Dec 10th, 2013

We know from the latest Nintendo Direct that Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID support would be coming to the 3DS sometime in December, and that update has finally dropped. With this new update, 3DS users can now create their own NNID, or register the same ID they created on their Wii U. This allows users to combine their wish lists and Nintendo eShop balances together on both Wii U and 3DS.

The update also added Miiverse support for the 3DS, which users have been anticipating for some time now. Now 3DS owners can post screenshots, illustrations, and comments within Nintendo’s social hub. Not all 3DS games have Miiverse communities yet, but it is expected that these will be added later on.

3ds miiverse

Other noteworthy features of the update include a startup change for the 3DS camera as well as the complete removal of 3DS system transfer limits, which was previously held to five.

[via Nintendo 3DS Updates]

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  • Kyle Edwards

    Does this mean we are on step closer to being able to move our Nintendo ID accounts from Wii U to Wii U ?

    • Derek Anderson

      A baby step, but it’s getting there.

    • Fred

      Nintendo will do that for you if you need it, but the only reason you would need it is if your Wii U was broken, stolen or lost and in the case of broken if you send it to Nintendo to fix and it needs to be done they’ll do it for you there too.

      • Kyle Edwards

        Unfortunately that won’t work for me, though I am glad they do it. Im moving out and the Wii U stays with the Family so Im looking to get my own, I was hoping to at least keep my profile.

        • Fred

          I bet it would. Email Nintendo and see if they’re willing to work some magic for you.

        • Jeffery02

          I know how you feel. I have my own personal Wii U and the family has theirs, so I’m in a better position. It would still be a nice freedom to have though.

  • Colin Noller

    Dies it mean wii u users can add 3ds users as friends?????

  • Hopefully this is step 1 into a bigger, more unified Nintendo Network that includes cross platform friendships, playability, and easier methods of keeping the games and online content you purchased attached to your NintendoID

  • MewThree28

    I didn’t know the transfer limit was removed… THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • TheWichi

    But the 3DS still uses FC to add Friends :/ thats a really bad thing!

  • Joel Cruz

    3239-3864-2000 Add me(3DS)I need to fill my friend safari for Pokemon Y!!!!!PLEASE!!

  • Arthur Jarret

    It works pretty well.

    It seems that in the future purchases will be tied to your account, and not to your console – according to some forum comments I read. (It is apparently stated when you link club nintendo account to the 3DS in the eshop) I kinda skipped through the messages – but will confirm it later with my teeny tiny non-XL 3DS.

    Check me out on miiverse, 3DS owners! NNID: Samael_blackwing

    Esp. check my posts from ~6 months ago – I made some mind-blowing drawings back when there were not many games yet (I stopped when monster hunter was released), like this one:

  • Jon

    just a heads up, if you have a Wii U, make sure you select the Wii U Mii otherwise you’re Mii on your Wii U will be over written and you could lose saved data linked with it. You’ll lose your 3DS Mii but there isn’t saved data associated with that Mii.

  • Squid

    All we need is to share virtual console games in between. I shouldn’t have to buy Mega man 2 twice.

    • Cyrus

      Yeah that would definitely be nice, but is harder to realize than it may seem.

      VC works different on WiiU than 3DS, so to make them available they must release WiiU VC versions of all the 3DS VC games and vice versa.

      Of course this could at least easily be realized for all the games which are already available on both systems.

      But what to do with people who already purchased both versions of a game? Pay them back? Give them eshop funds? Would sure be a nice thing, but i don’t think Nintendo would do that.

      And then, of course, there’s always the fear of sharing your games.
      For example you have a WiiU your friend has a 3DS, lets link the same Nintendo Network ID and share the VC games.

      I think that’s a rare scenario and i believe they would attract more customers by this consumer friendly step than they would lose on that kind of sharing. But I’m not the one deciding that, and the persons who are, may think differently about that topic.