Oct 1st, 2013


Today’s Nintendo Direct not only contained several new announcements for Wii U, but also for the Nintendo 3DS. While the Wii U will always be our main focus here at Wii U Daily, we’ve added a Nintendo 3DS section for those of you who own Nintendo’s handheld. All of the Nintendo 3DS news is kept separate in its own section, but we wanted to highlight the wealth of news that came out of today’s Direct here on the main page. 3DS owners it’s time to get excited.

For those looking for information on Pokemon X & Y, which is launching on October 12th, stay tuned. A special Nintendo Direct for the launch of Pokemon X & Y is expected.

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  • Jon

    and this is posted on the Wii U section…… Kirby looks great though 😀

    • It’s meant to be posted in the Wii U section. It’s a round up for anyone interested in the 3DS news we have. Lots of people forget its there.

      • Fred

        That’s what I love about the RSS feed. Everytime there’s a new article Wii U or 3DS I get a notice in my email and if I’m interested I click the link so I don’t even have to worry about the Wii U vs 3DS tabs

      • Jon

        well, it just kind of defeats the purpose of a 3DS section and a Wii U section, If you are going to do this then really you need to make another section for everything

        • it’s just a “hey, check out our other section while you’re at it” article. If you don’t wanna look at it don’t click on it o.o

          • Jon

            so…. do that on the Wii U section but not the 3DS section?

          • *shrugs* Not my site. Not my choice.

      • juancamiloarq

        Thats why I said this a while back:
        “I wouldn’t mind if you guys mixed both Wii U and 3DS. What about having some kind of check boxes in which you could choose what to get? Some kind of a real time news feed without going anywhere else. I think that would be great, having all in the main page, whether you want to read all Nintendo related news, Wii U or even just 3DS. Anyway, I do think it’s a great idea and love that you are sharing your thoughts and decisions with us, your readers..”

      • Jacob T. Plante

        I actually get kind of angry because people seem to ignore that whole section! >:/

        • Yep, that’s why I did this round up. I’m paying more attention to the section so I want to make sure the people who want 3DS news know it’s there.

  • iHateWhatULove

    This entire direct today was meh. Really disappointing in my opinion.

    • Jon

      congrats, go have fun with your $500 PS4 or $600 Xone or have fun dreaming about it

      • iHateWhatULove

        I will, nintendrone. Go have fun with your same old Mario.


        • Jon

          same old Mario? The same must have a whole new meaning, we got 2D platformers, 3D platformers, then a combination with different varieties of gameplay that people love…but I guess you could lump them all in the same…. but if Mario is the only thing you see with Nintendo then you must be pretty blind. Nintendo has a variety of IPs such as Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Metroid, F-Zero, and many more.

          • iHateWhatULove

            And where are some of those IPs? Where’s Metroid, where’s F-Zero, where’s Starfox, where’s Earthbound, where’s Sin and Punishment, where’s Punch-Out, OR better yet, where’s a NEW IP?! Haven’t seen ’em. Like I said, same old kiddy image Nintendo, same old kiddy Mario & Donkey Kong.

          • Jon

            Where is a new IP? Hmm, there must not be an….OH WAIT, Wonderful 101… Well, that answer that question and we know there is a new one on the way…. as well as what Monolith is doing with X. As for Metroid, Nintendo has expressed that Retro would like to do another one so there is a high chance we will see that after DKTF is released. Earthbound, we should know it is pretty much a lost cause and we probably won’t see one unless it is let out as a massive surprise. As for others, maybe, Nintendo has expressed that it may get into it’s older IPs but we will have to see in due time.

          • John Andalora

            He meant a good IP. W101 has got to be one of the worst ideas ever. Half the time the camera is zoomed too far out so I can’t see who I’m controlling, and the other half it’s to close so I can’t tell where I’m supposed to go. The drawings never work and by the time I do get it, an enemy I didn’t notice hits me and I gotta pick up the pieces.

            (and PS, Platinum made that game. Exclusive and new IP are different things).

          • Jon

            Platnium developed the game but the IP is owned by Nintendo.

            If you go to the site you will see this at the bottom of the page:

            “© 2013 Nintendo/PlatinumGames Inc. The Wonderful 101 and Wii U are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2013 Nintendo.”

            As you can see, the Wonderful 101 are trademarks of Nintendo meaning the IP is theirs.

            As for being good or not, I don’t see many people giving it bad reviews except for those that only played the demo. The main game for me was fantastic and where it received good reviews (almost 8/10 average). I’d say the game is quite decent.

          • John Andalora

            That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee.

            That little C means it’s copyrighted by both, so both own it. Trademarks are words that represent the product.

