Sep 17th, 2012

Over the past week, Nintendo and third party publishers have been releasing Wii U box art designs for their upcoming games. We got box art for some highly anticipated third party titles like Black Ops 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3, and finally, we have box art for first party Nintendo games like New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, and Sing Party. Be sure to also check out our last box art collection, which includes an additional 13 box art designs.

What’s your favorite Wii U box art so far? Let us know in the comments section!

New Wii U box art gallery

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  • masseffect3

    Realy cool art box designs.
    Looks great.

    • Your Mom

      I m going to guess your favorite is Lego city

      • JumpMan

        or maybe Funky Barn… yeah. that’s it.

        • Nightยบฦ’Core

          Nah, i think Rise of The Guardians

  • Armani

    That lego game looks awesome!! Im gonna get New Super Mario bros U at launch, but will still keep my eyes on, Zombie U,lego, Black ops 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3 ๐Ÿ˜€ Did I miss any other good games? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Nintedward

      I hate the whole ‘COD’ culture that’s going round these day’s . But I am buying blops 2 for wiiu . My theory is only sensible more mature people will buy a wiiu and cod for it , because they appreciate the 1080p 60fps and dual screen multiplayer which activision has so kindly gifted to Nintendo .

      I am buying it to commend Activision and Treyarch for putting the extra effort into the wiiu version . I never thought I would say this ever again
      *deep breath* * gasp*

      ”Well done activision , well done”

      • Macarony64

        And parents that buy nintendo consoles teach there kids to behave unlike the parents that use the 360 and ps3 has baby sitters

        • Lusunup

          I’m so unconvinced, but oddly enough I think your right xD

      • Man

        You use the term “Blops” too? ๐Ÿ˜€ And yeah, I agree.

        • Nintedward

          Get blops or get out !!!!

          • JumpMan

            erm… let’s not go that far…

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Aw, no new tekken.. But that Nintendo land is…
    Oppan Gangnam style

    • Macarony64

      Isnt that the new macarena?

    • Nintedward

      My favorite part of that video , is where all the trash starts blowing at them.
      Definition of brazilian production value .

      • Nintedward

        or where ever that video is from….

        • Me

          South Korea, not even close.

          • Nintedward

            sorry ME , lol !

  • Jon

    The box art looks wonderful on NSMBU. The BLOPS2 actually works really well with it too.

    I think I’m growing more accustomed to it. I still wish the yellow line highlight was orange though.

  • Neonridr

    As long as there is just as much quality software as there is shovelware (I’m looking at you “Funky Barn”), then I don’t have any doubt that the Wii U will be successful. Can’t wait to try Super Mario Bros U and Lego City Undercover.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      As long as we have more games like Rayman Legends and Black Ops 2 and less crappy mini game collections I am sure Wii U will be fine in terms of third party support.

      • JumpMan

        um. excuse me? hi. uh, NintendoLand? crappy? you’ve never seen a video or gone to a Wii U experience event have you? it’s possibly the game that i look forward to most in the launch window…

  • TheUNation

    I truly love the Wii U case covers… especially Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Lego City Undercover, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

  • James

    The WO3 HYPER one isn’t even real box art (it’s one of those temp ones made by the retailer)

  • Dawnofmorning

    Gotta say NSMBU gets my vote.

  • Whoobin

    Where is Pikmin 3!

  • rob lucci

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the Lego game get a T rating.

    • Grodus

      Well, that makes 1 of us. I am done with the “That makes” stuff. I think…

  • Novum Magus

    NSMBU and Nintendo Land are good enough, I suppose. Nothing brilliant, but cool to look at

  • ssb4

    Can’t ait for smash bros u covers that would look siickk!

  • ocarinaoftime

    Restock the deluxe edition please! ๐Ÿ™
    Cool box art by the way!!

  • Melk

    I think you guys are a little too late…

  • Chris

    All those cover art designs look great, but I’d say my favorites of out those are New Super Mario Bros. U and Lego City: Undercover.

    • Chris

      *out of those

  • Kahhhhyle

    Why post up ME3 if its the same box art as the ps3/360 counter parts?

  • Scootex1912

    Has 2 be “Funky Barn”:)!

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    for some reason, i think Funky Barn is gonna be fun….lol

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    I hope it’s blue inside (:

  • Jetty

    Epic! These games will play just as beautifully as they look!

  • Kahhhhyle

    Well hopefully lol. We can’t really say until somebody has the console hooked up to their tv. But if I were a gambling man I would consider it a safe bet:)

  • bb

    I like the box anyone else like them put a thumb up if I’m right put a thumbs down if I’m wrong

  • Adam

    I’m mostly looking forward to FIFA 13!!!

  • NintendoGator

    This november 18th is gonna be Extraordinary!! I probably will not get any sleep for the first few days. I’ll be gaming, sleeping, gaming, eating, gaming and maybe work a shower in that schedule…. 1st game I’ll pop in the wii u will be Zombie-U. I’ll cover the windows with sheets so the room is real dark and spooky and just really get myself in the right setting for this game…. November 18th just cant get here fast enough………………..Out!!!

  • Super Paper Rye

    These are delightful!
    Ugh, but theres a shovelware game already?
    And yes, I’m looking at Funky Barn.
    (Oh and I got the deluxe Wii U with Nintendo Land and NSMBU. But also, should I get Ninja Gaiden III or Lego City?)

    • Kahhhhyle

      The shovelware is to be expected. As long as the 3rd parties continue supporting wii u we’ll be alright

    • SteampunkJedi

      I’m gonna get Lego City Undercover, but I don’t really know anything about Ninja Gaiden III.

  • SteampunkJedi

    My favorite covers are those of Lego City Undercover, New Super Mario Bros. U, Transformers Prime, and Nintendo Land.

    • SteampunkJedi

      (For this new group.)


    I Love Them All

  • Lazara The Last

    As i have to agree that I didn’t like the Wii U cover when i first saw it, I now love it!!

  • Grodus

    Whats Funky Barn!? Anyway, my favorite is NSMBU.