Nov 16th, 2012

We’ve previously known that the Wii U will support DLC (downloadable content), and now Nintendo has confirmed that its first party games will be getting DLC as well. In particular, so far only New Super Mario Bros U is said to be getting DLC in the future.

New Super Mario Bros UThe news was revealed by NSMB U producer Takashi Tekuza in the latest Iwata Asks, where he said that there will be DLC for the game, but didn’t give any time frame as to when we might expect this.

New Super Mario Bros U would be perfect for DLC, and we can imagine all sorts of things Nintendo could release, including new characters, new levels, game modes, and more. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo Land will get DLC in the form of new attractions and mini-games.

But if you’re looking to get some of this downloadable content, you should probably invest in an external hard drive, as the Basic Wii U only has about 3 GB of storage or games and downloads.


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  • Master of Awesomeness

    Deee eLLLLL Ceeeeee!

    • edward montgomery

      More lame news

      • X

        another lame comment..

      • nm_nintendo

        you’re lame, shut up if you’ve got nothing to say.

        • Sharkz

          Again, Edward Montgomery the troll is showing he has such a sucky life that he has nothing better to do than to get on a site he hates to make a worthless comment that means absolutely dick. Maybe it’s because Microsoft or Sony has nothing to post and Nintendo is dominating and is hurting Eds feelings.

      • Nko Sekirei

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      • Duaplex

        If you hate Nintendo so much, judging by your other comments, then why on earth are you posting on this site!?

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Nintendo Land MUST get DLC. Even though i love what i see so far. It’s lack of Pokemon and Kirby needs to be addressed.

    • U and Mii

      It would be cool to get a Star Fox attraction as well.

      • JoesatMoes

        Well, a star fox attraction would be kinda like the fzero one- or like that Galactia game(or whatever it’s called)

        • Darknut

          I would expect a new Star Fox (even in NintendoLand) to be completely new, Idk about many people, but i adored Assaults shooter game style… and then there is also obviously the Arwing and Landmaster.
          In a best case scenario, DLC for Nintendoland would add an online component to some of the competitive games (esp Metroid Blast) while also adding new attractions.. I would expect however, nothing of that sort unfortunately ๐Ÿ™

      • Linskarmo

        Just what I want for it!

    • shroomforce

      Pokemon would be great!

    • Kirbymon123

      So…. There are others who appreciate Kirby.

    • Hibill18

      I would love a Pokemon attraction and a Kirby attraction! It would make the game that much more awesome!

  • fishfish

    epic. would love more characters


    This is a first day already pre-ordered!!! Love Mario games.

  • U and Mii

    I need some more info on transferring VC titles from Wii to Wii U and what controllers will be compatible.

    • corbin74

      All are transferable if both systems are present and online, and all controllers from wii are compatible with wii u vc. I think you are required to use wii peripherals for the vc on wii u if transferred.

    • Kahhhhyle

      The wii u will explain it when you get it. For now all you need to know is that you’ll need to have both powered and plugged into a tvand and an SD card.

    • Adam Fox

      Cool thing is, the Wii U even includes a sensor bar for Wii controllers! If you don’t want to use Wii controllers or play Wii games on the Wii U, you don’t even need the sensor bar!

  • bad dlc?

    Let’s just hope that the DLC for NSMB WiiU is better than the DLC for NSMB2 on 3DS. IMO, the DLC for NSMB2 is not worth getting. It’s a gimic for a minigame and adds nothing to the experience.

  • mikey

    Well if you want to get nintendo land you might as well get the premium package as it costs the same price as the basic plus nintendo land. Besides you get lots of other things as well so I’m just getting a premium package.

    • Kahhhhyle

      The only excuse anybody has to get a basic is if the premium is sold out, or if your crazy about having a white console

      • Naterman

        Yea I couldn’t get deluxe cuz it sold out so I got the basic just in time. I did preorder Nintendo land and ofcourse NSMBU. Only 2 days!!!!!!!

      • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

        The premium shall always be sold out probably, atleast hard to get until about January.

        And I don’t care too much about Nintendoland, I’ll buy it used if I change my mind.

        Useless peripheral charge dock thing.

        The 10% deal isn’t worth it unless you plan on tons of DLC.


