May 29th, 2014

If you’re eager to see the first Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3, you’ll be happy to know that Nintendo has now released the names of all the players taking part in the competition. The full rules for the tournament are outlined in the video, as well as who you’ll be seeing and who they’ll be playing. Here’s the full list of players taking part. If you’re familiar with competitive Super Smash Bros., you’ll likely recognize some of these names.

  • Lilan “milktea” Chen
  • Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez
  • Ken “LiquidKen” Hoang
  • Daniel “LiquidKDJ” Jung
  • Neha “Lilo” Chhetri
  • Hendrick “DJNintendo” Pilar
  • Kris “Toph” Aldenderfer
  • Sam “PeachyHime” McNaughton
  • Juan “Crs. Hungrybox” Debiedma
  • Kevin “PewPewU” Toy
  • Kevin “EG PPMD” Nanney
  • Dakota “TheRapture” Lasky
  • Cristin “Crismas” DesSaro
  • McCain “MacD” LaVelle
  • Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto
  • Gonzalo “CT ZeRo” Barrios

Additionally, Nintendo has confirmed a GameCube adapter for the Nintendo Wii U, allowing you to use your old GameCube controllers to play the game. The adapter has four ports for GameCube controllers, so if you have a favorite you want to use for the upcoming Super Smash Bros., you won’t have to buy the new GameCube style controller Nintendo announced last week.

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  • Nice Ness

    Nintendo Listens
    That is all that needs to be said

    • Mike

      What is with big companies listening to us these days?

      • Nice Ness


  • herp mcderp

    No Mango? :'(

    • Nishima

      No Mew2king?

      • herp mcderp

        I am a sad panda.

    • Rugmouse

      The video did say it was a limited roster, so the invitational characters are not the complete list.

  • Sycamore

    Gamecube adapter! Doesn’t that solve all the problems of bringing gamecube games to the wii u virutal console?

    • Sdudyoy

      Yup, that’s what I was thinking.

    • darkcreap

      Yes, but I think the WiiU gamepad and the pro controller can work pretty more or less well, can’t they?

      • Zach Cruz

        they do I homebrewed my Wii U and play gamecube games off it and I use the pro controller it works great. I play PSO and emulate the broadband connector to play online through a private server.

        • darkcreap

          You mean gamecube games from the disc? How come?

          • Zach Cruz

            you need an original wii to “Burn” the image to either a harddrive or sd card then on your homebrewed wii u you can play that game and you can choose the order of players through the light up icons on the controller. its pretty neat i backuped all my wii games on a harddrive and gamecube to play on my wii u its nice to have. instead of lugging around a ton of game disc just a harddrive.

          • Zach Cruz

            the program devolution uses a sort of piracy protection that wont let you simply drop in the iso file… sucks but I guess it gets people to buy the old games… Devolution also makes your wireless connection constantly on so you can emulate that broadband connection i was talking about allowing you to play PSO online, you need to fiddle with the network settings though, youtube has tutorials.

        • wiiu4life

          You are full of it.

    • Jason

      And N64 games too, since they’re compatible with GameCube controllers… well at least 21 of them are.

    • Fred

      I really hope so. Can you imagine if during Nintendo’s E3 Digital event they say something like, Metroid Prime and Mario Sunshine are available NOW!!!

      • lonewolf

        Metroid prime is available now trough the metroid prime trilogy for the wii

        • Fred

          Yep (and I’ve considered buying that), but that would cost me about $50 and I can’t download it (yes I prefer downloading games) where Metroid Prime in the Virtual Console wouldn’t cost anywhere near $50.

          • Stuart Thomas

            This is freakishly weird, found this posted on a site from last year,

        • LordiMcKill

          And just so happens to be one of the rarer Wii games out there since Nintendo didn’t make many of them.

          • Nabecoat

            It sure is.. having not had the chance to play the Prime Trilogy, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Trilogy Collector’s Edition. Can’t wait to dive in.

      • companyoflosers

        id really rather sunshine got the hd treatment like wind waker did.

        • Fred

          I’d be ok with that, but I prefer the VC option just because it would cost less.

    • “Sean” jjbredesen

      I can now die happy!!!!! I don’t need to buy anything except for the adapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t describe the happiness that is flowing though my body at this moment!!!!!!!

