Aug 25th, 2014 publishUpdated   Aug 27th, 2014, 7:43 am

Last week we posted about a huge leak that originally got sourced from Smashboards. It showcased an image from three different leakers that seemed to predict several things for Super Smash Bros., including the Duck Hunt dog and the addition of Shulk to the game. Many of you called the rumor fake based on the evidence presented. Now we have video to go alongside that leak, so judge for yourself whether you believe these leaks to be true or not.

These videos come from the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, but if any characters are confirmed by this video for that version, they’ll also be available on the Wii U. In the first video, we get a look at Bowser who seems to be fighting Bowser Jr., who is occupying the smiley face vehicle we first saw Bowser in at the end of Super Mario World.

What do you think, based on what you’ve seen?
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  • Kevin Wickham

    they are real….. they seem pretty cool

  • Ony

    Those leaks ruins the surprise.

    • Mayoo

      Well don’t look at them.

      • Korv13

        It’s like an horror movie. You know you shouldn’t go check what is behind that locked door BUT YOUR CURIOSITY IS TOO STRONG!!!!

      • Ony

        If everything was this simple in this cruel world D:

    • Lusunup

      And Sakurai can ruin the leakers by disproving them… Or he could cut them out last minute like he did with Mewtwo in brawl. .I don’t believe this shit at all lol

      • jack

        dude sakruai cut mewtowe time run out not he do to leockes dude e3 htiend at wairo gandorf he not going to cut them

  • Cry_Zero

    So they fucked up bowser jr..Why the hell are they doing this to me? Bowser JR in that fucking vehicle????? WHY???? They shouldve made him just like he was in mario sunshine with that huge paintbrush

    • ctrainvideos .

      I 100% agree. I hope this is a really complex fake because this is a huge disappointment.

      • Zach Cruz

        I think its pretty cool still… the paintbrush and bandana covering his face though would be awesome… but this is pretty fun too

    • Sol Ridgeway

      I agree, except, they said that the 7 alternate costumes for Bowser Jr. is the Koopa Kids.

      • Cry_Zero

        I like that koopa kids thing but id still rather have him and his paintbrush

    • Merry_Blind

      Maybe because he’s seen in this “fucking vehicule” 90% of the time, and he was seen with that paintbrush in one game? I think this is actually very fitting and original.

      • Cry_Zero

        It may be original but its more vehicle than that actual character. Why would anyone use him in that vehicle when there is a game in which he can do a lot WITHOUT it?

        • Merry_Blind

          Because of the reasons I’ve already stated in my previous comment.

          • Cry_Zero

            That aint good reasons… wario isn’t in a Mario kart either but im sure he was in more mario kart games than in actual wario land games

          • Xyore

            Wario Land, WariorWare, and appearances in other games definitely outnumber his appearances in Mario Kart games.

          • Merry_Blind

            The Clown-copter or whatever it’s called is a staple of Bowser and Bowser Jr. A kart is not a staple of Wario. The brush is not a staple of Bowser Jr.

          • Cry_Zero

            If you play as bowser jr, xoure in fact playing as that clown thing, not bowser jr per se thats what annoys me. With that logic, why do we play as cpt falcon and not as falcon in the blue falcon?

          • Merry_Blind

            Good point about Captain Falcon! The clown-copter thing is a logical and clever choice, so that’s why I’m defending it, but yeah, it’s not necessarily consistent with the Smash series.

  • mar laguna

    We all know that shulk is in so its real

    • Fred

      I’m so happy to see Shulk made it. Xenoblade is my all time fav game so I really wanted to see Shulk

      • mar laguna

        Everyone wants him 😀

  • Juan Benitez

    Nintendo= Awesome

  • Gideon

    Ho. Ly. Fuck. Ing. Shit.
    This is too real! Why did this happen?!! I wanted it to be a surprise!!! Come on ;(

    • Zach Cruz

      haha you clicked on it

  • Agaton Atienza

    They look real and looks very cool to me!

  • Colin Kells-Murphy

    Ok then… I’m just gonna hide in the corner and contain the hype now that I know the leak is real.

  • HotShotGamer13

    Leak is definitely real

  • companyoflosers

    so r we gonna have sakurai throwing another hissy fit over this leak? we all know what nintendo decided to do after the last time smash bros got leaked, they took away the story mode after subspace was leaked. i wonder if this is enough to teach him “fuck it, its the internet” or if hes gonna freak out again.

