Nov 24th, 2013

Nintendo is ramping up Wii U advertising for the holidays, and one of the new ads pitches the Wii U and Wii Sports Club. The 30-second TV spot shows the “average family” (if such a thing exists), where the kids convince the parents to get a Wii U by pitching the new Wii Sports Club game. The TV ad also reveals the new $299 Wii U bundle which includes two games — New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U.

There’s another, similar ad, where kids conspire to get their parents to buy them a Wii U (which aired last week). Check it out, and let us know what you think of Nintendo’s new TV ads for the Wii U. And don’t be too harsh — these are aimed at the very casual gamer and their parents, and will likely air during the day, sandwiched between the soap operas, targeting all the housewives out there.

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  • BIG Franky

    note the usage of the gamepad for Golf in the Wii Sports Club advertisement… I’m guessing this gets released soon….

    • juancamiloarq

      I was thinking exactly what you just said and that’s the Wii Sport I’m getting.

    • Josiah Parsons

      They talked about that in the Iwata Asks for Wii Sports Club. The cool thing is that takes care of the big problems with the original Wii Sports golf.
      They also talked about how in Baseball the gamepad would be used by the pitcher just like in the original pitch video.

      • BIG Franky

        was there any hint at release date? is it before year-end?

        • Josiah Parsons

          Sadly, no.

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    Is it me or does Nintendo still need to advertise more?

    • Josiah Parsons

      Totally. their adds are really high on quality, they just need more of them.

      • The Clockwork Being

        They do. Where is the commercial for the Pitch-”Teens” edition or something showing games that are best on Wii U like Deus Ex HR:Director’s Cut, Splinter Cells Blacklist, Wind Waker and more?

        • Shota

          you know , that’s a very excellent ideas you got there.

        • Mendoza Manuel

          mehhhhh…Splinter cell and Deus Ex are rated M…
          I demand a “Mature” edition

  • BIG Franky

    I still hate that they refer to the Wii U as “an upgrade” to the Wii instead of emphasizing its a whole new console. (this takes place in both the kids edition and the parents edition of the Pitch ads, not the Sports club edition)

    • Decker Shado

      That put me off at first, but I think it’s easier for the average person to understand that as an upgrade, they can expect it to run all Wii software and use all Wii controllers. Like the iPad4 to the iPad3.. totally new iPad? No.. an upgrade.

      I’m wondering just how many people are just now finding out that their Playstation 4 will not run Playstation 3 software, as it’s not an upgrade, but a whole new system.

      • Gregg

        It’s an upgrade. Many PC, and PHONE upgrades, won’t run squat. Everyone these days are UPGRADEing their phones…. Even non tech people know this word. It’s a wise choice.

    • Gregg

      Clueless parents are kean on the word “Upgrade”. They know exactly what it means. I suspect the use of this word is the result of some serious market research. I think it’s a good idea….. Not that the PHONE industry also uses that word heavily.

  • IvΓ‘n Enrique Garcerant Tafur

    Cute ads. Hope they works to bring more people into the Wii U.

  • jjbredesen

    Great Nintendo has started to release a lot of ads! Witch is brilliant, a lot more people should become aware of the Wii U for the Holdiday Season, so the Wii U will hopefully sell really well.

    Good job Nintendo πŸ˜€

    • kevin nun—-

      Notice the white people shown on the TV are the same family from prevoous family tv ad.

      • CEObrainz

        It’s easier to get people again, most likely they are signed up to some sort of casting agency which allocates them “jobs”.

  • iamserious

    This is awesome! I love these funny Wii U commercials!