      And yes, it does mean that we could get GC VC!!!! Best fucking news since E3 last year!!!


      • nin-10-doughfan

        Are nintendo fans’ bodies ready?

        • Mario


      • You need to buy the game, too.

      • TheWichi

        What I dont get is… that thing needs the Two USB ports?, Why?

        • asymptoteman

          one for power the other for software interface.

        • ben

          To power the rumble packs.

    • Zach Cruz

      Homebrew already solved it, I play gamecube games off my wii u and play with the pro controller, works great

      • MerryBlind .

        Really???? Can you play Wii games too with your Pro Controller? Could I play Smash Brawl or Sonic Colors with my Pro Controller for example?

      • tronic307

        I’d only do that with a spare Wii U.

    • companyoflosers

      they still have to make the controls work for people who dont want to buy the adapter so no, not really. thats like saying “ya you can play vc gamecube games, but theres hardware you gotta buy first”. not everyone would be okay with that.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Umm, you know they already did that with the Wii, right? With the Wii’s “virtual console” there was some games that REQUIRED you to have a classic controller. Which was sold seperatly

        • companyoflosers

          the classic controller was a peripheral specifically for the wii though. same goes for the wii remotes including motion plus. when you bought a vc game on the wii it was with that in mind. but this is going back two generations of controllers and using one they no longer fully support. maybe theyll release a wii u branded version but unless they release a wireless version that works just as good or the same way the pro controller does, i would hesitate to buy it otherwise because i would be worried about support and dont want to waste money on something that might only be used for one or two vc gamecube titles when they could be easily remapped to the pro controller.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Point taken. Though, I don’t think many people will need to buy one. Allot of people already have a GameCube controller. The people that don’t have one can always buy one off of Amazon or Ebay for cheaper, lol.

    • yugatsuj

      oh yea! you know whats next

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    Yes! Gamecube adapters!

  • uPadWatcher

    Imagine if Nintendo have re-released the GameCube controller with the Wii U logo on top…

  • Corey Watford

    Nintendo has confirmed a GameCube adapter for the Nintendo Wii U, allowing you to use your old GameCube controllers to play the game. -BEST NEWS ALL WEEK

    • Stuart Thomas

      the controller they show is a NEW controller! it has different ridges in the control stick. This is the best news in a long time.

      • Sdudyoy

        And the Smash bros logo.

      • Googs

        I would assume they made custom Gamecube controllers for the event. Maybe they’ll sell Wii U branded Gamecube controllers in the future though, since they didn’t really sell many Gamecubes.

      • C4

        The ridges were a bit to fragile… at least I have seen pads with distorted ridges on the sticks, not mine πŸ˜› So it’s probably a good choice.

        Wonder why they not chose their current GamePad / Pro Controller sticks?

  • Rugmouse

    Toph wins.

    • Jason

      Too bad Toph isn’t a video game character. Should would have made a great addition to Smash.

      • Rugmouse

        I still dream of the day they make an action RPG in the Avatar universe. With on the fly character swapping for each of the elements.

        • Sdudyoy

          That would be awesome.

    • The Clockwork Being

      One of my favorite characters from Avatar. She is just too funny.

  • Sdudyoy

    Well, now they just need to re release the Gamecube controller, and then release Gamecube games on the Eshop!

    • darkcreap

      Why is the gamecube controller such a problem for VC games? I mean, despite the difference in button sizes I think it can do the trick. Maybe it is because I skipped the Gamecube generation, but this rebirth of the gamecube controller we are seeing associated to smash is pretty intriguing to me.

      I mean, last week we saw a third-party gamecube-like pro controller and know the very Nintendo sells the adapter to let people user their old gamecube controllers. I mean, maybe they are expecting people to reuse them, but I doubt there are that many since a lot of people skipped that generation in comparison with the Wii.

      What’s so cool about that controller? I played the original Windwaker in my Wii with a third party gamecube controller, but I didn’t see anything special about it.

      • Sdudyoy

        The gamecube controller at least in my opinion is the best controller of all, but I think the main reason you would need a Gamecube controller for gamecube games is because most gamecube games use Analog triggers, such as Mario sunshine, in that game you need analog triggers for flood the main part of the game, for some reason they decided not to include analog triggers in the Wii U gamepad, in my opinion that’s the Wii U gamepads biggest flaw.

