Jan 23rd, 2013

The developers behind the Wii Party games will bring their newest creation to the Wii U this summer. Although, there is no official title yet, I expect something like “U Party” or maybe even “Wii Party with U” to be on the list of possible title names.

The video below shows some unique gameplay concepts that take advantage of the Wii U Gamepad. One game resembles the popular party game “Twister,” remember that? Except, instead of using bodies to touch circles on a big mat, multiple players will use their fingers to try and press specific buttons on the Gamepad and three Wii Remotes simultaneously.

Players will also be able to go head to head in certain games using just the Gamepad.

I’m a fan of the party games genre in general so I’m actually looking forward to this title and will definitely be picking it up. Will you be getting your party on too?

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  • Immallama22

    Looks interesting. But I think I’ll wait for Mario Party 😛

  • Looks… Different

  • Sounds like fun. I’ll probably not be getting it though because the last time I played Wii Party, I did not like it at all. 

    Lets hope they announce Mario Party 10 for Wii U or at least a reboot

    • RyuNoHadouken

      cause its gonna be #wacksauce

  • Elem187

    Pure innovation… This is the reason I stick with Nintendo. They always think of new gameplay. 2 player Foosball on the gamepad? Epic.

  • this looks kinda wack

    • Pedro Natera

      it is

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I really liked wii party. Played it a lot with my sister 😀 I would definatly pick this one up!

  • For me no party games so it’ll stay on the shelve for me, the only party game I liked a bit was Mario Party 6, played it with friends, but it couldn’t really keep us entertained for more then a hour.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    huh, looks like a watered down version of mario party

  • Jeffery02

    I hope they have a demo for this. I would love to try it out. Hopefully down the line we will get a Wii U Mario Party with playable Miis and online multiplayer. They should have 2 kinds in my opinion. The first should be classic Mario Party multiplayer but online. Like on a game board, in mini game mode, or any other multiplayer additions they may have.

    The second should be a collection of single player mini games as well as a turn based game board where you can essentially play Words With Friends style. What I mean is that you can take your turn whenever you want and you can even close the game and come back with the game still going. If you don’t take your turn within 24 hours, or something, and everyone else votes against you, then your turn gets skipped. Whenever you load up the match, you can either watch the turns played since you last loaded up or you can skip to the current turn. At least I think they should do it and if they do, then this is just how I think it should be done.

    Any other thoughts?