Aug 16th, 2013

As Nintendo continues to develop Wind Waker HD for release on Wii U, the folks over at Zelda Informer have noticed something about the shots currently being shown off for the game. In new versions of the screenshots, there is less bloom with a smaller HUD. All of these screenshots are taken from the currently in development Wii U version of the game, but you can see the significant difference between the shots below.

What do you think of the changes?

Windfall – Old

Windfall – New

Ocean – Old

Ocean – New

Helmaroc King – Old

Helmaroc King – New

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  • Kris Pucci

    Hardly worth another $50

    • Jon

      may we ask why?

      • Kris Pucci

        I just think $50 for a remake of a 10 year old game is too much for a struggling Nintendo to be asking. It is clearly a hold over until such time a decent first party game comes to the Wii u. What they should be doing is giving this away to those of us who have been supporters of their platform for the past 30+ years. Instead they insult us by asking for the same price as when I bought the game for the GC.

        • willweinert

          “They should be giving this away”


          • Kris Pucci

            I mean for cheap…not for full price.

          • Immallama22

            Some people haven’t played Windwaker… This gives them a chance to.

          • Kris Pucci

            Who said anything about not playing WW? I just said it is not worth the $50 they will be selling it for.

          • david jarman

            I think it is and I’ve played the first one on gc and the HD demo. They put time and effort into making it look gorgeous.
            That time and effort cost money. If you think porting something over to HD is easy then go work for them for free so that it can be released at little cost.

          • Patrick Francis

            Gamers are so spoiled now lol

          • Donaald

            Stop being so cheap…

        • Jon

          it’s not like this is just a rom…. This game has been taken from a non HD to an HD… it is not as easy as just cut and paste.

        • NintendoNoob

          So what do you think Nintendo should do oh wise one? What’s that? Sell the game for 20 dollars so Nintendo makes a loss on every copy sold? GENIUS!! YOU SIR ARE THE SMARTEST PERSON I KNOW!

      • Derk

        This is a brand new game for me and it is worth $50…. HOWEVER… to someone that has already played this game?

        It should be in the virtual console under GameCube games for like $30… After all, it is a GameCube game isn’t it?

        • Tails the Foxhound

          No, because unlike the ‘HD Rereleases’ other companies do, Nintendo actually went back and fricking REMADE Windwaker. Don’t think it should be 50 bones? Tough. Don’t buy it, but they actually DID put in work unlike other companies so I’ll be buying this one. The ONLY legit complaints people have about this game are lack of Tingle Tuner and lack of new content.

    • DragonSilths

      It’s $60…

    • Christopher Acuna

      I disagree. This is one of my favorite Zelda games and I am definitely willing to drop 50 bucks on it for this beautiful HD makeover. Now if it was a straight GC port they would need cut that down to at the most 10 dollars. But since I sold my gamecube this is one game I have always missed from that console generation.

  • SonicLucario

    The smaller HUD is kinda good but I actually liked the bloom

  • Immallama22

    I think it looks better.

    Also, notice in the ocean picture it looks like the distance you can see (forget the name) has been increased?

    • Jon

      Dragon Roost Isle πŸ˜›

  • Stephen Davis

    Seriously is anyone else having trouble telling the difference?

    • BIG Franky


      and what the hell does “there is less bloom with a smaller HUD” mean? LOL…

      • Jamie Clabon

        Think the easiest way to see the difference is to look at the grass in the first comparison pic. And the hud is the item overlay

      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        I kind of agree that I do not notice much of a difference, however, I believe when it is on our TVs and actually playing the game, I have a feeling it will be pretty in your face with the HD….i hope.

      • Jon

        look at the buttons with your items, that is the HUD, first picture, look at the grass, you’ll see it is a darker shade.

      • Tails the Foxhound

        “HUD” is literally, Heads Up Display. It’s all the little bars and icons and stuff onscreen in games. FYI, it was originally only military jargon.

        “Bloom” is referring to “bloom lighting”, a special kind of light rendering effect. Light bounces outward (blooms) off of objects in the game world, making them appear brighter. If you want to see this taken to ridiculous levels play Tekken 5 with Steve Fox’s white shirt outfit.

        • BIG Franky

          thanks for this explanation…. i’m not too tech saavy, LOL…

    • Michael DeVore

      1st set – Grass shows a better shadowing effect. The previous one doesn’t have a shadow for the building.

      2nd set- the draw distance has been increased so that buildings can be seen instead of washed out with excessive lighting on the horizon.

