Mar 25th, 2013

wii u-flyer


Nintendo has had an advertising problem. The problem is naming the successor system after the previous system, so uninformed consumers think the Wii U GamePad is an attachment for the original Wii. I’ve had numerous people ask me where they can get a GamePad for their Wii, not even realizing that the Wii U is an entirely new console.

This weekend at PAX East, Nintendo took steps to address this problem at one of the biggest consumer gaming conventions on the eastern seaboard. Unfortunately, most people who attend PAX East are in the know. The above checklist should be posted at every retail outlet in America to let parents and other average consumers know that yes, the Wii U is different for many reasons.

Hopefully this is a sign that Nintendo understands that marketing is everything when it comes to consumer devices and the company will go the extra length to let the general public know that the Wii U is more than just a GamePad attachment.

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  • Kerbizzle

    Wii 2 would’ve been a better name. That would get most of the confusion out of the way.

    • DK_Hadouken

      I much as I like the “Wii U” name, I’d have to agree. Numbering does simply clarify, but this is Nintendo we’re talking about. Each Gen has to have a more unique name, even if it’s slightly different.

      • Chris Kattner

        They should have called it the NES6.

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        i agree with the “nintendo U” name since it doesnt mention wii”” it would have stated its a new console.

    • Nintenjoe82

      Super Wii would’ve been good too

    • Fred

      They were smart to keep the Wii part (one of the guys I work with recently said, “in my family we’ve never bought one of those Nintendos; we bought a Wii instead” Keeping the Wii name makes sales to guys like him a possibility, but I agree Wii 2 or Super Wii as Nintenjoe82 suggested would have made sense. Or the Successor to the Wii-Wii U

    • Nintedward

      Wii Ultra ๐Ÿ™‚

      Or my personal favorite – The ”Nintendo Jesus”

      • WiiUltra

        Damn right.

    • Mario

      Nintendo won’t give their consoles the same name.

  • EcksDee

    So yeah, maybe they should’ve come up with a name that stands out more. It’s pretty easy to understand that a PS4 is a new console after the PS4. So trash the Wii part next time and if this is the real problem that they think it is, then it might turn out better even though the lack of games in the beginning.

  • DK_Hadouken

    I do agree that Nintendo needs to clarify more the differences because then that will get more folks to buy. Nintendo is still doing some advertising, but it’s subtle. Hopefully the closer we get to E3, the more we’ll see Nintendo push this underrated console out to the eyes of the “General” Public.

    • val berger

      Wii II. Or Wii!! ;D
      no seriously, I agree with the Wii2.

      • AkaLink77

        I thought of a perfect name bak when ppl where raging about Wii U
        “Super Wii”
        Its obviously too late for a good name, but mabey when nin makes a Slim console they can call it
        “Super Wii U”
        or mabey save that for the 9th gen console!

        • Johny

          nah.. idk.. it still sounds like an upgraded wii… (like upscaled graphics, off screen play etc…)
          and wii u ISNT an upgraded wii.. its a brand new console for the 8th generation of consoles. and i do agree… the name could be alot better for people who dont know whats happening on the market..
          even wii 2 would be better… … BAD! .. but straightforward

          • That doesn’t make sense, the Super NES was named after the NES and nobody thought it was an upgraded NES

          • Johny

            well you DO make a solid point there…
            but look at it at this way..
            look at 7th gen consoles.. wii ps3 and 360… what was wiis most bashed specification ? the invomparable graphical power and power of the machine itself…
            AND if you look at (supposively named) Super Wii, and see the ads nintendo put out advertising 2d mario (not really a proper way of nintendo showcasing their newest 1st party HD title for the next gen console), the ability to play without a tv, and HD graphics,……
            average consumer:”hey is super wii…its an UPGRADED wii with better graphics, catching up with ps3 and 360 with a neat feature to be able to play without a tv”

            but hey… that ALREADY whats happening sadly :/ cmon ninendo properly advertise

          • val berger

            advertising isn’t always enough. they just should’ve launched the system 6 months later with better support for their estore, more available huge games and enough consoles to showcase in every goddamn mart. I think, the most important thing would’ve been just one single AAA first party title at least within the first 6 months. And even if Pikmin would’ve made it in time, it wouldn’t be the game to get mainstream-players to buy the system, but a totally unveiles Super Mario game that redefines standards by making use of the consoles strenths would’ve been a total cash cow. Knowing, that such a game is coming would get faaar more people buying the system as for the moment, they just still aren’t comfortable with how the console might turn out to be as not everybody trusts that much in nintendo like we do, which I actually understand after those months.

