Apr 22nd, 2013

One of the many criticisms leveled at Nintendo over the past few months has been the lack of advertising for the Wii U. The average consumer assumes that the Wii U is an accessory for the original Wii, not understanding that it is an entirely new console. In an effort to correct that perception and show how the Wii U differs from the Wii, Nintendo has released three new advertisements that should begin appearing on TV shortly.

You can watch all three below and tell us which you think are the best for showing off the Wii U’s unique traits. Do you think these capture the essence of the Wii U well enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Zombie Boy

    “Buy the Wii U – its for obnoxious children”!


    • Geoffrey Tasker

      and let the down votes…BEGIN!

      • Zombie Boy

        I own and love my Wii U. I just don’t like the image that Nintendo is portraying here. Its for serious gamers too, and these adverts send the exact opposite message!

        • Particularly the guy who says “It’s like we’re all children again, playing video games!”. The worst. I guess Nintendo figures adults who like games aren’t going to be reached on TV. They need to target kids and less game-literate parents. Still, these ads are pretty tough to watch.

          • Zombie Boy

            Every shot of the gamepad’s touch screen display made it look like a toy for children ages 3-5 years old!

          • ICHI

            My thoughts exactly

        • Renan Cardozo

          man, I feel the exactly same

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Actually this is good in a way. Now Nintendo takes a stand and focusing on one group of customers instead of all and everyone. The new Wii is firstmost a childrens toy and a family console, and now Nintendo says this outright. Much better than sending out doublesided messages that no one gets.

          • Zombie Boy

            So they should stick to games like Family Party Games and forget the likes of Watchdogs. Is that what you’re saying?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, of course not. But its good that Nintendo found its (right) place as a toy mainly for children and family. It is good that someone covers that spot, dont you agree? And who covers it better than Nintendo? No one.

          • Zombie Boy

            I agree that Nintendo have cornered an area of the market that isn’t targeted by Sony or Microsoft, and that’s good. However, to tell us that the Wii U is ONLY for children / families is not, as that puts off hardcore gamers that might have been thinking about buying one. Nintendo have done three adverts here. They could have done one for children, one for families and one for hardcore gamers. That means that all bases would have been covered.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            But this is what they tried to do in the beginning. Nintendo simply said “We want everything!”, well you cant have everything you must choose was the answer they got. They seemed to choose this approach over others and I think its great. Of course they will release other good games too, but hardcore gamers is not the main target here. You (they) will come to the scene the very moment Nintendo announces a new series of Metroid, Zelda, Star fox/Lylat Wars etc… Because these games are better than anything Sony or Microsoft got on their machines. But overall they too have other great games that Nintendo doesnt have, and that should be quite ok shouldnt it? I think it is clever that Nintendo takes a standpoint here.

          • Zombie Boy

            I hate console wars, always have, always will. And I believe that every system has its pros and cons. All I’m saying is that, in cornering a single area of the market, Nintendo is putting other people off. And that isn’t a good move.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I agree. The biggest problem with debating consoles is that its to much feelings. If you are critical, then you are labeled as a hater and the other way around a fanboy. I was honestly a little bit disappointed when Nintendo had a lack of their best franchises (together with no off TV-play on Virtual Console etc).

          • Zombie Boy

            This is the exact reason I don’t read YouTube comments. They have graphics comparison videos on there and even though one system is clearly better than the others, people still try to deny what’s right in front of their eyes! It is just too hard for some people to admit that another system might be better than theirs! That’s just an example, but the whole thing is depressing. If you like a console, buy it. If not, don’t. Simple.

            And that brings us right back to these adverts… lol!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Better for what? It depends what you want to do. Sitting with my family on a friday night eating pizza and playing videogames, then Wii U is the best there is. If I liked FPS better and didnt have a family I would probably choose a different console but for our use its good now (although way to few games). To compare Nintendo with Sony is like comparing apples to oranges, they are different from each others. The same is not the case with comparisons between Xbox and PS, they are similar to each other.

          • Zombie Boy

            Better graphics-wise. On the majority of games, the Wii U currently has the better graphics when compared to the same game on other platforms (except PC). Obviously that doesn’t bother you, but many owners of those systems don’t seem to like that fact very much, and deny it even when the evidence is right in front of them. Yes the systems are different but even on a basic thing such as that, people get upset about it.

          • jay

            Graphics don’t make a system better. 🙁

          • Zombie Boy

            You’d be a hit on YouTube!

          • I guess they figured they can’t compete with the forthcoming systems and the hard-core already know it – which is why they don’t release specs, so they want to tap into the sucker crowd again. Only this time, the suckers are not dumb enough to fall for it twice.

          • Zombie Boy

            Wow. Show me evidence please. Prove that you’re not just an xbox fanboy.

          • jay

            The casuals are far more important than h@rdc0re nerds.

          • Only for selling systems that no one wants, but not for buying games.

          • That foolish arrogance is why Nintendo fails. You people still think that Nintendo makes the best games. That train passed a long time ago – like in the early 90’s.

          • tronic307

            Hmm… “foolish arrogance” – Are ‘we’ PROJECTING again?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Some games are better on Nintendo, others are better on Sony and Xbox. Nintendo makes better childrens games like Mario and family games like Nintendoland. Xbox/PS makes better FPS (for example). Its not arrogance is it?

          • No, it’s not arrogance, it’s BS. Sony/MS don’t make these games – publishers do. These same publishers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Nintendo systems because those systems cannot handle most of these games and there is no room for improvement on Nintendo console. Nintendo is not even in the mix anymore and is as old as people who only remember the NBA when Jordan played and can’t look past that.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            You are of course right when you say Sony and MS doesnt make games. But you are too harsh on the Nintendo. I agree that its not for core gamers the way Nintendo tried to push themselves, they never been. Its a console for kids and families, and sometimes it releases games that are fun for other gamers too. I enjoy my Wii U, but I will maybe get myself a PS4 or an Xbox aswell.

          • Nintendo did it to themselves. THEY said that the Wii U would target core gamers and not little babies and families. They did not do that. If targeting to core gamers means throw the thing out there and don’t advertise it, then they did not do their job.

          • Who else is trying to cover it? Nintendo is lost and has no identity. They are just trying to offload stock to suckers the way they did the Gamecube/Wii.

          • jay

            You realize that last comment is hypocritical right?

        • Elem187

          “Serious” gamers already know about it. Its the casuals/family market that either doesn’t know it exists or thinks its an add-on…… The whole point of marketing is to make consumers aware. Nintendo knows its hardcore fans know about it, its the other demographic they need to snag.

          • Clearly Nintendo does not have many hard-core fans then!

          • jay

            What does it matter? This is the casuals generation. If you don’t like it find a time machine and go back to the 90’s! lol

            H@rdc0r3 nerds with a gamerscore of 100,000 like to whine and hate on the casuals who actually have a LIFE.

            Casuals on the other hand are having fun playing games and don’t even pay no mind to you.

          • That’s it Nintendo, keep insulting core gamers while hoping to find a sucker in the casual market. Nintendo tapped out that market already and they, unlike core gamers, do not like spending money on something that they really did not want in the first place, let alone doing it again.

          • Ace J

            damn boy you be trolling HARD!!!!! lol fucking hater

          • david jarman

            No matter how much you brush teeth your breath is always going to smell like crap.

          • david jarman

            I don’t think you know what a hardcore gamer is. “Mainstreamer!”

        • Only NOW do you people finally see what I have been writing!

          • Zombie Boy

            ^ And this dick is a perfect example. ^

          • jay

            No offense pete, but he’s the reason why the general public think gamers are nerds and virgins who play games in grandmas basement.

            I will NEVER consider myself hardcore.

          • tronic307

            Yeah, but you’re always one-note. It makes your position seem like a perpetually cranky mood instead of a problem with Nintendo.

    • Nintenjoe82

      Bringing back the glory days of the NES. Nintendo marketing team FTW!!!

  • Arthur Jarret

    Worst videogame commercials EVER

    Just put up a sizzle reel of all coming & current exclusive titles – show four players bash a huge monster (MH3U), show some kids having a blast on nintendoland, cut to show fast cars and the gamepad god mode of NFSU, followed by Lego City (starting with cars, ending with a joke), some flashshots of all other upcoming games, zoom out to a mosaic of all current and coming games (both eshop and retail) and zoom out further to reveal it’s inside the U of Wii U.

    Excite us, don’t bore us Nintendo!

    • val berger

      what do you want? As Nintendo said, with the WiiU they are totally going for Pro gamers…. and that’s what you feel when watching those ads … right?

      Like …. NOT?!

      • Wayne Beck

        Nintendo never said that.

        • val berger

          Ok, Core gamers, Pro gamers, whatever. They made clear that they want to access the so known core gamers with the WiiU.

          • Wayne Beck

            Nintendo said they would be putting a Greater Focus on releasing Software that appeals to Core Gamers.

