May 16th, 2013


EEDAR analyst, Jesse Divnich, recently sat down for an interview with EDGE magazine to discuss Nintendo and the Wii U. He acknowledges Nintendo’s proclivity in “going against the grain” with their consoles and believes that this could once again work in the company’s favor concerning the Wii U. Here’s what he had to say:

Nintendo always went against the grain. It’s risky for publishers to jump on revolutionary technology from day one and this puts tremendous pressure on the firstparty studios to lead the charge. With Wii U, a few key firstparty titles were delayed, and without them consumers are still on the fence about the console.

Nintendo has yet to release its major firstparty titles on the platform. Consumers are waiting for that killer Wii U game before making their decision on whether or not to enter the ecosystem. Right now, the battle in the living room is for the second-screen experience and Nintendo is positioned perfectly to capitalise on this trend. I think it may be fair to give Nintendo through the holiday to see if the current lineup can raise awareness and sales.

I agree with Mr. Divnich; this holiday season could really boost sales of the Wii U, thanks to heavy-hitters like Mario Kart and Wind Waker HD. Quite frankly, I think this Christmas is “Nintendo’s to lose.” Sure, Microsoft and Sony’s newest boxes will be on store shelves as well, but how will their launch lineup fair against a new 3D Mario or Metroid U? You get what I’m trying to say, it all comes down to the software people want to play this holiday.

What say you? Do you agree or disagree with Mr. Divnich? Is the Wii U set to dominate this holiday or is that just lofty thinking? Is the “second-screen experience” set to become standard in all living rooms? Let us know below!


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  • swic11

    I will be excited as hell once those games actually come. I myself will be buying the new xbox though. Not a fan of sony, But I do love my xbox

    • John Andalora

      I’ll consider if they don’t do the “always online” thing that was rumored. I don’t have a good enough Internet connection at home to require something to be online. It’s rather spotty and slow.
      If that’s a reality, count me in on the Sony Ship for PS4.

    • Ducked

      I’m a PlayStation/Nintendo fan, I use to be fully a PlayStation fan, but now I’m kinda neutral. Only thing I liked about xbox was the controller.

    • D.M.T

      I don’t understand why people are fans of Xbox but not Sony. What’s so special about Xbox? The only reason I bought a 360 is because it is cheaper than the PS3.

      I can understand that maybe you hate the Dualshock controller which is why you buy Xbox but I can’t think of other reasons why you prefer an Xbox

      • thedeciderU

        many people favor sony’s first party exclusives over ms xbox exclusives.

  • Austin Steger

    Totally once all those games come out the Wii U will become much more popular

    • Fred

      Plus won’t the PS4 be more expensive (I can’t speak for the Xbox cause i don’t know details yet)

    • Warren Huff


      • NintendoNoob

        I think your caps lock is broken

        • LopsidedPasta

          And his punctuation buttons. Only the exclamation point survived.

    • Thanks to me, Nintento it’s so popular

  • John Andalora

    1) How do you know when the release dates for those are? Nintendo hasn’t announced anything. Also, a Christmas overload would be a bad idea for Nintendo. Games will get lost among other games. Nintendo needs to spread it out a bit more to make sure they don’t force people to choose between games on Christmas.
    2) Metroid U? Haven’t heard nothing about that.
    3) I think the analyst is wrong. Nintendo is already being hyped out by these other consoles in advertisement, and their launches will take the cake for now. Best strategy for Nintendo is release something big to at least hold them over.
    4) I’m honestly getting tired of purchasing the new installments of Mario Kart or 3D Mario. I know this might just be me, but I want something different. In a market that thrives on creativity and imagination, especially for a company “going against the grain,” I find it ironic how this company constantly follows the grain by releasing consoles based on their old ones (honestly, the Wii U is a crossbreed of a Wii and a 3DS) and creating constant game sequels for people who’ve played the game 5 times before.
    That’s why I think Nintendo won’t do as good around this time. It’s all the same games we’ve all played before with some new twist. And I get tired of it.
    I want the old Nintendo back. I want the Nintendo that created the 1st Paper Mario, 1st WarioWare, 1st Mario 3D. I don’t want the same games over and over with different costumes. I liked Sunshine and Galaxy, but I think now we need to really tell Nintendo to make something original, unique, and special, in the way that only Nintendo can.

    • Tekina Sibawo

      I agree with you somewhat. I think the hardware is a massive change in innovation and that changes the way that they deliver popular titles. With a lot of their franchises each installment has brought something new to it. For example no two zelda games are alike… (well skyward sword and twilight princess were very similar but different enough). I do agree that Nintendo should put out new IP. Paper mario was good, and the mario and luigi rpg games were also good.

      Also, it’s really more about the game genre than the franchise. Everyone has some racing game nintendo’s unique answer: Mariocard. Platformer: Mario. Action/adventure rpg: zelda.

      though I do feel like there is some staleness not just in nintendo but games in general. I find many new “Installments” of games to feel more like an upgraded version/DLC than a new game altogether. And unfortunately that’s the way the industry is going because developers just can’t take big risks with the market the way it is, and the big publishers being douchebags and so on and so forth

      • John Andalora

        The question with the new hardware would have to be “how is this game going to be any different?”
        Mario Kart, as an example, has changed very little. It’s still based on going around a track a couple of times while hitting people with certain objects. From SNES to GameCube, slight variations were made, but nothing that deviated to heavily. I honestly expected a lot more from the Wii one, though, as it was a new style of controller. The “steering wheel” of a Wii held nothing different from the GameCube steering wheel we already had, and the regular control was just more of the same. In fact, now they’re reusing old levels from past games with no purpose other than to elongate the game length.
        Same thing with New Super Mario Bros. DS was fun, Wii was co-op, which was also nice. The sequels were just more of that, and the U version is nothing “new.”
        What happening with games is that the hardware changes while the basic premise stays the same. Even with fancier consoles and newer abilities, Nintendo still tries to keep what they had, and doesn’t deviate from games on fear that people will hate them.
        You can be as innovative with the console as you want, so long as nothing about the games actually changes.

        • Fred

          With the Wii we got Xenoblade that was a new IP, did you play that one?

          • John Andalora

            I did not.
            There’s still the other games lack of hardware changes that concerns me though.

          • Fred

            How can you complain that they aren’t doing enough new IPs if you don’t play the new ones they do make.

            Do you own a 3DS? Did you play Dillon’s Rolling Western, or Pushmo? those are new IPs.

            I don’t understand your last sentence please explain what

            “There’s still the other games lack of hardware changes that concerns me though.”

            I’m just not sure what you’re trying to say with that

          • John Andalora

            So, I haven’t played one game and don’t own the new new new handheld cause I thought buying the DS was enough. Can’t own them all.
            Isn’t spending $350 on their new console and expecting them to give it the IP it deserves a rather reasonable thing?
            Sorry. I was tired.
            What I meant was how it concerns me that while the hardware changes so much, the actual games themselves stay the same.

        • david jarman

          So what are the other consoles doing that is anything different then whats been done? I don’t care if they have new ip’s. A lot of gaming has been nothing but the same gaming mechanics with new skin. You don’t know what the new mario kart game is going to be like and with the second screen I can see some awesome co-op. For example: me and someone else on here thought of the possibility of having panoramic view for the co-op player being able to look all around and take out targets while the other person drives. Hackers found info in the gamepad that says that multiple gamepads can be used on the wiiu, not to mention it is possible to be used for cloud gaming and the firmware is upgradable. Which means nintendo has a bigger imagination then you think.
          Mario galaxy was awesome and different.
          I have touched my Xbox in awhile cause its always the same first person shooter or third person shooter. Zombiu made my wife and I poo. Dead space 3 didn’t. The thing I love above nintendo games is that I always have memorable moments and meet memorable characters.
          I guess the main point is you don’t know what they are doing in these games so don’t judge them yet.

          • John Andalora

            Hardware changes don’t matter if they don’t do anything with them, and frankly no one’s doing anything with them. Most of the games for this console are all able to be played on other consoles, with nothing new to offer.
            I’m not saying the hardware doesn’t have possibilities. However, Most of Nintendo’s games could have simply been placed on some other console without losing anything. They have this gamepad but are using it as if it was an add-on.
            Another gamepad might be a possibility in the future. Would you be willing to pay $140 (cost of one of the pads) to play a $60 game that might have something likes that you suggest?