      3rd set – The design on the mask of the boss has been tweaked a little. That’s also why there is an arrow added in both images. Otherwise there is no difference.

      And the Hud is clearly smaller in each image. Hopefully there is an option to remove the Hud completely and put it on the tablet.
      And the Rupees in the Hud are now four digits instead of 3.

      • Levi Johansen

        The amount of digits in the rupee count is because the player has a bigger wallet in the new screenshots. Note the blue rupee instead of the green.

      • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

        I think they enhanced the textures (again) a bit…I remember some smaller examples, where it didn’t look that good

      • figs28

        eh, no. The details are not that much of an improvement that can only be done with the power jump from GC to Wii U.
        The shadowing effect on the grass only would be great when it actually dynamically changes but there is no way to see because it’s a static image.
        The draw distance can simply be done in some tricky ways. Has been done forever in video games. Nothing special. The sail is not fully opaque, not a big deal either.
        The arrow is there because the boss is targeted by Link …
        The HUD is just smaller because it is HD. It’s the same HUD, just on a bigger screen.

        It’s also a really bad article. The images are all the same size, rendered and scaled. The GC version would never look that great on a TV. Not on a tube TV and not on a modern display which would make it all blurry. It’s more like an article that intends to show the greatness of the GameCube with lame tricks like scaling.

        • Beneflash

          Those are not GC shots -.-

        • juancamiloarq

          I would agree with your comment but for the last part. There are no GameCube screenshots in this article, they are just comparing old WW HD ones with the latest, all on the Wii U.

        • Michael DeVore

          It’s already been said, but those arn’t GC shots, but rather their earlier HD example with their latest HD example.

          The draw distance in the original version was hard coded into the software. If you don’t remember there was an interview with the developer about the boat speed. In order to have the GC run the game large portions of the world simple weren’t loaded. Which is why the boat was slow and the lighting at the horizon was set to “blinding”. The fog in silent hill served the same purpose. To hide that the stuff simply wasn’t loaded yet. That type of trick has to be recoded to fix. A simple port keeps it in. The initial HD picks are from the quick HD porting, and the second set are with the additional fixes the game required.

          Dynamically changing shadows on the grass will only matter for moving object, or if they track the time of day in game. Links shadow is too dark for it to matter, and if the buildings shadows are fixed due to a fixed point for the sun. The grass is clearly flat so there won’t be any dynamic grass shadowing.

          • Josiah Carlson

            YOU get it. Was about to write exactly this

      • juancamiloarq

        The arrow on top on the mask is just how the targeting system is displayed on screen, clever boy.

        • Michael DeVore

          Then the last set is really impossible to tell any differences. The boss is farther back in the older one and at a different angle so the lighting is different because they’re in a slightly different place in the room.

          • juancamiloarq

            Yup, the only difference I recon is the HUD size and that’s for sure due to the TV size they took it from. Regards.

          • Michael DeVore

            No, the HUD is clearly modified. If you were right then everything would change proportionally. Look at the DPad below the hearts you’ll see the sword icon is just to the right of the end of the 3rd heart, but in the new hud it comes just left of center. The HUD is clearly modified.

          • juancamiloarq

            Hadn’t noticed that. Yeah, they rearranged some things. That’s for the better ;D

      • Guest

        I’m sorry but I believe you’re wrong about each statement.
        1. That’s the shadow of a cloud because of the way the sunlight is shining
        2. He is in a different part of the ocean. (Where you can see the building)
        3. The mask is the same.

        • Assassinated23

          I think 2 is in the same part of the ocean. In 1 Dragon Roost’s silhouette is only visible in the new image, showing the increased draw distance.

      • WiiUltra

        1. That’s not the shadow of the building. (Sunlight shining to the left)
        2. He’s in a different part of the ocean where a island is visible.
        3. The mask is the same

        • Michael DeVore

          Look at the first set then, and use the rock in the ocean for a reference point. In the new images the island in the ocean is viable on the horizon, but in the older ones you should be able to see the left portion of it, but it’s not even there.

          • Leviathan

            That island isn’t there the whole game…
            It only proves that the shots are taken at different stages of the progression.

    • Moving Pixels Enthusiast

      I liked the art style in the 1st set of pictures better. I could actually tell the difference then. The new pics still look great, but they look like a step back compared to the pictures that had more bloom.

    • Stuart Thomas

      Transparent sail? is that just because the camera is closer?