            They never said they were going to abandon the casual audience, that makes them a much larger amount of money, in order to appease the Core Gamer. They have already demonstrated that they are willing to go above and Beyond to get Core Titles. They paid for the Production of Bayonetta 2. They Probably paid for X as well. The Core games are coming. You just have to wait.

            Nintendo cannot advertise something that is not available. They are certainly not going to start advertising games months before they are released.

          • MichelChartrand

            Core games may be coming, but unless Nintendo advertises that they have that capability people will continue to believe what they see on TV and what others tell them.
            Contrary to popular belief, not all core gamers know every tidbit about gaming. They hear about a game, they buy it and play it with their friends. I know quite a few people who spend hundreds on games, always the new ones, Black Ops II, AC3, etc. etc. Playing online all the time, getting trophies, but I ask them what their opinion about the Wii U is, no clue what it is, some sort of tablet? Ask them about the PS4, still not really any clue, but will probably look into it when released.
            Nintendo is fighting an image problem, and while the capabilities are there to play big hardcore games, unless they’re single player games like Bioshock, it will get very frustrating. I myself am tired of not being able to play ranked matches in Black Ops 2 because nobody is playing it, or can only play 2-3 of the hardcore modes, etc. Knowing those on PS3 and Xbox are probably not having trouble.
            These image problems, if not nipped in the bud, will cause people to reconsider. Wii U and Wii U games are still sold in the Wii section on Amazon.ca, they don’t even have their own section. They may not be able to advertise what’s not yet available, but Nintendo better start advertising what it can do or else nobody will care.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Of course they paid for the production of X.
            Monolith soft is a Nintendo-owned studio. Xeno games are now as much first party as Mario, Zelda and Pikmin are.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

            ¬¬ dafuq? just because they have kids games it doesnt mean they dont have grown up games 😛 i mean, here they never showed INJUSTICE, nor NFS MOST WANTED 😛

        • Arthur Jarret

          They did
          At E3 when they announced it, they said they were getting back the core gamers.

    • Elem187

      Arthur, Nintendo doesn’t need to advertise to you…. If you can find a videogame enthusiast site on the internet, you already know Nintendo has a new console. They are trying to get people who don’t follow this stuff to acknowledge it exists.
      I’d be more worried if Nintendo was advertising to the hardcore Nintendo fans..> if they need to advertise to their biggest fans, they got even bigger problems.

      • val berger

        On the one hand, you may got a point here, on the other I don’t really agree with it. You could also say that families are more likely to buy a WiiU so they should go for the target group that could go for ps360 instead. But I don’t believe that the problem is the target group. For me, the problem is, that those spots are just embarassing and cheesy and they may even make people ashamed for owning that product. It’s ridiculous. There’s just no excuse for bad marketing and if you check out the downvotes on those videos on youtube, then it’s clear that somethings went damn wrong here.

        • Wayne Beck

          Those commercials are for parents…

          • val berger

            Of course they are. Still, check out the rating of the youtube commercials and tell me, if it’s really impossible to create somehing appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite a Nintendo fan too, but you can’t really ignore when they are clearly on the wrong path. It’s not like you’d need a lessen at marketing studies to see how this just can’t work. There’d be so many ways of advertising in a great way and I’m starting to think, that every fool who’ve watched a fea Episodes of Mad Men could lead Nintendo out of that hole of commercial monotony they are currently struggling to get out of.it’s just a pain to see stuff like that really happen. What’s next? Some 1hour Infomercial on some crappy TV channel? Or someone knocking on your door, trying to sell you a WiiU? … Actually I’d even dig that over those TV Spots ;D especially if I’m thinking about those Wii-Spots with those two japanese Nintendo-Henchmen who actually went around knocking on doors …. whatever, these spots won’t work. I can tell you that.

          • Wayne Beck

            Your asking for something Nintendo doesn’t have. The only two remotely Core Games exclusive to Nintendo are Monster Hunter and Zombie U. Nintendo can’t just advertise the Wii U with those games. They don’t own them. If you want exciting commercials full of Core Game Trailers, you have to wait. They can’t use games that are not out yet to Advertise the Hardware. They could get sued. They got sued for advertising Off-TV play just because it’s not available in every game. It’s not as easy as everyone seems to think it is. When e3 is said and done, Nintendo will have the Games to advertise and build Hype, but they still will not have anything to Advertise the Console as exciting. They will have to wait until an actual core game they own is available or is about to be released in a bundle.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Uhm, in my country (NL) there were TV adds for the Wii U showing off Zombi U.
            Footage is ok, but the voice-over is grating, completely missing the point as well.

            I’m sure if they want to advertise for the Wii U using monster hunter, capcom wouldn’t mind the free adds for their game either.

          • val berger

            You’re right about that and I didn’t mean to claim that the WiiU just has to only be treated as a pure core gamer console. It’s more like the core-gamer thing is the one major direction that differs from the Wii and Nintendo somehow still has Problems accessing the Wii-owners and giving them reasons to go on using the WiiU.
            But I actually don’t agree with the amount of core games. It’s true that Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman Arkham City, Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3 and so on aren’t Nintendo’s property, but Nintendo really pushed them to be released on their console to get at least of core-gamers on board and now they aren’t using that? makes no sense if you’re asking me.

            Plus I wouldn’t even say that the idea of those family-ads is totally wrong. Nintendo is and always will be a family company so it’s obvious that they will always try to access families, parents and kids. But just because you’re creating an ad that’s aiming toward parents doesn’t automatically make it a good ad. Those ads are just horrible in their whole conception and realization. I really think, any student of any creative media class or commercial studies (or whatever) could easily do something more appealing that doesn’t grow woods facepalms behind the viewer’s screens. They are cheap, unoriginal and cheesy. And again, check out the userratings. It’s not like ads always have to have a 100% positive rating, but they are just speaking a very, very clear language.

          • Wayne Beck

            Can’t disagree with you on the ability of Student to produce a better ad. When I see these, I see more of a PSA than an Ad honestly. That said, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have realized that American Parents of this Consoles Generation are actually the ones who grew up with Video Games and are now fully ingrained in High Quality Media.

            I don’t doubt the ability of a more Flashy Ad being effective to push people in to getting this system, but sometimes less is more. These spot probably cost Nintendo next to nothing. They are thirty seconds long and are quit direct and to the point. This is a new system and it’s even more fun than the Wii. If nothing else, they will spur people to look for the more exciting ads.

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            The same people down voting these videos on YouTube are the same ones complaining about it here. You are missing the entire concept of these advertisements. They are not targeted to you. You know what a Wii U is. These are only trying to inform people that the Wii U is not just a Wii peripheral. That’s it. They are not really trying to convince anyone to buy it, they are simply a way to inform the general public that the Wii U is a completely different system. THEN those people might be more inclined to do some more research into the Wii U. That’s it. On that front, I think they do the job well.

          • val berger

            OK and I’m gonna let you think that. I guess, people can turn everything around till it shines.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

            yeah, they are convincing parents liek, here buy it its good, spend time with ur son!

          • thedeciderU

            yes, they are for parents, but they are not for idiots. there is really nothing exciting at all about the three ads, and it looks like they’re in a casting room for Barney and Friends. embarassing.

          • Arthur Jarret

            True. I have the age to be a parent. Actually, some of my friends already are parents. If I didn’t own every nintendo system just for the zelda factor and simply convinced these people by letting them play – this commercial certainly wouldn’t convince them.

            Besides, my generation of parents aren’t only looking at which system their kid would like, but which system they would play themselves, too.

            Current parents are the generation that bought into the “Now you’re playing with power” adds. If these are the people they target here… they are completely missing the point.

      • You people still defend poor decisions. This is why they can’t come up. I will submit my resume to Nintendo…

        • jay

          No. Why not post your resume here 🙂

          You seem to know it all. Let’s see what you got.

          • Ace J

            hell yeah i wanna know the troll agency he works for so i can apply lol

          • [000]

            NO. Don’t do it. You’ll make the world a better place.

          • Ace J

            i know iam joking lol

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Hardcore gamers know about Wii U for sure but the intermediate level and casual gamers don’t, and these ads appeal to neither of those groups. These ads fail to capture the attention of casuals because they don’t show off Nintendoland, Wii fit and all those sort of games instead its just a family saying we like Wii U, so buy one and the audience is saying why? it doesn’t even explain that Wii U is a new console not an add-on which is just adding to the confusion that Nintendo needs to get rid off. Hardcore gamers know about Wii U and those that want a Wii U have one, those that don’t are waiting for Zelda, Metroid etc but that’s a different story.
        The intermediate gamers as I call them (the ones who play CoD and FIFA a bit and are often called hardcore for playing mature games when they aren’t real hardcore gamers) are like Casuals, they don’t know about Wii U and what it is and so need an informative ad if Nintendo wants them to buy a Wii U. Nintendo needs to show them what Wii U is and how it’s great as well as showing off all the games to appeal to this part of the market (Resi, COD, AC, Deus Ex, NFS) thing is Nintendo won’t show off the games casuals and intermediates want and they go about their business not caring about Wii U. That’s the problem.