            And, how about, instead of having 2 gamepads, how about one gamepad and a pro controller for the driving?
            That’d be good if you were a developer.
            ZombiU is Ubisoft, not Nintendo. Also, Dead Space 3 is EA, not Microsoft. Don’t hate or love one company for a different companies games.
            My Wii U is a YouTube player because My computer is broken. I own most of the VC games, the ports could’ve been on anything else, and given how NSMBU came out as more of the same to its predecessors, I doubt any of the other games are going to be much different.
            However, I hope I am proven wrong.

          • david jarman

            Have you just started gaming? That’s how all hardware launches are. It’s not the hardware’s fault. It’s developers. I don’t know if I believe you when you say you have one. Black ops 2 is awesome with two players and no split screen. It takes a little practice, but I can own people on when on the gamepad while watching something else on the tv. Zombiu was a great attempt with gamepads hands down. Nintendoland is awesome when family comes over. Mass effect was easier to command character to go exactly where you want them to go. Being able to watch my own movie on Netflix while my wife watches her show and still be next her is an achievement. Two players on neo assault is awesome without having to split screen.
            You’re forgetting the most important thing here and so does everybody else. The system is new and developers need to play with it more. When nintendo’s first party games come out I bet they are going to be amazing.
            Oh, yeah! Monster hunter utilizes the gamepad well. Wiiu can be the ultimate console for mmorpgs that have complex menu screens.

          • david jarman

            I gave those games as example of using the gamepad. It doesn’t matter if it was nintendo or ubisoft or whoever. I mention dead space cause its the same old same old. Yeah, it was fun, but Zombiu was refreshing and it is an ip specifically for the wiiu.

          • John Andalora

            Within the first year, The Wii had over 200 games. The Wii U has about 60 games planned, so many of them being simple VC games we’ve already played and games that I could’ve just gotten for my Xbox. I don’t want to play games I’ve already gotten from other consoles, and I don’t want to play retro games I already own. I want more new things.
            I remember the Wii having a rather decent launch with fair games that had good replay ability and good games coming out later. There was a good pace, and a very big supply of them. I bought a console launch day and loved it till the end.
            I thought ZombiU and Nintendoland are fine games, but nothing that I would have said “oh yeah, this is why I buy Nintendo.” Rather short and not really console sellers.
            I think Nintendo should actually work with 3rd party so that people understand how to design for the console, thus giving them more of a chance to work on games for it. Developers can “play around” all the like, but if Nintendo just took some time to talk to them and help them out they could be the ball rolling on more games and solve all problems that people think they might have.
            If they’re going to release new hardware, why not help developers out as much as they can?

          • david jarman

            See its comments like these that make wonder when did you actually start paying attention to gaming. As the console matures so will the games. You don’t know what they are planning. No one does. You call having 200 games good pacing? Did you buy and play all 200 of them. They’re taking their time to create games to show off what the wii u can do. They have mention this in articles several times. Al lot of people bought the wii u because of zombiu. Nintendo does work with a lot of the developers. Nintendo has offered to help. The problem is a lot of those companies have too much pride and don’t want the help. Like EA. It is not nintendo’s fault that most these developers that are under ea’s belt are being forced not to develop it. Nintendo has been very helpful and supportive to independent companies, but here’s the thing- Nintendo shouldn’t have to hold developers hands. They should be more then capable of figuring out who to use the console. Take last gen console for example. It took awhile for great games that showed what the console can do. I think you’re being impatient and not rationalizing. Let me ask, why did you purchase the wii u?

          • John Andalora

            Really? Cause it looks like they aren’t, and it looks like they don’t.
            200 games at least allowed variety, and at LEAST they weren’t games that I’ve already purchased for other consoles. I mean seriously? A Wind Waker remake? SNES and NES games? Yeah, those show off the “power of the Wii u” really well, huh? And launch really made such an impact with Wii U classics like Assassins Creed 3 and COD:BlOps 2 that really show off the pro controller.
            Nintendo’s idea of “helping” is throwing development kits at third party and independent developers. Remember what Avalanche said about their development kit? That it looked too difficult, wasn’t worth the time? Nintendo needs to actually teach them. Yeah, there are some companies like EA who just don’t care, but there’s also companies that would if they understood how.
            It’s not holding their hands to simply teach someone how to do develop for it; it’s common sense. If you release anything into the market, ESPECIALLY something with completely new hardware attachments, then you should have the common sense to tell people how to make something for it.
            Wii started with games like WarioWare, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8, Super Paper Mario, all of these coming out in the first year. Since my family was a very multiplayer friendly area, these games could amuse us for quite a while.
            I bought a Wii U because I have loved every other Nintendo product I had. Out family growing up bought the N64 to GameCube, and I was the one who bought the Wii. I loved that console because It felt like there was something revolutionary and astounding about it.
            Wii U feels like more of the same old thing. It feels like I could’ve gotten most of the games from other consoles and
            Had just as much fun. Now I own the older consoles (bought them about a year ago), and I either own their VC, or don’t care to own their games for other consoles I already didn’t want.
            I also bought the Wii U because of Rayman Legends. That game trailer convinced me that the Wii U was going to be cool.
            But I’m just not satisfied so far.

          • david jarman

            You wouldn’t be able to play Nintendoland on another console (it wouldn’t be the same)or Zombiu even though its made by ubisoft it’s specifically made for the wii u only.

          • John Andalora

            They’re not games I would have missed if they didn’t come out. Good games? Yeah. But not great games. They don’t have a good replay, and frankly Nintendoland doesn’t have the same feeling of uniqueness that Wii sports had to it. It just didn’t hold up as well.

          • david jarman

            Wow, really? Wii sports? My family and I would rather play mario chase. No replay value? Tell that to the people playing monster hunter. Black ops 2 is tons of fun. Need for speed has lots of replay value. So does the new mario. I love the wii u so much more then I loved the wii. Not too mention that the wii remotes can tether off the gamepad and that is cool. The wii u has so many controller options. Game and wario looks to be really fun and so does that party game. We have so many new games coming out. The wonderful 101 looks awesome. I got to end it here it is late. Peace outside!

          • John Andalora

            It was easier to get my family to play tennis or golf or bowling than it was to play “Mario Chase” or “Luigi’s mansion.” Heck, I thought that Wii sports was even fun to play by myself to improve and learn more about it. I was saddened by Nintendoland having no single player support for the “multiplayer games.”
            I tried MH demo. Didn’t like it.
            BLOPS 2 is just more of the same things I’ve played in all other COD games.
            NFS is just another example of more of the same thing.
            NSMBU was too easy. I beat it in a weekend, and after NSMBW my family doesn’t care to play the new one that often.

            Wii U has options, but there’s so few games that show that off that it’s just not worth it. When I played MH demo, I tried Gamepad and Pro, and found that I liked it (a little more, anyways) with pro controller. Just not enough to buy the game.
            I don’t think there are enough games to justify satisfaction. Considering that there’s not much for it now and there are only a few games that we know are coming out soon, I just don’t feel as excited as I used to. I might pick up Game and Wario to see what it is, but honestly the only other game I’m interested in is Watch Dogs, and if Nintendo’s only going to release what they got, I might just go with a PS4 version of it.

          • david jarman

            Well, that’s your opinion. I feel the gamepad is easy to use and as of call of duty blops 2. Wiiu version offers a lot more then the other consoles version. With off tv play and not having to split the screen. Plus, choosing your load out on the fly. The map on the the gamepad is much more helpful then the map on the screen. Plus, you’re failing to realize that the console is only six months old. I’ve been playing games since the Commodore 64. I’ve been through a lot of console launches. Each time the better games came down the road. You just have to be patient. Personally, I’m fine with my games. I have an Xbox, GameCube and the wii u to tie me down for future releases.
            So whats ps4 gonna do that’s going to make gaming different other then better graphics? I’m starting to get a different picture of you now.

