Aug 31st, 2012

One of our favorite third party Wii U games has finally received its official box art, and alongside with it, another gameplay trailer. The ZombiU box art doesn’t pull any punches and reveals just what the game is about: zombies! The gameplay trailer, called “Escape From Buckingham Palace” shows some gory gameplay, lots of zombies getting killed, punched, decapitated, and even burned with a Molotov cocktail. And it has some genuine scares. The more we see from this game, the more we can’t wait to get it for our Wii U this Fall. Be sure to watch the recent ZombiU developer walkthrough as well. Check out the new trailer and box art below:

ZombiU Buckingham Palace trailer

ZombiU box art

ZombiU box art

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  • Nintendude

    I’m guessing no online since the Nintendo Network logo isn’t there.

    • nintedward

      it seems like an awesome game. but it also seems a bit rushed. this game was called killer freaks from out of space last year and had crazy aliens in it.
      so this game has took 1 year to make . hopefully it will be decent .
      its not going to be the second coming of video gaming. but maybe something scary to play on wiiu launch day :).

      • Melk

        lol do you really think the game just took one year to make? Man, you should learn a little about game development before you these kind of things…

    • shadriczo

      Maybe it’s not final as yet?

    • Smitty

      I really hope that isnt the case!? :-/

      • nintedward

        cough dlc? cough

    • Alienfish

      Miiverse is going to be integrated so you can kill your friends as zombies and use your black light to see hidden messages that other people have left. It’s been confirmed that there isn’t multiplayer, but there is definitely an online component.

      • Castamere

        Well, there is multiplayer but only offline.

    • Chris

      Well, its only sort of like a place holder but I’m sure they said there will be online in the game so don’t worry.

    • theaquacharger

      It has online interactions like you can go kill your friend’s zombie and take their stuff. Other then that I’ve heard of no mention for online.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Actually it’s already been confirmed that there will be an online message system in game. This probably isn’t the final boxart

    • Novum Magus

      Multi-player in Survival Horror games is for the birds

    • zam

      there probably is online who knows

  • nintedward

    this game looks very good. i see its reviews beig about 8/10. but me enjoying the ‘living hell’ out of it .
    day 1 .

    see what i did ??? ‘living hell’ ?

    • elbrody

      Yeah I saw it

      • nintedward

        hold me

        • elbrody

          Mmm I’m confused not sure what to answer

  • iHATEpachter

    OMG!!!!!! This thing make me really, really nervous!!!

  • SteampunkJedi

    Good to see all the support for this game. It’s not my kind of game, but it sounds like a lot of people are very excited for it. Very gory trailer. Does look sorta fun, but I don’t like horror too much.

    • Madmagican

      Yeah, I’m more of a Nintendo-centered fan, but I might actually get this despite the fact that I probably won’t sleep for a few days after getting it since I feel like it’s gonna be extremely addicting

  • TheUNation

    This is a definite must purchase alongside the Wii U. I truly love the box art full of zombies!!!!!!!

  • shadriczo

    By the time Nintendo show us the release date, they might change it to and earlier date. (If the release is november.)

  • shadriczo

    (Also, off-topic.) -I sign-up for gravatar and i don’t see my pic, i added a pic, but why is it not showing in my comments?-

    • AO1JMM

      Same email as this site?

  • Proxemic
    • Wii U Lover

      well i don’t

    • AO1JMM

      Tht is better looking.

    • Big N

      Actually, that box art (from the link) reminds me the Resident Evil 2(?) title/main menu game.

  • Swic11

    There is local multiplayer though, I actually enjoy that more. Either way I am stoked about this game

  • silentbates

    day one purchase any one?

    • nintedward

      * launch night que purchase *

    • Dorfdad

      Day one baby!

  • Lazara The Last

    Not the type of games i usally buys, but this is something i will buy!! 😀

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to get this on the day when I pick up my Wii U and copies of this game, Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed III and Nintendo Land =3

  • 345weas

    not interested in this.

  • Rob

    I gotta say, Ubisoft has really shown their support with Nintendo, and I love it!

  • GirlGamer

    Zombie U box art? ScribbleNauts pre order and box art? Something tells me that the wii u is close too launch!☆★☆★

  • Khan

    Huh the one on here is different from the onr from mynintendo news

  • icanseeu

    Last of us on PS3 looks better and has more interesting gameplay.

    • NoPUNintendo

      I don’t care about what looks better, but gameplay is a different story. I haven’t seen “The Last of Us” just yet. But I’m sure it will be just as fun as Zombiu. Plus Zombiu has many many twists.

    • AO1JMM

      Way different gameplay styles and storyline. What next, you going to compare a UFC game to Blops2?

    • Collected

      Your opinion, and mostly wrong

    • 007 1/2

      the ps3 doesnt have a gamepad.

  • A Wii U 4 U

    Deal breaker for me. *Hands down*

    Definitely getting it the day of release…or week if I’m too lazy to stay up till 3 in the morning. 😀

    *This must be the first time I see the Buckingham palace guards show some emotion…granted that it stems from a zombie virus, its still progress.*

  • Ben

    Online doesn’t suits in this game. If you die you are dead. Would it be fun that you have to look for another room to play every time you get shot? Its like online on a platforming game or a party game. It would suck because the game isn’t made to play online. It just doesn’t suits it.

  • Joeyperez

    this jamie is not the same as killer freaks from outer space.. its different entirely.. that was a silly statement…

  • Kyron

    I saw in a hands-on article online that the guy trying out the game got so scared at one point, he had to quit the boss battle he was in. He couldn’t handle it.

    That’s just a little heads-up to all of you who will be staying up all night to play ZombiU right after buying it at midnight launch. Keep several pair of pants nearby just in case…

  • King rat

    Not overly keen on the yellow and light blue at the top of the box. It comes across as a little too soft in my opinion.

  • Stazkun

    Nice zombiU FTW!! 🙂

  • Richard

    Why the xyba buttons are swap in the video? a mistake?

  • Bravyoura

    I’m guessing this is fake as theirs no Nintendo network symbol.

  • joesatmoes

    i am interested in the 1- bite death thing, but if u die, u start the ENTIRE story agin? and how long is the story, assuming u can survive til the end?

    • EvanescentHero

      No, you start the story just about where you died. You have to try the mission again and find your previous character as a zombie and get their stuff and then continue the mission.

  • Rob

    For the people saying it looks bad or doesn’t appeal to people of all sorts, it doesn’t matter, if the story and gameplay is good, then that alone is worth picking up. Also, it’s an exclusive, so I don’t see why people who aren’t interested in the Wii U are complaining.

  • Marla

    I couldn’t care less about online game play. I can still have fun by myself with this gem. I admit that online game play would probably add a bit more excitement, but…it still appears to be a really good game. I’m not that crazy about the box art, but its okay.