        Dem fingerprints.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Yeah but unless you wanna hold out for a bigger hard drive model, basic is kinda lame

  • Nintedward

    Sweet!!! just hope it isn’t anoyingly priced. Really excited for this game and see plenty of replay value with challenge mode,Multiplayer and Starcoins amongst other things!

    Aswell, I have had a supreme idea! I call it the ”U-pack”. It’s a backpack with the wiiu (safely) built in with a long lasting power supply that is well ventolated so the wiiu doesn’t overheat.
    With the U-pack you can play any of the wiiu games that support of TV play where ever you go.
    Once the U-pack is successfull and Nintendo embraces the idea, the advert will say ”The new U-pack! Take the next generation where ever you go”.

    Although farfetched and highly inpractical. I see massive potential for the U-pack.

    • Link

      That…..sounds fantastic.

      Make it happen, Nintendo!

    • GameChanger

      Nice idea but, yeah, very impractical. The thing is that it would limit the number of games U can play…no ZombiU or Nintendo Land at all. A portable solution that plays a portion of Wii U games…this would definitely defeat the purpose of the system. Not to mention a lost/stolen/damaged Wii U/U-pack.

      • Nintedward

        Well that’s why you need to carry the ”U-switch blade” so you can fend off muggers and there is a suprising amount of wiiu games that support off screen play!

        The main issue is keeping the weight of the U-sack down.

        • GameChanger

          Just not a “U-gun”…U’ll shoot your eye out (A Christmas Story)! But seriously, even if the majority of Wii U games support off-TV play it still wouldn’t fly with game companies when it comes to games that don’t support it. That might negatively affect game sells.

    • goginho

      I would patent that idea if I were U?

      • goginho

        ..sorry no question mark, lol my bad..but yea, that’s actually a great concept, and with Nintendo, U know, impossible is nothing.

      • Nintedward

        Some rich guy has probably allready stolen it lol. But if the weight of the wiiu could be couple with a light power supply and a well ventolated Rucksack, then there is no reason why such a device couldn’t be super successfull especialy for use in long car,coach,plane etc journeys!

        If it does get ripped off , I will sleep well knowing I invented it. I expect youtube to be swamped with homemade ”U-packs” this time next year!

        • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

          We’ll see mech and amour suits like Ironman’s before we see this, because a portable energy source with long lasting power we’ll be developed for military first then cars and if we have not blown ourselves up by then ” U-Packs”. Will someone please invent the arc reactor for real?

    • Montrhuntr

      How about a super-long-range receiver from console to Gamepad, so you can play your device at home, with your Gamepad, from anywhere ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Montrhuntr

        I suppose you would need a mobile Disc Changer as well…

        • Nintendonoob


          • Naterman

            And I shall be come fils-aime. Triforce complete!!!!!!! Quick my Asian brethren, let us create the U-pack!!! Nananananana

    • El CaRaS1

      Im exited as well my friend. Can you believe ign gave this game a 9.1 out of ten?? I know its mind bogoling.

  • Mid-core Gamer

    New Super Mario Bros. U will be the first game that I’ll get DLC for.

  • Nintedward

    Another thing is, the wiiu comes out in USA tomorow midnight!
    Who is going to a midnight launch ? (lucky devil), who is going to the NY midnight launch with Reggie and Nintendo doing that big launch party?

    • HyrulianUtopia

      I would but I live in Canada and don’t have a driver’s license yet…

      I hate being a minor. ):

    • Opticine

      Tomorrow midnight would be 2 days in the future, not tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

      I am lucky aren’t I? I’ll be thinking of you while playing AC3.

    • mojojojo888

      Midnight launch for me…I will likely be showing up at 10 though, just to make sure I’m one of the first in line, set up shop, and sit in my camp chair playing my 3ds…can’t wait!!

      • Nintedward

        This^. For my UK launch I am having a midnight launch at a small independant game store and he said we can get there at 10 and chill and get excited till the midnight launch!

    • LyingTuna

      I would go to a midnight launch… Only, my lame-ass GameStop isn’t doing one. I am so very irritated. On the plus side, I still get it before you, so there is that. Seriously, I would hate to be European or (especially) Japanese at this point. “God bless ‘Merrica!” as my neighbors would say. I hate when people talk like that.