    • thejam216

      Thought exactly the same thing haha

  • Sam

    No no no!! I like the old better!

  • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

    It Looks a lot more like the very first screenshots now (wich is amazing)

  • Gammalad

    I liked the brighter ones better

    • Javy G

      I’m loving the added detail… I disagree, the darker look seems more tolerable for hours in and not to mention the more bolder Link is more ready kick Gannon in his rupees rather than the blurred one!!!

    • Billy_Perry

      I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but they have also clearly increased the FOV, which makes me prefer the new ones more, I like high FOV’s. πŸ™‚

  • Jesus Reyes

    Not much of a difference graffix wise but still
    getting it.

    • david jarman

      You do realize they’re not comparing with GameCube version pics.
      The pics they are comparing are earlier development pics with new development pics. All the pics are wii u version up there.

  • CupOswaG

    lol different pictures r not the same pictures XD and the other ones have better details like the shadowing, thus the reason the others were showcasing differents shaders

  • bigwigglystyyle

    I liked the old ones better. ._.

  • Mitch Hall

    I like the change. The initial screenshots had WAY too much bloom – it hurt my eyes to look at after a while.

  • Jon

    I see the difference in the first ones but not the Hellmaroc King unless I look at the Magic Meter. lol

  • Ducked

    Its funny, this barely looks different from the GameCube version, but it’ll still sell like candy.

    • david jarman

      Please tell me you’re kidding. I have the original and I was blessed to try a demo of the new one. There is good amount of difference in the coloring, lighting, more details and draw distance.
      I hope you don’t think they’re comparing gc pics with HD pics cause they’re not.
      They are comparing the first early screen shots of ww HD with the new screen shots of ww HD.

      • Ducked

        I’ve seen every graphic comparsion and I can tell you this. With all the hot games coming out, this isn’t worth $50. It’ll still sell amazing. But the only reason this came out is for a filler until the new LoZ comes out.

        • david jarman

          I’m sorry but graphic comparison done through the same screen(the one you’re watching through)has always been a waste of time. It never gives you the actual scope of how different video graphics really are.
          If you saw it in real time you wouldn’t say the same.
          Yes, it is worth whatever they want to say its worth. It’s not simple converting from SD to HD. It took time and effort.They’ve add so much detail and it looks more like you’re in animation film then the original. The lighting and shaders are awesome. They put love in this new version and it shows.
          Like I said I have the original and, yeah! This one rocks!

          • Ducked

            Did I ever say I was comparing it with this version? You can buy HD collections for $40, and they come with three games. I admit this looks more remastered then other HD collections since well, it’s not a collection it’s a whole remake.

            But it isn’t worth $50 with all the games out in the fall.

          • david jarman

            I wasn’t talking about you comparing it. I’m just saying in general when people make those videos. That’s why I’ve been going to shows and demos.

            Anyways. Don’t buy it or wait for it to go on sale.

          • Ducked

            Oh will do

        • ChallengerUPC

          The developer said it himself… that he hopes this will hold people over. It’ll sell well because it is a great game with amazing enhancements visually. People will choose to spend their own money for their own entertainment. If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t. No one gives a shit what you do.

          • Ducked

            You’re hilarious, this is where your trying to speak for everyone right? This isn’t a new game, it’s a remake. You can buy remakes for $15

          • Wonderful101

            Stop making a fool of yourself

  • Tekina Sibawo

    I like the increased shadows and definition in the new ones…but the bloom in the old one gave it a very “It’s sunny as hell outside and I’m on an island” feel… tough to pick. I do like the smaller HUD tho.

  • Graham Gillman

    To the people wondering what’s up. They’re the DEVELOPMENT SCREENSHOTS! Look at the button mapping. It’s the Wii U one for both!

  • John Andalora


    • david jarman

      You know they’re comparing previous screen shots of the ww hd with new screen shots of ww HD and not the gc version right? Either way the game is great and I’m looking forward to playing it again

      • John Andalora

        Still pushing my point, with the new graphics and all.
        To be honest, I’m really not. People could just play the original again, or if they never played it they could buy a GC and game for less than this new one. Why do HD graphics for this warrant a new overpriced release?

        • david jarman

          I think it is worth the $50 and I’ve played the first one on gc and the HD demo. They put time and effort into making it look gorgeous.
          That time and effort cost money. If you think porting something over to HD is easy then go work for them for free so that it can be released at little cost.

