Nov 5th, 2015

The Super Mario Maker update that went live yesterday contains a lot of new additions for fans of the game, including the much-needed checkpoint feature that was missing from the game’s launch. Aside from that, you can also now play a hard mode of Gnat Attack and if you manage to beat it, you’ll be rewarded with another costume skin for the Magic Mushroom.

While those are all great, one user on Twitter discovered that Nintendo has actually added a new animation to the warp doors that activates when you tap on the doors while you’re building your level. Tap long enough and a skinny Mario will answer the door. Of course, Nintendo being Nintendo, there are more than just skinny Mario characters to answer the door as well.

The character you get who answers the door depends on the Mario theme you’re using, so be sure to try them all, or watch the video above to see them in all their spoilery glory.

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