  • HyrulianUtopia


    Hey guys, I went to Walmart the other day. You know the shelves where they put the Wii games, well they they removed the Wii logos for Wii U ones, also it was advertising the Wii U on those little alarm things that you go through when leaving the store to make sure you didn’t steal anything.

  • NintendoMan :D

    Less then 1 1/2 days. Saturday is going to feel like 3 days combined. Just………..1………..Day……………AND I AM SO EXCITED THAT I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • bentendo

    I am not going to either, I unfortunately have to wait until xmas for my beautiful Wii U ๐Ÿ™

  • asdf asdf asdf

    Omg best game ever will have dlc. I am so happy.

  • Leeroy

    8GB not 3

    • Tobbe

      ? 8 yes in total space and around 3 for FREE space

  • TheImaj

    DLC!!! How much time til launch you ask????

    2002 minutes!!!

    • Tobbe

      to be exact its 1472.4

  • Montrhuntr

    DLC makes me salivate.

  • Smitty

    Super mario dlc (and most dlc to be honest) worries me, I hope it turns out to be good value!

  • GameChanger

    I would like to see some holiday themed DLC levels. Christmas decorations and snow in the levels with Mario in a Santa suit, Luigi dressed as Jack Frost, the Toads as elves, and a brown Yoshi with antlers and a red nose.

    • GameChanger

      Speaking on NSMBU of course.

  • VezNetwork


  • eli

    YES!I WOULDN’T HAVE BOUGHT THIS GAME IF IT DIDN’T HAVE DLC oh woops didn’t know caps was on….(i wouldn’t have bought it cause’ i’m a loser and would’ve beat it first day cause’ i’d never stop playing)

  • Zeldatrek

    there why friend codes are no more y post?

  • Tobbe

    exuse me for not beeing fully informate, but can we play online with wii u. like we did on mario kart or sport mix or conduct or some other games. can i play black ops 2 like we did against eachother on mw2? nope i am no cod fanboy. i am a mario/zelda fanman who bought my nintendo back in the 80ยดs.
    sry for beeing of topic but i feel i can get the best answer here

    • Nintedward

      Ofcourse you can play online with wiiu :S. Blops 2 , AC3, Ninja Gaiden , Tekken Tag 2 , Fifa , Madden , Sonic Racing , Scribblenaughts (object sharing) , and a few others have online play from day 1 !!

      • Tobbe

        Thought so ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JoesatMoes

    Nintendo, this is really good info. Hopefully ther is DLC for all Ninty games-and I hope it’s cheap(or free). Also, plz make it take up as little of my precious wii u’s memory as possible.

  • Tobbe

    If there where any midnights open here and if we, europeen get it like u guys 18. it whould be 25h left.. Damn. can u feel its a new era, i remember when 8-bit came out.. all we talked about was Nintendo… Plz remember that day 18th November/30 November and u guys in december ๐Ÿ™ Why wont they have a global releze?

  • mojojojo888

    Remember, Remember, the 18th of November, The Wii U Awesomeness is Hot. I see no reason why the Wii U shouldn’t be bought…

  • Jetty

    Mario vs. Luigi for the love of Christ!!!!!!!!!

  • Nintendork

    WOW, this is so cool. This is the first Super Mario game that will have downloadable content so i can keep playing even after i beat the game

    • Nintendofan

      Actually, it is the second one, NSMB2 on the 3ds already has a lot.

      • LyingTuna

        It’ll be be the first console Mario game with DLC. That’s still an achievement.

  • Nintendofan

    Don’t get me wrong, mario is the perfect game to make dlc for. But I am starting to get worried that dlc becomes overly succesful for Nintendo and then start being greedy (like Capcom, Ea, Activision, square), Because I swear, if in the next legend of zelda, I find dlc to access to the next dungeon or something, I will be pissed.
    /end rant
    Great news!

  • Doug

    hey basic model….have fun with your 3GB of space, trolololol

  • Linskarmo

    I would love Nintendo Land DLC! I think the NSMB 2 DLC is a bit too expensive, but I don’t know exactly what’s in it.

  • WarioForever

    Great news (Wario as downloadable character!!! Waluigi as well). I’m wrote this message on my Wii! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • devmiles

    i would just love a real great mario game, this is a good game but certainly not epic and knowing that it will be milked money by DLC nah, come up with a fresh game, waiting for galaxy 3 (should have been a launch game mr nintendo)