          If you played it before then you don’t have to buy it.
          But to be honest I love revisiting this world with the new fresh coat of paint and playing it on my new console in full HD with audio sounds. They’ve made it feel more alive like playing in actual animated feature. I have the original. Playing the new one brought back that feeling I had and lost with original one.
          It’s worth $50 to me to feel that way again.

          Edit: Sorry I copied and pasted the first half my reply from one of previous comments.

          • John Andalora

            So, they’re spending time and effort making an old game look prettier rather than spending time making a new game that would entertain people like how the original Wind Waker entertained people…
            See my issue?

            I never said porting it over was easy, but I think that time, effort, and money could be used making something else exciting and gripping rather than giving us something we’ve already had.

            I think that they should be trying to capture our feelings through other means, and showing us that this console has new games, not old ones with a fresh coat of paint.

          • david jarman

            Right now they need games that will sell systems and a new ip isn’t a sure bet like a new Mario, donkey kong or smash bro.
            They know zelda will sell systems.
            They already have a huge team working on the new Zelda game. The largest they ever had with or without the additional team members that are working on wind waker HD it would still be taking this long because they want to make sure it is of quality. It was nice of them to release wind waker to keep us busy until them. I think maybe I’m just grateful. You don’t have to buy it.
            They are working on new games we haven’t seen yet and they have mentioned that several times.
            Besides, there a lot who haven’t played ww HD on the GameCube. The issue we were talking about wasn’t a new ip, we were talking about its price, which is why I mentioned the resources and labor.

          • John Andalora

            The games you listed don’t sell systems. They only do as well as the console does. I highly doubt SSBB would’ve sold as many as it did without the Wii having done so well. SSBM, as an example, sold 7 million. DKCR sold 6 million, and 3D land sold about 9 million.
            As for Zelda, the game is being catered so heavily to fans, that I doubt it’ll sell more systems than slightly above average.
            The “New Zelda” game should’ve been main priority to get it out quicker. Now that it’s expected for late 2014, most people aren’t going to care for a system for a long time. And that “new ip” Miyamoto talked about is a ridiculously long ways away.

            I’m not grateful that Nintendo gives us the same thing with new paint. I want something new to explore, not the same thing over. And the fact that I gotta wait till late 2014 for anything new while getting more of the same thrown to the masses really bugs me.

            Should they just spend all of their time and money remaking the old games over and over for the few who didn’t care to play it the first time around or the fans who already played it? The promise of something new only goes so far until people will just spend their time and money promising new things now.

            I think that the people who actually want to replay it (or play it for the first time) should go out and find it for themselves rather than just having it updated for “something to do while we wait.”
            I’m tired of waiting.

          • david jarman

            Uhm, yeah! Those are system sellers and what everyone was saying should have been at launch. Especially! A new mario!
            There’s a lot of Zelda/Mario fans waiting on the fence to buy wii u cause they are waiting for those games. Same with Ssmb4 and mario kart 8. You want to talk numbers as oppose to a new ip that’s never sold anything. Why do you think most companies launch consoles with exclusives of familiar faces cause those games have an install base.
            For example: I guarantee more people would by Xbox one for halo over Titan fall.
            Same with ps4. More people will purchase ps4 for killzone then knack.

            Besides a price cut. It was mario 3d land that moved the 3ds.
            The wii was unique and sold so many cause of wii sports cause it attracted people that liked simple fun and games with
            easy controls(just swing)
            As much as people want a new ip. A lot of nintendo fans want to play their favorite characters in a new adventure.
            It shows in this . You are out numbered. People are very excited about this game and think its worth it.People all over this website and other website are all saying nintendo needs their heavy hitters out to increase momentum.

          • John Andalora

            Oh yeah. Fans of Mario who didn’t buy a Wii U for games like NSMBU (a much more popular franchise that sold far more than 3D) are TOTALLY gonna buy it for 3D mario world… And yeah, there may be fans of Zelda, but a year of no appeal is going to take its toll on those people. I wouldn’t buy a console for just one game. Would you?

            Let’s take a look at New IP games that made a big success and actually helped consoles, allowing for more fans to come:

            Pokemon Red and Blue: 23 million sales.
            The Sims: 16 million
            Minecraft: 20 million
            Super Mario Bros (1980’s): 40 million

            Consoles do have some old games for old fans, but to try and get more people, note that the successful consoles tend to have new or unique games. Those old franchises that get old fans hve to start somewhere.
            And if all Nintendo fans want to do is just play the same games over and over, then I no longer want to be a Nintendo fan. I much rather enjoy more new games than new paint.