          • John Andalora

            So, if I’m waiting for one console to give me something that interests me, I should just instead go to other consoles to try and entertain me?
            That’s bad already. One shouldn’t need to go to other consoles when they got the one. We only had a Wii in our house for a long time and it held us up as the only console we needed for a while.

            Frankly, Off TV play doesn’t do it for me. If I wanted off TV play, I’d buy a 3DS. And the Off TV gameplay takes away all those “immersive” features like choosing load outs and map on the fly.

            As for Map and load outs, yeah, I guess there wasn’t ANY OTHER WAY of doing that…. Unless of course one had a big map in the bottom right hand corner and a simple button to change between weapons like every other COD game already out on the market.
            And wow, Nintendo. That new Direct was pretty lame. All the Wii U is going to be for most of the games is a map. RE:R? Map. Pikmin? Map and movement. Oh, and it’s not like you need it anyways. You could just use the controllers that have already been out for freaking YEARS! Keep the little gamepad on your stand and use it as a map like that.
            What innovation!

          • david jarman

            Yeah, movement is important. Specially to be more precise and more efficient.
            Really, pushing a button to change weapo?
            Yeah, that doesn’t pause the action and it get you killed plus you have to cycle through the load outs. I love just seeing the load out on my second screen and choosing it with a finger tap.
            Off tv play is awesome cause its your console and not some dinky hand held meaning if someone else wants to use the tv and be in the same room it’s great. I still feel immersed in the game.
            Plus, the map thing. Having to stop the game to look at a map or having it clutter the screen takes me more out of the game. At least nintendo is trying to and whats important is that their games are fun and high quality. Seriously I still don’t think you own one from the way you sound or that you don’t even try to check out all that it does. You sound like your just a graphic junky and to you that’s probably why to you, you would rather have ps4 for watch dog. However, I would rather have the gamepad if ubisoft integrated the hacking on the gamepad.

          • david jarman

            I asked you earlier what was ps4 doing that’s so great that it’s a must buy. What better graphics? Whoopty freak in’ do! Nothing is innovating. Wow, pushing a button is much cleaner interface and keeps you immersed in the game. Wow, bravo. Come on man get real. Ps4 is doing NOTHING at all to be innovating. You’re just here to hate. Pikmin 3 was originally made for the wii and looks fun. I’m waiting for the games that were built from the ground up for the wii u. Yeah, every console you had to wait for the better games not just the wii u. That’s why I think your new to gaming.
            Let me also ask you. If you do own a wii u, what wii u games do you own besides mario and Nintendoland? Do you own blops? Do you own zombiu(not the demo cause it doesn’t do it justice)? Need for speed wii u? It’s graphics are much better then my Xbox version and you can see the difference. If you don’t own these and have never truly experienced them then I don’t think you really have room to talk. Reviewers don’t do reviews on demos cause demos don’t do the games that much justice especially if the game is huge.

          • John Andalora

            PS4 has new ideas coming out for games (like Knack) , More developers are probably going to make games for it (The Evil Within seems fun), I’ve never given SONY a chance to impress me, and I’ve been looking at PS3 for games but didn’t want to buy less than a year before PS4 (which I didn’t).

            I certainly hope that there are few people that think that they need constantly new hardware to play some game. And frankly, the Wii U wasn’t that innovative. A controller with a touch pad is called a DS, my good sir. The only difference is it costs more and lost a screen.
            Pikmin came out on Gamecube. Not sure which version you played.
            Not really. I didn’t have to wait for better games. Wii launch worked out really well for me. I liked the game that came out, and I was able to buy more and more throughout the year. I thought Wii was a rather smashing console with a great console year. As for other consoles, I never felt like it was this long before big games came on the console, and especially not when Nintendo makes a “Luigi” version where they make the character jump higher and redesign the same courses around that.
            Other Wii U games I own:
            Trine 2: Directors Cut
            Chasing Aurora
            VC: F-Zero, Kirby, Super Metroid, PunchOut!

            I played COD: BLOP, Modern Warfare, and World at War. Liked them once, but not more than that.
            You call me a graphics head when the big thing for NFSU is graphics?

            Look, I don’t care for new ways to control games. I want the games. An astounding enough game helps you to forget about the controller and just take it like second nature. That’s what a game can do.
            I just want some good games, and the Wii U’s library just isn’t satisfying to me. And what’s coming out doesn’t look any better.

          • david jarman

            I meant pikmin 3 was suppose to be on the wii. I know the original is on the GameCube cause I own it. There is not much of graphical leap between ps3 and ps4 at least not enough to pay the hefty price tag. Ps4 will at least be between $500-$600. I’m sorry but pikmin 3 does look awesome, so does the other games. Ps4 is not doing anything different just better graphics. I won’t to do more and have more control of the game. Switching through characters by touching them is more second nature and fluid then having to pause and cycle through them. I want to see gaming progress not just graphics. If you don’t like the wii u then sell it to someone who does and get off this site and stop trying to get people on here to feel the same way you do. Here’s the moronic part on your half. You knew in advance what the console was about. You saw how it works. You also saw what games were going to be released in the first year. That being said, why did you buy one? I think the main reason you’re on here is just like the trolls to complain and plug the ps4.
            I asked if you played blops2 on the wii u. Sounds to me that your nothing but contradiction. You don’t care about controls yet you bought a wii and now the wii u. Ps3 had a drought for 1 year and Xbox 360 had the same issue as well cause there was not a single launch game that really stood out from the original Xboxfor awhile. Nothing really showed what the Xbox or ps3 were capable of during their launch.. The only great launch I have experienced was gamecube. Wii’s launch was alright mostly shovelware games with a few gems. Zelda twilight princes s was the only launch game I cared about. It took a year before we had mario galaxy and metroid prime 3. Did even by the wii at launch? I think you need to do a little research and to be honest I think you were probably bitching the same way then as well.

          • John Andalora

            So it only matters if they make a graphical leap? Wii U is only up to our current standards, and you’re complaining on how PS4 isn’t going to have as massive of a shift graphically?
            Second, So what? I’m don’t care about graphics. I care about games. That’s what I want.

            Controls were fluid before. Most games with multiple characters (like the cave or trine 2) switch with a button. And even the Wii U versions do it.

            So, anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with the Wii U is a troll with some secret mission to just plug a PS4? Look, I think I should be free to express my own damn opinion here. I am not satisfied with the console so far.
            Yes, I knew the controls coming into it; I thought they were going to be cool, and that the console was going to be as exciting for me as the Wii was. I figured Nintendo would make a lot of cool things and explore the gamepad a lot more. That there’d be new games. But now that most of the games only use the gamepad for maps or “off TV play,” I see it more as just a gimmick.
            I didn’t buy PS3 or Xbox at launch; I did buy Wii at launch.
            But, after playing other consoles, I realize what I want; not some random way of controlling something differently: but instead great games that have a nice replay ability and aren’t just the same things over an over.
            If you don’t like my opinion of the Wii U, that’s your own problem. But right now, I am not satisfied. And if Nintendo doesn’t make something different or unique, I will sell the damn thing, because out of all the Nintendo consoles I’ve owned, this one is the worst.
            Good night sir. I don’t wish to carry on this conversation further.

          • John Andalora

            You’ve never played Far Cry 3, Halo, Gears of War, or Call of Duty, have you?
            Changing weapons an loadouts is so easy and rather intuitive.
            I have my own TV, so no one ever needs to use the TV. And then, even if they did, it would scrunch up the map and weapons, the same problems you’re concerned with for any other console.
            The map is fine, but not something I would’ve gotten a massive gamepad for. Besides, when do you look at the map? When you’re not moving and idle. I very rarely looked at the map without stopping in ZombiU so I didn’t run into a zombie. And having the ability to make just a quick eye glance rather than moving my arms and looking off the screen is much more efficient to me.
            You want proof I have a Wii U? Here it is.

          • John Andalora

            I hope this adds the photo cause I’m tired of retrying…

          • John Andalora

            Screw it.
            My phone is having problems with Discus…
            Just look up my profile. Vladdie93.

