamepad off unless I do something, such as push a button or tap the screen, to turn it back on. Most regular tablets go into a battery-saving mode automatically, but not the Gamepad.

    • D2K

      I don’t understand.  If all you are doing is watching the movie why do need to have it in your hand anyway?  Put the movie on, put the control on the charger and call it a day. 

      I didn’t need the controller on standby when using Netflix on the Wii, 360, or PS3.  Obviously if you are watching a movie on the controller you are ‘using’ the controller which means you are going to use it’s power.  Just find an outlet somewhere in the room and plug it in there.  You can’t watch movies on any external device indefinitely.  Not sure what your complaint is here. 

      If you are bothered by something like this, you might as well sell it right now while you can get more than you paid for it.

      • AlienFanatic

        I guess you never watch movies when it’s time to hit the sack? Personally, I like to turn the movie on and toss the remote aside. But because the Gamepad doesn’t hibernate when you play Netflix, Hulu+, etc., it just sits there (even on a charger) with its screen brightly blaring. So if you don’t care about watching TV as you chill, and you love having a big, bright Gamepad blaring away in the corner, I guess you’d be fine. Also knowing that it’ll continue to draw power, as will the Wii-U, means that I have to remember to get up, grab the Gamepad, and then power everything down before I hit the sack. (No, the Wii-U will not auto shutdown when you’re in the Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Instant, or YouTube apps.)

        As it stands, I don’t use the Wii-U to watch Netflix or these others anymore. My Roku is actually faster (unless I want to search) than any of the Wii-U apps, and I can simply toss the remote to the side and watch my movie in darkness. My complaint is that there is no logical reason that the Wii-U can’t work that way. I actually PREFER the way the Wii-U handles the movies, and how the Gamepad makes it easier to search, but because I can’t turn off the Gamepad, I’d rather turn off the Gamepad and not have a big searchlight in the corner of my room while I watch a movie.

  • D2K

    No apologizes Saturo-San.  Just buy back the rights of Killer Instinct from Microsoft and we’ll call it even.  🙂

    • And Perfect Dark, it rocked on N64. But failed miserably on the Xbox, and the second instalment for Xbox has been cancelled. While getting the right back for Killer Instinct also work on Perfect Dark, so the game comes back to a console which actually can handle it. If that is done we aren’t just even, but we might even forgive Nintendo for another future blunder… maybe… just maybe…

      • Sidney Majurie

         And Banjo and Jet Force please 😀

      • D2K

         If I had my way I would bring back KI, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Kameo, and Battletoads. They can keep Banjo and Conker.  Well, maybe they should just buy everything back. 

        While I am not interested in playing any Banjo or Conker games, I know there are million of people whom are and would buy any Nintendo made sequels. 

        Nintendo was trying to negotiate with Microsoft back in July to buy back the rights of some of these games.  My guess is that the talks fell through, but I think they should try again.  Getting those franchises back would ensure the Wii U as the greatest console ever.

        Can you imagine a Killer Instinct 3 in the graphics shown in the Japanese Garden Demo?  Frightening.  Who knows. Maybe Nintendo has Retro Studios (the NEW Rare) working on a brand new fighting game similar to KI.

  • Jonas

    lets hope its gonna work fine when i get mine tomorrow here in europe.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Somewhere a troll is grinning

  • Miguel Camilo

    wow not fare! North America went thru a lot with this update and now European and Japanese are the easy ones, the sad thing is that the system is slow and they still not fix this problem

  • Nintendo is done.  Now looks at the TRUE power of the Wii U!

    I knew something was up with it’s low power wand desolate motherboard!  You can’t fool me!

    • Did you just read the article or also read the comments where they clearly state that the WiiU uses a GPGPU which does most of the work the CPU does and a lot more. Which developers should use but it might be tricky if you’re not used to it. There’s also a video link of a game which seems to be confirmed for the WiiU using the GPGPU. That games looks amazing.

      Nonetheless so far the “performance” of the WiiU seems to be rather dissapointing after all the words which have been spoken about it, I guess even now all we can do is wait and see if it really can do as what many claim.

      • Read my comments about GPUs in the Madden review part.  Any system that relies solely on a GPU is a cheap system.  Just because it’s a GPU does not make it powerful.

  • Unluckily europeans will have to download the update as well.
    Just make sure to to let it finish, since we know from some us owners that their system broke when disconnecting power while updating.

    Sure, that’s obviously something one shouldn’t do, but still it happens! 

    Yesterday evening Amazon made me hoping for having the wii u today “estimated delivery 29th”, but it will come tomorrow (well it was kind of clear that this was just wishful thinking xD)

  • john

    I actually just found out about people bricking their consoles by turning it off during the update. That is a major problem. I’m assuming Nintendo will fix it free of charge, but how long will that take? Most people who went to the stores at midnight to get their Wii U wanted to be the first people in the world to play it, and now some of them might have to wait weeks or months to do it.

  • BarbieOnWeed

    Got my PAL Wii U 2 day. The update took 1,2 hours.

  • sam davis

    hey as long as i can get on miiverse after the update, im just fine with the update

  • Max_Lazy_10

    Well it’s great to have an apology. You’re forgiven.

  • Stefon Kelly

    Im downloading as we speak

  • Linskarmo

    This download will be very cumbersome for me, but I’m sure I’ll get it done eventually once I get the Wii U.

  • Got my Wii U yesterday (in the UK!!) and it appears the european ones are part patched. What i mean by this is Netflix, Lovefilm and youtube were all already on the system straight out of the box and the patch itself took about 20 minutes. Def not enuf time for 5 GB’s using my very poor wireless router! but this is just pure speculation and what i will say is i am really happy with the system as a whole so far 🙂

  • My update only took 10 min.