        • ICHI

          I wonder how this happened though. After that editorial the other day saying shops dont do the system any favours by lumping everything together I thought that could have been a major contributor. But going into town yesterday I noticed the 3DS games and systems are mixed in too, and they have no problem. It must just be advertising and lack of games at the min, plus the 3DS’ competition is already out now and not quite setting the world on fire. Depending on how Ninty play the next few months could show a better sales rate once the PS4 and Nextbox are released. Sounds crazy but the 3DS is pulling it off against a more powerful machine due to many more and varied games and a decent pricepoint.

        • Wayne Beck

          These are Micro Targeting ads. They are designed to be seen by Parents. This is how they will convince Mothers that the Kid isn’t just asking for a 300 dollar accessory Core Gamers would never see these ads if they were not posted on sights like WiiUDaily. This is the kind of ad that pops up before you watch a YouTube Video or Stream a TV episode.

          Your Mom would never see this kind of Ad for GTAV, you would never see these ones. Not in it’s regular rotation.

    • jay

      Dude that would be a 3 minute commercial…

      You completely missed the point of these commercials. LISTEN to the WORDS they say in the ad. “New”, “Different”.

      They are trying to tell the people “Hey this is a New system guys”.

      On a side note. I don’t know what’s up with you “H@rdC0r3” gamers being so insecure about your masculinity. I play everything from Mario to GTA, Amnesia to Smash Bros. Polar opposites and not once do I think “OMGOSH!! What will the guys think of me playing teh poke mans?!”

      Anybody who bought a PS3 to feel manly is freaking delusional.

      H@rdC0r3 geeks think if an ad features a kid or a parent it’s “Babiez Counsel!!”

      If its a fu**ing baby console then DON’T PLAY IT.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I could easily edit a sizzle reel of under 1 min.

        These commercials simply won’t generate interest, because they do make it look like a cheap kids toy – instead of the awesome system it is.

        FYI: I’m 30 years old and beat every pokemon game to date. Even pokemon farm to get Mew so my Gen1 poke collection is complete. I do hate pokemon channel with a passion, but at least I got my Jirachi on.

        By the way, Nintendo makes me feel more manly than PS3. If I compare myself to Link (Girly boy) and Mario (Fat plumber) – I’m all man… but once I start comparing myself to Kratos… (sob)

    • tronic307

      Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell!

    • greengecko007

      Are you kidding? The commercials may have implied too much that gaming is a child’s passtime, but these are actually quite good in all other areas.

      The BIGGEST thing is that right off the bat they are telling you that this is NEW and how it’s better than the OLD WII and why to make the UPGRADE (caps for keywords in the commercial). This is a major step toward differentiating between the Wii and Wii U, which has been a problem for the masses since day 1. The commercials even mention better graphics, and show gameplay footage, which is great.

    • david daniel wharton camacho

      i understand!, this only shows like the family mode, they need a FULL GAME comercial with 2 friends playing together like getting “into” the game actually being a hunter in MH3 then racing in NFS then fighting againts superman in INJUSTICE to finally end up on their living room and saying… how U will play next!

    • Cerus98

      Did we watch the same commercials? Because the ones I saw were about the console, NOT games. I thought these commercials hit home to a lot of people who played games as kids and got out of it because they thought they had to be a kid to play them. Marketing to 30 something parents is brilliant because they see their kids playing single player games or handhelds and don’t get to interact or play with them. My wife and I love the gamepad aspect of Nintendo Land especially, its a great concept for families and adds so much more to games than a two player game with two identical controllers and gameplay can add. The Wii U allows for a much greater range of interaction than the PS4 and 720 will be able to touch.

      Just because you’re an adult and still play games doesn’t mean that’s the norm because it really isn’t. Over 40% of the US population are ages 25-54 and the median age is…..drumroll…..37. Half the population are married with children. So who do you think is the best to market to? How about the adults with kids who were kids when Nintendo brought gaming into the mainstream but stopped playing games because they thought it was childish? The 20 something “pro” gamers are the minority despite what the over-privileged, entitled to everything youngsters think.

      The world does not revolve around teenagers and young adults. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but you aren’t as important as you think you are by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Defenitly for hardcore players this upgraded Wii. All three videos clearly shows this. What a leap.

    • jay

      Yeah!! Magnus you too tough for this babiez crapp!!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Are you sad? Did I hurt your feelings? Are you crying because someone disagrees with you? So so, there there 🙂

  • 14 seconds of the first one was enough to make me want to kill myself…

    • Rick van der Linde

      After 14 seconds?! Oh well, being a Slowpoke is kinda self-explaining.

  • Guest

    Goddammit, Nintendo. Not only are you putting people off from buying a Wii U, you’re also putting them off from having children!

  • Nintenjoe82

    Papa Vanorsby needs Wii Fit!

  • Zac LaRocque-Walker

    They don’t need to advertise to the hardcore gamer, most gamers know about the wii u and the lack of games (and ones on the way), it’s the families that don’t know and are confused about it. I agree that a sizzle reel that shows a bunch of different games would be good but these with families talking about it communicates more to those with wii’s than say the Monster Hunter ad. I think these do a good job.

  • MehAtYourComment

    I’ve got an idea for the next ads:
    Take the same families and let them play Revelations at night (Hardcore mode of course)

    • Zombie Boy

      Or they could take those same families, dump them in the shady part of a big city at night, film it and use it to advertise Batman: Arkham Origins…

  • Raif

    Remember people, they aren’t advertising to you. They are trying to grab that casual market again.

    • Raif

      I like them, though they could of showed off more games than super Mario U

    • MehAtYourComment

      And that’s their mistake.
      Because of ads like this exist people, who still think Wii U is all about playing with the family and party games (wich is – on its own – no bad thing).
      The best advertisement would’ve been to just show something like the line-up trailers where we saw footage from (almost) all games that released in the launch-window..

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Why is it bad that Nintendo advertises it as a childrens toy? It clearly is.

        • Zombie Boy

          Only in the same way that all consoles are children’s toys.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            You could say that. But Nintendo focusing on the younger (wich is good) and family while the others focusing on teenagers and up to late twenties. After that I believe Nintendo is getting interesting for grown ups again. I am in my mid thirties and loves to play it with my kids. I like it even better now when Nintendo seems to have stop pretending it is something else than it is.

          • Zombie Boy

            Then we’re looking at this from two different perspectives.

            I own a PC which I use for the likes of Far Cry 3. I also own a Wii U which I bought for the likes of Monster Hunter Ultimate. Nintendo has exclusive games that come out on no other system.

            I class myself as a hardcore gamer. The thing is, from experience, I have found that I actually prefer playing games – the same games I can get for my PC – on my Wii U.

            I bought my Wii U on the strength of the games being released. But, in all honesty, if I had seen these adverts beforehand, they would have put me off.
            I can only assume that other hardcore gamers would feel the same way.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Well, its great that you enjoy your Nintendo as a hardcore gamer. I dont see how I could argue on that? Me myself was probably more hardcore before, but now is more casual enjoying mostly Virtual Console games and some Nintendoland/Mario with the kids. During my years I had an Spectrum, Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, 326, 386, 486, Pentium 1-3, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, PS1, PS2, Wii, Wii U, and different handhelds aswell as collecting Game&Watch games for many years. Still im called a PS-fanboy and the likes bwcause Iam critical to Nintendos stupid market strategy this generation. I think its good that they focusing on their right audience. You others will get your games too eventually, but the machine is just not buildt for you in first hand.

          • Zombie Boy

            Its odd then that, upon release of the Wii U, Nintendo stated that they “would be concentrating on the pro gamer”. Their words.

            Any console is what YOU make of it. I’m just worried that – for now – Nintendo are alienating themselves. That may (or may not) affect the type of people buying the console, and as a result, the types of games that are released in the future.

            Personally I don’t want another 5 years of children’s games. But maybe that’s just me.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Exactly! They said this and it was a stupid thing to say when they still wanted to keep their casual audience. It seems as they realized somewhere along the road that thay had to choose. And I think they chosed wisely this time. You will all get your stuff eventually, but now its about getting the sales back up again.

          • I don’t think it is wise to turn your back almost completely on the Hardcore/core gamer’s as that turns most people towards Sony/Microsoft. Yes it is very important to keep up family support but not put out an image that that is all you support and occasionally throw the hardcore gamer’s a game. By focusing on a being more family friendly with the Wii they cut out a large percent of hardcore gamers. Not that Family friendly is bad but when you push more for one then the other then there is a problem they have yet to find there balance where they can say ” Yes we are family friendly, but we also cater to the hardcore gamers as well”

          • baal2003

            First off any hardcore gamer watching nick toons or disney(which is where these ads will air) has bigger problems, than dealing with the fact that nintendo has always been for families. However just because a game can be played by children does not make it casual. Majora’s mask technically was a childs game but look at the content, The world is going to end in the game.