          • david jarman

            Mine is too. So half my replies are broken up and barely makes sense.

    • D.M.T

      I disagree with pretty much everything you said John, so read my response to your comment;

      1) The writer didn’t say he knows the release date of the games, he’s just assuming that Nintendo will release a few of their big games by Christmas time. Nintendo will not releasing ALL their games at the same time and if they do than it’s better for everyone. I rather be forced to choose between games than have little option.
      2) No we haven’t heard of Metroid U but you should expect to hear something at E3 or at one of Nintendo’s Directs.
      3) Just because the Wii U is selling poorly, doesn’t mean it can’t become more popular in the future.
      4) If you don’t want to play Mario games, then don’t buy them. Mario games aren’t the only games worth playing on Nintendo consoles. You should also expect future Mario games to be much different from past Mario games thanks to the second screen experience.

      You said you want the old Nintendo back but the thing is, Nintendo hasn’t changed. They are the same family-friendly company who continue to make high quality games. Yes they make sequel after sequel but every sequel feels much different than the previous game.

      Nintendo releases new IP’s every generation but they are ignored by people like you because you are too busy complaining about them still making Mario games. They will continue to make Mario games for as long as they continue to sell millions of copies.

      And Like I said, the Wii U doesn’t have to be more successful than Wii, just successful enough to make lots of money.

      • John Andalora

        1) We all assume many things. I don’t accept assumptions. Let me know when the games actually do release.
        Also, it’s not better for Nintendo. It’ll force most people to pick one side for a bit, therefore thinning out the potential that the developer had for every one who owned a Wii U to purchase it immediately. It also is an advertisement nightmare, as trying to bring hype to many games will just cause nothing but a jumbled mess.
        2) What makes you say that?
        3) I didn’t say Wii U wouldn’t be always terrible. I meant that for console launches and Christmastime, which the author has a fascination in, Nintendo should just release something big for underneath the tree so they can add to the hype and bring some newcomers on.
        4) Don’t mince my words. It’s not Mario; it’s the 3D collect stars to save something kind of game, or the race friends using Mario characters kind of game.
        “Sequel after sequel” wasn’t what Nintendo was. Nintendo was the leader in fresh IP and adventure. There was so much unexplored by older consoles that Nintendo dared to explore.
        And, you think Nintendo is still putting out amazing IP with big bold Triple A games? Alright. Name 10 fresh IP games on the Wii that show just how much Nintendo actually thinks outside the box when it comes to making games.

        • D.M.T

          1) It’s fine that you don’t accept assumptions but gaming sites are always filled with assumptions and rumors so you should be used to these kind of things.
          I never said it’s better for Nintendo, I said it’s better for gamers who like to complaining when there’s no games to play. Gamers will much rather be forced to choose than have little options. But like I said, I doubt Nintendo will release all games at the same time.
          2) It’s pretty obvious that Nintendo will release a Metroid game for Wii U sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.
          3) I agree with this one, I think Nintendo has a plan but we will have to wait and see what happens.
          4) Like I said, don’t buy games that you no longer enjoy as much as you used to. You must be out of your mind if you think Nintendo should stop making these games. Most people want a new 3D Mario and Mario Kart and Nintendo should give people want they want.

          Even in the glory days of Nintendo, they released sequels while being the leader in fresh IP’s. Now they release less new IP’s but that’s because they cannot take too much risks. They need to be careful sometimes.

          I didn’t say Nintendo is putting out amazing IP’s, I said they put out new IP’s every generation and you shouldn’t ignore them just because they don’t have a huge budget (AAA game).

          • John Andalora

            1) not like I listen to rumors.
            2) Oh good. Glad to see that Nintendo is becoming constantly predictable with what they intend to release to their audience.
            3) Let’s hope they got something up their sleeves.
            4) isn’t it possible though that Nintendo is just stretching out their ideas to the point where they just become as dull and tired as everything EA makes? I mean, the recent Paper Mario just was kind of dull. New Super Mario Bros U was mediocre. Super Mario Galaxy was interesting, but just wasn’t that fun for me. We buy these games because we liked the old ones. But nothing’s ever going to be like the old one.

            Nintendo was the leader of IP by knowing how to make art. They did make sequels while making IPs, and they constantly kept making new IP before just making sequels. It was new ideas first. An always first.

            They need to be careful and take less risks? A comapny with a 635 billion yen revenue and a 7.2 billion yen profit needs to take less risks? Nintendo got to where they are today by taking massive risks. The very idea of making a console an selling it internationally is a gigantic risk that needs to be backed up. Hell, their first home console was a massive risk to begin with! With the money they use making constant redoes of the same games over and over, they could make something completely new. Wouldn’t the feeling of awe and amazement of a powerful brand new game be a much better gift to fans than the same game in HD or a sequel that goes nowhere? Think of how you felt when you played a brand new Nintendo game like the original Paper Mario, or Super Mario 64. Don’t you want a feeling like that again?
            I sure do.

          • D.M.T

            1) You don’t need to listen to rumors.
            2) Predictable? So you’re complaining about Nintendo wanting to give gamers what they want? REALLY? They will continue to make sequels for people who want them. You would do the same thing if you were them because you would make lots of money.
            4) Don’t compare Nintendo with EA. Nintendo will continue to make sequels as long as they have new cool ideas. Once they run out of ideas they will stop making sequels to popular games. I don’t just buy the games because I liked the old ones, I buy them because I have the feeling I will like them just as much or more than the old ones. I don’t buy games I won’t enjoy.

            Nintendo is still taking massive risks. The Wii was a massive risk,the Wii U is a huge risk as well. Nintendo loves to take risks because they want to be different but sometimes I believe they want to play it safe just like any other company. If you was the creator of Mario and people keep asking you for more Mario games, wouldn’t you be willing to give it to them? Why say no when you can make millions of dollars with another sequel?

            Nintendo already confirmed that Miyamoto is working on a new IP for Wii U. Let’s see if it will be something amazing. It’s funny how you say you want brand new games from Nintendo and then you mention Paper Mario. Paper Mario wasn’t a brand new IP, it was a spin-off of the main Mario adventure games. Paper Mario has the same characters but different gameplay and stories.

            Wonderful 101 is a new IP that I’m excited about and I’m also very excited about Bayonetta 2. These are new IPs that didnt appear on the Wii console but you don’t really care because you’re too busy complaining. Bayonetta is actually a 3rd party IP but the sequel is exclusive to Wii U so you should be excited. Also Xenoblade is a new IP and the sequel is being made for Wii U. You’re also getting Yarn Yoshi for Wii U,an IP that didn’t appear on Nintendo consoles in more than 10 years. These are things to get excited about but you’re too busy complaining.

          • John Andalora

            No I wouldn’t.
            I’m sick of gaming becoming this massive “cash cow” where people make games to make money. I want more games like Psychonauts, Conkers Bad Fur Day or Minecraft, where the games are made for the power and excitement of the art form. It’s games that think outside the box that get the fans attention. It’s all the new things like the original Animal Crossing that make those freaking fans to begin with! We need more of making fans.
            And I swear, that if I ever become a video game developer, I will never make a game just for cheap money.

            I know the Wii U is a risk. I told you that.
            So, Nintendo needs to be careful, but OH YEAH THEY’RE TOTALLY TAKING RISKS YES SIR!!!!!
            I’d say “No” to millions of dollars because I don’t care about the money. I’d focus on the fact that the people liked the game because it was different and unique, and consider that to mean that people would want more unique and different.
            When I mean new IP I am referring to brand new concepts and ideas. The original Mario games were platform adventures with little plot behind them. However, Paper Mario was an RPG with completely unique missions, a clever and thoughtful storyline, a great pace, and a very lively feeling. I don’t need new characters, but I don’t need something like New Super Mario Bros 50: Peach Edition or Mario Kart 48: Now with more characters.
            Yes, Wonderful 101 is interesting, and I’m excited to see it in action.
            An exclusive third party game doesn’t mean “fresh IP for Nintendo.” Bayonetta was enough.
            Oh goodie goodie. Yarn Yoshi. Based off of “Yoshi’s Story” for N64 with the bad idea that Kirby’s epic yarn implemented. Snore.