        • darkcreap

          Wait, the gamecube controller has analog triggers? The L and R buttons? First news I have. I can’t believe they decided not to include them for backward compatibility in the Wii Classic Controller and the WiiU gamepad.

          EDIT: Just confirmed it through wikipedia.

          • ben

            Yeah I’ve always considered no analog triggers just fucking stupid.

        • Fred

          I’m with you in that the Gamecube controller is my all time favorite controller without question!!! Wii U Pro Controller is fine (I own 4 of them), but Gamecube is the best.

          • Sdudyoy

            Yeah, the pro controller is great, I just wish it had analog triggers.

          • Fred

            analog triggers are good, the A B X Y button layout is my favorite part and I like the location of the c-stick

  • darkcreap

    Interesting, why does Nintendo have so much interest in bringing back the Gamecube controller? I mean, the button layout is pretty special, yes but I think a WiiU controller can do the trick despite the difference in size of the buttons.

    • Nishima

      Playing SSB with a gamecube controller is far better than playing it with a Wii(classic or PRO) controller, the ergonomics and the position of the buttons makes total diference in this kind of game.

    • Fred

      Gamecube controller is my all time favorite controller. I’d love to play X and Zelda with a Gamecube controller!

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      I guess they’re bringing it back just because of popular demand from fans. That’s all. It’s nice to see Nintendo connecting with fans in this way, though. I’m more than happy with my Wii U Pro controller, but using the Gamecube controller was really comfortable for playing Smash, so I’ll be sure to purchase one. I’ll be using both that and my Wii U pro. I’m a retro gamer. I don’t think anything can replace the comfort and feeling of wired controllers. That is the one thing in gaming that will always stay relevant.

  • Squid


  • gmanextreme9

    I’m going to buy that adapter day one.

  • Zuxs13

    Now this is how you start the Hype train. The GameCube adapter will sure make fan-boys go nuts too.

  • Christian Schoff

    Hmm. Maybe this will be the start of announced Gamecube VC games. I’d pay 30 bucks to play Eternal Darkness.

  • A_7

    i Love the GC controller and I’m a master in smash bros with it.
    The only problem is that it looks outdated and wired controller r so last century.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    GC adapter HELL YEAH!!!!

  • rp17

    No Mango, no Mew2King, no Ally… πŸ™

    • CEObrainz

      At least we’ll know for sure if the game is good for competitive play, bringing the pro’s in was a good decision on Nintendo’s part.

  • Jeffery02

    Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Aaah I was about to spread the news that the GC adapter has been announced.
    Damn you Ashley, being so quick and on the ball πŸ˜‰

    This is good news for so many reasons but mostly because this solves the problem of having Gamecube games on VC. My hopes for E3 are building πŸ™‚

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    And the adapter will be USB connected too, so that’s good! I’ll be buying one of those new Gamecube controllers. I just hope they’re not stupidly expensive, though. It will be nice to have a choice of using that and my Wii U Pro controller, just to get a feel of how they both play out.

    • Sdudyoy

      If they’re USB connected I wonder if you could use them on your computer?

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Yeah, you probably will be able to I’m guessing. I don’t see why not.

      • Roadkill409

        I would not be so quick to assume it will work on a computer. This is Nintendo we are talking about. I have the Wii Speak and it is just a simple Mic right? Nope. I have not tried too hard to get it working on a computer, but I do know it won’t just plug and play like other mics. I am sure there is away, but Nintendo has a history of making this unnecessarily hard. Anyway, there are already USB Gamecube adapters on the market. A quick search on Amazon and I found one for under $15. But it would be nice to not have to buy two items for the same purpose.
        But maybe Nintendo will surprise me. I will hold my breath.

        • Sdudyoy

          You know what would be weird, if Nintendo actually supported Gamecube controllers on PC with this adapter.

        • CEObrainz

          I’m sure someone will release drivers that will support this hardware, it sort of happened with the Wii U Pro-Controller, although it’s not perfected yet.