            When I refer to Nintendo IPs, I refer to Nintendo franchise developers, like GameFreak and Retro Studios. Platinum does their own thing.

          • Jon

            “The Wonderful 101 and Wii U are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2013 Nintendo.”

            THIS LINE right here means the IP is Nintendo’s, If platinum was to sell EVERYTHING, that IP would not go to anyone, not even part of it. Just because another studio developed it, does not mean that that it is their IP. A Good example would be Donkey Kong Country, 3 games developed by Rare for the SNES, another for N64, however RARE did NOT own the IP. Please learn the difference between owning an IP and developing the game.

          • John Andalora

            Fine. Whatever. I don’t care enough about who owns words and thoughts to continue.

        • Gregg

          It must suck to be you.

          • iHateWhatULove

            An unbiased, core gamer? Yeah, it does sucks sometimes. 🙁

          • Gregg

            “IHATEWHATULOVE” Unbiased…. *Facepalm* Lol, you used the word CORE, before GAMER. What’s next, HARDCORE? Noobs kiddie gamers these days…. oiy

      • Sorry, but i have to agree with him. That was uncalled for, I mean it IS his opinion.

        The update today, wasn’t really as impressive as the previous ones.
        Most of which included games we knew about and games we dont care about. it even included a 3rd party game in it. Yeah, wii U needs 3rd party. but they could have just sent out a normal update,

        literally, the only thing that took my interest was
        mario3D world.
        Smash Bros news (Even if that also could have been announced on other terms, and could have explained a little more on Smash instead. But It’s fine)
        Kirby 3DS
        Zelda(the little info it had)
        Bravely Default (Even though im not interested, it looked nice)

        Pikmin DLC

        The Donkey Kong Delay was a huge disappointment and everything was tastelessly advertised. I mean, Yeah, that trailer for 3D world was epic, but what the heck was going on?
        Sure Assassins creed and Batman was nice, But i want to see Nintendo games. Lego, Just Dance, and Swap force (DEFINITELY swap force) I could care less about. and those took up most of the direct.

        30 minutes was not enough of an explanation.. and a lot of things could have been covered that haven’t been covered recently
        such as Yarn Yoshi, Yoshi’s Island 3DS, Flipnote 3D (On its 2 month mark) Smash Bros News, Detailed Mario 3d world news, and plenty of other pre announce games who’ve yet had the spot light.

        • iHateWhatULove

          Thank you for seeing it the same way I do, man. These Nintendo fanboys are just blind.

          • I am an extreme fan of Nintendo myself, But this direct was weak. The Disappointment from taking a day off, Spending my morning waiting for something that could be explained by a toddler really punched me in the chest. This info was accurately “Meh” at best.

        • Jon

          so my opinion is less important than his? Nice one. I am sorry to say but some people actually liked a lot of what was said, yeah the DK was somewhat disappointing but who cares, I’d rather a finished, unrushed product than a half done one, often times is seen on a lot of other consoles.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            Of course your opinion is as important as anyone elses but insulting him and the other consoles without acknowledging his reasons & the obvious flaws in todays direct was a bit dumb.
            Good day 🙂

          • Exactly

          • What Opinion?

            “congrats, go have fun with your $500 PS4 or $600 Xone or have fun dreaming about it”

            Is not an Opinion, It is a sarcastic and Smart-Alic response, unneeded for the comment section, .

            If you’re referring to another one of your comments, then Oh well. I didn’t see it Nor Did I reply to it. And only responded to your negative response.

            I could care less if the people liked what you said. That doesn’t impress me.

            I don’t believe I said I wanted Donkey Kong to be rushed. My disappoint is not at the reason that Nintendo pushes their releases too far.. I want it to be pushed far. It’s because they schedule releases, then delay them in hind sight. An example, “Oh hey, I’m gonna release this game a month from today “*developes game (weeks later) 3 days from release* Yeah, we’re gonna release this game next year.” How is that not disappointing? It would make sense to actually give a game ample time in the first place instead of giving a premature release date only to tell you that you wont be playing next year. Nintendo has been doing it too much not to realize it.

            Now back to my point.
            I came here with an opinion like most people and by all means I can express it freely. You however seem to take it to heart. Attacking people Just because they didn’t like what you think everyone should feel the same about.

          • By the Way. The PS4 is $400 and the Xone is $500

          • Jon

            well, to use your system, you usually want a game $60 (unless you want to use it for something other than game…..which is odd… Then to get the full use out of the system, subscription fee, $50 per year($60 for Xbox)

          • Regardless. The system Is still its sale price.