            Nintendo is for people that dont always want to have gritty death animation thrown at them, and it is time for people to relize it. I am thirty years old and no long have the time to pretend that some day nintendo will magically become “hardcore”. But I am an avid hardcore gamer that loves my nintendo exclusive.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Very good comment. Agree 100%

          • Adam Porter

            ok this is just a silly argument, ALL console have titles aimed at kids and families and casual gamers. to say that the wiiU has found it’s niche is nonsense. it’s a great hardcore system, monster hunter is at it’s best on the gamepad, and don’t try and tell me that super mario bros U is just for kids, after playing it for about 20 hrs i can say it’s really challenging.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I didnt say its just for kids. Grown ups can have fun with it too. But mainly it is as Super Mario-machine for children and families.

          • baal2003

            You say that as if it is a bad thing. You do realize that a family consist of a grown ass man, a grown women, children and teens. So aftually your point contradict s it self because being for families means it for everyone.
            I have more fun, genuine smile on my face fun, with wii and wii u than I have on my pc or ps3, cant get with xbox. Nintendo makes fun games, I dont have to sneak through bushes or listen to some riduculous dramitic ass story. In all honesty unless someone does something shooters are going to become stale. So Lets all stop acting like nintendo is for kids, its for everyone which is why the target the entire family.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Ehm… you should really read what im saying. I dont say its a bad thing at all…

          • Nobody

            It’s funny, because Zelda has been slipping insane amounts of stealth missions and dramatic stories since Wind Waker. Any developer can make a fun game, maybe you should actually try more games on the other consoles.

            The first Xbox for example has some really good games, enough to make me want to buy one. And Sony has always had a great variety of games since the PS1. And this is where we hit the issue of Nintendo, it’s mostly Mario, Zelda, and a few other titles often for kids. At least the other consoles have games that actually can interest an adult and still have great kid’s games.

            When the PS1 had good games like Silent Hill, but also had great kiddie games like Parappa while the N64 was mostly limited to Mario and Zelda, you knew which console was going to come out on top.

          • You miss Nintendo’s business model that has made them the most successful out of the big 3 gaming console devs(Sony Microsoft and Nintendo) and that’s we will do what we do best which is make our very popular game series, and you the 3rd party developers make the more hardcore games. Also Nintendo’s games are intended for everyone not just kids.

          • Adam Porter

            you say super mario is for kids but it’s not. i find the games i play the most now are ones which i can pick up and play for an hour and leave it again, so called “mature” titles are really just for teenagers, not many adults have the time for games like FinalFantasy or Monster Hunter, though that doesn’t mean thay aren’t great, what i’m getting at is that as an ADULT the game i tend to play MORE are the marios and such. the only game i will spend time at, staying up late making me tired for work are Zelda games.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Of course Mario is made for the childrens. Take a closer look at him. This is a cartoon style apealing for kids. I still like him, but that is because I liked him as a kid. I also like to see my children enjoying things that I enjoyed as a kid.

          • Well alot of things are made to appeal to children doesn’t mean it is meant for children lol. Conker appeals(would appeal to children) to children, you know he is a fuzzy cute squirrel cartoon but have you played Conkers Bad Fur Day?Hardly a childrens game or appropriate for kids to play. By your logic because something appeals to children it is intended for children which is not true in the slightest

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Well lol. Mario is made for children. Take a look at him. The only reason grownups likes him today is because the nostalgic appeal. Dont you think Nintendo knows this? Of course they do. Its just to take a look at the last ten years of Mario.

          • Mario is made for everyone not just children lol. And I have taken a look at him and he looks like a video game character. Again like I pointed out just because something “Looks” like it is intended for children does not mean it is solely meant for children or meant for children at all. As games get more violent thing’s like Mario seem much more friendly and for kids only and any adult who plays them are for nostalgic appeal, which is wrong, people play Mario games because it is a franchise people know is good and it is a part of gaming that repeatedly produces quality games for “Everyone” not just to appeal to children.

          • tronic307

            I’m not a kid, and your tone is condescending.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            oh, ok

          • The difference is, Nintendo is the only one who actively promotes it’s systems as a family kiddy machine while the other two promote theirs as serious machines, then has kiddy games available for it.

          • tronic307

            You like games for teens. Lolyeah, real mature…

          • Ace J

            no they dont, stop lieing

          • Lol. You call me a liar when you see the ads right at the top.

          • Ace J

            you are, how much do you get paid to spread these lies?

          • The truth is too strong for you huh?

          • Ace J

            nah truth is your a troll so its not that strong

          • I give you an upvote for that, people may comletely disagree with you for whatever reason, fanboism or whatever, but I watched the adds and all I can say is that with this comment you hit the nail on the head.

            It really does promote the system to kids and happy ever after families, the first adds where seriously bad, but these my gosh give me a bucket please I feel sick. The one thing they do right in these adds is cleary stating WiiU is a completely different consoles and not some add on tablet for the Wii, and that’s all it does right seriously. Other then that, these adds… Urgh bucket again pls.

          • Thanks, although I do disagree with you that they CLEARLY stated that the Wii U was a different system. They used the word ‘upgrade’ which is unclear. There is a reason many cereals advertise directly to children – they will go and ask their parents to buy it for them! Once that is done, then the parent becomes aware and more sales happen.

          • Firebro17

            Thats a load of crap. Have you seen the Kinect commercials and how heavily advertised that was? Sure Microsoft does both but they certantly do ads for the families with the Kinect

          • You ask the question and answer it. It was the Kinect, which was for families…

          • Adam Baker

            Your just being a smartass. You can’t dictate someone else’s response. Obviously his spiel didn’t end with that question he asked (rhetorically) so he continued to say what he wanted to say in response to you. Maturity is something you ought to practice.

          • The difference is Nintendo tries to break down the barriers Sony and Microsoft put up on there consoles by making it accessible to all forms of gamer’s not “Just” hardcore/core gamers. And that is where Nintendo does right looking at the whole gaming community not just the hardcore gamer’s.

          • All consoles are accessible to all types of gamers. You guys act like Nintendo is some miracle worker or something and does what the other don’t do. Nintendo is the only one who advertises directly to little kids almost exclusively, which is a problem.

          • Agent X

            They advertise to casual gamers* Why on earth would they waste money adveristing to the hardcore gaming community? They are already hardcore. Except you want them to make an advert about how there system is better than the others which WILL not be done

          • I hate when people ask me a question then suggest an answer.

          • Agent X

            Because you cant get it

          • Well if you want to get technical then yeah all consoles are accessible to all types of players. The thing is though Microsoft and Sony(Sony is not as bad) focus solely on one set group of gamer’s a large amount of the time which is the hardcore(core) gamer’s. Examples you say? Sony PS3 major system sellers: God of War, Resistance, Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted. See a majority of Sony’s releases or market is Hardcore/core gamer, Microsoft: Gears of War, Halo, perfect dark, Forza. Nintendo: Mario games, Starfox games, F-Zero, Pikman, Kirby, Smash bros., Zelda, Mario Kart,Metroid. Nintendo’s games are meant for EVERYONE not just a group unlike a majority of Sony and Microsoft’s games. Everyone can enjoy all of Nintendo’s games(except maybe F-Zero cause it can be hard as balls) which brings me back to my point that Nintendo tries to break down barriers. How? By focusing on making games that anyone can enjoy.

          • People buy what they want. When you buy a Nintendo system you kind of have no choice but to buy their games because they are usually the only decent games on the system. How about Nintendo focus on the hard-core gamer and still makes games that everyone can enjoy? Why do developers have to make games that everyone can enjoy in ONE game? This is why there are many titles so different people can choose what they like. Nintendo is played out.

          • While I didn’t play Gamecube enough(didn’t own one until older brother brought it home right before Wii’s launch) to say how much variety it had when it came to non-Nintendo/Hardcore games I did play/have played the Wii enough to know it has great non-Nintendo games/Hardcore games. Don’t believe me? Here is a list(not full of course) of all the Non-Nintendo/hardcore games: Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Red Steel (1) 2, Monster Hunter Tri, No More Heroes 1&2, Okami, Madworld, Zak & Wiki, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Sonic Colours, World of Goo, Epic Mickey, Conduit 1&2, De Blob 1(2), Black Ops 1, Mw3, Call of Duty 4 and the list goes on.

            See Nintendo aren’t the only ones that push out great games, all of the games I listed are developed/published by companies that are not Nintendo. Yeah there are more great games but these are the most popular/stand out the most.

            So yeah I do agree Nintendo should put a bit more effort in making Hardcore focused games, I don’t believe they have to in order to have good hardcore games on there consoles.

            And to your question as to why make games everyone can enjoy? Because it works! Why was Fable 2 so popular(aside from Fable 1) because it was made in a way that anyone could play it and have a good time (the hardcore gamers, casual, beginners all could/can play it and have a good time) as well as having a good story and awesome gameplay. Nintendo does that with there games and leaves the other companies to handle the hardcore games development.

          • I remember Red Steel and most of the other Wii games got horrible reviews.. Fable was boring. Then again, in the 3D age, I have not been as much into RPG’s as much when it was a 2D world. I thought that I would enjoy them more in a 3D world, but I don’t.