          • Roadkill409

            if it is popular enough I am sure someone will. But my point was Nintendo will put some barrier between you and easy plug and play. I mean we are talking about a company that chose to keep cartridges instead of switching to CD’s in the N64 days and it is my opinion that, that one choice swung the tide to the PSone. And I am not sure if Nintendo has ever recovered.

  • LevenThumps

    This just made my day.

    While the Pro Controller looks better to play Smash than the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, the Gamecube Controller will always be the best controller in my book.

    Also, I hope this means Gamecube VC will be announced at E3.

  • Gamecube games CONFIRMED!!

    So we have:

    N64 (To be released)
    NDS (To be released)

    ….Damn. Now we need some Genesis games and Mother 3 and this will be a retro gamers dream console! That is, if they give the right games.

    Wii U > PS4/XBO

    • Jon

      And it is these kinds of posts that have everyone crying saying Nintendo Lied when they don’t announce something…

    • MerryBlind .

      I wish there was Game Boy Colors games too though. I’d like me some Pokemon Crystal or Zelda Oracle. I don’t understand they skipped Colors and went directly to Advance. Though having GBA games is awesome, don’t get me wrong lol.

  • Jack

    At this point I feel like Nintendo has to announce Gamecube VC at E3 or there are going to be some majorly disappointed people. I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!

  • ZeldaFan83

    I would totally get one of those GameCube controllers if there’s gonna be a wireless one like the wavebird controller only not that bulky, make it look just like the wired one but wireless and I’m sold. Its nice to see Nintendo finally appealing to the hardcore Smash crowd.

  • Rich Garriques

    its amazing how there is not one single black person in that tournament ,all i see is asians and white people. what is this man. this is why i dont even bother when it comes to video game tournaments. i know alot of black people who are great at smash bros. this is crap.

    • Eshura

      uh…DJNintendo is definitely black. and 2 of the 3 commentators are. Looks like you’re looking for racism moreso than it being the case.

    • Clel

      People who look for racism where there is none are part of the problem of racism.

  • Jack

    Gamecube is trending on Twitter! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!

  • john

    I like the idea of a gamecube controller adapter… but couldn’t they just make a wireless gamecube controller? Like a pro-controller but with the shape and layout of a Gamecube controller? Untangling wires and having my overly-excitable friends yank the console off the shelf are two things I don’t miss at all about the older systems

    • LevenThumps

      Many people (especially in competitive Smash) prefer a wired controller because there is no lag in a wired controller. This helps greatly in competitive tournaments.

      • nintendope

        I have yet to find or feel any lag from the Wii U Pro Controller, some say the reaction time for the game pad is like 0.01 seconds, but that may be even lower than tv lag

        It’s interesting how for competitive games every single factor is taken into account, even if it only help psychologically.

        • LevenThumps

          I don’t have a Wii U yet (planning on getting one this weekend with Mario Kart 8) but I did notice a considerable difference with a Wiimote and Nunchuk compared to a Gamecube controller. The gamepad and Pro Controller may not be as a bad, but I agree that competitive gamers take every single thing into consideration.

    • TheWichi

      For me its better this way because I can use my old gamecube controllers so I dont have to buy new ones more money to buy games

    • Chase U

      I like the wired adapter since I have 4 GameCube controllers and now I don’t have to switch from Wii to Wii U to play old N64 games since I don’t have a Pro Controller.. This is an excellent step forward since one of my only complaints about the Wii U is you have to have a Pro controller to play N64 games carried over from my Wii.

  • SolarShane13

    And Nintendo releases a major (1.4.0 to 2.0.0) update for Pikmin 3? Wonder if past Pikmin games are coming in HD as DLC for P3.

    • greengecko007

      The update just allows for stylus based controls on the touchscreen, similar to the Nintendo Land attraction, but without support for left handed people.

      • SolarShane13

        Just because the update mentions that, doesn’t mean there is something hidden. If it was just a minor update, why the move from 1.x to 2.x?

  • C4

    You can only use it in Smash since it’s USB currently I suppose… so now we have to ask Nintendo for USB controller support in other games and VC??? oO

    • SolarShane13

      And you can use a Pro Controller that’s charging in USB in non-Smash games. Just because it’s USB, doesn’t mean it’s restricted to one game. Especially if Nintendo updates the OS to support the attachment.