          • gobrowniesgo

            They don’t want to go all in till the others reveal thier systems. lf they go all in early, lt will give the others a free run on the market. They have to compete..

          • val berger

            I hope you’re right and still, it would be an amazingly bad move. If they want to wait till competitors reveal their systems, then they shouldn’t have released theirs in first place. The thing is, that dropping a bomb on E3 wouldn’t just be a nice marketing strategy that may help the system – it’s the only chance, the wiiU could have left. Even if they reveal like the most amazing Super Mario game ever and something else HUGE, it wouldn’t let the sales explode. It would just draw the mainstream user’s attention onto the system which should’ve already happened a year ago or so. You draw attention onto your product before you launch it, not more than 6 months later. If this all really is strategy, like some fans are claiming, then it’s a really bad one. Still, I would obviously prefer that strategy over no strategy at all (which is still also a possibility to me)

          • Mario

            Oh come on! They do the same things with the Playstation (1,2 and 3) and Xbox (360)

          • Johny

            not really… with playstation its obvious its a new console… 1,2,3 … its pretty straightforward… its not really imaginative, but it gets the job done

        • Squid

          PlayWiibox 360
          No just kidding, I actually don’t mind the name it has, but if I had to pick, it would be Wiii

      • gobrowniesgo

        They should just drop wii n call it “The U”

      • TheLast

        Wii 2
        Wii I I
        Wii I.I
        Wii U

    • This is what they get for ripping off suckers by selling them a repackaged Gamecube.

      • GermGerm

        You’re an idiot.

      • D.M.T

        That’s funny because PS4 is a repackaged PS3 but I dont see you complain.

        What’s the difference between DualShock 3 and 4? Dualshock 4 is slightly bigger, it has a touchpad and a share button. Yeah that’s really impressive (Not)

        What else? Oh yeah better graphics. What else? That’s pretty much it.

        Only 2 differences between PS4 and PS3.

        • Let’s not BS, you know that the two systems are totally different as well as the controller.

          • Well so is the Wii U when compared the Gamecube. Why is there such a big double standard? Wii U is shown to include a touchscreen controller, get’s critisized by the PS and MS crowd. PS4 is speculated to have a touchscreen controller, get’s praised for huge innovation by PS crowd. Why is there such a blatant double standard coming from the anti-Nintendo people? Seriously?

          • If Sony’s TS controller is what we saw, then that is a more practical design while we know that Nintendo just makes gimmick controllers to make it appear is if people are getting something new. This controller has not real functions which is why no one is buying it. At least the Wii’s controller had functions that were useful.

          • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

            As a Dildo? I dont know man, at least the gamepad has the offscreen function and thats really cool

          • God have mercy on your soul

          • The Clockwork Being

            Innovating.That’s what Nintendo is doing since their creation. Not the same formula with the same game, same controllers and updated graphics( PS and Xbox) I would be surprised if Nintendo created a machine making your mind transferring in a game and PS and Xbox would be bitching about it. This gen im getting a Wii U(main console) and a PS4(second console)

          • See, that’s just a huge double standard. If PS4 did the same thing, you’d be okay with it. I respect not caring for Wii U; not everything is for everyone. But you clearly bring up double standards all the time – I’ve read many of your other posts – and you make it your mission to let us all know that we are stupid for liking and purchasing Wii U. And I DON’T respect that.

          • WiiUltra

            No real functions? It has the same amount of buttons/ button functions as the other controllers PLUS a touch screen. Ya obviously you can’t do anything with that. /sarcasm

          • NkoSekirei

            ur definitely a moron dude

      • NkoSekirei

        stfu troll

    • [000]

      Honestly, I would say that this list only really works for those who have already bought a Wii, because I can see parents buying the Wii thinking “The Wii U has only got some more features, and it’s double the price of Wii, so let’s get the Wii instead.” If someone already had the Wii, though, they might be inclined to upgrade, but maybe they would only really see it as a small upgrade, and nothing more. If anything, this comparison makes it seem like Wii and Wii U seem even more of the same thing because of how direct it is.