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Even though Nintendo is catering more for the hardcore this gen, it is essential that they stay relevant to the casual gamers with accessible titles like Mario and the Wii Sports/Fit series. Luckily for Nintendo, the casual market is unlikely to go to XBOne and PS4 anyway, so this is Nintendo’s chance to shift some Wii U’s this holiday season. Mario 3D World should be reason enough to sell a hefty amount of consoles πŸ™‚

  • Gregg

    Why the !$!# do they not Wii Sports Club Bowling?! Smart going after kids. They are a HUGE audience that are somewhat neglected by Sony/Micro….. AND, they are the future adult gamers… πŸ™‚

    • WiiUFanboy

      Dont forget the very aged People! Wii Sports Club is mainly for the elders. I know for a fact since both my grandparents are Wii U players. “Wii U, the console for babies and oldies”.

      • Gregg

        The sad part of this ridiculous post, is that you are suggesting there is something wrong with Babies, and Older people… I am SO happy I wasn’t born YOU. Swew… close one..

        • WiiUFanboy

          Why are you hatin? There is nothing wrong With playing Wii U. Why are you making hate on babies and old People just because they play Wii U? Shame on you!!!

  • Simon Stevens

    Not a fan of the term “upgrade to wii u” that might confuse people, they should just have the cool aid guy bust through the wall with the Wii U “OH YEAHHHHHHHHHH HERES A WII U!!!!” “but we already have a Wii” “DUMB BITCH, WII U IS A BRAND NEW HIGH DEFINITION CONSOLE” “I didn’t know that but why should we buy wii u?” “PLAY PIKMIN 3, MARIO 3D WORLD, WONDERFUL 101 AND DO YA ONLINE SHOPPING THROUGH THE WEB BROWSER ON THE GAMEPAD, FACEBOOK A BITCH, I DON’T CARE, JUST BUY A WII U, OH YEAHHHH!!!!” “gee thanks cool aid I will”

    • Shota

      go with your wii u browser to this link:
      and save it as bookmark.

      • Simon Stevens

        Thanks πŸ™‚ very kind of you, I already know that trick, life was very difficult when I didn’t lol, mobile Facebook sucks ass, feel free to add me on facebook,

        • Guest

          fb name: rishaal raghubar

    • Dell Goodman

      I was just about to make a comment on the whole “upgrade to Wii U.”
      People already thought the tablet controller was an add-on for the console, so using the words “upgrade to Wii U” will give a lot of confusions.

      They need to start using the term “Our brand new console, the Wii U.” This will remove any confusion for the parents who don’t know a thing about consoles.

      • Simon Stevens

        That is the way to do it, perfect wording πŸ˜€

    • YoG99

      Nintendo, Hire this Guy !

      • Simon Stevens

        LOL I wish, I would tell them to make their advertisement look more fun, at this point, it’s no more enticing than a Fisher price advert, yes it spreads awareness but if I was a casual, it wouldn’t be something I’d pick up based on their advertisements, I’m not even a kid but the moment I see that Christmas Toys R Us advert I’m there!, Nintendo needs that wow factor, even the 3DS advert for pokemon had me jumping for joy, that was probably because the music made it exciting πŸ˜€ your not gonna put that message across from kids being corn dog and Wayne Brady’s man cave, maybe they should appeal to peoples humanity and just have Iwata appear on screen “Please buy a Wii U, little Mario and toad need homes this Christmas, for just 299 small ones, you can help the Nintendo family today, please, it’s cold outside”

    • WiiUFanboy

      Good that you speak up so the very aged can hear you. Remember that they are one of Wii U prime targets. Specially Wii Sports Club. My grandparents love that game πŸ™‚

    • Ducked

      Nintendo needs to make it where people can use Skype, and SnapChat. Along with getting a Candy Crush Saga on eShop if they want the extreme casual fanbase.

      • Simon Stevens

        I’ve been saying that for a while, make the console make sense by boasting online chit chat in many forms, have a gateway to the best android and ios titles, maybe a separate store like Nintendo Mobile?, have Facebook centre and really make it shine with the gamepad, free Facebook games are fun and challenging for most people but mostly, why aren’t we getting 3rd party titles that really suit the system, the kind of games the gamepad would be perfect for, there is potential for some really good point and click adventures with gamepad related puzzles, maybe tycoon games like the DS had?, I know I would love ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON 4! on this thing, give us Zoo tycoon?, Railroad tycoon?, heck, give us a strategy game like Age of empires, make the gamepad a useful tool for anybody to enjoy, that should be Nintendos innovation.