          • david jarman

            Well, you’re not basing your logic off the numbers you are showing, but what YOU would rather have. Nobody says we don’t want new games, but we want the other nintendo games as well because THEY have all been good if not great for most of us here. No one is forcing you to be a nintendo fan. Do nintendo fans want something new? Yes! Do we appreciate the quality of their old franchises? Yes!
            The system has not been out for a year yet. You don’t know what they have in store. I feel bad for you cause you’re not excited about anything while a good majority of us are. Not too mention we have over 30 new indie ips coming onto the wii u that could be big hits like minecraft, but yet you still don’t seem excited about them. Maybe you are not a fan, because I remember our previous conversation about what the ps4 had and to be honest they may have a new character, but not really anything that has been done before.
            Do you know that there are more ips out there that didn’t make it at all and that’s why EVERY publisher is tightening up their belts on new ips and why there are so many clones!

          • david jarman

            Even games like watchdog borrows formula from other games cause they know that people love that kind of gameplay. Yes they are putting their own ideas mixed in with it, but they used research and development to see what the masses like in a game. This new ip still has a chance of flopping, because its going up against bigger names then it.
            The thing about nintendo games is the pure simple joy of them.
            Nintendo fans buy nintendo consoles to play nintendo games with the characters they have grown to love. Just like Sony and ms are fans who purchase their favorite consoles cause they like Sony games or ms games. Every once in awhile a new ip will come out and it will be hit or miss.The wii had some new ip exclusives that were amazing and the wii u will to. No need to get upset when they do something for their core fans like releasing an updated classic.

          • John Andalora

            You claim that new IP fails as if to say that all new things are on the same level as each other. It’s not to say that everything new will either succeed or fail: but it actually has to be GOOD. Yeah, there are many ips that didn’t succeed or go far, but think about some of the games that people quickly forgot about: they’re bland, dull, and predictable. One great example of such recently are Ride to Hell: Retribution 1%.

            I relied on Nintendo to make games that weren’t only new, but were also fun and good.
            But all I see are excuses. All the time. “You don’t know what’s coming in the future” no, i don’t. But neither do you. Could be nothing, or more boring games. “The system has not been out for a year yet.” I played early since N64 and never once felt as bored with the console as I have with Wii U. The console spent more time in its box than next to my TV. This is the first Nintendo console I’ve ever had that happen with. “30 new Indie IPs that could be big hits like Minecraft.” For multiplatform indies, I prefer using the Vita.
            And yes, I’m being serious.
            I honestly really like the Vita, particularly for the indie stuff like Thomas Was Alone, Knytt Underground (which is coming to Wii U), Stealth Inc, Dokuro, Guacamelee, and such. I love the ability to play on the go, and the Vita screen is big and powerful enough to handle most of them, and even have the ones that don’t come out for the Wii U too. However, I like the Vita because it has some cool big games too, like Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice. As for the ones that are coming out for Wii U and not other consoles, Some of them look interesting (like Tengami and Nihilumbra,) but out of a video showing off maybe 15 I saw only about 2 that seemed interesting enough to warrant a purchase. The rest were either mediocre (like Cubemen 2) or just didn’t scream “wow! This’ll save the Wii U!”
            And all the time I hear people praising Nintendo consoles because they like playing Nintendo games, insulting other consoles for not having Nintendo games.

            I’m interested in PS4 for the list of 3rd party games coming out that AREN’T coming out for Wii U for one reason or another. And yes, I am interested in Knack as well, because it’s something new that looks interesting.

            Maybe I’m not a Nintendo fan anymore. But I don’t feel like pulling out a bunch of apologies for a console to try and defend it if I don’t like it. It has been out for less than a year, when none of the games you play in that time warrant a feeling of satisfaction in purchasing the console, I see no reason to keep saying “oh, it’s gonna get better!” I liked the Wii and felt that every game I bought in the first year was worth my money, and I truly enjoyed the console for what it was. But now this one sits in a box, waiting for that one game that proves the console was worth a purchase. With nothing more than the hope of “something good” on the horizon, it sits there, merely waiting for it’s next escape.