      • I think what would work is that they discontinue the Wii like they did with the GameCube after it’s launch to prevent people from buying the wrong console. Because they really did stop supporting the Wii in the first place. If they don’t do that then less informed customers are going to treat them both like one and the same and that won’t turn out very well.

        • [000]

          That would help, but then the less informed that already have a Wii wouldn’t get the Wii U because they wouldn’t see it as a new console.

          • [000]

            However, that could be solved with proper and coordinated advertising.

      • Mario

        Oh for pity’s sake man! Playstation (1,2 and 3). Same thing! Xbox (360). The very same thing! Idiots! No offense.

  • david jarman

    The Nintendo 1up

  • Lord Fuse

    I personally think “The Nintendo U” would work as a name, honestly. I actually wonder if there’s any connection between the “Ultra 64” (The original name for the N64, but it wasn’t used because of another company having copyright, if memory serves.) and the U in “Wii U”.

    • Nintedward

      Yeah , Nintendo U is easier to say than WIiU and seperates it from Wii . It’s designed for you (U) but does support wii games , wii remotes and part games also !

      Nintendo U would of been perfect , well done ๐Ÿ™‚

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        also, that it reads or works with the wii controls doesnt mean its ment to be “wii”U cus the wii worked and read the gamecube games and yet it wasnt the gamecubewii

        • Nintedward

          Yeah , it’s just Nintendo trying to ride the success waves of the Wii brand. but just think about Nintendo U would of been a perfect name. the Wii and U 2 seperate things ๐Ÿ™‚ . The U aspect is that its like a tablet.

    • Mario

      Okay, who cares about the name anyway? It’s the gameplay and the way it works that matters.

      • Lord Fuse

        Yeah, that’s what matters, the thing is, not every parent knows that. “Oh little Jimmy wants a Wii U? What is that, some new controller for his Wii? Oh my, that’s too much money for just a controller.” It’s really confusing to some parents.

  • GermGerm

    Nintendo knows exactly how much advertising they are doing. More so than any one of us. I still say they know what they are doing, though, I am confused by their strategy.

    • Nothing5555

      If you are confused by their strategy then their marketing is not working very well..

      • GermGerm

        No….it just means I do not understand their strategy. I don’t know WHY they choose not to advertise. They have the funds to do it. They know they are not doing very much of it. They know better than any of us what they are doing with their advertising. I just don’t understand it. But my major is art not business management ๐Ÿ™‚

        • david daniel wharton camacho

          i agree… there is something on their hands or a reason they are not advertizing, maybe the lack of games. maybe once some first party titles are launched they can start making tv spots with the game and the console

          • david daniel wharton camacho

   look, this is what i think will happen

          • brian murphy

            talk is cheap when you dont have anything to back it up with they need games now which they dont so waiting for there games is better than just a bunch of talk cant wait till next year around this time things will be alot better for the wii u

        • Old McGroin

          @ GermGerm

          If you, a person in the know about the Wii U and gaming, find Nintendo’s marketing strategy confusing and people who aren’t so much in the know, casuals, also find it confusing then Nintendo’s marketing is not working. If you can point me towards one advertisement for the Wii U I would be very surprised. It’s almost like Nintendo don’t actually care about the Wii U.

          • GermGerm


            I have seen this commercial on TV several times. Be surprised ๐Ÿ™‚ And you missed the point of my post that we are not in the know. I said I don’t understand why they are not advertising their product more. I am not “In the know.” I do not have any idea what goes on behind Nintendo’s doors. So yes it is confusing to me why they are doing what they are doing. But I am also humble enough to admit that they know more about advertising and marketing than I am ever going to.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    They should have droppped the “Wii” name. It’s about time they start advertising correctly :/

    • Mario

      Who made you the one who chooses the names for THEIR consoles. They did what they though was right!

  • david jarman

    NintendoHD or NHD or WiiHD

    • val berger

      Oh please. this isn’t 2006 anymore. HD is such a washed out marketingterm

      • david jarman

        Well, then how about you go buy a tv that doesn’t say HD. You’ll probably end up asking someone is it hd or try to find out what it’s resolution is. I think having HD in the name especially with a nintendo item will make people even more interested in it.

        • CEObrainz

          Most tv’s come with HD output as standard now.

          • david jarman

            You missed the whole point. I know a lot of wii owners who wanted the wii to be HD and are excited when I tell them that wii u is. I bet it will sell better if more people new that other then being a new console, it is more then up to par and is in HD. Besides I’m just having fun making up names.

