Sep 21st, 2012

Tank Tank Tank is an exclusive Wii U arcade shooter from Namco Bandai, and believe it or not, the game was originally released in the Japanese arcades back in 2009. Its history can be traced back further, all the way back to another arcade game called Tokyo Wars, which was also released in the Japanese arcades in 1995.

Tank Tank Tank is built around tanks (surprise, surprise!), where players team up in various types of tanks and fight an invading force. The new screenshots show some of the levels, the types of tanks players can use, and some of the enemies. Including a giant, golden dragon-looking thing. Tank Tank Tank will be released during the “launch window”, likely later this year.

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  • Neonridr

    meh, looks like it could be a fun party game, but not my cup of tea so I think I will pass.


      Exactly it doesnt showcase the wii us actual strenght its like a gamecube game. The only launch game that was impessive was batman it looked exactly like and xbox graphics calibur almost ps3 but it had some jaggy blurry spots

      • ECM

        I can’t believe the comments! Everyone is lamenting that the game doesn’t showcase the U graphically while neglecting a pretty important question: IS IT FUN? (It is.)

        So, if this is going to be the norm, at least I know now that Nintendo fans have fully transitioned into the graphics whores that PS360 fans have been for 7 years now. Wonderful.

        (That or they always were and downplayed it because the Wii didn’t have the muscle in that dept…how sad.)

        • LUCIFER

          Lol i see what you did there

        • goginho

          Spot on bro, my thoughts exactly. If the game is fun and has “bad” graphics, I’m prolly gonna play it. If the game has amazing, stunning or w.e great graphics, but in turn does not provide said amazing and stunning gameplay experiences, then I am most likely not going to play it. Kids are just spoiled these days.

          ..and Lucifer, dude, I’m sorry for you bro but get some therapy man. I find it pretty pathetic how you find the time to come on this site just to write some lame dumbass comments on basically every article.

      • 16der

        Even though this game does not showcase the FULL power of the Wii U, It at least looks better than a Wii game… Not to be rude, this game has details in it that the Gamecube, or the Wii cannot process, like the mind blowing explosions, and huge citites. This game is not life like, but it does not have to be, for a game like this, it’s quite impressive, and looks really fun to play. So don’t knock it till you try it.

    • Master Awesomeness

      Shovel ware.

      • XENAJA


        • The Aquacharger

          It does. The official Nintendo page and trailer confirm it.

    • Jetty

      This is definitely a rent.

  • Nintedward.

    So , you mean to say I can have my face or the face of someone I hate on a huge mech beast ??? SOLD!!!

    Is your tanky ready for this ?

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      My tank is ready

      • Nintenlord

        Yea lets shot those sony drones ….i mean huge monsters

        • LogicalDude

          I shall ready my Patcher face for combat.

    • Kyron

      I hope its playable online. So I can blow your tank up!

      • Nintedward.

        indeed sir , do you have a 3DS friend code ??

  • Lazara The Last

    I’m not getting this, but it looks awesome thought

  • td,y,i,.

    Looks like a fun party game.

  • Benjamin

    There are TANKS in this game!! Who knew?! Namco know what they’re doing… this game will be good.


    The game doesnt look that impressive to me! Imo this gams is the worst game to showcase the wii u strength becuase it looks like a gamecube game and for 60 bucks thats to expensive. Nintendos should befocus on graphics since they want the hardcore market. To me this is like saying theyre not intrested or are focusing on casual again. Xbox whenit came out had a strong launch which games focused on what the hardware intent was .

    • relo999

      Its 30 euros here and this has nothing to do with Nintendo not being focused on graphics, because they don’t make this game Namco does. Also I does showcases the functionality gameplay wise (Playing against friends as a giant robot).

      Graphics are overrated in any perspective, a good looking game get your attention and gameplay keeps you there, not graphics if thats the case you should go watch movies.

  • Br

    Looks lame, like too lame to enjoy whats probably a fun game. I presume this will be no more than 4euro on the eshop. I think nintendo should have a certain standard of visual quality, not a michael bay film or anything but at least have decent texture filtering on the ground or more than 10 polygons for the tank

  • brownfinger

    the graphics dont look that good

  • Alienfish

    This game just doesn’t excite me as a full retail release. Not worth $60. Now as a downloadable title for something more reasonable, like, say, $15 would be way more compelling imo.

  • King of Red LIons


  • Nintenjoe64

    50 shades of meh

    How do I put an avatar up?