            It’s just… That’s it? Really?
            Oh, and you still didn’t answer that 10 IP thing for the Wii.

          • D.M.T

            You have no idea what you’re talking about and you continue to complain as if you’re being forced to play old IPs or something. Nintendo doesn’t make games just to make money, they do it for the love they have for video games but you need to understand that they are a company that needs to survive and they cannot survive without millions of money. As video game developer, you’re supposed to make games that gamers want to play, not games that you want them to play. You need to give gamers what they want, not what you want to give them.

            You will not make games for cheap money? So giving gamers what they want is cheap money to you? If you say “no” to millions of dollars then you won’t make games for 30 years like Nintendo has and you don’t deserve to be game developer because a developer should care about money too. You CANNOT continue to make unique and different games if you say “No” to millions of dollars. Your studio will never grow and become more successful if you don’t listen to your fans and give them what they want.

            You are exaggerating also. Nintendo has not made that many Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. games. They only make 1 Mario Kart game each generation.

            Bayonetta was enough? Maybe but it was never on a Nintendo console. Bayonetta 2 will be the first and it has potential to be better than the first one. Just because Kirby’s Epic Yarn was bad to you doesn’t mean Yarn Yoshi will be bad and you’re ignoring a new IP like Xenoblade because you’re too busy bitching about old IPs.

            I never bought a Wii so I can’t name 10 IP’s but I know for a fact that Nintendo makes new IPs every generation. Endless Ocean was one of the new IPs they made for Wii. I don’t remember other IPs they made for Wii.

            I suggest you sell your Wii U if you are not happy with Nintendo because all you’re doing is complaining and if you don’t own a Wii U then don’t buy one because you won’t enjoy it

          • John Andalora

            Making a game is not cheap money. Making the same thing with a different skin and calling it new is.
            Companies like Nintendo got where they are by their new games, and they did it with a far lower budget than hundreds of millions of dollars. How’d they earn that money? By starting small and going bigger. By taking risks: by making more games than the same ones over and over and over.
            They got that money by actually stepping out and making different things. They got people to love them for their originality and unique charm. That’s what gamers want.
            Nintendo’s made 7 Mario karts(consoles and handhelds), 10 Mario party games (1GBA), 4 3D Mario, 3 SSB, and 4 paper Mario.
            That’s a lot more than there should be.

            You don’t remember because there weren’t nearly 1/5 as many IPs on Wii.

            So if a game goes on Nintendo exclusive consoles it’s counted as fresh IP? Sounds like Nintendo all right.
            How long did you play Xenoblade for, since you didn’t own a Wii U?

            If Nintendo keeps going like this, I’m definitely not buying a Nintendo console again. It’s just not worth it for me to play the “new” Nintendo games that just get slightly worse than the originals.

          • D.M.T

            Making sequels of great game is not cheap money, especially if the sequel is better than the previous game that was also great. You fail to understand that it’s easier to take risks when you’re a small company because you won’t lose ridiculous amount of money if you fail and you’re trying to become bigger so taking risks is a must, not a choice. But once you become huge like Nintendo is now, you gotta become more careful or else you will lose everything, just like how SEGA collapsed and is now a 3rd party publisher. You gotta make sure you don’t make stupid decisions.

            I don’t think Nintendo made to many Mario Kart games. 7 Mario Kart games is 1 each generation. 4 3D Mario game in 14 years is not too much. 3 SSB means 1 SSB each gen that’s not too much. 10 Mario Party is too much yes but every Mario Party game is great so I don’t care.

            I don’t remember because I NEVER BOUGHT a Wii. I didn’t like the Wii so I ignored it last gen. I didn’t play Xenoblade but I’m excited about the sequel on Wii U.

            If you think the new Nintendo games are worse than don’t buy Nintendo consoles. I don’t share your opinion so I will continue to enjoy their games.

          • John Andalora

            1) Super Mario Kart (SNES)
            2) Mario Kart 64 (N64)
            3) Mario kart Double Dash (GC)
            4) Mario Kart GBA (GBA)
            5) Mario Kart DS (DS)
            6) Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
            7) Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

            For “generation,” it depends on if you count Handhelds as a “generation.”
            You’re complaining about how I missed the IP Xenoblade when you didn’t play it either? That’s calling the kettle black, my good sir.

            Money is subjective. When a company is small or large, losing money is based on percentage. A company can’t lose a major percentage of their money. Risks are equally bad for both kinds of companies.

          • D.M.T

            Handhelds have their own generation, they are different from consoles. Nintendo makes 1 Mario Kart for consoles each gen and 1 Mario Kart for handhelds each gen.

            You’re the one who is complaining about Nintendo not making new IPs so I said go play Xenoblade instead of complaining because Xenoblade is a new IP. You’re the black kettle who complains about the lack of new IP but then doesn’t play the new ones. I don’t complain about the same things that you complain about, my good sir.

            A small company needs to take risks to get bigger and more successful, but a large company doesn’t have to,especially if people are still buying the products. Nintendo doesn’t have to take risks but they are taking massive risks with the Wii U.

          • John Andalora

            So, 7. I still think that’s too much.
            I didn’t play Xenoblade because I didn’t know it existed.
            Big companies still need to take risks. Otherwise people will just stop caring and the fad will die down.

          • D.M.T

            That’s your opinion. I don’t think that 7 Mario Kart games in 20 years is too much.

            You didn’t know Xenoblade existed because you are too busy complaining. I didn’t buy a Wii but I know that Xenoblade exists.

            Large companies need to take risks but not as much as small companies because big companies don’t need to prove themselves, they only need to keep your interest. Nintendo is taking bunch of risks now but not enough for you.

          • John Andalora

            No. I was playing other games.
            I thought the Wii was awesome. But the Wii U is just boring.

            Big companies have just as much to prove, if not more. If some smaller company can make better games, people will wonder why larger companies won’t follow suit, and then claim them to be bad companies.

          • D.M.T

            Wii U is boring now but things will get better I believe

            Like I said, big companies only need to keep your interest and try to get new fans to keep growing but they are not the underdogs they once were. Underdogs have more to prove than top dogs. Nintendo’s games are still high quality and are not considered a bad company. Too bad you don’t like their games anymore but you need to stop buying Nintendo consoles instead of just complaining nonstop.

          • John Andalora

            This was the first console I’ve had a problem with. In fact, I love every other Nintendo console but this. I own all the consoles and have loved them since I was first introduced. The Wii u is just not working out.
            So, this is the first time I’ve ever been complaining about Nintendo.

            Big name, big problems. It’s easier to lose your fans with one bad thing than it is to gain or keep fans.

          • D.M.T

            If the Wii U is not working out for you then sell it because it’s silly to complain about something you own. Someone else will enjoy the Wii U that was once yours.

            I never liked the Wii so I never bought it. I don’t buy things I don’t like.

            And how do you keep fans? By giving them what they want so you can’t blame Nintendo for making another Mario Kart etc.

          • John Andalora

            After this year I might just have to. But, I’ll give Nintendo some more time to impress.

            I thought I’d love the Wii U. That’s why I bought it.

            How do you think those fans became fans? By playing the 7th installment of Mario Kart? By playing the 4th Paper Mario? By playing the 8th Mario Party? No. They became fans because of the original ideas.
            And frankly, making more of the same for fans is ridiculous, because, more often than not, it won’t compare to the old game that they loved so much.

          • D.M.T

            I’m getting pretty tired of arguing with you. It’s been nice but I have a feeling that we will argue forever if I don’t end this now. This is my last reply to you.

            Yes that’s how they became fans but instead of complaining so damn much, play the new IPs given to you like Xenoblade etc.

            It’s not ridiculous to give people more of “the same” because that’s what they want. Blame Mario fans, not Nintendo. If your fans want more than why not give the more? This is common sense but you don’t seem to get it.