        • val berger

          That’s different, because those TVs are naturally called HDTV. But things like Nintendo HD, WiiHD and following that Logic Super Mario HD and so on would be kinda cheesy.

  • InterTreble

    Good step because this is a first attempt to fix the unbelieveble lack of marketing and information of Nintendo about the Wii U so far. In my opinion, the first thing to do should be to clearly differenciate Wii and Wii U, telling that they are DIFFERENT consoles, using terms like “next gen”, so common and well understood, to distinguish what is Wii U and what is not. Wii U must be seen as a very strong competitor of PS4 and Xbox720, not PS3 and Xbox360!

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    sad thing is if nintendo simply used a 2 instead of trying to be cute with U. a difference would have been more apparent immediately

  • Nothing5555

    Why address the differences at PAX East? They should address them in TV advertisement as it would a wider audience.

  • Zorlac79

    I like Super Duper Uber NES!! lol Or Wii 2U woulda been OK.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Well it’s a step in the right direction
    how about turning that chart into a commercial eh?

  • Zuxs13

    This is also on their web site and was even before PAX

  • Starfoxguy

    I think Nintendo really should have re-named the console. The flyer should be where someone can buy a Wii U, as stated in the post. The two things Nintendo really needs to do to sell the Wii U is better their advertisements and more first party games.

  • Julio

    Nintendo Ultra Entertainment System would be a better name. But that’s just

  • Come on Nintendo, as much as I love the Wii U, don’t leave anything out of this checklist. The Wii U can’t use gamecube controllers but the Wii can.

  • ahahhahahhahah only that POS company known as nintendo would advertise against themselves. These checklists are things you do against your competitors. I’ve never seen a company do it against their own product. But that’s just more reason RIP wii u ahahhahahahahhah

    • Trevor D Andrew Link

      You don’t seem to have much of a life my friend. All you do is bash Nintendo and the system. It’s a constant with you. Trying to get attention?

    • Mario


  • Johny

    well its something… and CERTANLY better than nothing…
    well nintendo is looking in a right direction…. these fliers should be posted at most electronics stores atleast ๐Ÿ™‚

    • gobrowniesgo

      it’s on the box! lol

  • Tecpedz94

    Maybe they should of named it something else other than adding the Wii name in it?? I have no clue.

    • david daniel wharton camacho

      i know, even project cafรจ was a much better name for the console that would make it diferent.

      • Tecpedz94

        Ya but i find this whole name situation odd cuz Nintendo’s past few home consoles always had a different name but yet Sony and Microsoft always keep the same name and just add digits, well i dunno about the next Xbox but Sony always did and everyone understood it was the next gen unless they called it the Wii 2 ??

  • Cubester_64

    “Nintendo has had an advertising problem. The problem is naming the
    successor system after the previous system, so uninformed consumers
    think the Wii U GamePad is an attachment for the original Wii. Iโ€™ve had
    numerous people ask me where they can get a GamePad for their Wii, not
    even realizing that the Wii U is an entirely new console.” Agreed.

    • What you suggest (naming the system properly) is marketing, not advertising. Advertising is what the potential consumers get in the form of TV ADs, internet ads, websites, print ads etc.

      • Cubester_64


  • Anukul

    its looking like samsung galaxy vs. iphone, thats not good!

  • Adam Fox

    I think its just that the original Wii left a bad “taste” in peoples mouth and folks were giving up on Nintendo….so they were and still are hesitant about getting another system with the Wii name on it….While I think the Wii U name is kind of stupid, its still no different than Sony just changing the numbers on the PlayStation name…..

    • sithWiiU

      Numbers mean advanced though. Addading numbers is a hell lot more logical than adding a letter.

      • Mario

        Hello!! The U stands for UNIVERSE!!!! I don’t want upgraded consoles! I want consoles with different controlers and unique gameplay everyday. Try Nintendo land and ZombiU for example!

    • bizzy gie

      or Microsoft adding a random degrees number.

  • Well, I think that once the big games start coming out, we’ll see more ads and more of a distinction between Wii and Wii U. I’m estimating around E3 is when they’ll pump out the ads like mad, ’cause they’ll have the big name games that they have to hype, and most of the system update stuff will be finalized.

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    Is it possible that Nintendo doesn’t sell the gamepad separately because they knew people might confuse it for a Wii peripheral and try to buy just the gamepad?