        • Ducked

          What I would do for a Roller Coaster Tycoon 4! Wii U gamepad would be great for simulation games. I’d also like to see 3rd party games bring games that really use invertory. Like Skyrim, and GTA V, those games would work perfect with the Wii U gamepad!

    • gtosheex

      i disagree – i think many people are looking into it too much. upgrade = “new” thats all they need to know. you have to upgrade your technology to stay with the times – and everyone knows that.

      • Simon Stevens

        That term could mean anything, for some casuals, upgrade to Wii U could mean upgrade to the Wii U gamepad as that’s what is being showcased here, at the VERY least, have kids hold a sign at the end “Wii U is a brand new console, not the original Wii”

        • gtosheex

          well even if they think the gamepad “is” the upgrade then what is the difference??? if they like what they see they will get it no matter what. if anything, finding out that it isn’t an upgrade and cost another $250 (+ games) would be worse! lol

  • Jayce

    Perfect. I love these for their intended audience.

  • GuardiansFan

    has anyone actually seen these commercials on tv? I’m guessing i haven’t because all i watch is sports channels. I like how they refer to it as “Upgrade”…maybe that will get people’s attention more since nobody outside of gamers seem to know its not a tablet for the original wii.

  • That dude

    Oh god, they’re back to targeting kids!!

    • When did they ever stop? I bought my first Nintendo console when I was 6, and I became the fan you see today.

    • Jon

      ok, first things first. IT IS CHRISTMAS. Sorry to say, but kids and parents are really the only thing that most places care about during Christmas because it is Parents that are going to be that do 80% of the shopping. So the parents will see the ad, think it is great for their kids. The parents kids will see the ad and ask their parents for it. People in between either don’t have a lot of money or the influence on people to spend the money.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      They should target kids πŸ™‚ Old farts like us already knows it fun. Nintendo is like Disney my man. πŸ™‚

  • disqus_c39xUtm3WM

    Nintendo U, Nintendo U, Nintendo U new nick name for the Wii U

    • Connor Devlin

      Yeah, really. That’s what the console should’ve been called in the first place. Since a lot of people are against the Wii and the name Wii U doesn’t really convey that it’s a new console, they should’ve called it the Nintendo U, or the NU, or N6 (since it’s their 6th home console)

  • darkcreap

    It is great they are targetting the families, but I wonder if they should also reinforce the message that it is also a console suitable for other non-family friendly titles like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc. I know a lot of gamers are going to play those games on PS4 and Xbox One, but is nice to have them also on WiiU to have a wider variety.

    I like Nintendo consoles the better for their colourful games, like Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda (well, Zelda is a bit dark some times), Pikmin, Wonderful 101 (if we consider that the IP belongs to them, which I do not know for sure) but I also hope Nintendo sends a clear message that the WiiU can target a wide audience, not exclusively kids and families. It might not be as powerful, but it can be home for titles ranging from E to M.

  • Connor Devlin

    I feel that a lot of these commercials are slightly misleading It could still seem to some people that when they say “upgrade” they don’t mean, “Buy a whole new console”. They should just say “Buy Nintendo’s newest next-gen ground breaking and freakin’ amazing console.”

    • Gabe Hoffman

      They show the system with price right at the end

      • Connor Devlin

        I know but still.