          • david jarman

            No one saying you have to apologize for something you don’t like anymore. As of new ips. There are tons that are great, but don’t get the recognition that they deserve and fail. Don’t blame nintendo or any other console for that. That’s just the trend of the majority. I’m not defending them. I’m saying the same thing mr. Miyamoto said in article which was pretty valid answer. You are only looking at this as a consumer with a certain taste. Besides, you didn’t have to blow this up. The whole point of our conversation was about the cost if the game. Not wither or not they should have made it. I can’t believe you are having a hard time seeing that all companies put out sequels and try to build a franchise. Ubisoft said it best that they aren’t going to waste time on a game if it can’t be a franchise. This isn’t a nintendo thing. This is an industry thing.
            So stop blaming nintendo cause they’re old and have been at it longer. Most nintendo fans just want high quality games that are fun and nintendo delivers that. Nintendo had great new ips for the wii that were exclusive. No more heroes 1&2, red steel, ,the conduit 1&2, the last story and xenoblade were all new nintendo exclusive ip, but that’s not nintendo’s that you’re not into them cause they were all great games. Now wonderful 101 that rocks, bayonetta 2 that was REALLY fun and X. All are awesome games. So instead of attacking a console that you obviously have no interest in why don’t you just go to the console that you do like and just be happy.

          • david jarman

            And none of those new ips came out at launch for the wii.
            Let me ask you this. What games did you purchase for the ps3 or the Xbox 360 at launch? It has to be at launch. Or how about the ps2 or GameCube? Or the first Xbox? Or any console at launch? There weren’t many games were worth buying accept maybe on GameCube, but the launches have all been bare when it came to great games.
            Did you buy the wii at launch? Wii sports was pretty fun, but crappy till they had motion plus. The bottom line is after talking with you I think you flip flop too much and you probably don’t know what you really want and I have a hard time believing you purchased a console before liking any of the games that would be on it that’s just a little odd and not practical.

          • John Andalora

            All companies do make sequels, but what people don’t seem to understand is that they started somewhere. I’m not blaming Nintendo against any other company. But their new console holds few new games, not gonna do so well.
            And the conversation was about price: specifically that, why don’t people just buy the old console and game rather than buying the new painted one? I don’t think I’d mind so muvh if it was more like a rom dump, but the fact that Nintendo pushes it to the masses like it’s The crowned jewel in their royal crown just annoys me. You could get a GC and the game for cheaper, and then have access to a bunch of other great games. Did i seriously spend $350 to play the same games over again with new paint?

            As for the suggested games, here’s my thoughts:
            No more Heroes: I had never heard of them till 2012, and just never picked it up.
            Conduit: played it. Very boring.
            Red Steel: Released when I didn’t play M games. Never looke for it later.
            Last story and Xenoblade: didn’t have my wii from 2011 – 2013. Let me sister borrow it.

            Those are my thoughts for that.

            Frankly, though, there are a lot of games that do new things, and while people may try to make franchises, it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s gonna succeed.

            And, on your last point: You’re right. I should just go with the consoles I like and be happy. It’s a shame though. I actually thought the Wii U would be something I’d like.
            This’ll probably be my last post. I’m gonna go play the Vita.
            Take care.

          • david jarman

            Enjoy! I’m gonna go play pikmin 3! Till wonderful 101 comes out!

  • LukeBlackburn

    all i see is that he got richer…

  • endCredits

    It is so Gorgeous! I can’t wait for playing this (Literally) piece of art game. Almost like a painting on my tv. Excited!! btw I’m new owner of WiiU (happy) my account name is: endCredits hope to see yah online πŸ™‚

    • Desiderio Lazaro

      You have Chihiro as a photo…gorgeous…

  • Mochlum

    But I liked the bloom…

  • Sdudyoy

    I liked the bigger huds more but other than that I’m fine.

    • RoyRelapse

      They were to big for a game running in 1080p

  • Donaald

    I like what they did with the shadows and the viewing distance, but they should make textures more defined and a bit more of polygons would be good.

  • Cap9

    This post is so misleading. Anyone who doesn’t read the article fully is potentially deceived -_- Somebody fix that! Your gona make people not want to buy the game…

  • Metroid 33slayer

    They just showed new footage from the 7th of august nintendo direct with fall bloom, surely its too late to change the look of a game that is out on 26th sept in japan?