          • Yeah I know Red Steel 1 was pretty bad played that at a friends but Red Steel 2 was pretty good from what I played of it.

            Yeah I am more in to the 3d worlds mainly cause I grew up with Mario 64 and Banjo and Kazooie lol oh and lets not forget Donkey Kong 64 lol.

            I have always liked 2D games but have not really got in to playing them alot cause I don’t really know of any good series(aside from Mario and Sonic). Do you recommend any good 2D games?

          • In truth, the ones that were classics now look very dated and primitive, but: Contra(all), Forgotten Worlds, UN Squadron, Ghouls N Ghosts, Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Street Fight II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario World(yes), All Mario games, all Zelda games, all Final Fantasy games, Kid Icarus, RC Pro Am, Ikari Warriors, The Beast(personal favorite) and more than a few others that I can’t think of right now. Arcade titles would be the better options…

          • Agent X

            Serious Machines? Why? Is it because the other two companies have more matured games?. Console are for everyone, the games are not. The smarter games are made for the younger audience/everyone that really cares about gaming while the lesser ones are made for the so called “hardcore gamers”. Just for you to note blood/gore, FPSs, TPSs, Hack & Slash, Brawlers do not make a console a serious machine.

            Also the hardcore gaming community has been tapped out. What these companies need now is to find new ways of playing games that appeal to the casual audience….If they aint careful there will be no significant difference btw current gen and next gen….

          • I guess you don’t have a good idea of what hard-core games are supposed to be. You only think violence. How about games that tax the systems power and demonstrate it’s technology?

          • Agent X

            Because a game uses up system power or tech doesnt mean its hardcore…!! You really have no idea

          • Who said that was the case? New systems should be new for the industry not for one company that resells the same old shit. Nintendo is the only company who tries to get people to not believe in technology because they don’t have any. If that’s what I don’t have an idea about then I never will.

          • Agent X

            So you think. If the BIG N has been coming up with the same old shit then the other two giants haven’t come up with anything new in decades. At least Nintendo comes up with new ways to play ‘old shit’, Sony and Microsoft come up with NOTHING!! Their Kinect/Move controls were born from Nintendo wiimote idea. Now Sony/Microsoft couldn’t even announce their new consoles before Nintendo. All they do the “wait and see” approach Even Sony’s conference followed the same pattern Nintendo’s did at E3… “Show off the new controller”

          • Coming up with news ways to control the same old games is nothing new. The games remain the same regardless of controller. Nintendo’s controllers are marking ploys to make their systems appear new and different from the previous.

        • Elem187

          You suck at trolling.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Why is this trolling?

        • Guest
      • Elem187

        I’m sorry but families aren’t going to understand or even want a system that is showcasing MH3U, Xenoblade 2…. They don’t need to advertise to their fans, they need to advertise to people who don’t seek out video game news.
        It would be a complete waste of money advertising to their hardcore fanbase.

        • Ernesto Perez

          Personally, I believe that Nintendo should put some advertising on the more hardcore aspects of the Wii U ,at the very least, in order to further showcase the system as appealing to core gamers and not just to the family.

          Of course that doesn’t mean that Nintendo has to completely cut back on the “casual” advertising. I’d like to think of putting some kind of balance.

          I personally prefer to see both ads that are like the ones in this article ,and those that adopt PS3 or Xbox 360-like techniques in advertising (for lack of a better way to state it) being broadcasted.

          Of course that’s only my opinion.

        • Look at the Wii’s launch commercials http://youtu.be/mml7DOsBS_8


          Both commercials show that both the Core/Family friendly/ Hardcore/casual can be reached without compromising advertisment to any of the groups. Nintendo should feed in to all groups of gamers with commercials not just Soccer Moms and teeny-boppers.

        • Also remember the average gamer is 34 year old men. If you get some guys who have never played a video game on a serious level you want to be well rounded to attract them from going to Microsoft or Sony for there mature content. Also alot of younger gamers have grown up on Xbox or Playstation only and may not know what Nintendo offers and seeing a commercial that showcases Nintendo’s hardcore games has a larger chance of drawing them in.

        • mikel334u2

          Well, Nintendo has to get back the hardcore audience that they lost with the Wii somehow. Not every hardcore gamer is aware of every hardcore Nintendo title, and these commercials don’t help spread awareness of these titles.

      • Ernesto Perez

        I have similar sentiments.

    • tronic307

      I realized that as soon as I saw the video thumbnails.

    • Randall Hellmer

      The problem is this isn’t going to help.

      What they showed here is a family having fun, and that’s it. No emphasis on the features, or the graphics, completely focused on “fun.” It’s like a burger commercial that shows people smacking their lips and licking their fingers, and DOESN’T show the burger. There are a million and one ways for a family to have fun, and going “oh, look how much fun we’re having” isn’t going to sell that many people

      What it needs to do is show off the new features/games, and show a family having fun using them. What made the Wii so successful was that it was so easy to do that. It’s also what made the 3DS such a hard sell before the price fell, because the 3D, the only real selling point, was hard to show off.

      And they’ve done the same thing here. They are just saying “we can’t show you why this is fun, but trust us, it is.”

      • thedeciderU

        yeah, totally agree. and, also like you said, where were showing off the features and the games? the main reason people would want to upgrade is due to a decent game library. i know many of their huge games aren’t out yet, but there are plenty of games that (especially) previous Nintendo owners should be excited about.

        • Randall Hellmer

          Precisely. I mean, it’s good to see SOME advertising for the thing, but with the way they’re going about it they might as well throw their money away.

    • mikel334u2

      Yea, but when they say “We’re all kids again, playing video games” in the 2nd commercial, it almost blew my head off. I know it’s just for the casual market, but it’s saying that Wii U is for kids, and that mostly only kids play video games (which we all know isn’t true).

  • Super Buu

    Why does it always have to be a family? You know can always show a group of good friends enjoying themselves or a lone person playing single player. Just give up the casual market already. We don’t care about the damn families, we care about the console itself and the games, one of the reasons I thought the first American Wii U was complete garbage and why the UK ad was far better.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Why is it bad that Nintendo covers a spot the others does not? You had fun with Nintendo as a child, now you can give it to your own children so they can have fun.

      • Super Buu

        Nintendo is for everyone and this is not the message I am getting from these ads. It is also for hardcore gamers, friends (still fascinates me how this wasn’t showed) and everyone from all ages. I wouldn’t mind one ad being focused on family but three is overkill.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Because its not for the hardcore gamers firstly. It is for children (as it always has) and family.

          • Nintenjoe82

            Agree with you that Nintendo is a family console and they definitely make a conscious effort to get ‘casual gamers’ first but there’s no such thing as hardcore gamers except those people that die after playing for100hrs straight. There’s almost no denying that Nintendo are the casual gamers console of choice. Nintendo get criticised for having ‘No new IP’ but the fact is that they spent almost a whole generation making new IP. It was all for ‘casual gamers’. They gave us their usual staple franchises for proper gamer’s games but their best teams were also making the Wii Series and other teams were making stuff like Endless Ocean.

            ‘Hardcore gamer’ is an expression that the games industry like to throw around to validate the kids who spend too much money on games in the same way as they use casual gamer to encourage people, who don’t want to be labelled as gamers, to buy more games. Xbox and PS3’s top selling games are almost all casual games which have huge marketing budgets so that casual gamers can find out about them. If Nintendo had made the Wii on a par or close enough to the 360 this debate would not even exist because the casual gamers would have bought Wiis for Wii Sports and the console wouldnt have missed out on every single major (non Nintendo) franchise for a generation.

      • The others don’t do that and still win. You can still pass on the fun to your child. Nintendo is lost.

        • david jarman

          Nintendo is a house hold name the others aren’t. Microsoft is trying to achieve that goal.

          • You guys continue in your delusions! Nintendo USED to be a household name – back in the 80’s! You can bet that Playstation and Xbox are household names. If you think otherwise, then you are a big reason why Nintendo’s backwards thinking has doomed them. You guys cannot relate to the here and now, you only talk about what once was as if time stood still.

          • david jarman

            Nope, still is. Everybody knows who nintendo is even non gamers. There are a lot of non-gamers who don’t know what or who an Xbox/ps3 is and that my friend is fact, because those companies only cater to the mainstream gamers and that is why they are making these changes especially Xbox so that it does become household item.
            Nintendo sells a lot of merchandise other then consoles and video games.

          • Absolute BS.

          • david jarman

            Nope. Go to New York City or a place with huge crowds and gatherings. I’ll bet you will find more people wearing nintendo gear then you would of any other gaming brand. I always get compliments on my shirts from non gaming people that know and love mario. No matter how much you want to yell bs you will NEVER change that fact.

          • tronic307

            Nintendo is the only game company that realized that the hard core bubble has burst. Why make consoles as advanced as possible when that only hastens their obsolescence? Consoles are becoming a niche, and only Nintendo has the content to weather that storm.

            The rest are generic and utterly replaceable.

          • I guess you must have been in a tomb in the last almost ten years – the same amount of time the 360 has been out! Seems as if making it advanced paid off which made it last a while. Now how about that Wii?

