May 9th, 2012

Wii U Zapper
Nintendo is filing a bunch of patents for Wii U accessories these days. Last week, it was revealed that the company is working on a Wii U dock, and last year, patent applications for the Wii U zapper were revealed. This time, a new patent suggest there might be a simpler version Wii U Zapper, with a more compact design. The new Wii U Zapper appears to work the same way as the old, which is basically a plastic cradle with the controller attached to the top. Since the Wii U controller is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the regular Wiimote, the new Zapper will probably have some sort of fastening or locking mechanism. The Zapper also appears to feature all of the buttons the old version had, including two trigger buttons, a circle pad, and a start/pause button.

The original Zapper for the Wii was introduced as a tool for shooter games on the Wii, which helped players keep a more steady aim with the Wiimote. The old Wii U Zapper was based on this design — you can find the old Wii U zapper design after the break and compare the two.

Wii U Zapper 2

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  • swic11

    I think i like the bigger zapper. I really hope that’s its not required though, but if it is, oh well, I’ll adjust.

    • JimmyKudo

      It’s not. It’s probably just like the wii tennis racket, links crossbow training gun, ect ect. Just for added experience.

  • nathant16

    If you can make zapper buttons work connected to screen-pad, why not just make screen-pad able to connect to wii mote when using screen-pad, then disconnect wii mote when not using screen-pad. Problem solved, nunchuck wii mote can attach to left right screen and disconnect. Peace: )

    • nathant16

      That is instead of akward button set-up, and oversized controller.

      • nathant16

        But it would be a really big risk, because youde actually be acknowledging a fan (that has been blocked by ign and disqus nintendo sites) which by the way is a fan who has over 1000 people on facebook, 1000 on myspace, and 1000 on youtube, who i can tell, and 1000 of them can tell, and a dad in the bussiness. So fans since gamescom last year were not impressed, and fans pushed away and ignored, reginald fill can kiss my feet, im a black belt in kungfoo, see if he could take me on, :p.

        • nathant16

          And admit reginal fil is stupid, cause now the gimmick is more expensive then just having good hardware in the first place.

          • alex

            Nathan, stop fighting, you want hardware, design, so on, check out xbox 720, everything you want and more.:)

  • swic11

    I think the controller has great potential. Most of everyone who has held the controller has stated that its comfortable to hold and that’s its surprisingly light. Nintendo is smart in their decision to use this controller because it will be able to do things that couldn’t be done before. I think a great example of this is what Ubisoft is doing. For Assassin’s Creed III they are using the controller as the animus hub, which for me will be amazing that way I don’t have to pause my game to look at the map, it can be displayed right in front of me. I’m excited. 27 days to go!!

    • alienfish

      Yeah, 27 days until we learn all about it, then we only have to wait five more months until we can play it. God, I hope they release it before Nov. 18…

  • nathant16

    I have looked at some of it, but i had a little hope. But im done now, all they did was push me away and people say my ideas are stupid.

  • Ares

    War, is a beautiful thing.

  • david6

    Why is it while a vote is going on wii u news no one can comment. And 65% on a nintendo site is a D grade. I voted no, and would buy one if i thought it was quality. But nintendo turned me off on them by badgering me too much.

    • Austin

      Maybe sometimes you go about things the wrong way.

  • Soastockton

    Ehh I would say for them to make anew classic controller pro

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Yes I actually would love it if they made a stand alone classic controller pro with two joy sticks for certain games or for when someone else is using the U Tablet. I could see it now… two circle pads

  • DarkChieftain

    Kinda reminds me of the Halo Plasma Pistol, but I digress, I like the one based off of the original wii zapper more because it seems more stable.

  • alienfish

    The original Wii Zapper sucked so bad. It also didn’t add anything to the experience whereas this one appears to be doing just that. Notice the small extra button under the control stick on the ‘nunchuk’ part of it and tell me that is also on a nunchuk. the triggers on the front also make a lot more sense too and, guess what, there aren’t any buttons on top that are clunky and just plain stupid to reach. This thing should be pretty cool.

    • alienfish

      Wait, nevermind plural ‘triggers’ on the front, there’s only one. This should still be better than that crappy extra chunk of plastic that was the Wii Zapper. This smaller design will also bring the center of gravity closer to the hands for, say, maybe hitting a button or something on the touch screen? This is a good design imo.

  • Maman

    360 controllers are rellay easy to use. my cousin got an xbox 360 for christmas 2009 and had had a wii and ds for quite a while and he got used to the controls rellay quickly. when i first got my xbox i had never played before and got used to the controls so fast. the only gaming that wasn’t pc i had done before that point was on a ps2 and i never got to grips with that.since getting an xbox 360 i’ve tried a ps3 controller and found them rather awkward because of where the analog sticks are. for me the 360 controllers are much more comfortable.

  • Wiifan

    Oh No…