          • Jon

            “The system Is still its sale price.”…..does that even make sense? What does that even mean?

          • …Are you serious?

          • Jon

            Yes I am serious because the comment makes absolutely no sense in the English language at all.

          • …What are you in, 4th grade?

            The system is still its sale price, you dolt. What’s there not to get? Xbox and PlayStation prices are still $400 and $500. The set price it’s being sold at regardless of other expenses. How hard is that to get or even transcribe if it was so hard for you to understand? Your lack of common sense makes me even question why I continue to bother replying to you.

          • Jon

            Let me fill you in on what I believe you are trying to make. You are saying, the system ITSELF is still its sale price. Without the word “itself” (or another word that could be used equally in place), it does not make that much sense as you are missing that key word, otherwise it sounds as if you are saying, the system is the cost of the system as you said the system is (as in saying the system is the costs) is still the sale price(of the system they are selling). Where did you learn English? Funny how you tend to mock my education when you don’t even know proper English yourself.

            As for the systems, as of now, you are looking at a Wii U, $300, with a game, free online (or no extra cost to online than what your internet bill is). Other system, flat out $400 PS4/$500 Xone with nothing, just the system. If you want to get to atleast on par to what Nintendo offers with their system removing the internet out of the equation, you need at least a game which is another $40-60 (mostly) depending on the game.

          • Okay then, Smarty pants. How about re-reading and analyzing the comment you posted that transpired this stupid little quarrel.

            “well, to use your system, you usually want a game $60 (unless you want to use it for something other than game…..which is odd… Then to get the full use out of the system, subscription fee, $50 per year($60 for Xbox)”

            Clearly you were trying to explain the extra expenses required to actually play these consoles to its fullest extent. Making the console seem like an over priced piece of tech.

            REGARDLESS of these expenses. both consoles are still respectively $400 and $500.

            If you payed attention to your own comment you could see that when I said,
            “Regardless, The system Is still its sale price.”
            Was a counter response to what you said. Meaning I could omit everything you think I should have said.
            That just goes to show you hardly listen to yourself as you speak or type.

            But if you insist. allow me to clarify as your attempt to transcribe was redundant.

            “Regardless of [the Console’s many expenses,] (As you stated) The console (Both Xbox and PS4) is still its sale(RETAIL) price.

            If you really have no other means to continue this argument but attempting to insult my language please drop it and try to insult someone less aware of themselves.

          • Jon

            Now you are making assumptions and putting words in my mouth. I never said once it is over priced nor have I given any indication that I believe that it is over priced. I am simply giving more of a reality of what it is going to cost someone to actually get their console and play it because lets get real, Who is going to buy just a console and leave it at that? You lose the point in having it then. You pay for the hardware, that is always a fact. The console has more into it so it costs more. The fact I was pointing at is that it costs a lot more that what the Wii U is for you to get the system, get a game and play compared to the other systems.

            Secondly, even if it was a counter response, the statement still does not make sense, it still would imply as “the system is the cost of the system” in simplified terms.

            As for the redundancy, you looked like you needed it as you couldn’t comprehend the fact that your statement made no sense even after it was questioned

          • Haha. Putting words in your mouth? I merely analyzed your stupid statements. Why else would you try to account for all other expenses WHILE comparing to the Wii U and Criticizing it’s price? Like i don’t already know. What would be your point?

            …Alright, dude. I’ve endured enough of your hogwash. just drop it. I cannot get any clearer than what I’ve already explained and you can’t get any more dumber than you’re already making yourself out to be. All you’re doing is lingering on my sentence that you claim to be in error, Shouting your invalid arguments at me, It’s obvious to see you have nothing else to talk about besides trying correct something that’s already correct.

            This isn’t even a conversation about our opinion on the Nintendo Direct news anymore. We’re just putting on a show for everyone and the mods to laugh at. Quit repeating yourself because you’re still not making any sense.

      • John Andalora

        I hope to. Should be more fun than the $400 paperweight Nintendo made.

        • Jon

          except the Nintendo console isn’t a hidden extra $100 like the other two. You don’t have to pay for online and you have a game included where the other consoles, you don’t. So to say it is $400 is incorrect where the others, giving it that extra $100 to the others, is actually more reality to the actual cost. As for paper weight, I have my Wii U sitting right in front of me running. So it may be a paper weight to you, but for me, I enjoy playing games.

          • John Andalora

            Oh, so NOW you care about the price of the console to a tee: When it’s the console YOU support.