          • tronic307

            Speaking of tombs, lets talk about Tomb Raider. The president of Square-Enix just resigned because the game sold ONLY 3.6 million copies, when it needed to sell 6M to make a profit! I believe the game is number 2 on the charts right now, and somehow that’s not good enough.

            The Wii was a proper response, a big middle finger to the ‘macho game console’ business model. Nintendo refused to let Sony and Microsoft draw them into the anticompetitive, loss leading market-share-over-profit strategy that only $50 billion plus tech giants can afford. The Wii didn’t bankrupt studios with $100 million game budgets, and I’d say six years was a decent run for a purposely staggered generation. The Wii made Nintendo half a century’s fortune, while Sony and Microsoft’s game divisions just began making positive cash flow after they shrank their consoles, yet not nearly enough money to ever justify their presence in this particular industry.

            Sony and Microsoft have artificially set the cost of admission so high that only $100 billion plus companies can afford to sustain what they’re doing. They are practically begging even bigger companies like Apple and Google to take the market from them, and that’s happening NOW. Look at how Windows 8 is heavily influenced by the cellphone interface, the same will likely be true of Durango’s dashboard; Microsoft now wants to BE Apple.

            Sony and Microsoft’s new platforms will be great for us niche gamers, but won’t begin to turn a profit again until 2017! Can you foresee the coming apocalypse of the video game industry as we know it, or are you that blind?

            So called ‘advanced’ game consoles rival the size of a PC. Everything big is on its way out, just like the VCR. These console wars between fans are moot: If one guy said “VHS!” and the other said “Beta!”, would either be right in 2013? If you say compactness and simplicity aren’t make-or-break factors, why did the automobile kill the horse-drawn carriage? Why did television kill the cinema? Why did LCD kill CRT? Why did consoles kill arcades? Why are cellphones killing consoles?

            Why then, did 1.7 BILLION people download Angry Birds???

          • Whoever thought that Tomb Raider would be big was a fool. To me, it did better than I thought it would. Regardless, I am not concerned about who makes a profit, that is for shareholders to worry about. Publishers do not have to pour so much money into their games and they can still look good. The 360 and PS3 have no shortages of games so budgets did not stop those publishers. No one wanted to make games for the Wii/Wii U because those systems can’t do anything for the art. Nintendo being cheap, which is their old business model, does not work these days.

          • tronic307

            Higher spec consoles may draw the third parties, but the budgets for these games are so high that one flop could destroy the developer or the publisher. This has happened numerous times during the past generation and it increases every year. Why does this happen much more often to PS360 developers?
            The point is: If you have to burn money to cut it in this biz you automatically hand it over to the likes of Apple and Google, and they ain’t gonna be doing that console thing; it’ll be mobile and cloud gaming.

  • Cesar Barroso

    why to spend money advertising to gamers that already know the system is out? i dont see any reason to hate this ads, but again people like to complain about everything!

  • fireheartis1

    Nintendo the family company. It’s for Dads, Moms, Brothers, and Sisters. The company you go to for family fun, games for the children, and games for the mature adult. Nintendo the company who cares. Why choose the Wii U because it has gaming fun for everyone.

  • I cringed my teeth when that little kid said it’s the bestest that has ever come out in the whole entire world his like 8 he doesn’t know his played what 1 console??? LOL these ads suck I thought wii u was ment to be more mature but they go back to the same crap?

    • I cringed when the father in teh first one said I may just give up all my systems for this. No sir, you indeed do not want to do that.

      • jay

        I see you trollin’……

      • Yeah I bought wii u for Mario and Zelda of course but I don’t want them to always be about kids and have silly party games on the side I want real titles GOOD RPGS!!

  • Captain~Raid

    Wish the Wii U ads were more like the GameCube ones

  • I don’t find this bad, I actually enjoyed these commercials! Well… The 2nd one was annoying…

  • edge

    On the positive side, there’s advertising! On the negative side, it doesn’t show a lot of actual game footage, and what IS there is Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros. I would rather see sizzle reel for new, upcoming, third party games rather than footage from stuff that’s been out for months. As for targeting families and the casual crowd, again, the positive here is that they are actually targeting someone rather than the meaningless, vague term of “everyone”. The bad thing is, didn’t we all agree that it was this casual market that bought lots of the hardware, but very little of the software when it comes to the original Wii?

  • Adam Porter

    could someone explain to me how the advertising division of nintendo america are still in a job.

    • jay

      Adam I know how bad you wanna see geeks bashing a zombies head in with M-rated bloodz splattering all ovathaplace!

      But not everyone wants to see that crap. If you don’t like this commercial maybe you should switch the channel from Spongebob to the more “mature” Jersey Shore.

      • Adam Porter

        i don’t think you get what i mean, they didn’t show the games, i don’t think they even showed the console itself. they spent more time worrying about WHO they were putting in the commercials than WHAT they were supposed to be advertising. instead of having a bunch of people come and get paid to say they are having a great experience nintendo should focus on showing us that great experience. i have a wiiU i love it, it’s great for mario and is equally as good for hardcore games like monster hunter. the fact just is that the ads are poo

  • MrBuney

    Isnt the “U” in Wii U supposed to show how the new system is more for single player games? Yet they choose to advertize these family scenarios from “actual Wii U owners, not actors” lol oh yea look out wallet, I got a purchase to make :/

    • jay

      The Wii U supports up to 5 players


      • MrBuney

        Thx for the info, me and my 4 friends/family will hav so much fun :/

  • val berger

    those ads are a mirror of how little plan Nintendo actually has about their target group. Goddammit Nintendo, get it together, you got a great system, why can’t you just get it rolling like it deserves? Everybody should totally downvote that crap, it’s the best way of showing Nintendo that they are just walking on the wrong path with this stuff.

  • Saul Rivera

    They make it sound as if you can upgrade you’re existing Wii…instead of making it sound more like a whole new system…those already confused will surely get the wrong idea =_=

  • Art C.

    My guess is these are just the first of several ads being rolled out. The others will likely be geared toward twenty and thirtysomethings and run on shows like SNL, The Daily Show and Jimmy Fallon. Those of you with any knowledge of advertising know that companies almost always have different commercials for different demographics/markets. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, really.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      True but these ads even fail to sell Wii U to the casual market, yes they’ve shown families playing and talking together but that’s all it was; talking! if they wanted to get casuals into Wii U they should have shown more of Nintendoland and Wii Fit U. if they’d have made an ad for casuals that’s fine but as long is it does its job – this doesn’t. And if anything we needed an ad that would sell it to those who prefer single player games – for example show BO2, AC3, Deus Ex, Resi Revelations, Trine 2, Watch Dogs, you know all those big titles Wii U has. These ads didn’t even explicitly say that Wii U is a new system, not an add-on, all it was some kids saying “we like family games…” UTTER CRAP!!!!

  • Tecpedz94

    The reason why its so cheesy is simply because they are trying to demonstrated that the Wii is old and the Wii U is the new thing trying to make people understand that the gamepad is not an accessory lol

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Good first start, but they need to show how the Wii U can be fun in single-player scenarios and for an older age group. They need to have ads showcasing third party games like ZombiU and MH3U so they can make the console appeal to everyone. These just continue the “kiddie” image and don’t really showcase much that the original Wii can’t do (except the Gamepad).

  • Mbrown358

    The ads are a bit off but its not like we can’t understand what they are trying to do. It’s quite simple tbh! They are grabbing up as many consumers as possible. Hardcore gamers either 1.) Already have 1 or 2.) Already know if they will get one or not. The hardcore gamer is current on all games out and upcoming, system strengths and weaknesses, and most track console and game news and sales. Why advertise the Wii U to us? We already know everything about it? I own a Wii U and I will get the PS4 and the 720. I don’t really care what the ads portray because I already know. So far, minus the lack of games, the Wii U is far more impressive to me than any console I’ve owned (and I own them all). My PS3 and Wii were by FAR my most played consoles this past generation. Im 31 with 3 kids. I have enjoyed the Wii U and I see what is possible. The ads wouldn’t have put me off as hardcore. People call the 360 hardcore and I don’t. PC is hardcore. Xbox live has more kids on it than and game console ive EVER PLAYED. These ads are what they needed to be. Sony and Microsoft will sell whatever, Nintendo will sell whatever. I’ll play and enjoy them all.

  • Michael

    Advertising for the hardcore gamers will come later, that’s not the hard part, getting the casual market again will be a challenge.

    E3 is basically one big advertisement for hardcore gamers, only nerds like us watch that kinda stuff, so all the hype that E3 builds will not bleed much into the casual market, making these kinda ads important.

    Plus we were all kids once who played video games, why all the hate? And whether MS or Sony show it or not, little kids definitely play their systems too. There’s no such thing as a “grown up only” game console.

    • jay

      Why advertise to the hardcore? They’re the ones who left Nintendo in the first place. They also get their share of ads in gaming blogs and E3 like you said.

      The casuals actually have better things to do than to troll gamers etc. They actually have a life and advertising to them is a little trickier.