    • Merry_Blind

      Oh he’s gonna be so mad at this. I actually feel bad for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he says “fuck it, now I really don’t care if it’s finished in 2014, I’ll just take my time to piss people off and release this in 2015”

      • Yoshifan3

        sad thing is you are probably right. and thats not a good thing.

        however this article wouldve never happened if i didnt post the leak on the forums. she got this article from the forums.

  • dazco4

    Well shit, hard to disprove now. Really though we should all be happy, even though the last characters may not be that exiting. We got soooooo many characters this time around and there appears to be a stupid amount of content packed in both these games. I mean the roster could have easily been topped off at about 35 but were getting 49! That’s pretty good if you ask me.

    • Xyore

      It’s funny, too. If my memory serves right, I remember Sakurai saying how he didn’t want to include so many new characters.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I dont know, something feels odd, maybe these characters are cut, it seems very odd that another mario character gets in, before like another metroid/DK/Pokemon character, and really DR.mario? nahhh something is really strange here lol, the video could be real, it probably is, but i dont think this is the final roster, ganondorf seems too unchanged, and shaulk uses some of marths moveset

  • Lil J Moore

    I want Sora as a playable character

    • Ryan Butler

      Gross. No.

    • Dallas Gooch

      Never going to happen, as much as I like Sora and KH he wouldn’t be a good fit in this game. Not to mention he doesn’t have much of a representation with Nintendo.

  • Yoshifan3

    Your welcome for the aritcle, Ashley

    • Saul Rivera

      Sucks you get no mention or thanks for your contribution…

  • It’sa me Nick

    I doubt that the leaks are real , mainly since shulk is a Marth clone. Bowser Jonior looks real though…..

  • TheyCallHimBigAl

    Eh, I’ll wait for Sakurai to confirm. I’m not impatient. Some of these rumors really seem like wishful thinking or are completely outlandish. The only character that seems viable is Baby Bowser in the bowsermobile. The other rumored characters make very little sense to me.
    1. I can’t imagine Shulk being real. He would make the 8th swordsman-style character (Link, Toon Link, Robin, Lucia, Marth, Ike, and Mii Swordsman being the others unless I’ve missed some.) That just seems excessively repetitive for a one-off character. If he was unique I could see him being added but he brings nothing new to the table.
    2. Dark Pit and Dr. Mario will almost certainly be alternate costumes and not characters.
    3. I could see Duck Hunt being an assist trophy. It would be an absolutely bizzar choice to make them a legit character.
    4. There’s been several videos “confirming” both Ness and Jigglypuff for several months now. They look like the same quality as these vids (also, would it be wrong to assume that both Ness and Jigglypuff would be more popular characters than any other rumored ones?)

    All that being said, there’s still room for plenty of characters (MvC2 has 56, and I’ve never heard anyone say that’s excessive), not counting the dozens that’ll be available as DLC in the future.

  • Zach Cruz

    Wow this is awesome I mean sucks kinda for spoilers but that roster Im digging it

  • MonadoKnight

    Well son of a bitch if this is somehow fake then the creator is an evil genius. Though does mario need another fighter and come on Ganondorf doesnt look any different

  • The Clockwork Being

    We now have 6 Mario reps with really sucks. I know that Wario and Yoshi are part of the Wario ware and Yoshi’s Island franchises respectively in Smash Bros but let’s be honest, they are pseudo Mario characters.
    Meanwhile the only other newcomers at this point that were leaked are Shulk and the Dog Hunt Dog. For the latter I have to applaud originality. The former is approved by me.

    BUT COME ON. Isaac from Golden Sun? The main character from Armo Knight? You’re telling me LUCAS got cut? Who replaces him from the Mother series? Masked Man? Plus Ganon keeps his moveset like really. The Prince of the Sablé Kingdom which is a assistant trophy could have been also fun with what he can do.


    Dark Pit is confirmed as clone for Pit. Not because of who he is but just because it would be an insult to Kid Icarus Uprising. How you ask? Well with a HUGE array of weapons to choose from like Staffs, Blades, Claws, Palms, Clubs, Cannons, Orbitars and Arms, Bows are the last thing you should be using for Pit’s doppelganger.

    And Ice Climbers being possibly cut makes me really mad.