        • Zuxs13

          if they dont get it after these then you can’t sell it to people that stupid.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Great that Nintendo finally realize that WiiU is a toy product for small childrens. But honestly they should focus on their other prime target – old people living in homes for elders. They loved Wii Sports and will of course love Wii Sports Club too (at least those who still lives). And adressing kindergardens with Donkey Kong and Mario Kart. Soon they will release ther next big hit, Barbie Dreamhouse Party too. I hope Nintendo realize that there is were their audience is, and use as much focus as possible at those genres. Preferable flood the console with Elmo, Barney the dinosaur, Barbie and My Little Pony. If Nintendo keeps to this bullet proof formula, then they will possible make an amazing generation at 25M consoles sold during its lifetime. After that they can drop out of the console market with pride, and continue on their products with pads and mobile phones for childrens πŸ™‚

    • starwars360

      You are full of ugly troll!!!!

    • WiiUFanboy

      This is so true. Nintendo push their potential With Wii U. Its both gaming for very small children and the most mature audience possible. Who said Wii U wasnt for mature gamin? My old grandmother loves her Wii U, so do grandpa. Thanks to Nintendo they can have an active life. Its very good that Nintendo target all those People who are uninterested in Playstation, XBox or PC that requiers fast reflexes and concentration, but like to play “easier” games like Super Mario, Elmo, Barbie and those Things, or as in the case of the very old, sport games that play extremely slow. My grandma is one of the highest ranking in Tennis for example. And With the New online features she can play With other dying aged People. Nintendo should have the slogan “Wii U, gaming for you who doesnt game!”

    • Dylan Clark

      totally agree with you man. Wii U is a kids toy, Nintendo are developing a leap frog like tablet glad they know who to advertise to!

    • Drugs

      Perhaps Microsoft and Sony should consider doing the same, seeing as Nintendo is the Only one of the three companies actually making a profit. The Playstation and Xbox brands have literally cost their parent companies BILLIONS of dollars. Oh and one of those two brands is in very serious danger of being sold off. I won’t tell you which one though.

      • Magnus Eriksson


  • ETeach

    I agree, everything about these ads is wonderful, except for the term ‘upgrade’. Hopefully people will be able to see past that though, most kids are educated enough to explain to their parents that it really is a system.

  • Guest

    This seems very legit check out this vid :

    • Shota

      no just no. its just bushes

      • Cheroth

        Possible,but why would Kirby look at a bush? You see Kirby divert his attention from whatever was back their.

        • Shota

          at the end of the trailer every one got attacked by megaman. everyone but bowser jr. Sorry if i sounded like a douchbag.

          • Cheroth

            True. I just found it was wierd Kirby would stare at a bush while everyone else was battleing it out. I might be going crazy here,but that just can’t be a bush ,Sakurai why is Kirby staring at a bush?????

  • Petri

    I saw my first on TV Wii U commercial.
    It was of skylander swapforce, and they only showed the Gamepad, but didnt otherwise mention Wii U or Nintendo.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    I just can’t stand how people are SOOOoooo dumb thinking Wii U is the same console as the Wii. It’s pretty obvious it’s different.

  • Andre R

    i think its misleading that they say upgrade to wii u. because wii u isnt a upgrade. its a whole new system, its not just the gamepad add on for wii. many people think that.

  • Sean Michael Davis

    “Wii would like to play….with U”

    that should be the new slogan

    • WiiUFanboy

      “Wii pee in bed, so do U”. Targeting babies and very old People.

  • Ducked

    They need to work a little harder on advertising features still.

  • Louie

    Its good to see them advertising finally, but I’m not a fan of these ads that focus to much on families talking, I mean they’re OK, but they do need to put more emphasis on the games and the console itself, they just say just say it blatantly…
    “Wii U a NEW CONSOLE a new way to play…
    introducing the Game pad for asymmetrical game play,
    and off TV play.” (footage from Nintendoland)

    “Games for everyone, games for U” (hype reel of Nintendoland,Mario and Sonic Olympics, just dance, Wii sports club, MH3U, 3dworld,and other ‘family games’ with quick scenes of a family playing together nothing too long and keep theme quiet let the music and games speak for themselves And then the ‘mature/single player titles’ like cod with multiplayer/ off TV footage, ZombiU, Darksiders 2, Deus Ex Wonderful 101, and More

    “Download games directly from the e shop” (Trine 2, nano assault neo etc)
    “Download classic games on the virtual console” (Castlevania, super Metroid)
    “And more great stuff coming soon” (Mario Kart 8, DK, Bayonetta and closes with footage from monolith soft’s X)

    “Wii U available now!”