            Listen up:

            1) My console of choice (PS4) does have bundle packs, and if I recall correctly Nintendo originally made the bundle for a game cost more (not to mention the fact that most of the games on it were multiplayer, so if you even wanted to play with a friend, you needed to buy a Wiimote for $40 bringing the total from $350 to $390). You want to play technicalities and “extra costs?” There’s your extra costs for you.

            Here’s the bundle.

            2) I’d rather pay for online, because that means it’ll give something to me. Quicker streaming for dedicated servers, more powerful online games, more people to play with, faster games, and less lag. Not like Nintendo online. And what’s more, Sony gives you games with PS Plus to play for as long as you have it. Nintendo doesn’t have any of that.

            3) Here’s the thing: I like playing good games.

          • Jon

            Of course I care about price, who doesn’t? First off, you are looking at PS4 bundle that if it comes to the US, it will be $499, $100 more than what it would with that extra controller, game, and camera. Now you want to bring controllers into this, well, lets just see, Majority of people who own a Wii U would probably own a Wii in which they already have a Wii mote that they bought with their Wii a long time ago (or recently if they bought it late) so that second Wii mote really isn’t that much of an issue, if it is, there are bundles coming out that have Wii remotes included for just a bit more making it cost less than having to buy just the strait up Wii remote.

            Now, as for online, I’d much prefer not having to pay $50 a year just to simply browse the internet, Why? because my internet bill should be what pays for that. Yes you can get games, but a lot of those you probably won’t even play or even look at. Playing with friends online, yeah, maybe not as many people online as Xone or PS4 but I can still play it….online….with no extra cost. And for me, I like playing good games too.

          • John Andalora

            1) Bundle contains 2 controllers, the camera, and Killzone. That stuff would cost you separately about $580. But it costs you $500.
            Wow! That’s more bang for your buck than the original $350 Wii U, which gives you a game, no extra controllers, and stands for your precious gamepad.

            2) Suppose you had given your Wii to your sister and HAD NO WII CONTROLLERS?

            Nintendo assumed that everyone who wanted a Wii U had a Wii, but after I gave mine away I had nothing extra with it.

            3) Well it’s not for just browsing the internet. It’s for being able to play the game before it fully downloads, having bigger things in the multiplayer, being able to play quicker, experience no lag, and getting free games (which, by the way I have enjoyed a lot of the games they give me, like Gravity Rush, GTA: Liberty City, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, Limbo, Darkstalker Chronicles, and Limbo). Believe it or not, Sony makes sure the games you get for free are actually GOOD.

            And I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun playing games like Batman: Arkham- Oh wait…. Well I’m sure that Splinter Cell: Blacklist was a lot of- Oh yeah….

            Well at least you’ll be able to play Wii Sports online….Yay?

          • Zuxs13

            you obviously dont know how to shop with Nintendo, because in the almost one year i have owned my Wii U I have about 30 free games from them and i didnt have to sign up and pay for PSN plus to get them.

            And I enjoyed Batman and will enjoy the next batman along with AC 3 and 4. I enjoyed Splinter Cell too, what was wrong with them?

          • John Andalora

            1) How on Earth do you get 30 free games? I take it with Nintendo Club.
            If that’s the case, here’s the kicker: You’re spending more for a LOT less. Look at what you can get for “free” right now: Pilotwings and Zoda’s Revenge. Yippee. And for how many coins? 150 a piece. Not a bad deal until you realize you had to spend $150 on downloadable versions of games in order to get just that. And you could’ve spent 5 bucks on that game you get… PS+ gets better games and deals to people with rotations of games every month and offers you so much more for only $50. Heck, I’ve saved $130 on games because I got PS Plus.

            As a question, what 30 games did you get?

            2) Batman and AC3 were fine games, but not after being ported from the other consoles (which I already played). Splinter cell didn’t hit my fancy on Xbox (even with multiplayer), and not interested in AC4.

            Regardless, I buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games and Rayman Legends, and that disappointed. NintendoLand hardly has the lasting innovation that Wii Sports had, NSMBU was way too easy, ZombiU was fine but forgettable, Game & Wario was absolutely terrible, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate isn’t a game for me (and I’m willing to admit that), Rayman Legends (after the ungodly wait) was good but nothing special and Wonderful 101 is about as fun as ripping out my toenails.
            Downloads I got were Bit Trip Runner, Trine 2, Puddle, Dungeons and Dragons (which tbh I didn’t touch yet because I wanted to play with friends but they didn’t want to after that) and a couple of VC games (which are the best thing Nintendo has right now), and they were all just fine. Nothing special.

            And forgive me if I don’t want to get ports of games I already played or such classics as Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! or Smurfs 2, but I’m not interested in games like that.

          • The True Gamer

            The reason people pay for Xbox live is because it actually works.