    • Elias Gadda

      The leaker stated that this isn’t the final roster. There’s about 4-6 characters left to be revealed

  • Gresh Hutchins

    I really wish this is fake, but I know in my gut it isn’t. First off, seeing Bowser Jr. having to jump in the clown car looks unsettling, secondly, at this point the Ice Climbers are a staple in the series, so removing them is unbelievable, thirdly, the Duck Hunt Dog is the most pointless newcomer, fourthly, of all the characters to bring back from Melee, Roy (or possibly Mewto) would be better picks than Dr. Mario, and as much as I love Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Pit should just be a different costume for Pit, not his own character. I have no idea who Shulk is, but he is also underwhelming. There should be newcomers that have some significance, like Crash Bandicoot (even if he is 3rd party), Hades, Tetra, Kamek, Tails, King Hippo, or Adam Malcovich. You know, characters that make you feel like you accomplished something.

    Then again, if Dark Pit used other weapons, like the Dark Pit Staff and the Ogre Club, he would be more than welcome.

    • Elias Gadda

      Sakurai said in an interview that he was having trouble putting in ice climbers due to the 3d’s limitations so that could be a reason they could be cut. But the leaker did say that this isn’t the final roster and there are about 5 more characters left to be revealed

    • Dallas Gooch

      I think I read somewhere that Dr. Mario and Dark Pit were confirmed to be just costumes. There’s not telling though hopefully until we see the direct in a few days.

  • A_7

    Well at least i can look forward for the new characters reveal trailer.

  • Divaitiie!

    Super Smash Bros 4 Life!

  • therealruben1

    This isnt actual gameplay.Its just a video for the esrb which is why the name of the player is that.Plus in the last leak it cuts away to the home run contest right away

  • Milky Bacons

    This is… no. No no no no no no no. This is… someone disprove this! I WILL NOT ACCEPT DR. MARIO, DARK PIT, NO! I WANT DEMISE! I WANT DEMISE! NO BOWSER Jr! CAMON’ EVERYBODY, SAY IT WITH ME!


    xD I can hear people chanting that on the internet from now on. I wonder how GameXplain will handle this…

    • Merry_Blind

      Who the f*** is Demise????

      Ok, I’m kidding, I know who Demise is. My point is that he isn’t an iconic character at all.

      • Milky Bacons

        Yah… I know it won’t happen. Thing is, I personally like Demise more than Gannon. Gannondorf. Whatever his name is. xD I think it was because he was a villain who was not only different than Ganon, he had one epic boss fight.

        God I love Skyward Sword.

        • jack

          ganon is coming back like it or not e3 robot ckkien hitne dat him wiaro

          • Milky Bacons

            I don’t care if Wario’s back or not, but I do hope we get a new villain in Zelda U.

    • Alyssa Browne

      Actually someone who works for Nintendo leaked that dark pit and dr. Mario are just costume changes for pit and mario …As for Koopa kid he’s a character lol

      • Milky Bacons

        Really? Can you provide a link pls? I hope pit and mario are costume changes.

        Edis: Dark Pit and Dr. Mario

        • Skye

          They are not costume changes. Doc Mario will not have access to FLUDD. As for Dark Pit, it’s all speculation right now.

        • Alyssa Browne

          Honestly I can’t remember where but someone who works for Nintendo claimed they will be costume of the original mario and pit so I’m hoping this is just a fake roster because they would just take up space lol

  • Froakiefan8

    Honestly, the fact that Jr. Is in the clown vehicle makes him very unique, and honestly the clown vehicle has been part of the mario series since Super Mario World. Also, Bowser Jr. Has used this vehicle much more than his paint brush. So in my opinion, Sakurai did the right choice.

  • Rich Garriques

    wow jr bowser is in the game!

  • aldo2410

    first rule for a leak being true: Crappy video quality

  • Korv13

    Ah come on, it can’t be true. This is an evidently well done fake…

    (Nose grows longer)

    Ok seriously, HYPE FOR SHULK!!!!!!

    Ganondorf, you forgot your sword(s) again !!!!

    • jack

      he don’t need sowrd we 10 sowrd charaterer levae gnaon aloen with foget words he needs to stay fighter

      • Korv13

        I thought that if they gave him 2 swords (like in Hyrule Warriors), it could make an interesting moveset. Maybe next time…

  • Vorpal Blade

    Hooray for Shulk, but another Mario rep? This game should be called Super Mario Bros Brawl.
    Oh hey, good to see Ganon is still a clone though :l

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      In Holland It’s Called Super Mario Smash Bros.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    Sakurai didn’t make these videos, so they’re fake.

  • Thomas Vienna

    Okay, this leak has bumped itself up to about an 85% chance of being real, but we all know that it could still be fake. Here’s some things I noticed.
    – when announcing Shulk’s victory, it says “Red Team wins,” instead. Someone wanted to save the trouble of animating a new announcement with his name on it? It’s easier to use generic things.
    – Bowser Junior isn’t using any elaborately animated special moves. You’d think he’d have a bullet bill projectile, or something grander. You’d think Nintendo would have something cooler about him.
    – Why are these all short clips?