  • To the average person, they would be wondering what are all of the services and/or games of the Wii U and why they should care if they don’t know about them!

    • UnkownBane

      I agree with you on that, the services are great in my opinion though.

  • Scott Duperree

    Doesn’t this just make the Wii U seem like an upgrade to the Wii? I had a different flyer for different versions of Windows Vista. Look at all the dots that are compared. It looks like a basic version versus a Deluxe. “No honey, get the Wii for Tommy, it’s cheaper, it’s okay if it doesn’t play in 1080p.”

    • ReckoningReckoner

      The fact that the Wii U is being compared to Vista is not a good sign.

  • Cerus98

    Why is Nintendo getting crap for naming it the Wii U? Have we forotten the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox and Xbox 360? Those consoles looked almost identical and had nearly identical controllers unlike the Wii U but I don’t recall any confusion when those successors launched.

    • Scott Duperree

      It might not be a problem with the name of the system, but the fanbase. Casual gamers are use to iPhone 1,2,3,4,5 being upgrades that are not necessarily needed.

    • That is so true.

    • Mario

      I agree with this guy!

  • wiiucompl

    There is no need to explain why Wii U is better than the Wii. (My kids think that “Wii U” is WiiU GamePad ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Nintendo should explain why Wii U is better than Xbox 360 and PS3, and why it is now the best family next-gen console on the market … So long other next-gen is not in the store. Wii U is growing in reality.

    • D.M.T

      Nintendo doesn’t really compete with Sony and Microsoft. They have said this a few times already. And Wii U should not compete with 7 year old consoles. Competing with PS4 and Next Xbox makes more sense but Nintendo just wants to be different.

      • wiiucompl

        You’re right.

        But let’s see what is the power of the Wii U:

        – It has great features (like gamepad, off-TV, the old-good-cheap accessories or backward compatibility games, even free network functions) (it’s NOW)

        – It’s the best (hardware) on the market (NOW)

        – It has a fan base from the old Wii (NOW)

        – It offer variety of games

        and the most important – perhaps it’s the best moment to brake myth of the Nintendo family console. Wii U can also be selected by the hardcore players from Sony and Microsoft platforms.

        I’am sure – many of PS3 or Xbox owners will love Wii U. But they need more information about it. It’s the best moment for Nintendo to intercept PS3 or Xbox360 gamers…

        What Nintendo needs? Courage and better pressure or collaboration with developers … Well, maybe better visible and smarter advertising only.

      • Mario

        I agree.

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO!!!! so it took nintendo nearly 4 months to finally try and tell people the difference between the wii and wii u?PMSFL!!!
    This should have been done right after E3 2 years ago when it was first announced when everyone thought that the wii u was just an add on for the wii!!
    Seriously nintendo is slowly losing the plot, they will have a years start on the next gen consoles yet alot people still do not know what it is!!after the epic fail 3ds launch I really thought that nintendo would have learned their lesson but they have done EXACTLY the same,priced the console way to high i mean wake up nintendo 350 bucks for 6 year old graphics that have been in the xbox and ps3?u charge so much just for the new controller?LOL
    Patcher was right wii u should have been launched at 250 bucks with a free copy of a new wii sports game and it would have sold like hot cakes.
    once again is is to late for nintendo everybody is talking about the ps4 and new xbox and they aint even seen what they look like yet.
    The marketing has been abysmal and nintys only hope is a price drop which saved the 3ds!!!
    Funny when people are questioning why 3rd party and already turning theor backs on the wii u,what ubisoft did with rayman legends shows that they never had any faith in the console in the first place with loads more saying there is no point in releasing new games on wii u yet as they will not sell!!
    The wii launched with a zelda game which was epic………the wii u launched with a lame rehash of mario bros wii on the wii!!
    Bye bye nintendo stick to your handhelds!!!

    • Mario

      First of all, you’re a troll. Second, why a wii sports game? I happen to like Nintendo land thank you very much! And third, they will not always stick to handhelds! Why? Because it’s the same boring thing! And that’s why Nintendo will always try to make unique gameplay. Your words changes nothing!

  • Zorbo85

    The wii u is the 3ds all over again!!!for nintendo to make the same mistake twice is pathetic!!!
    At last years E3 nintendo said launch window was from november to ebd of march and would have at least 50 games in that time frame……LMFAO!!!every big game has already been delayed!!!
    The reason why nintendo are delaying everything is due to the fact that they under estimated how long it takes to make a 1080p game,the wii was so under powered and for nintendo to make that error is ludicuous!!!