          • JB

            Not a good comeback, bro. You should’ve said, “what few games the Wii U has” lol

      • The True Gamer

        You’re a…….FANBOY!!!!!!!

    • Schultz38

      I was kinda disappointed too. I love Kirby as much as the next guy, but I was really hoping for a more Wii U focused Nintendo Direct. The “final announcement”, imo, should’ve been a new Wii U game/release date.

      Where’s Yarn Yoshi? Or the new Miyamoto IP? And DK was delayed right before the holiday? What the heck?

      Here’s to hoping they’ll have another Nintendo Direct with better Wii U coverage.

  • NextChannelGames

    we got 8 hours to help get Mighty No. 9 to reach its next goal! Also it hit its goal for the 3DS and Vita today

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Why make a 3ds section on Wii U Dily if you not use it? Kind of pointless.

    • Zuxs13

      did you look at it? its full of coverage from today

  • Kirby looks great, and it’s REALLY taking advantage of the 3D. Can’t wait to see it in action! 🙂

    • AkaLink77

      And most likely in the not so distant future!…
      (Ubisoft has been a great Supporter for Nintendo)

      • … how is this related? XD

        • AkaLink77

          because it is!

          • Guest



      • Guest

        But, but, we also have Namco, (As much as I’d like Geno…)

        • Squid

          That was me my IPad has a weird double posting glitch,

          • Jacob T. Plante

            Everyone’s having a weird double-posting glitch. :p

      • Squid

        But… You forgot Namco!

  • DarkK

    Phoenix Wright demo was the best 3DS news for me.

    • Yep I’m excited about checking it out myself. The trailer made it seem really interesting.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Disappointing again, everytime Nintendo is in position to drop a bomb, they let us and themselves down again.

    No word on Yarn Yoshi, SMT/FE, no Xeno (WTF), no word on any new games except Kirby, no new IP, no Starfox, F-Zero, Metroid etc. What do we get instead, a lengthy delay on a game that has already spent years in development that doesn’t push hardware or imagination at all really (looks great though) The Mario trailer was great and the details we got on everything else was pretty good but all the biggest and best games aside from Mario were blanked except for DK which was not good news. Also nothing on 3rd party games/those unnanounced games Iwata mentioned at E3.

  • Jacob T. Plante

    Wow Nintendo definitely didn’t dissapoint us!! 😀

  • Guest

    Meh to everything. the Wii U update was disappointing( im not saying its bad). they didn’t fix what the Wii U really lacks ( notifications on screen, notifications when friends get on, game invites……..archivements?…. and better communication like some cross-game chat or something) they just include stuffs for wii games. All the delay for what, for all of that? very disappointing nintendo. the direct was utterly horrible, more reminders of games that we know, more ”please understand” some vague party games and more reminders. all of this proves that i cant survive this generation with a Wii U alone!!!. Thanks alot nintendo now i have to spend 400$-500$ just to cover your flaws that the Wii U have. i had faith that you could fix all of this, but you have to go all nintendo and ignore it.

  • xosy

    Meh to everything. the Wii U update was disappointing( im not saying its bad). they didn’t fix what the Wii U really lacks ( notifications on screen, notifications when friends get on, game invites……..archivements?…. and better communication like some cross-game chat or something) they just include stuffs for wii games. All the delay for what, for all of that? very disappointing nintendo. the direct was utterly horrible, more reminders of games that we know, more ”please understand” some vague party games and more reminders. all of this proves that i cant survive this generation with a Wii U alone!!!. Thanks alot nintendo now i have to spend 400$-500$ just to cover your flaws that the Wii U have. i had faith that you could fix all of this, but you have to go all nintendo and ignore it. -_-

    • xosy

      sorry about that, those 2 guest are mine. i dont know what happened. maybe its a google chrome problem.

    • Zuxs13

      im pretty sure my WiiU notifies me when my friends get online. the light turns blue on the game pad and you see it when you hit the home button.

  • andrewjcole

    Thanks, Nintendo… but where’s our Kirby Wii U game?

    • Wiiluigi

      Exactly. At first I thought it was a wii u game. Then noticed the 3ds in the background.

  • Niknique

    sorry for the double post but this game looks great! I just hope it isn’t too easy 😛
    then again it’s a kirby game but who knows how it’ll turn out!

  • Ducked

    Why wasn’t Mario Party Island Tour shown?

    • Wiiluigi

      I was curious about this too. Hope they don’t end up pushing this game back that’ll suck.

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    I wonder if this one will feature online?

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    Wonder if this kirby game will have online play?

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    I wonder if this will have online features? 😀