Nov 14th, 2016

Nintendo of Australia apparently didn’t get the memo that Wii U production has ceased and that the console was effectively dead.

Not in Australia, where Nintendo has just released a pretty cool bundle, which includes Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. The bundle retails for AU $429.95, and is a pretty good deal.

We’re surprised Nintendo decided against offering the same or similar bundle in North America and Europe for this Holiday season — the Wii U might be at the end of its lifetime, but there are lots of great games for the console that could draw in the players who already have a PS4 or Xbox One and missed out on the Wii U and its titles.

Instead, Nintendo’s sole offering for this Holiday Season and Black Friday in the US will be a $99 3DS.

Here’s a trailer for the Australian bundle, featuring the most Aussie accent we’ve heard in a long time:


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