  • Aleks

    I was a great fan of this game. I am troubled that in comparison videos of the same scenes the Wii U version compared to the Gamecube look BLURRY and LESS colorful. Check it out. That is dissapointing. If the hardware is in fact “next gen” shouldnt there be NO dips in quality to any aspect of an enhanced version of a TEN YEAR OLD game from TWO systems ago? Color, i will b told, is just an artistic decision ( i really liked the originals bright, rich, blue sky compred to the new, washed out weak one), but BLURRY backgrounds!? Why would you spend the resources to bother resurrecting a game to make its original strong points weaker? I KNOW i have NOT played it yet, but the comparison videos have me a little worried. These recent pics are a little better, but what does it tell you when half the posters cant see a difference from older WiiU screenshots? This game better be smooth as silk.

    • david jarman

      First of all the pics above are all from the wii u version.
      Second, you are completely wrong there is a HUGE difference between gc and wii u version. The wii u version is crisp and clear with more details and a greater draw distance and with the bloom turned down it will be more clear and the colors aren’t as washed.
      I’ve played both. Huge difference.

      • Aleks

        It may not have been clear, but I know those are all WiiU pics above. I was talking about wiiu vs gc and my color preference AND bloom. For example, the particular blue for the water in the GC pic you posted vs the new improved one. Also, i cited distant fuzziness ive noticed more in wiiu pics than in GC pics. You said you played, and i’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope your right, ‘cuz this game is a fave. P.S. Calm down. P.S.S. Next time you might want to reread what your replying to before you waste your time replying after missing the point.

        • david jarman

          First of all I’m sorry if I miss understood you, but you’re going to love the new version. In most comparison video the blur is coming from the bloom with the light reflecting off and around the surface of objects, not too mention because the draw distance is greater in the wii u objects are further away then the gamecubes version, you can see that in their side by side comparison and so the objects don’t go into focus until link gets closer. Watch link in the GameCube version always gets to his destination before link in the wii u version. However, man. The graphics are day and night. Wii u hands down are far more superior with a richer color palette. Which you’ll see when playing. I’m glad they tuned down the bloom cause at some points in the game it was some what blinding.

          • Aleks

            I’m in, bloom or no, cobalt sky or no. Now c’mon already October! lol.

  • RoboticLink

    Looks nice!!

  • Metroid 33slayer

    All the trailers show the bloom effect so if they remove it then they should be done for false advertising.

    • david jarman

      They didnt remove it. They tuned it down a bit. Pictures more clear and colors aren’t washed.

    • Vialtoclef

      Many games undergo changes post-E3, and as long as they don’t drastically change the gameplay (*cough* Colonel Marines) it’s not false advertising.

      • Metroid 33slayer

        the last trailer wasn’t from e3 it was last week.

  • marcus mindownbusiness
    • Christopher Acuna

      now why the hell did they remove the skull on the girls dress lol.
      Not a big deal, just peeved me a bit. lol…other then that the game was definitely beautiful then and it is holding up today even with the HD makeover.

      • Cliffsofdover8

        The girl (Link’s sister) had the blue dress to start off with the dress with the skulls is the one she has in the end and in the 2nd quest

        • Christopher Acuna

          Ah…Didn’t remember that. Has been a long while since I played this game. Can’t wait to get my hands on it again.

    • Wonderful101

      Loads better in HD, day 1 purchase for me. I have never played the gamecube version so that gives me all the more reason. And there are thousands like me who haven’t. For us this is a GIFT

  • blindtiger

    what the hell is bloom??

    • Andrew Chambers

      Bloom lighting. It’s the effect that light has on the game world. If you look at the old pictures you’ll see that the colors (most noticeable on the green) seem to glow.

  • jrob23

    I’m a little bothered by the ocean shot. In the new pic you can see how the horizon of the sea in the distance can be seen cutting through the sail unlike the old shot. That is pretty bad line bleed. Hopefully they catch that.

    • CyanideInsanity

      Its probably like in the original, the sail becomes transparent when you bring the camera in close.

  • Aleks

    It looks gorgeous and i cant wait to play, HOWEVER, in every pic i’ve seen, I liked the GC’s bolder colors over this versions.

  • Guest

    These shots are obviously both from the WiiU version…

    GameCube didn’t even have a ZR button -_-

    • CyanideInsanity

      Its showing the lowered amount of bloom from the older build of WWHD compared to the newer build.

    • Donaald

      You don’t say…

    • RoyRelapse

  • gamesplayswill

    I like the change…

  • greengecko007

    Glad they have improved this. If you really can’t tell the difference, you may need your eyes examined. The previous screenshots we’ve gotten had obvious over saturation of color and bloom. These new screenshots look a lot better. The focus is better, the background isn’t as blurry, and the colors aren’t bleeding like a bad watercolor. My only question is why there is an HUD in the first place. Isn’t that the point of the gamepad?