    • Nintedward. – apply your name and email what you set up on gravitar to the name and email box when making a comment on this site and many others , and your avatar will pop up .

      • Jetty


      • SteampunkJedi


        • NegativeNone


      • docthespot


  • Morele

    psx’s graphic, lol… hope it will be fun


    Nintendo needs to stop showcasing games with weak graphics. I thought the wii u was targeting hardcore gamers. $60 is alot of money to buy what appears like a gamecube game with mediocre gameplay. I hqve no problem with the wii u borrowing ports from others but they should force developers to step up their game. Look at sony they make sure that developers focus on graphics and cotent and thats wby they get the best gams showcasing the systems power. Microsoft has different goals which their goal is like nintendo which is to provide content to both casual and the hardcore market. My only grip is that prices are getting to high and developrs get lazy its like they want to relese a weak game at 60 and cut corners to make a profit. But i still have my fingers crossed that nintendo will tell their division to tighten up and not mess around. Btw you can look at namco games i bet theyll give hints at what smash brothers will offer. Im keeping and eye out for nintendo and namco games to see if they implanted clues for the smash brothers games, heck im even looking at sonys allstar for clues.

    • relo999

      Hardcore gamers equals good graphics? Really, if thats the case they should go watch movies and leave gaming for those people who like gameplay (you know that thing that makes gaming unique).

      And as a (student) developer I can safely say, they are not getting lazy the tech just gets to good to fully use it, easpecially on smaller teams.

    • Allon

      I understand that!For that hot 60 a game!It should have at least a little feeling of a 60 dollar game!I agree!And F.Y.I. I have the Wii U reserved and everything!So I am not a hater!I am just not spending 60 on that game!

      • Collected

        If you don’t like it don’t buy, but to complain and say that this should be priced differently because it may not emphasis top notch graphics is wrong. IF the gameplay is good, even great then its worth the starting amount of other games that do have top notch graphics. We don’t need a world where gamers purchase higher priced games (real life or online) to find out all they spent on were the best looking graphics and minimal gameplay. Especially if it should be later found out the lower priced games received better reviews and played a lot better.

  • Castamere

    Is it an action game based on Japanese history? So here’s this giant enemy octopus…

    Sorry, I thought it was too funny!

    • LogicalDude

      No, that’s based on the Japanese history of Hentai.

  • TheHydra707

    King Ghidorah I will defeat thee!!!!

  • Johny

    hmm it looks like it could be a good game, but.. that graphics…….. REALLY dont look as polished and nice as they should/could be imo… FAR from it.
    not to be a graphics whore, but i think it needs some better textures and more detailed graphics with some upped resolution (for example if you look at the screenshots 2,3,4 its very visible how jagged the lines are… which isnt at all good)

    • Pedro

      Yeah, the graphics are a side effect it being a port from a standalone arcade game… at least it should have some solid game play. If I ever buy the game in the future, it’ll be from the pre-owned rack for ≤$15.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I might get it if the gameplay is outstanding, but otherwise it’s not for me.

  • Marq

    Looks fun, but I can’t say it’s high on my radar because there are too many other games I have to have first. I’ll probably grab it when it gets heavily discounted or get it used from Gamestop or Amazon years later.

  • Paul

    looks fun and im deffo picking it up while its under £25

  • smallNdeadly

    Maybe after all the other stuff I have to buy…zombiu pro controller Mario bros. And of course the system lol

    • Paul

      im leaving the pro controller untill the white one is released

  • Jetty

    I’m really looking forward to this game. I was bummed out to see it’s coming out after Christmas. This multiplayer reminds me of BattleTanx on the N64, which was highly entertaining. Not the prettiest Wii U game, but I figured they’d keep the same 2009 engine. This is not an actual Wii U created game for those bashing remade titles.

    • Paul

      dosent matter as long as its fun to play

  • dillon


  • nintendoododo

    old school graphics. Must buy game

  • GirlGamer


  • NightºƒCore

    Damn, i’m getting this and putting the faces of all the most hated celebrities out there (not mentioning any names… But one: JB) on the enemies. Where’s that pre-order button…

  • eli seth

    i wouldnt buy for 60$ but i’ll probably rent it a few times

  • Mr.Chimera573

    So I am just going to assume nobody here has played the arcade version of this game? No? Well I can assure you that this is a fun game, especially with 4 human players and hilarious profile photos that are shoved in your face after you kill someone or vica versa.