Dec 5th, 2012

Wii U UpdateNintendo has released a brand new Wii U system update. The system update will download automatically in the background, and you can check the status and progress in the Download Manager menu. Nintendo says that while this update can take up to an hour to download, this time it’s okay to turn off your Wii U console, however, the company warns against unplugging the console during download and installation.

The Wii U update (called “Version 2.1.0 U”) improves overall system stability and adds a few other minor updates, according to Nintendo. The update weighs in at around 600 MB. In related news, Nintendo has released a 3DS system update as well.

Source (Nintendo, via Wii U Forums)

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  • Laud

    Omg, I didn’t know I couldn’t unplug my console during an update! 


    • GoodBytes

       Well that is how some people bricked their WiiU with the first update. It’s still an issue with saved games, hence why you continue to see the “do not turn off your system” warning when the game saves.

      So many impatient people.

  • muhaha.

  • Nintendofreak

    i hate updates

    • RoadyMike

       It can’t be worse than Windows’ updates

  • Jonas

    if they keep doing this, the 8gb one will soon be full.

    • GoodBytes

       No, as you mostly replace files.

  • Alienfish

    The first thing I noticed is that you can now blaze through the main menu instead of waiting for each animation to play out. Programs seem to close faster as well, but loading them is still noticeably long. Also I think I get a better signal in my bathroom now. Keep it coming Nintendo. Streamline that crap!

    • JVAN

       “…better signal in my bathroom”… “Streamline that crap!”. Literally!

      • Alienfish

        I believe I’ve been taken out of context… Well played, well played…

  • Seth S. Scott

    took me 20 minutes w/install. no biggie.

  • GeDDeN

    15 mins for me to update… Menu are a little faster but still overall OS needs to be SUPER fast. But I am still in love with my WiiU

  • tooby77

    After this update my U random hangs. Have to pull the cord and restart every time. Not cool
    Took 40 min total. Even for my 100/100mb internet

    • JVAN

      Your ISP gives you 100Mbps, or is that just the tech you have in your house and your local LAN? 50Mbps service typically runs at least $80/mo. You can have 5Mbps ISP service on a 100Mbps LAN and you’ll still get 5Mbps max speed from the internet.

      • tooby77

        I have Telia 100/100 fiber in my house. Dont know the true speed but i am around 80-90 mb down on speedtest and use to have dl speed around 11-12 mb/s on utorrent. I think its about 60$/month for it

        • JVAN

           Very nice. I don’t think that speed/price ration is available yet in the US. I keep forgetting this is not a US only site. The sites I visit that aren’t usually are something besides .com. 🙂

      • Theiz Zzee

         I think that speed is probably available in some parts. For a few minutes I believe when Comcast was testing out their ultra-high speed connection I briefly had a speed of about 196 Mps on Speedtest. 

  • Johny

    so most likely better loading times during menu navigations and loading Miiverse and games ? AWESOME 😀 nice going Nintendo.. i knew you’d do that eventually 

  • The irony of this update is that it was supposed to stop the system from freezing, but right after it finished downloading, I pressed OK when it said it was going to reset.  When I did, the screens went black and nothing happened for 5 mins.  In the end, the power button didn’t work, so I risked unplugging it.  The system didn’t brick, but I thought that was kind of funny.

  • Larry Howell

    I noticed this immediately in ZombiU.  Before the update, I’d have some occasional stuttering in cutscenes, and when continuing a save.  You know that part where it starts by zooming in on your character before they get up and go?  That part never showed up, and I’d still have a black loading screen.  Now it runs smoothly.  Any idea if the update helped out the other games that apparently had some framerate issues?

    • JVAN

       Odd – Mine has always shown the zoom in. It may have stuttered sometimes, but not much.

  • SoulSilverZero

    Will this update be packaged with new Wii U’s after the day the update was released?

  • Mickey Mouse

    Lost my Mario U save file after the update. I formatted my usb hard drive after the update installed as the update allows 3TB drives to work. My savegame had been created before the update was installed and the drive was usable, so I thought no data would be saved to it, and it would all be on the flash memory. I wasthen told to format the usb drive, when that was done I loaded Mario U and it said it was creaing asave file as it does when you load the game for the first time or the file is not there. I immediately got a sinking feeling and to my horror it sad ‘new’ where my savefile was before, gutted! I had the game beaten and was just collecting star coins, so it could’ve been worse.

    The only way it could have been deleted is if it was on the hard disc, but I don’t understand how it got there when it was unusable before the system update that supports 3TB drives albeit formatting them to just 2TB. Aaaaarrrggghhh!

  • angel

    it only took me 5-7 min….my internet is decently fast but not super dooper fast lol 

  • Johnathan Banks

    Does anyone know if this resolves the crashing issue where the system randomly crashes and sounds off like a vuvuzela? I’ve had the network connection disabled on my Wii U for weeks because the crash is linked to an issue with the Mii Universe so I’m hesitant to download this update if it doesn’t address this issue.

  • Garrett Johnson

    After the update, I experienced my first system hardlock. :/

  • TheFarmboy

    I tried updating yesterday, but it kept saying it’s up to date……

    Maybe I should try again today.

  • everything on my wii u takes ages to load, if they dont time out that is, i’m spoilt by how nippy xbox loads things, i just hope they keep fine tuning it till it works as it should

  • Nintendo need to get more demo’s an apps on there market the content on there currently is laughable. I though PS3 was bad, hopefully 3rd Parties will pull there fingers out and get more apps on the market as currently its not even worth the time loading up to check out for new content.