  • DVE

    These are really good for they are targeting there casual audience who still thinks the Wiiu is an add on to the Wii xD. These remind me of car commercials when they get to test ride them etc….

  • Horrible ads and BORING too! They seem like infomercials – during the boring parts! They failed to get to the point and were vague once again. Having it features families was not smart either. I thought it was for the hard-core? Man, how come I don’t have a job handling marketing? If these companies would stop hooking people up and hire an outsider (like me) with the plan, I would know how to set it straight!

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I feel the same way, why does Nintendo’s advertising teams keep making crappy commercials which are all talking no info, no games, no good stuff!? I get the need to sell the system to casual gamers as well as hardcore gamers but this can’t even get that right – if they wanted to get casuals into Wii U they should have shown more of Nintendoland and Wii Fit U. These ads didn’t even say Wii U is a new system not an add-on all it was was families saying “we like Wii U and family games” and that makes the system lose credibility when people are saying where’s the hardcore games? I’m not being anti-Nintendo, I know these hardcore games are there but Nintendo isn’t publicizing them? all they need to do is show an ad saying what Wii U is, its features and it’s variety of games (show Wii fit U, Nintendoland, Trine 2, CoD, AC, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Resi, Mario Bros etc) Showing those games and what’s good about the system would sell it to casuals as well hardcore gamers and everyone in between who as yet don’t feel the need to buy a Wii U.

    • jay

      Okay lets stop advertising to EVERYONE!! And target the 14-24 year old who is obsessed with M-Rated content!!

      Yeah lets push aside 1 Billion people for 100,000!!!


  • david jarman

    Is everybody that plays video games on this website anti-family?
    Like some people stated before, hardcore gamers are well aware of the consoles and games.
    I love the fact that nintendo is family oriented and not just single serving.
    I’m tired of seeing nothing but sex and violence in everything we do and watch.
    It’s no wonder why society is in a downward spiral. We look at families having fun and instead of embracing the idea of how wholesome it is we instead bash it cause we’re ashamed that society and what it is now, will make fun of us.

    However, I do agree it would have been nice a sizzle reel at the end of each clip.

    • jay

      Ignore them they’re called “H@rdC0R3” gamers. They hate kids and families. They think Nintendo makes “Kids Counsels” and they measure their masculinity by some thing called a gamerscore. I guess the more hours you waste on XBL the bigger your penis.

      They also live in grannies basement and are terrified by the female species.

      They’re the reason memes like the one below appear on non-gaming websites and they’re the ones that will thumb me down 😀

  • Derty

    I’d hav to say that the Vanorsby and the Haskins family ads r the best. The 3rd with just the dad and son is pretty mediocre and lame haha. The other 2 show off how fun and family oriented the system can be 🙂

  • Cerus98

    I knew before I clicked the article that this would be a trolls paradise for knowledgeiswhathelacks but wow, I’m actually surprised how bad he’s trolling and spamming posts every other minute.

    Facts: Hardcore, pro, elite or whatever you want to call yourself because you play COD is a term made up by gamers. It has many different definitions. The most common and basic? Someone who plays video games several hours a day several times a week.

    The so called “hardcore” are already well aware of the Wii U and will buy one or not buy one whether Nintendo advertises or not. Do all you owners who enjoy your Wii U now want to give it away after seeing some family targeted ads? Thought not.

    Family’s and young children deserve a family friendly console that fits the budget since they vastly outnumber you “hardcore, elite, professional, basement gamers” because they are the ones that make console manufactures money. Nintendo is a business and business want to make money and money they have made.

  • Nintendofreak

    nothing against the ad itself but the actors come on they are more fake than a agumon in a pokemon game

    • Saikou Braza nii-san

      cant really say the Vanorbys version was fake. I think the got called in because of their “no you didnt” video on youtube a few months back

  • to everyone saying the commercials are too casual, all the hardercore people who frequent video game sites KNOW what a Wii U is. Nintendo is trying to reach the casual public who doesnt even know what the system is, and they’re trying to make it apparent that its not just an add on for the wii, it’s its own thing

    • jay

      Finally first intelligent post I’ve read here!!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        None of your posts are intelligent. How canyou judge others intelligence when you clearly lack intelligence you self?

      • thanks 😀

  • Saikou Braza nii-san

    I like the Vanorsby version the best cause they talk about how they grown ups (him & his wife) play it and how the wii u has something for everybody. All the other ads just seemed targeted towards kids

    • jay

      I agree it did make the most sense. And I like how the dads like “Nintendo’s different! Nintendo’s different!!” lol

  • $41809923

    just wait at e3 things are going to change soon heard some things that 3 new ip games are coming to the wii u hope you like war games thats what i heard

  • Ducked

    These ad’s are terrible. I’m extremely glad that Nintendo is finally advertising, but these ad’s are way to casual. There not gonna get a single hardcore gamer with these advertisements.

  • Mjbreese

    Nintendo needs to actually release some must have games. Consumers will realize exactly what the Wii U is when not owning one means them missing out on must have games.

  • GariNGB

    Ill be totally honest and say those adverts are really bad and that Nintendo really need to target the more hardcore audience, but at the same time, the Wii U is a fantastic machine and will only get better over time. Its barely been out 5 minutes yet and there are people that still dont give it a chance. There are some fantastic titles coming for the Wii U and with E3 around the corner, I expect some mind blowing announcements then as well. Fair enough, if its struggling in a 18-24 months from now, then people have a right to vent their frustrations but come on, this is such a new machine and new machines need time. Look at the PS3 for example when that launched!

  • hikkerd

    I don’t like they say ‘have UPGRADED’ because people will still think it is an add on for the wii.

  • discuss

    These adds want to make me sell my Wii U. So Nintendo is your message that the Wii U is only for little kids? I feel embarrassed owning a Wii U when I look at this.

    • Cerus98

      So you want to sell a console you like because they made some commercials targeting the biggest demographic audience? Your embarrassment tells me one thing….you’re a kid who sees consoles as a status symbol that exists to make you look “cool.”

      • discuss

        If I wanted to look cool I wouldn’t have bought a console. However they completely alienate anyone over 10 years old with these advertisements. Take your “I’m getting bullied” frustrations somewhere else kid.

        • Cerus98

          So you want them to run ads targeted at just whom? 20 year olds? That’s alienating as you put it. These ads target young kids with working 30 something parents. The largest demographic. Pretty sure you’re in that age range of 9-37. I’m in the targeted demographic FYI. Married, mid 30s with kids.

          If you’re embarrassed because they want kids through adults to buy their console then you have other major issues that no one here is qualified to address.

          • discuss

            The largest demographic based on what statistics? It’s not that if you target young kids and parents with young kids you automatically target anything between that … obviously.
            There is also something besides white and black. It’s called grey. If that last comment is to hard to understand don’t even botter replying.

          • Cerus98

            The US census and a dozen other groups that track the population. If you want a 30 minute ad targeting every demographic, age group, personality etc then I suggest you submit your resume to Nintendos marketing group.

          • discuss

            I’m sorry but that isn’t grey either. Nice try though.

  • Man, I don’t know. Nintendo’s angle when they revealed the system in 2011 was that it would appeal to 3rd party developers and win over midcore gamers who go to Playstation and Xbox for their third party titles. Now it seems like they ditched that plan and fell back on the family friendly angle once again.

    Here’s the thing though. Nintendo’s biggest fans aren’t kids and families, they’re people like me. Adults who grew up with Nintendo and have enough experience in gaming to know they make some of the best games in the world. The people who are overly concerned with how adult-themed their games are actually teens and preteens who want to prove their maturity and independence. Actual adults don’t need that kind of reassurance from a video game, of all things. If you don’t believe me, play an online FPS and count the number of times you hear a prepubescent voice.

    If Nintendo would stop deliberately making their systems look like children’s toys, they’ll win over children. Reverse psychology. Kind of seems like a no-brainer. They should make ads like they did for Super Metroid and Ocarina of Time, that appeal to children instead of patronizing them.

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    They don’t need to inform the “hardcore” people because they already know about the Wii U. The commercials are for the casuals who are supposedly confused about the difference between Wii U and Wii. I don’t care about the commercials because they’re not targeting me. If I wanted to know anything about the Wii U and non family friendly games I’d look online at sites such as this one which regular folk may not know about.

  • SoulSilverZero

    Notice that one of the family names is “Wright”


  • The hell did I just watch!? These are worst then the commercials used for the launch. I get it, they want to appeal to families, but this is just ridiculous. Somewhere in time Nintendo went all Disney on us.

  • sdmac200600

    they could have done better but its way better than the first wii u commercial in the states

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Nintendo should have a commercial like a boss hit-man or bo2 replacer style. First it should start off by saying the wiiu game pad is not an accessory its a console.

  • Benji Lauzon

    To all the people who are saying ” These commercials are not directed to gamers, but to the masses who have no clue what wii U is”, yea, that is probably true but the thing is…… THESE commercials suck even if they are directed to the masses. Not only in the commercials you have these small prints saying that the families were compensated to participate but they also BARELY show you what wiiU is. They don’t show anything other than the gamepad (which they barely even show the use of).