  • One adapter for four controllers? Aw heck yes. I was expecting to have to buy 4 adapters

  • Zanzama

    Inb4 Smash Bundle including the special GCN controller with the Smash logo

  • Will the3rd

    The announcement of the GameCube adapter deserves an own news, in my humble opinion πŸ˜€ ^^ Super great announcement also because…
    GameCube VirtualConsole announced too!!!! (In this E3, of course, we will have to wait) (hopefully? I mean, I see it as a signal of this. Well, I see it as a signal of not wanting this other company that announced GameCube controllers for SSB to have all the benefits, but it also opens widely the door for GC VC!!! πŸ˜€ ^^)

  • Sdudyoy

    Here, this picture was from Nintendo’s twitter.

    • tronic307


  • Chase U

    New Gamecube controller adapter for Wii U coming soon!

  • MarkyWiiU

    Best announcement of the month! ( Talking about the Gamecube controller )

  • See Zorpix, this is what we want. Not a GAMECUBE INSPIRED CONTROLLER.

  • Brandon

    hey nintendo you idiots where the fuck is my n64 vc with rumble!!!

  • Sheldon Williams

    Nice to see all of this. They’ve got good casters. Some very notable pros. They’re appealing to both casual and pro fans with items on for so much of it and items off for the later more competitive stages of the tournament. Gamecube controller adapter. I’m happy with this. I can’t wait to hunker down and watch some smash bros tournament going on. .

  • Shota

    Geoff? fuck it

    • readypembroke

      Thankfully that it isn’t Pachter!!!!

  • LordiMcKill

    I think Nintendo has made a lot of Smash Bros. fans (myself included) very happy today.

  • WellWisher

    The Wii U just feels like a big apology for the Wii to me. I think the system is awesome!

  • Maga

    Full list? There are some big names that aren’t on that list. That’s too bad :/

  • Thomas Vienna

    So much for that Gamecube-inspired controller that one company was releasing. There’s no point now.

    • C4

      PDPs controller will most likely work in Wii mode and be recognized as Classic Controller for certain Wii U games.

  • Roman


  • Maga

    Just to get this clear: we can use GC controllers for SSB4?!

  • MerryBlind .

    This Adapter better have a switch to change from Classic/GameCube Mode to Pro Controller. I want to be able to use that to play Wii games.

  • Clel

    Wow they left our Mango and Mew2King? I’m quite disappointed πŸ™

    • CEObrainz

      Same, but It would have been awesome to see 9B, Otori or even Mikeneko there as well.

    • Fierce-Deity Link

      they aren’t the best suited to be part of such an event… nintendo knows of their attitudes and public displays… so it only made sense.. the people they chose are much more marketable… specially hungrybox who is a wholesome dude from what people say

  • DJKeens

    Someone else said it but yeah I think this is a sign that GCN VC is on the way. That’s huge news to me.

  • Fierce-Deity Link

    yesss… ken is going : D : D πŸ˜€

    no m2k? weird… i would have thought he’d be invited.. then again.. m2k might be much too critical of the game.. also, no mango cause let’s be honest.. he is considered the douche of the ssb community by many…

    also, no isai? :/

    i was hoping he’d be invited.. nonetheless i’m content with this : D

  • Iflywright

    I’d only be interested in these upcoming gamecube games if they’re given the Wind Waker HD treatment. Because the Virtual Console is great for the retro games because they’re charming 8 to 16 bits, whereas the 64 and gamecube games really look rough nowadays. I only say that because they have more in common with our modern era of gaming than anything else on the VC, therefore they need the facelift to translate IMO.

    • MerryBlind .

      I agree that the good-looking retro 2D games aged far better than the good-looking 3D games. However, giving an HD treatment to all releases would be a big endeavour.

      I’d just be content we some basic improvements like the Screen-Smoothing they have implemented with GBA titles. Upscaling + some kind of edge-smoothing algorithm would be just fine.

      Though major titles likes Metroid Prime or Mario Sunshine could definitely be released as HD Edition.

  • Burnannator

    Starfox GameCube virtual console nuff said.

  • PokΓ©mon Fan

    I should be on this list!!! I never played any of them before Brawl but I’ve been in the top 10 for the whole time I owened the game!