    • Mario

      What are you talking about? The 3ds is selling well. And I’m sure the WiiU will as well.

  • Zorbo85

    Also the big gripe over the wii was that it did not have HD graphics so why has nintendo PATHETICALLY put this right near the BOTTOM of the list for wiiu?
    This poster is one of the most lamest ideas in video game history!!!could u ever imagine microsoft or sony bringing out such a list to tell the differences between their previous consoles?

    • D.M.T

      That’s because there ISN’T a difference between the PS3 and PS4. What’s the difference between the two? Better graphics but PS4 is still an HD console so it doesn’t really matter. Both are HD. What else? Oh yeah the Dualshock 4 is a little bit bigger and it has a touchpad and a share button. That’s it. That’s why Sony doesn’t have a list.

      HD is at the bottom because Nintendo doesnt really care about graphics. i thought you knew this already.

      • Mario

        Uh huh!

  • Michael Jurado

    it’s so sad that people are so dumb that this list needed to be made

  • atl hawks

    the checklist saids netflix and hulu on the wii u, but didn’t the wii get those services last year Nintendo -_- And ain’t there’s a channel on the Wii called the Internet channel. LOL nintendo

  • iPedro1000

    Nintendo Six.

    Getting into numbering would demonstrate that Nintendo has been at this longer than Sony and Microsoft combined and using the Nintendo brand as the console name would attract the original gamers who grew up on a Nintendo Entertainment System.

    I doubt there will be any changes for this generation but if the WiiU doesnt turn things around soon, there could be an opening when they release a hardware design revision like Nintendo often does. A good opportunity will present itself this holiday season with the real start of the next generation console war.

    • Mario

      Why a war? Can’t they just coexist in peace?

  • I doubt the checklist will be of uthermost importance to differentiate Wii and WiiU, but I agree it’s a step in the right direction.

    Then again I also recall that Nintendo seriously was considering in the summer months last year to actually give WiiU a whole different name altogether, and just leaving Wii out of it, I wonder why they didn’t stick to that plan in the first place, then this whole problem wouldn’t even have existed at all.

    • D.M.T

      Because everyone knows what a Wii is. So they are hoping that everyone who bought a Wii or was planning to buy a Wii, will buy the Wii U.

      • Sadly what N hoped is exactly the one thing which didn’t happen :/ even now in games stores people ask “is the gamepad an addon for the Wii?” or similair questions, I know a guy who owns a games store as well, I get my games from there for over a decade allready and he too says the thought N had is doing exactly the opposite as of what they hoped, he has never seen so much confusion on any new hardware then between Wii and Wii U and he’s doing it for about 20 years now, of which the last 7 years with his own games stores (owns 2 now, and is making plans for the 3rd one)

        Last time I was there for like 30 mins (getting castlevania LoS Mirror of Fate) I heard people ask the difference between Wii and WiiU like 4 times, and that in 30 minutes. Looks like the Wii’s succes is now working against the Wii U.

        All we can do really is hope Nintendo fixes this error/mistake…

  • WiiUltra

    Now to put those posters in Gamestop and other retailers!

  • HydePark1980

    I do agree that Nintendo could have gone with a better name for the system, however there’s no way in hell that I’m going to call myself a gamer in this industry and not know the difference between the two systems.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    I’m sorry but this poster idea is silly…put out TV ads explaining the Wii U and it’s first AND third party offerings as well as it’s apps. As for the name, it’s not changing so everybody get over it and move on. To generate sales of the console at least two of these three things have to be done (and soon): start advertising more, announce release dates for first party titles, or announce a price cut. If you didn’t know what the Wii U was and you turned on your TV and saw that you could play Mario, Bayonetta 2, Call of Duty, ZombiU, Resident Evil Revelations, Pikmin 3, Need for Speed U, Monster Hunter 3, Wind Waker HD, AC III and IV, and The Wonderful 101 all on one console for less than $300…who wouldn’t jump on that offer? Nintendo has five or six months left to use time as an advantage. They need to cut the Wii U’s price, announce release dates, announce new titles, advertise on TV and the Internet and start making deals with third or second party studios. Technically Pikmin 3 was supposed to be in our hands five months ago, and then the launch window and now sometime in April/May. For Christ’s sake, give us a god forsaken release date. Every week there is not one we lose a little bit of faith and excitement. Third party support for the Wii U might not be great but it’s adequate. I will take updated ports over nothing and am doing my best to support the third parties as we need to show them that their games will sell on the Wii U. I am buying Injustice and RE Revelations as well as Deus Ex. I feel bad for Nintendo fans as the only games they have to play now is NSMBU and Nintendo Land. These next couple months (up to and including E3) it’s all on the line for Nintendo. They have to deliver and step up their game. I am not saying the console is doomed by any means but if they want to still be in the running when the PS4 and next Xbox come out, they have to show us and soon.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    About Time!! I hope this works for the sake of Nintendo. They really should invest more on TV advertisements