  • Gabe Hoffman

    My my so many trolls on this page? I don’t think the commercials are half bad. For freaking sake, these ads are meant for the casuals since they are usually the uninformed ones.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      WiiUDaily definition of a troll = people who disagrees with your opinion and are unwilling to lick the asses to some japaneeses who doesnt do their job.

  • Alex

    Why there’s so many dislikes on YouTube?

  • it’s not “Wii would like to play” but it’s a start

  • Super Metroid commercial= Great. Ocarina of Time commercial= Excellent. New Wii U commercials= Extremely Lame. If Nintendo wants to win over gamers they need to take a lesson from the past. They’ve pandered to the casual market enough. Now win the gamers over. I won’t quibble over what constitutes a “hardcore” gamer and what doesn’t, but Nintendo’s games are both fun and challenging. They’re everything a video game needs to be. Put more emphasis on the challenge, and they may yet win over the “hardcore” crowd.

    The Super Metroid and Ocarina of Time commercials do just that. They were almost a little insulting and I think that’s a good thing. It shocks people into reality.

    It’s like this. You can play your military style FPS and think you’re cool because of the rivers of blood, but the fact remains most modern games hold your hand and tell you exactly where to go and what to do. Even Nintendo’s new games are full of challenges where you rely purely on skill and strategy. From Software (Demon Souls/Dark Souls) seems to have the same philosophy. Imagine if they joined forces!

  • JJJ

    as much as i love nintendo and the wii u. These commercials are terrible! Dx what happened to the hardcore gamers. only people getting wii u now is little kids!! anyway cant wait for the wii u update!!! 😀

  • “Or whilst thou suck?”

    I mean, what happened to this kind of advertising? Talking smack and taking up a challenge is what video games used to be all about, and Nintendo pretty much redefined that aspect of gaming.

    It’s like these ads don’t understand children. Kids aren’t trying to play video games cuddled on the couch with their moms, and they don’t want to be seen as weak people who can only handle cutesy shit. Give them something a little edgy for christ’s sakes so they feel empowered for once. It doesn’t have to be graphic or M-rated, just throw a “Whilst thou suck?” at them once in a while to remind them they’re still human. Try to remember what it’s like to be a kid.

    • Cerus98

      You realize that Internet gaming on consoles is a relatively new thing right? You post sounds like its coming from someone who’s first console was a PS3 or 360. There were over a half dozen non Internet/voice chat gaming consoles looong before that.

      • And you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, son. My first console was an Atari 2600. Also, you’re responding to the wrong damn post. I didn’t mention anything about internet gaming in this one.

        And internet gaming on consoles is hardly what I’d call new. In 1994 there was the Sega Channel and there were many other early iterations of online gaming between Sega Channel and the Dreamcast. Xbox Live kicked the industry into gear in 2002, over ten years ago.

        I don’t really see how your comment is relevant at all.

      • Also, there was more than a “half dozen non internet/voice chat consoles looooooong before that”. A half dozen is 6. Are you telling me there’s only been about 6 non internet consoles? You couldn’t be more wrong.

        • Cerus98

          Read the “more than” part again bub.

          • That still implies it’s under a dozen. You’re still wrong, sonny..

          • Cerus98

            There’s nothing to be wrong about. A half dozen is six and more than a half dozen is another way of saying more than six. If you want to infer a cap on the upper limit that’s your problem not mine. The sentence means there was a number more than 6. Any number higher is truth.

            But on that note, while there may have been several consoles that launched and subsequently never caught on (AKA flopped) there was only about 8 consoles before the Wii/360/PS3 era that mattered. Atari, NES, SNES, N64, GC, PS1/2 and Xbox. Maybe the original Sega but we all know what happened to their console business.

            Your infered implications from someone else’s statement who knows what they meant is your issue, not theirs.

          • Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Turbo Graphix, Neo Geo, Atari Jaguar, or any of the plethora of other game consoles during the Atari era. You say over half a dozen, which can mean anything from 6 to infinity, huh? I wonder why you didn’t just say more than a dozen? Probably because you’re back-peddling and really meant only around 6 or 7. Now stop rationalizing. The other consoles matter.

            You didn’t even mention the Genesis, but you mention Sega’s “original” console. The Master System? Are you kidding me? Don’t give me that bullshit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sega_Genesis#Legacy_and_revival

            You’re the one who sounds like your first console was the PS3 or Xbox, as you seem to know nothing about consoles or their history. You didn’t even know the name of the “original Sega system”. You dismiss Sega entirely because they’re not in the console business currently, even though they were successful console manufacturers for years.

          • Cerus98

            Why am I even arguing with a troll over what I said and meant? Get a life. But for information purposes I have owned and still currently own: Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, Wii U, PS1,2,3, Xbox/360, Gameboy/advance/color, every DS and 3DS model and the PSP.

            Anything pre-NES really doesn’t matter since the market crash and Nintendos subsequent revival of the home console. I wonder why you don’t mention the first console ever that started it all – think its Atari don’t ya? You only mention consoles that 99% of gamers know of, weak.

          • “You only mention consoles that 99% of gamers know of, weak. ”

            As did you, only you also neglected to mention consoles 99 percent of gamers know of. Even weaker.

            I don’t want a pissing contest over who’s the biggest console fanboy. I couldn’t care less. But don’t go making assumptions about me based on a comment I posted, then cry about it when I do the same to you. Don’t forget, you initially assumed my first console was a ps3 or 360 because I merely mentioned online gaming. I never said jack shit to you prior to that. You’re the troll here. And quite a pathetic one at that. So again, get bent.

          • “Anything pre-NES really doesn’t matter”

            What about the post NES era consoles that I mentioned and you neglected? Jesus, do you always rationalize so damn much?

          • Oh bull. You didn’t even mention the Genesis or any of Sega’s consoles except “Sega’s original console”, which was the Master System, and is no where near as relevant as the Genesis. You don’t get to cherry pick which consoles “mattered” and neglect to give credit to an entire company that successfully manufactured consoles for years.

            Also, internet gaming on consoles is not a relatively new thing. It’s been around since before the Dreamcast (another important console you neglect to mention).

            I’m sorry that I thought your use of the term “half dozen” implied you meant there was only about 6 consoles before internet gaming.Don’t you think it’s kind of arbrtrary to use “half a dozen” as a jumping-off point if you didn’t really mean a number around half a dozen? Especially since you then try to make the case for only about 8 consoles which you believe are the only ones that mattered.

            It sounds like you’re the one who doesn’t know much about consoles prior to the current generation. You even dismiss Sega because they aren’t making consoles currently. Don’t be a smart ass and try to school someone who’s been playing consoles since the Atari 2600 just because I briefly mentioned something current. Get bent.

      • Internet gaming on consoles is NOT relatively new. Look up The Sega Channel. It didn’t catch on but it was in 1994. The Dreamcast had online play in 2000, and Xbox Live went up in 2002, over 10 years ago. Hardly new. However I suspect you’ll cherry-pick and rationalize that those early iterations don’t matter and aren’t relevant.

  • Jake

    Just him and his kid… how sad.

  • Ismael Ototo

    -_____- THIS is why Nintendo is failing. Yeah, yeah, the Wii U is a perfect console for the family to enjoy and spend time together, but if you really want the Wii U to succes, you gotta show its power! I wanted to see espectacular, dramatic advertising, showing the Wii U as a hardcore machine, with improved graphic power and infinite possibilities. I hate to say this, but, Nintendo, take some ideas from Sony.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Will all of you shut up about the ads already? At least its better than that dubstep box nonsense. You fail to understand that Nintendo’s main goal with advertising at the moment is to educate the masses and the casuals that this is a new system and not a freaking Wii add on. Advertising to core is not as important because unlike casuals, Core gamers know the Wii U actually exists and frequently read gaming news sites and message boards. And you forget that families still make up a significant portion of Nintendo’s market I think this ad is a step in the right direction for clearing up confusing and you complain how they are not doing more gamer oriented ads. You people make me sick

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Well at least they’re finally starting to tell the public that it’s not just an add-on
    now we just need some original ideas for commercials and we’re golden

  • wiiucompl

    Nintendo should make a family ad during the day with Mario, Pikmin, Nintendo Land games , evening ads with Call of Duty, Monster Hunter and ZombiU. It is not difficult to be diverse.

    Nintendo Wii U console is the best family (for kids and parents) hardware – during the day: light games, evening and night parents play shooters or party with JustDance…

  • Nintendo is sucking at advertising wiiu… I remember when the wii came out, it was a bunch of videos on youtube, everyone commenting about it.. the truth is that wiiu actually was born dead!

  • scarlet

    Just saw the new add as a pre-video youtube ad!!!

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Those all seemed so awkward. Hahahaha. But I like the one guy was like “I might give up my other consoles for this”. Nice little wink wink nudge kick to the shin and pushing to the side at Sony and Microsoft.