Apr 10th, 2014


In a recent issue of Shonen Jump, Bandai Namco announced the newest game in their famous Tales of JRPG series for the 3DS. The game will be called Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, and will be a crossover between several of their other Tales games. It seems to feature the same world and characters as the Japanese-only smartphone game Tales of the World: Tactics Union although there’s no word as to whether it’s a port or not.

According to what’s been revealed so far Reve Unitia will be set on the world of Revaria, the world in which dreams made. Asbel Lhant from Tales of Graces (originally for the Wii) and Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia (origianlly for the GameCube) will fight alongside each other in the game. Natalia from Tales of the Abyss, Meredy from Tales of Eternia, Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, and Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss will all be featured as playable characters.

It’s been confirmed that the game will have full voice acting for the characters. Neither a release date, nor any plans for Western localizations have been announced yet. A teaser site has been created, but there’s not much to see on it right now.

So, do we have any Tales fans in the audience? Is anyone else excited to hear about this or hoping fora localization?

[Source: Anime News Network]

  • Sycamore

    I own one of the previous tales of the world games for the PSP and it’s alright. I would prefer a full tales game but I guess we already have Tales of the Abyss. It’s really expensive to be a Tales fan you practically need every console.

    • chocodino

      well……..Kingdom Hearts is basically one tittle on one console, so at least this is better [there where around 5 on psp, there are now 2 on 3DS, 4 on ps3, etc]

      not all were localized, but it’s still something

    • C4

      Yes. Tales of the Abyss is one of the best 3DS games for me 🙂

  • XypherCode

    “Please localize!!!”….is what I wanted to say but uhh…

  • abe

    i loved tales of the world for PSP and was just thinking it’d be great for 3DS… NICE!

  • Arthur Jarret

    I only have the first Tales of the World on PSP (only one that was released in europe), but I kinda liked it. Not as much as traditional Tales of games, though. This seems to be a typical TotW game (non-canon crossover title with a ‘Huh?, Really?’ story)


    yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    no wii u game? fuck you namco!

  • Madmagican

    I really want this to come to the states