  • Matt Jarvis

    This certainly seems like a positive step and needs to be done in the UK as well. Many people here also seem to think the wii u is just an add on and that is a sad indicment of the current advertising campaign, or rather the complete lack of advertising. This is hopefully a step in the right direction, but it must go much further and get wii u on tv, in the press at large, and most importantly, into the shops. They cannot surely keep allowing the shops to hide the wii u away for ever or it will be hid for ever. Come on nintendo, its time to up your game.

  • dgallo911

    All this advertising etc is a waste of time. All nintendo have to do is GIVE 1 x console to each retail store and have them set it up so people can actually try the bloody thing out. All the Execs of Nintendo keep saying is people need to try it to appreciate it and last i checked we dont have fully interactive posters in existence just yet so WTF is the point….

  • Shaun J.

    If people can’t understand the difference between the wii u and the wii then that’s their fault. Nintendo has made it perfectly clear what the difference between the two is. Have people been living under a rock or something or is it that they’re too ignorant to want to know what the difference is? It’s no different than when Sony announced the release of the PS2 that people knew what the difference was. It’s just an extension of a branded name model of a console.

    • Mario

      That’s because they’re selfish! And because they don’t want to try something new everyday!

  • Ninja Pirate

    It may not do as well as I would hope but I’m sure the Wii U will be just fine. Once the big 1st party games come out and they keep getting the 3rd party support they got from the beginning (Mass Effect 3, AC3, Arkham City, etc) except with being simultaneously released this time.

    Also, how well do we expect the PS4 and 720 to sell? People have been buying up these systems like hot cakes recently because of the lowered prices. So you have several million people with these consoles they’ve owned for a year or two, who bought them for cheap. They won’t be looking to buy a brand new $500 console right away (or at least most of them won’t). I except the sales of all systems to start off slow and then improve once price cuts happen and more games become available.

    I hope that all 3 consoles do well in this gen. It’s nice to have some competition to make all the developers want to make such amazing consoles for us. I’ve had fun playing each system of the past generation (though I do not own a PS3, I play my friends often).

    Rant over, just my two cents worth!

  • JuleyJules

    Nintendo does need to clarify things but really putting games like Sing doesn’t help. Fine compare to wii if they must but put new games like Lego City, Monster Hunter, Bayonetta, NFS:MW on posters and compare to PS3 and 360. Show how it compares to them and has new exclusive games coming. Why is this so hard to figure out?

  • Why is Nintendo comparing the wii u to its own console? *sigh*

  • Teem Four Tress Too

    Do we humans, really dont know that the wii u is an entirely new system?!

    • Mario

      Aparently not.

  • brian murphy

    they could of made the wii U look different than the wii most parents dont know what is what and buy the cheapest one i see it happen all the time at walmart think thats the biggest mistake besides the name being about the same back when the wii u came out i seen several people jumping to buy the wii cause it was the cheapest not knowing the wii u was a different console buying a wii and super mario u

  • Nintendo’s response to poor sales… A checklist!

  • Ian Rahn

    Are you guys kidding me? People know what a wii u is. They just know its a piece of garbage

    • Mario


  • “Unfortunately, most people who attend PAX East are in the know. The
    above checklist should be posted at every retail outlet in America…”

    This is what I’ve been talking about, no average person attends PAX East at all, I doubt they’d even care enough about going. Nintendo needs to distribute this to every game store, why would they try to rely on a gaming convention of all places?

  • Mario

    All of you, please tell everyone in the world what I’m writing… THE WIIU IS NOT LIKE THE WII! IT’S DIFFERENT! I TRIED IT! SPREAD THE NEWS!!!!!!!