  • Super Buu

    Eye candy. yummy.

  • Guest

    I’m loving the added detail… I disagree, the darker look seems more tolerable for hours in and not to mention the more bolder Link is more ready kick Gannon in his rupees rather than the blurred one!

  • Moreck

    I like it! The darker grass color is better on my eyes, and the shadow rendering in Windfall is more sophisticated. I like the bloom either way; I’m just glad they’re not overdoing it like Bioshock Infinite or something. xD

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Why did they made the rupee blue? Why oh why?!!!!!

    • Srpg2ishere

      Idk, Lol. I guess because blue is awesome?

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Green is much better πŸ™ And green is worth 1, so that makes much more sense…

    • Ryan House

      Its because of the size of the wallet look how much money he has in the old photos he had no money. in the new ones he has over 500 rupee

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Oh yeah, that could be right πŸ˜‰ Didn’t even notice that lol

  • Mochlum

    This game also has a page on the Wii U eShop now. The menu icon is the King of Red Lions. Looks pretty neat.

  • fjjp;jkl;

    it was too bright before, im glad they fixed it

  • Doctors Tardis

    I really hope that you can send almost the ENTIRE hud to the gamepad, less hud on the tv the better.

  • MississaugaMaverick

    i think the old ones look better

  • tomtank91

    There’s alot more detail in the new pictures. Brilliant.

  • fireheartis1

    Either way both games look gorgeous so I wont be complaining about either one.

  • Tecpedz94

    I like the new one better!

  • Elitepwnsface

    Looks so good

  • JeanPaul

    Is this set or will we have the option to set how much bloom we want? I like the bloom…

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Good, all that damn bloom was giving me nightmare flasbacks of Steve’s shirt in Tekken 5. *shudders*

  • Akatosh

    It actually looks a lot more like the original, and I heard a few people complain about how it didn’t look like the original… so I guess this is good?

  • Soltera

    The more pictures I see the less excited I am. Why Wind Waker? The game looks good already. Of course, graphics are far from everything: We all know that. Nintendo, though, needs a game that showcases just what the Wii U is capable of. Why highlight these minor graphic changes in a game that’s over a decade old and that looks nearly identical on a console that’s eleven years older than its predecessor?

    Update: Shamefully I must admit that I thought the above images were both GameCube and Wii U. Sorry about that. Okay, so minor graphic changes is inaccurate, but the rest of my argument stands. Perhaps, though, I’ll be more inclined to believe this game when I see it in motion. For that I am excited.

  • Concise

    Am I the only one who thinks that because the of WW’s art style, it would have been the least impressive Zelda game (Pre Wii era) to do a HD version of.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited we even have one out, but the cel-shaded graphics (at least from these images) seem to have withstood the test of time. The increased FOV, smaller HUD and reduced bloom (to name extra features) are great, but I feel like nintendo could have pushed for another Zelda game to really show of the Wii U’s graphical capabilities?

    That said, there are players that won’t have played WW previously, and gamers (like myself) who put it down indefinitely at the water temple so this is a great chance to relive the story.


    • Concise

      On second thoughts, having looked at the HUDs in both images, I’m assuming that the ‘Old’ shots are from the earlier builds of WWHD!

      • Soltera

        I did the same thing, but I think, if you actually look at comparison shots of both the GameCube version and Wii U version, there are similarities. Obviously there are differences as well, but I think they could have really wowed us had they decided on a different Zelda, such as Twilight Princess or Majora’s Mask.

        • C4

          Indeed. Besides, the GameCube version looks a bit blurry overall and runs in 4:3 aspect ratio.

          Agreed on Majora’s Mask but that would need a full on remake while in Wind Waker they can reuse or improve on some of the existing assets for characters, animations and environments.

          Skyward Sword would have been a logical choice but I think it’s too new for a remake / HD version… just released like 2 years ago or so and like the Wii Version of TP it runs on Wii U in Wii mode.

  • Selena Gomez

    I like both versions πŸ˜€

  • Chris Aita

    I’m a fan of the newer HUD style. The lesser amount of bloom is actually better.

  • InterTreble

    This game is simply the #2 ever. Just after an unreachable Ocarina, which changed the history of this world. Definitely. Play this game, please. If you have never done, you have a chance to fix this unforgivable mistake.