Jul 14th, 2014

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Some of you have expressed concern about the lack of a Wii U option in the tiers. Well Disparity Games has quickly addressed the problem with an update to the Kickstarter. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to change the wording on the tiers themselves due to the way Kickstarter works, but everyone who has or will pledge for a digital copy of the game will be given the option to choose the Wii U version if PC or Mac isn’t your thing. Here’s the full update:

Lots of people have been asking for it and we feel a little silly for not including it in the first place. If you chose to back a reward tiers that currently offers a PC / Mac copy of Ninja Pizza Girl you may get a WiiU copy instead. We will contact you post-Kickstarter and ask you what version you’d like.

People grabbing the family pack may get any combination of versions. eg. 2 PC + 2 WiiU, 4 WiiU or 1 PC / Mac + 3 WiiU

We love you WiiU fans!

Original Story:

After months of development, Disparity Games has taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund some of the cost of their upcoming game, Ninja Pizza Girl! Here’s a description of the game from the Kickstarter page:

Ninja Pizza Girl is a level-based platform game that draws inspiration from “Mirror’s Edge” and the Sega 16-bit classic “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Its deeply-woven story explores bullying, emotional resilience and the importance of boundaries – themes of real relevance that are mostly ignored by the videogames industry.

Backer rewards and tiers include access to the exclusive forum, digital copies of the game for PC and Mac, and Ninja Pizza Girl swag, and even an art book! I love how the tiers are named after pizza toppings.


I had the chance to play one of the earlier builds — you can read my impressions here — as well as one of the most recent pre-pre-pre Alpha builds, and I’m very impressed by what the family at Disparity Games has been able to do to the game in the last few months. A lot has been added since I last had the chance to play NPG and I’m very excited to play some more as the game’s release approaches. I’ll have my impressions of the build I played up tomorrow but in the mean time, check out the demo they’ve prepared for the curious minds. Who knows, you might like it!

Ninja Pizza Girl is currently slated for a 2015 release. Disparity Games will be bringing Ninja Pizza Girl to the Wii U in 2015.

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  • anthony optimo

    Jet set radio: 2D pizza gal.

    • Jessey

      That would be amazing if there was a speed run mode that let you toss pizzas.

      • anthony optimo

        Heck yea, like a paperboy revamp.

  • I actually had an idea of making a 2D Action-platformer game about ninjas stealing pizzas….

  • Adrian Brown

    I like games, I like ninjas, I like pizza and I like girls. Nothing can’t go wrong with this.

    • kevin nun—-

      Wait, so does that mean nothing will go wrong, or nothing can’t go wrong meaning the opposite which is something will go wrong?

  • Sdudyoy

    This actually looks pretty good.

  • Ish Shiv

    “Coming to Wii U”. Which we now know means: Funded by Wii U owners only to be published by another company then pushed back by 6 moths for our version.

    • Nintendofreak

      same thing i was gonna post

  • Yaaaaaaaay, another side scroller from kickstarter……. lol, yayyyy…..

    • Jessey

      And that’s the great thing about this: There’s a demo! I highly implore you to try it out.

    • darkcreap

      Yep. I guess is the kind of game with the lowest financial risks. We will need to wait some time before people start kickstarting other kinds of games more often.

  • FutureFox

    At least its coming to the mobiles platforms so the Wii U a better fit to bring over.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    I found the demo to be pretty fun!
    (although didn’t look very pretty on my underpowered computer)
    One suggestion though: It would be neat if the down slide gave you a bit of a speed boost, like the spin dash move from Sonic 2 but less powerful.

  • Ducked

    It must have a very emotional story with a name like “Ninja Pizza Girl”

    • Jessey

      It certainly has some touching backstory to it. I couldn’t embed the Kickstarter video though so you’ll have to head over there to check that out.

  • Marioman21

    This sound awesome!

  • Jeremy Baker

    Yay more crap.

    • Jessey

      Like I said to the other guy, I highly implore you to at least try out the demo before dismissing it. You might change your mind!

  • Mayoo

    No matter how hard I try, I can only think of these guys.

    • Mayoo

      Dammit I hate it when Disqus shows errors, then you delete the post and it comes up as Guest … *sigh*

      • kevin nun—-

        And then we write something on the post because either a) we want people to know it was our post b) we want to clarify why there are two similar posts or c) both lol

  • Mayoo

    No matter how hard I try, I can only think of those 3.

  • DC777

    “Soon to be on PS4 but funded 2 years ago by Wii U”

    • Jessey


  • Petri

    There was no mention of Wii U version as a reward in any of the backer tiers?
    I guess they modify it after they get the ok from Sony and MS as well.

    • Jessey

      I’m not sure about that. I’ll ask about it on Twitter.

    • Jessey

      Just got a reply from them! They just need to update the tiers.

  • Epicstuf

    It looks like the G-st yle minute man game from DSIware.

  • Hi guys, Nicole from Disparity here. I just want to say I’m super excited that there is so much demand for the WiiU version! We’ve got our hardware, and there is no way we’re pushing back the Nintendo release to make way for other consoles.

  • Gammalad

    Backing this next week.