    • Zuxs13

      I actually think these commercials are very effective. They focus on games and why you need to play them as a family and say “upgrade” to wii U which these days means consumers need to buy a new model.

      • Louie

        I agree they do work, but the cheesiness of these family based ads don’t appeal to everyone, these types of ad definitely wont be used advertised cod, you cant see a family sitting on the couch and laughing when the child playing knifes someone in the back, and they certainly cant be used to advertise Bayonetta 2, these ads should be used on ‘family centric games like Mariokart’ but Nintendo need to come up with ads to focus on the more single player/ older audience type of games.
        They need to strike a balance for advertising between families and teenagers/adults, after all the Wii U has so many games to appeal to these 2 crowds, Nintendo should try and cash in on the two demographics.

        But then again it is Christmas time most of the shopping will be done by parents so more focus on them is the smart thing to do, but Nintendo shouldn’t sacrifice the more experienced gamers, hopefully they will run lots of ads for other games like bayo 2, X etc

        • Zuxs13

          These ads are being used to advertise the family kid friendly games. Its for Wii Sports and Mario and such. Have you seen the ads for the Zelda game they are doing? its very different then these ads are.
          Its much more appealing to the more adult audience. Its not a CoD add but then again Sony or Nintendo doesn’t make CoD ads either, Activision does, but both of their logos are at the end of t he commercial.
          Everyone wants Nintendo do be more “hardcore” friendly but that really isn’t the key market of game buyers. In fact 25% of game buyers are kids, 25% are adults over age 50. The “hard core” sit with in the 50% of 18-45 year olds out there. And Nintendo goes for the other two more cause they know the core audience will still want their games.

  • long_dong_donkey_kong

    Huzzah! They’re finally running ads, and I actually agree with how they’re doing it. They’re not releasing Zelda U, Smash, or Bayonetta right now, so focus on what they do well – local multi-player games that are appropriate for the whole family. Target the core gamers later. They either bought the system last year or are waiting for more games before buying in.

    The term upgrade has probably been focus-grouped to death, so I’ll trust them here. People upgrade cell phones, they upgraded from DVD to Blu Ray, so they can probably figure out that they need a new system. What they really need to stress is price. $299 gets you New Mario/Luigi U and a system. You can buy Mario 3D World for $60, Wind Waker HD for $50, Nintendoland for $30, and both bowling and tennis on Wii Sports Club for the same price as a PS4 and one game.

  • Zuxs13

    I am glad to see Nintendo step up their advertisement game. There was a ton of commercials for Mario 3D world and Zelda 3DS at the
    theater when i went to see Catching Fire this weekend. Also there was a
    Mario Commercial during Sunday Night Football last night. Finally!! they
    are picking the right places to advertise.

    But i think its a bit late, it will help, but many paretns and consumers have already planned their big holiday purchases so many will over look the Wii U. Hopefully many of the late shoppers and Black Friday crowds will see these in time and head out and snatch up the bundles and games. Wii U is a much better value right now than PS4 1Box.

  • Louie

    I see many people aren’t fans of the ‘upgrade’ to Wii U thing, as they believe it confuses people over whether Wii U is a new console or just an add on, Don’t worry too much about the name, people will learn about it quickly enough, remember when 3ds launched and people were confused and thought it as just a DS with 3D capabilities NOT a brand new system… well look at the 3DS now, hopefully the Wii U can change its fortunes like the 3DS did.

  • JVAN63

    I downloaded the 24 hour trial of Sports Club. All we could do is bowl and play tennis. Both are just as good/bad as they were on Wii. Not impressed enough to buy. Why only two games, and why only lame ones?! Are those two supposed to make me want more?