          • John Andalora

            Alright. Here’s my rebuttal.
            I became a fan of Nintendo because it gave me new things; not because it gave me the same old thing over and over. That’s why I liked Nintendo.
            I missed Xenoblade Chronicles cause I didn’t know it existed. Had no idea. Wasn’t being sold in my local town, and no one said a word about it. I’ll probably pick it up because it’s something new to me, but one “new” game to me isn’t going to change what Nintendo’s doing now.
            I like Nintendo for what they can do. I don’t like them for what they’re doing. A true gift to any fan of Nintendo is something that gives them the same awe as playing the brand new games for the very first time. Sequels of the same thing like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and etc. don’t do that. They just stall out the already stale market like any of those bland and generic shooters or puzzle games that we all forget about in a few months. Old Nintendo games will last me a lifetime because of how amazing they were the first time they came out.
            The sequels; they just fade away into oblivion; hardly thought about again.
            That’s my problem right now.

          • Fred

            Wait, Xenoblade isn’t the only new IP they’ve done recently. Look at what they’ve been putting out on the 3DS eShop Dillon’s Rolling Western. Harmoknight, Pushmo. Those are New games, not sequels. My guess is that Nintendo will do the same thing with the Wii U, Wonderful 101 is new they’re publishing that one in September. I bet there will be more new ones.
            Would you consider Yarn Yoshi new? Just asking cause some probably would although probably most won’t.

          • John Andalora

            I don’t currently own a 3DS. I was going to buy one off a friend, but he changed his mind. I just don’t really have enough money now to buy one at regular price.

            From another post, I am interested in Wonderful 101. I’ll have to wait longer for it though, because the internet at my house is too inferior to download it, so I’ll either have to take it somewhere else or wait till I get back to college.

            For Yarn Yoshi, yes and no. But, we know so little about it that I can’t tell. We’ve already seen a Yoshi based game a long time ago (which I did like), and the Yarn part sounds a lot like Kirby’s epic yarn (which I didn’t like). So, I don’t really know what to make of that yet. If Nintendo announces anything at E3 or gives us some kind of clue as to what it is, I’ll be more able to decide if I want it or not.

          • Fred

            How does a lack of the internet prevent you from going to walmart and buying W101?
            Although I understand the college thing. I basically quit being a gamer until I finished my degree. There was just no time and no money. Now that I have my degree and a good job I have been able to play a lot more games.
            What about Lego City, it’s different that all the other Lego games in that it’s open world and not based on a movie, but it’s own unique story.

          • John Andalora

            Sorry. I though W101 was DLO.
            I don’t like LEGO games. Tried LEGO Star Wars. I just didn’t like it. I know you said it’s different, but I don’t want to plunk $60 on a game series I don’t particularly enjoy to see if the new one is different.

          • Fred

            I hear you on Lego, I normally find the Lego games boring (we have several cause my wife likes them) I decided to Gamefly Lego City cause I also wasn’t willing to gamble $50 on it. Turns out I like it a lot more than the other Lego games.
            As for W101, I’m not sure what you mean by DLO
            By the way, I was like you when it came to Xenoblade, I didn’t learn about it until it was almost impossible to buy so I decided to rent it through gamefly and I loved it.

          • John Andalora

            I might give it a try, and I meant DLO as “DownLoad Only”

          • Fred

            I agree with you the Wii was awesome, but I don’t think the Wii U is boring I’ve had a lot of fun with it.
            Why do you think it’s boring? Just lack of games you want? What about Wonderful 101 does that look as fun to you as it looks to me?

          • John Andalora

            Wonderful 101 looks fun, and I’m interested in getting it. But, There’s really nothing on the Wii U that impresses me, and nothing coming out that impresses me. Most of the possibilities for the new games are just the same things with slight variations, like the next Mario Kart, or the next Mario 3d game, or the next Smash Bros. I’m just not as interested as I was anymore, and with delays of games I wanted like Rayman Legends, I’m just not as excited or astounded as I was in the past. In fact, the only game that really has me excited is Watch Dogs, but it’s not till November.
            I just want Nintendo to think a bit more outside the box. I loved all these games in the past because they were new, or revolutionary, or unique. The first time I played Paper Mario was enchanting because I never saw anything like it before. It was funny, it had a great pace and good attitude, it was something never done before. I mean, even new things like Kirby’s Air Ride had so much replay ability for me because it was so different and fresh.
            And I want more unique things like that. I want something I’ve never seen before with a new and exciting game mechanic or plot.
            But so many of Nintendos releases are things I just don’t want to play because of how it’s the same things with a new HD skin.

          • Fred

            Why did someone downvote this? Perfect I also learned about Xenoblade late. When I learned about it, it was already sold out everywhere and over $100 USED on ebay orAmazon so I did the next best thing I signed up for 1 month of GameFly.
            i would recommend you do the same it is a very good game and you’ll want to play it before the sequel comes out on Wii U

        • Fred

          You want details and release dates on games…watch the nintendo direct TOMORROW!!!

          • John Andalora

            I saw that. Thanks!

  • incoherent1

    You asked if the second screen is set to become the standard in living rooms… I’d say it already is the standard.

    How many people do you know who sit in front of the TV with a smartphone or tablet in front of them? For me, that’s most people I know. The only missing link is connecting the screen in your hands to the TV to syncronize the content & experience.

    Right now, the major players in that sphere are Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Google (with Apple TV/iPad/iPhone, Wii U, SmartGlass, and Google TV/Android respectively). I don’t think one single company will completely win the battle because many are playing for different segments of the market, but it’s clear that people are already using two screens in their living room, and whatever companies can tie that experience together will do very well.

    • D.M.T

      I’ve been using two screens for YEARS. I watch TV while doing things on my laptop. People are used to these kind of things which is why it makes sense that Wii U has that second screen experience.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        So intelligent… for years too…

        • D.M.T

          So that’s what you’re gonna do now? Reply to every of my comments with sarcasm? It’s not my fault that I and most people here disagree with your opinions.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            nonono, you are fully entitled to disagree with me. But thats just not you. You are the guy that goes full tourettes when people dont agree with you. Me on the other hand loves disagreements. But what you do is calling names. Thats something different:)

          • D.M.T

            Yesterday I had a long debate with someone on Wii U Daily because we didn’t agree on things so no i don’t have tourette syndrome. It depends on what you’re saying and how you say it. You say nonsensical things on purpose sometimes to make people mad. But like I said, I will not insult you or call you names anymore because you do a good job at making yourself look bad

  • Ford Crews

    They missed the mark so bad, not having a hdmi input, where you could have fed your cable/sat/htdv tune/blu-ray player into the wii-u and watched other non streamed video sources on the controller while you played games on the main tv display. It wouldn’t have added $5 to the cost of the wii-u and would have made it truly the center of the entertainment system in a home.

    • Adrian

      you feed your hdmi to the main screen and use off screen play to play on the gamepad. Not the other way around.

      • Ford Crews

        But for $5 they could have given you the ability to do both, being able to watch a movie/live tv on the game pad while playing a game on on your tv and quickly swapping back and forth would have been huge. It would have made tvii a game changer instead of the yawn it is. The goal of any video playback device should be to keep the display tuned to it most of the time, with an hdmi input as well as an hdmi output, the wii-u could have been in the control of the both displays most of the time for most people.

        • Adrian

          The feature sounds pointless to me. I would never want to watch something on my gamepad, while I played a game on the main screen. Being able to watch something on the main screen while playing a game on the second screen is at least practical.

  • The calm before the storm… muahaha

  • Ducked

    This guy has knowledge. Its nice when someone actually says something positive about the Wii U in the media. If Wii U has a good black friday bundle in the US, has at least 3 first-party games come out this fall, then the Wii U will be more then fine.

    • Javy G

      A Zelda Windwaker bundle or party-typed game like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. would be awesome bundles!

      • Ducked

        Sure would be. Although there probably put a older game in the bundle like NSMBU.

        • JumpMan

          Gold Wii U + Wind Waker U + gold GamePad + Gold Wiimote Plus & Nunchuck = SOLD.

          • The_Last_Metroid

            good luck with that one, but positive thinking though!

          • JumpMan

            yeah, my mind goes a little too far sometimes. but that would be GOLDEN! LOL I MADE A JOKE

          • Ducked

            I think the first 3 would be good enough for SOLD

  • Ony

    Damn I forgot all what I have read when I’ve seen “Metroid U”.

