Jul 16th, 2012

ZombiU screenshots
With the recent reveal of two ZombiU gameplay trailers, Ubisoft has released a handful of accompanying screenshots and artworks from the game. We get to see some more details on the new locations and levels revealed in the trailers: “Nursery” and “Buckingham Palace”. Be sure to check out the full Zombiu Nursery and the Buckingham Palace trailers. ZombiU is one of the most anticipated Wii U launch titles, and is so far the only horror game coming to the Wii U console. Head on after the break for the screenshots and artwork.

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  • LordFenix

    that looks soo bad ass

  • SehxualPanda

    I know this is a little nit-picking, but they really have to fix the hammer on the gun, so that its in the ‘cocked’ position and not in the ‘fired’ position.

  • AwayToHit

    Definitely buying this when i get my Wii U =D

  • Shankovich


    If that “screen shot” of the laundry room is actually live rendered, I’m sure 90% of haters and half-baked fans will have nothing to complain about concerning the Wii U’s graphical power. Like, SERIOUSLY look at the machines O.O…..though I have a fear it is just a maya render or alike, regardless of the title (really hope it isn’t though!). The screen shots that are from game play we’ve seen already are also looking a bit more polished up (seeing less polygon edges).

    For those of you who are baffled as to why the graphics are looking so good when there seems to be complaints about the CPU power, I’ll write a large piece just for you guys when the forum goes up :D.

    • Daemonrunner

      It’s very tough to tell. I managed to find a higher resolution version that particular screenshot and it is still very difficult.

      I think it is an in-game screenshot. Certain things give it away.

      1: The lens flair coming from the window is the same in-game lens flair (but could have been added in using a computer to give it that look)

      2: The clothes stacked in the rack look like a typical cheat tactic to use a texture and slap it on some geometry to give the illusion of stacked clothes

      3: The hanging shirt in the back looks like another cheat tactic as it looks fairly flat and just has a texture on it.

      Still, the rest has a very soft and painted look especially the two laundry baskets and the note on the door.

    • Man

      I think those shoots are real time i mean look at the first pic. and the chick comming at the screen. But Yeah!! th Washroom looks real as hell

    • James

      Yes, please! 😀

  • ryo hazuki

    They are making a mistake again at nintendo with this tablet just like last time. Will not be buying till i see if they can make it work this time.

    • Alienfish

      Actually the concept here is much less premature than motion controls on the Wii were. Here we have refined second gen motion controls along with another motion input in the geomagnetic sensor (compass I believe is the technical term). Also, the touch pad and main attraction to this new controller is coming from Nintendo who have been dabbling in touch control since 2004. Who knows, maybe there is going to be some unforeseen complication to this system, but from my point of view, it looks like it’s going to be the difference between the NES and SNES to an even higher degree.

    • joe

      Ryo Hazuki…Excellent. You must be waiting for Sega to finish Shenmue as much as I am….I think about that prospect daily. The Wii U pad would be an awesome tool if Sega ported Shenmue over to the new machine…don’t you think?

  • Alienfish

    This game looks so brutal. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • slacker

    I just can’t wait for Wii U to come out so i can say i told you it was good

  • trainerblk

    Yup that femasle zombie. Chasing. Theplayer will be my new ps3 background righht there yup cannot wait for this game

  • NameUcan’thate

    this game scared the s*** outta me

  • NameUcan’thate

    it would be a cool ubisoft easter egg if you could find hidden blades somewhere in london.

    • joe

      Remember that Ubi Soft lauch game for the Wii, everyone was pumped….but the game wasn’t so great…? I hope it’s different this time.

  • LordFenix

    shankovich i myself know the visuals have nothing to do with the CPU… but i must say im trying to figure out what a underclocked tri or quad core could cause soo much headache for namco to bitch. Would love ur input on that one…

  • 3dsguy

    stop showing me this game it looks too good need it now this wait is killer

  • Cueca

    From the gameplay trailers I’ve seen before, I don’t think that it is live rendered.
    Maybe some cutscene, I wish.

  • Daemonrunner

    I like the picture of the lunging female zombie. It really shows off the level of detail in the character models. The facial animations are quite impressive and the hair looks very believable.

    Those eyes! Those eyes!!!!

    Ubisoft has done a great job with the art direction of this game.

  • Swic11

    I don’t mean to be that guy, but I think it’s concept art. Th teddy bear and clock look ultra fake.

    • Alienfish

      Still, you know it’s good when it actually becomes a debate of whether the concept art is actual gameplay shots.

      • swic11

        Very true, But the image with the laundry room is the only image i think actually IS concept art. So this is good news indeed

  • Nintendofreak

    Weird…..world full with zombies…has to loot corpses to survive n he is followed by chiks dat try to eat him alive but he still finds time to do laundry

  • yuuuuuummmm rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only horror game?!? I’m sorry but you forgot Little Inferno, you can’t say thats not a horror game it’s so creapy! its little inferno its little inferno its litte inferno just for me!
    ps on my dsi !

  • Ouulivia

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