    Still, someone would have to go to a lot of trouble, kinda like the Majora’s Mask remake. And some of these characters look legit. Ganondorf looks reasonably different.

    • crocodileman94

      I can answer 2 of those questions.

      1. It was a team match, but the camera zoomed in on the Player character

      2. These clips are meant for ESRB to rate the game.

      • Thomas Vienna

        1. I understand that it was a team match, but my point was that if someone wanted to fake it, they would save themselves some time and just use a generic announcement.

        2. You’re right. I found this out after doing a little more research. Even one of the videos has ESRB listed as a player tag. I’m also finding that very few people are able to find correlations between these fighters and other fighters with animations they would have copied. I’m bumping the probability up to 95%.

        EDIT: Also, I’m looking at bowser junior’s moves a little closer now, and Im finding some cool things. Did anyone see bowser jr release the mechakoopa in leak3, around 0:27?

        • crocodileman94

          good find

    • Elias Gadda

      What pisses me off if this is real is that Gannon is still a captain falcon clone. After 3 games you’d expect the developers to put some actual effort in his characters and put in moves that represent him

      • Thomas Vienna

        It never really bothered me much. He has subtle differences in speed, and I’ve never felt like I was playing the same character. It would have been cooler, though, if he was more unique.

  • Grilo

    Thank You Brazil, The leaks is amazing!

  • MetroidZero
  • Wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw this. Damn. Boswer Jr. huh? Well, alrighty then

    • Vorpal Blade

      Get ready for Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, and Duck Hunt Dog to all be true!….My hype is dwindling…

      • In the original rumor that stated these characters (Like, ages ago), Ridley was also said to be a character. So I mean, there’s that.

        • Vorpal Blade

          I would love it if Ridley was a character, but with the leak of the full roster, I doubt that leak was legit.

          • yeah, very true. I do personally think it was someone who just got lucky with a few guesses

  • Saul Rivera

    Weird though…how the new characters barely have any animations and barely use any moves in those clips…

  • Lusunup

    no…. you got to be kidding…. Bowser jr? This video is still a leak so I’m not raising my eyebrow yet.

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m not watching these videos, but I will once the game comes out to see what these videos were leaking.

  • Comments

    Ganondorf still as a Captain Falcon’s clone? Seriously..?

    • Vorpal Blade

      Lets not forget the other clones, like Falco, Dr. Mario, Toon Link, Lucina, and Dark Pit. Thanks Sakurai for being so against clones.

  • LevenThumps

    This confirms it for me now, and I’m not that disappointed with it, aside from Dark Pit and Dr. Mario. Hopefully, the leaker is right about the DLC as well and Lucas and Ice Climbers will be in.

  • Jeffrey Floyd

    I was originally worried about how the Koopa Clown Kart would work out but it’s cool.

  • sup3rnoah

    Sucks that there will be no surprise, yes I clicked on it, but it’s all over the internet and many publishers aren’t putting spoilers. Man Sakurai’s gotta be ticked, but I’m not buying anything for real until an official word. Or if they just keep quiet, then that’s that.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Why is it that every “leaked” footage is in really bad quality? Whether it’s a photo or a video, it’s always so blurry. You never see “leaks” with crystal clear picture.

  • Mariofan3110

    The video’s are taken down….

  • majora :D

    I want to keep skeptical, but man with Shulk in and Ice Climbers out I can’t hold my excitement!

  • perpetualentropy

    its too late their gone so they probobly were real damnit ashley i missed o well

  • perpetualentropy

    i grew up with super mario cartoons in the 90s with my string thing and ninja turtle pies and mario soda so i love the kooopa kids i do i love em their great and playing smw and smw2 i love bowser jr and the clown car i am very happy with the new characters

  • perpetualentropy

    and that is if bowser jr alt costumes are koopa kids yayayyayaaayayy GeT USED TO IT! and in the fisrt leak their is enough room for five more characters which would be the dlc or we

  • You sit on a throne of TRUTH!

  • chris

    Dr Mario was better than Mario, at least for me. So if this is real I’ll be really happy to use him again

  • MewtwoWillBeBack

    I saw only “Video removed” thingy.
    I’m too slow…

  • Madison Twatter.


  • Ken Wheel

    The videos were taken down. Can someone explain to me what they were?

  • Ken Wheel

    wtf were the videos before that got taken down?