  • 32 year old gamer and I love the 2nd screen, wife doesn’t yell go to bed because I go to the gamepad and get another hour of gaming. getting old sucks.

    • Richard Yates

      Mate im hunting monsters on my gamepad while my missus watches the soaps!!! My life is complete thanks to the big N!

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    I would like to buy a PS4, but I think that it will be very expenbuysive when it comes out, so I will buy it when they cut the price… In the case of Wii U I want to buy it, but there still no game release that like to me, Im awaiting for the big games like Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros… I already preorder Zelda WW HD at gamestop & I will preorder the another games soon…
    I think that when this big games cames out it will skyrocket the sales of Wii U, :)…

  • No need to find stories to appease the Nintendo agents. Nintendo has the slimmest of chances to succeed. So far they are not showing me that they want it.

    • Arthur Jarret

      You’re a sad, lonely person – aren’t you?

      • D.M.T

        Don’t reply to trolls with insults dude because that’s the type of reaction he wants from you. You can make someone look stupid without insulting them. Use your superior intellect and sarcasm to make trolls look stupid or retarded.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Doris Lessing argued that “there is no fool like an intellectual…a kind of clever
          stupidity, bred out of a line of logic in the head, nothing to do with

          In truth, not a single comment – either intellectual or sarcastic – is needed to make a troll look stupid or retarded. They manage to look this way all by themselves.

          • D.M.T

            I agree 100% with you and Doris. They do a great job at making themselves look bad. But my question is why do you respond to them with insults? I’m guilty of this myself but I’m trying not to do that anymore.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Check knowledge’s response to my post below, it’s pretty funny. Worth posting for.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            And why did you cite Doris Lessing if not trying to look like an intellectual?

            Lessing is good. But why not say the same thing but both better and older. And this one is also very suitable for many of you guys here.

            “Socrates stood there and stared interested in to his own asshole. He knew everything about all things above his head and under his feet, so now he needed to get the wisdom in the things inside himself too.” Aristophanes – Nephelai

          • Arthur Jarret

            I did try to look like an intellectual, and I never claimed I didn’t.

            Hypocracy is funny.

            To illustrate that fact further, I should admit that I’m a sad and lonely person too.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Yeah, listen to D.M.T. he’s got superior stupidness and retardation, and makes trolls look intelligent and sarcastic all the time. Without isulting that is…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Oooops, got that one wrong. But listen to what he says. Very intelligent stuff. Like “you are stupid”, and “you are so retarded”. Very intelligent guy… all the time.

          • D.M.T

            You are admitting that you’re a troll with your comments. I wasn’t talking to you and I wasn’t talking about you and yet you reply to me with sarcasm. Yes I have insulted you in the past but I won’t do that anymore because you do a great job at making yourself look bad. You expose yourself with every comment you make.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, what are you doing? You dont want to be more intelligent than me anymore? How sad. You where so good at it.

            And why am I a troll? By disagreeing with you? Is it very hard to understand that people got different opinions from you? Does that make you angry? So angry that you must call names and stuff? That makes you look very intelligent.

        • greengecko007

          Responding to them at all is exactly what they want, and gives them a reason to come back. It would be great if we could stop the name calling, but it would be even better if we could learn to stop responding to trolls in general.

      • Ok, yes I am. My apologies.

        • Arthur Jarret

          No need to apologize – in modern society: you should always blame the parents.

          Need a hug?

          • Only from a girl with big titties!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Luckily, I live in the Netherlands – you can rent those here!

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      I dont believe that Nintendo had to show something to you, you @ss#0le!!!

    • bizzy gie

      Next Xbox is dead. R.I.P next Xbox. Next Xbox has install base of zero so next Xbox is dead. R.I.P Xbox. Next Xbox weak. Next Xbox is not as powerful as PS4 so next Xbox is dead. R.I.P next Xbox. Illumiroom is a kiddie gimmick for kiddies who like gimmicks. Baby machine. Next Xbox dead. R.I.P next Xbox.

      See. It’s not that hard to be you.

      • briwas10

        Illumiroom is a generation away from working seamlessly and being widely adopted, but the idea is highly interesting.

        Its a highly-ambitious step towards total-immersion, and regardless of how well the first version works they should be commended for trying to change the way we see (and thus play) video games.

        It is more creative and innovative than anything nintendo has done.

        When nintendo tries to change the way we see games, the result was the virtual boy…..

        Illumiroom has a much much more lucrative future ahead of it.

        • bizzy gie

          So you’re telling me that flashing stupid lights around a t.v. is more innovative the a physical second-screen controller? Tell me did you talk about how innovative Smartglass is? Because that’s just taken off sooooo well. Nintendo doesn’t try to change the way we see games. Nintendo tries to change the way we PLAY games. Microsoft will never be close to Nintendo’s level. Well looks like WiiUDaily has a new moron to deal with.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Go suck Micheal Patcher’s d*ck you troll this man is a real analyst

      • briwas10

        And pachter has been 100% right about the wii u.

        Does it bother you that hes been right?

        Do you despise the guy so much that you hate him even more for being right?

        Look, pachter makes a negative prediction for nintendo and it comes true, EVERY TIME.

        How does that make him bad?

        You have pachter, with a 100% success rate, and you instead you would rather listen to the guy GOING AGAINST the guy with a 100% success rate?

        Let me guess, you also think you could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one, since you apparently LOVE rooting for the guy with no chance.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I agree that sales will get a boost when more games arrive, similar to what happened to the 3DS.

    In the current economy – getting a device based on the promise of future games is no longer feasable for most people. Nintendo did not have their full fanbase backing them on Wii U release day and I honestly believe most people who enjoyed nintendo’s past devices are waiting for their favorite franchise to hit the console.

    However, I disagree that Nintendo is well poised to capture a second screen market. Their device is simply too expensive to compete with wider-function (subscription-based) devices as smartphones, or cheaply available devices like tablets.

    I happen to use it as a second screen often – to write this message, for instance – while watching TV. I also enjoy taking the pad with me in my bedroom to watch some youtube before sleep. None of this would have compelled me to buy the system.

    • D.M.T

      Wii U is not competing with tablets or smartphones. Why? Because they aren’t gaming systems and Wii U is not a portable device.

      It makes more sense to say that the 3DS is competing with tablets and smartphones but we all know the 3DS is not competing with them for obvious reasons.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I fully agree with you.

        I am disagreeing with the analysts remark: ‘Right now, the battle in the living room is for the second-screen experience and Nintendo is positioned perfectly to capitalise on this trend.’, which does imply nintendo is competing with tablets and smartphones.

  • D.M.T

    The Wii U has potential to become the most popular console next-gen. It’s up to Nintendo to give people reasons to buy a Wii U.

    It’s no secret that gamers are too lazy to think for themselves so they NEED convincing from Nintendo to purchase the system.

    Nintendo needs to release their games, advertise the Wii U nonstop and have a better relationship with 3rd party devs.

    • briwas10

      No it does not have the potential to be #1.

      It lost already.

      Not only is the system inferior, but the games are as well.

      There is literally 0% chance nintendo wins.

      There are SOME idiots who will actually pay money for an inferior system with inferior games, but right now its only about 50, 000 per month that do so.

      Microsoft and Sony will outsell the wii u by about 30, 000, 000 this generation.

      It wont even be close

      • D.M.T

        So you’re from the future? You have a crystal ball? I have no reason to believe what you’re saying. I will not judge the Wii U yet like you are doing.

  • Michael Jurado

    every console war sony and microsoft go you can’t beat me I have a better ship yet nintendo always seems to win. Yes that was a star fox reference I really hope we get a new star fox!!! we so need one 🙂

    • der

      So true. Since when has horsepower been an indicator of retail performance? Furthermore, the average gamer is either somewhat indifferent towards system specs or downright unaware of them. Only fanboys (yes I am kinda one) can quote specs.

      • briwas10

        Hey idiot, it all comes down to games and nintendo has none.

        Sony and MS create better systems that ALSO have better games.

        People who want to play GREAT GAMES get a sony or microsoft system.

        People who want to play MY LITTLE PONY get a nintendo system.

        Nintendo lacks games, and its been that way for about 2 decades now.

  • Angelo Ricardo

    Nintendo is always looking for new experiences, releasing new technologies, WiiU is the same, it´s a great machine, It just need more software support.

    • briwas10

      New experiences?

      Mario u? I played that game in the 80s.

      30 years later and nintendo is still making the same game.

      Nintendo doesnt create new experiences, they just give you the same experience 20 times.

      Nintendo stopped being creative back when the first George Bush was president.

      • Richard Yates

        Call of duty????? bf?? i was playing those games ten years ago and beleive me cod aint changed a bit and all bf changes have been graphical and detrimental to gameplay (typical EA).
        And you say mario hasnt changed in 30 years? he went from jumping barrels to sidescrolling platflormer then he gave us a 3d platformer when people didnt have a clue how to make a decent one! So what if people still like the old flavour of mario given a new coat of paint?
        Briwas you really are a nob jockey! do shush now!

  • AAAkabob

    Omg an analyst that doesn’t spew bullshit!? Start reporting everything he says instead of Patcher

    • briwas10

      Just because you dont like the truth doesnt mean its BS.

      How stupid are you? Really, how stupid? Are you STUPID stupid or just regular stupid?

      Every bad thing pachter has said about nintendo has been true!

      So according to YOU, the truth is bs?

      Every negative thing pachter has said about nintendo ended up being true.

      So maybe instead of getting mad at someone else FOR BEING RIGHT, you should accept reality and realize that YOU have been wrong.

      YOU might love everything about nintendo, but the CONSUMERS are speaking loud and clear and they are saying that NINTENDO SUCKS.

      Nintendo continues to only sell 50k units a month in America. Thats horrible. Absolutely horrible

      • Evang3los

        are you effing kidding? pachter? right? he flip flops more than Obama. I can say one thing and change my mind a million times too. “wii won’t sell, never mind wii is selling” this is the kind of crazy stuff pachter supposedly “predicts.” haha.

      • AAAkabob

        I can’t wait to destroy you w/ actual knowledge and expose your nativity. Just wait till I get time to make a real response

  • david jarman

    I think we are going to see an increase in sales for wii u and the last gen consoles cause of one word-“affordable”
    Plus, a lot of people usually wait awhile after a console has been released to get the kinks out and the better games are out.

  • Nintendofreak

    the picture is creeepy

    • briwas10

      Thats pretty much how I picture every pro-nintendo person nowadays.

      Creepy eyes that just scream out IM INSANE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!

      Yup, thats a nintenboy

      • Nintendofreak

        i guess that is why girls look at me weird…i thought i was hot… 🙁

  • nin-10-doughfan

    absolutely positive!!!

  • Smash bros bundle will leave other consoles in the dust

    • briwas10

      Console sales will say otherwise

  • bizzy gie

    Finally! Somebody who gets it! Not just blindly claiming the Wii U is dead without analyzing details other than specs.

    • briwas10

      Lol, someone who gets it???

      The dude is as delusional as they come.

      “Christmas is nintendo’s to lose” HARDLY.

      Despite the 1 year advantage Sony and MS will release their systems with as many games as nintendo has right now.

      And no, shoppers will not be rushing out to buy a wii u JUST because the first decent game gets released (after a year…).

      Shoppers will have a choice between new sony, new MS, or lame old nintendo.

      Nintendo will finish 3rd this holiday season, just like it will finish 3rd this upcoming generation (if you consider wii u to be same gen as ps4 or Xbox infinity).

      • Richard Yates

        You talk shite my friend go crawl under a bridge!

      • bizzy gie

        I see you’re one of the uneducated ones. When the other two consoles release, they might have close to the amount of games, but not the same amount. After people’s hype from getting a new console dies down, people will want games. Do you think DriveClub will compete with Mario Kart 8? If you do, can I have what you’re smoking? Nintendo is ultimately superior when it comes to software. Wii U will be much cheaper and all of its bugs will be fixed. The PS4 and next Xbox will have to go through the same issues before being worked out.

        You posted “Christmas is nintendo’s to lose” HARDLY. So does this mean they WON’T lose this Christmas?

        But then you posted “And no, shoppers will not be rushing out to buy a wii u JUST because the first decent game gets released (after a year…).”

        Pick a f*cking side.

        And no I don’t “consider” Wii U to be in the same generation as PS4 and next Xbox. I don’t need to “consider” something I, and everybody else with a logical brain, already know.

        • Chris Williams

          Wii sports and wii fitness helped the wii sell so much. Mario Kart, while a fun game, was not a killer ip for the gamecube. The gamecube was used frequently in college but, only on the main tv in the house whereas all six of my roommates had xboxes in their rooms, with half of them owning a PS3 no one owned a gamecube other than the one that got left behind in the house by the previous renter who never came back to get it.

          I love nintendo, haven’t bought a system in years though because I can’t play big multiplayer games with my friends on a wii, and I’m stuck with an uglier version of the game.

          I want to buy a wii U because of mario, zelda, and all the other nintendo franchises, but I can’t spend $200 on a system where I’m stuck with only playing nintendo games, I pretty much went through this with the n64, not doing that again. There needs to be more and as much as I loved the original Bayonetta, I aint buying a wii u for just an occasional great third party game

          • bizzy gie

            If they owned a PS3, the clearly the Gamecube’s generation had ended a long time ago.

      • Conley Brown

        You’re an idiot. Wii U won’t outsell the other 2 this christmas just because those two are brand new and haven’t already sold to the loyalists yet, like Wii U has (4 million of Ninty’s biggest fans already have it), but… the other two will sell LESS in their first 3 months than Wii U (just like 360 and PS3 did) and at the higher price point, will probably sell less overall this generation as well. Mario and Mario Kart and Smash Bros and Windwaker will ALL be out soon, as will probably a Retro Studios metroid game and the new Xenoblade sequel. There will be more good games to get for Wii U this holiday than the other consoles, that’s not even debateable. I mean, come on,there’s already a decent line up between Zombi U, NSMB U, Scribblenauts, Lego City and many more already out plus all the games coming this summer such as Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, Wonderful 101, and more. Sonic the Hedgehog also has 3 exclusive games coming to the console.

      • Agent721

        Shoppers will have a choice between a $350 Nintendo console that has familiar mascots, games, a tablet and is backwards compatible with all their Wii stuff, or $500 new console, with no games packed in, isnt backwards compatible & perhaps carries a monthly fee. The choice maybe clear to you, but I can tell you it will not be so clear for many others. Add in a new mario kart, a new mario & a few others and I think Nintendo takes on that Pepsi challenge anyday.

  • Warren Huff


    • briwas10

      Sale and sell are not the same word.

      The white bundle has proven not to sell, not “sale”.

  • Jeovany

    There no way to know until Sony and Microsoft announce what they have.

  • Randall Hellmer

    Very much lofty thinking.

    The truth is that Nintendo has lost their chance to gain a serious leg-up over the competition, and is actually in an even worse position. Even if (and I say if because I wouldn’t put money on it) Nintendo manages to come out swinging in the new generation this holiday, there is just nothing in the pipeline from third-parties, who have more or less abandoned the system. And unless there is a huge upset at E3, that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Which means it’ll be months, more likely years, before Nintendo sees anything like exclusive third-party content on their console.

    And while new games will provide a temporary respite, they won’t be able to permanently turn the system around without improvements to the hardware package…or a price drop.

  • ILikePikachu

    Can’t wait. Simply can’t wait.

  • J Dick Jones

    … and with big titles comes a slew of advertising. There’s no question Nintendo has held off on advertising until it has a library of games to advertise.

  • Agent721

    Duh!!! It really isnt that hard to see where trends are going. Not only that, but the fact of the matter is I have yet to personally meet someone who tried the system & didnt like it. I could not say the same thing about the Wii. $500 PS4 or Infinity, with no game packed in, no backwards compatibilty & $60 games with only a slight upgrade in graphics, will not sell well after Xmas. Its an Ipad price, without anything close to the functionality and zero mobility. We may buy one, has hardcore gamers, but the general public will not.