Oct 28th, 2012

One of the must have Wii U launch games is Nintendo’s own New Super Mario Bros U. The company just released a slew of new screenshots and artworks, giving us an even better glimpse at some of the levels and characters in the game. New Super Mario Bros U is a Wii U launch title and will include dozens of levels, lots of different playable characters, and up to five player multiplayer on the same Wii U console. It will also have deep Miiverse integration, where players can leave hints and messages to each other.

New Super Mario Bros U screenshots and artwork

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  • gamer

    can’t wait to play this!

    • Xadrin

      hurry up and make smash bros wiiu, we don’t need these teasers.

      • Shankovich

        You’re in for a 2+ year wait man lol. At least by the time it comes out they’ll have pretty good graphics optimization 😀

    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

      would rather have 3d mario.

      • RedRocBoy

        Yezzir I totally agree. Super Mario Universe! Awesome to the max!

      • BananaPwnz

        Or Mario galaxy 3, or even better….Super Mario 64 remake on Wii u!
        That would be awesome!!

        • Grove Street N****

          f*** off with your f****** remakes, wyh you guys want always remakes. i prefer a new start in the series like 100 times. there is no place for new things if they always went with this stupid remake shit.

          • Woah Dude

            No need to get all fed up about it… He/She was just simply giving a suggestion. I agree with you, I myself would rather see new and original material rather than remakes. But no need to get your panties in a bunch when someones suggests something you don’t agree with… relax, chill… life is good… Wii U is almost here… HOORAY!

          • Shankovich

            Who shoved the stick up your ass?

          • Grove Street N****

            just cant understand why everyone wants remakes from old games lol, as great they probably are.

          • BananaPwnz

            Jeez calm down it was just suggestion. Super Mario 64 is my favorite video game of all time, i just thought it would be cool to see it in HD, and Ive heard rumors of Mario Galaxy 3. I agree with you, but it’s not necessary to get mad about it

        • PACMAN

          super mario sunshine 2!! please!!

        • jacobbaba

          or super mario 604

        • eli

          not remake of the first remake i hope!

      • goginho

        ..or how ’bout we continue getting both 3D and 2D Mario games.

    • PACMAN

      For the first time you try to get to peaches castle, sweet!!

  • Wii Uoops!

    Oh, hey, look, I spelled Cnw.

    • No, I’m serious. It really looks like he used MS Paint

      Nice avatar. Did you make it in MS Paint?

      • Wii Uoops!

        You seem dedicated to usernames.

        • Touche

          (Speaking for “No, I’m serious. It really looks like he used MS Paint”.) …”Touche”…

          • goginho

            haha, lol ..you guys

  • Laud

    I got a call from best buy saying my preorder has been cancelled because of shortages and if I still want a console I’m going to need to go and sign onto a list that lets me know It’s available.

    I’m pissed.

    • Colton S.

      Hey, at least Target won’t do that to me. (Hopefully)

    • Acid

      I hope Toys ‘R Us dont screw me like that..

    • Trev

      Are you in Europe?

    • Captain Potato

      Do not be swayed by employees that want to keep u from getting your Wii U just so that they can sell it on ebay for twice as much! Inquire, inquire, inquire!

  • NintendoMan :D

    This is the game on the Wii U that I am the most excited for and now I’m even more excited. Hopefully I can get my hands on a pre-order. My Best Buy is already sold out of this game.

  • NintendGo

    Looks great

  • Cugno the Swiss

    Enough with this, we already know it’s coming out!!!
    Miyamoto, what game are you secretly doing?

    • Xadrin

      Hurry up and make smash bros wii u, smash bros wiiu > mario wiiu pics

      • NoPUNintendo

        Stop. Just stop. If they rushed the game it’d be an utter piece of crap. The more time they work on it the better. I’m hoping for a 2014 release.

    • Vigo the Carpathian

      I will wait til this goes down to £20!

      I hope Miyamoto is somehow involved in the Lego City game. I also want Miyamoto to be working on sequels to Eternal Darkness, Disaster: Day of Crisis, 1080′ SB, Waverace, Starwing and Pilotwings.

      What happened to Project HAMMER?

      • Nintedward .

        Good luck waiting 6 years. NSMB wii and DS still cost more than £20 pre fukin owned.
        Mario tends to maintain his price for years and years. NSMBU will be £40 brand new and about £31 pre owned for about 3 years…..

        • Vigo the Carpathian

          Good point, some little runt of a friend’s child scratched my NSMBW disc and I never replaced it due to high price.

          I can live without Smash Bros but something I don’t like is the lack of Mario Kart teaser. They really should’ve launched with it, I don’t want it to be groundbreaking, I just want DLC tracks and online!

      • NintendoMan :D

        Miyamoto is the CEO of the part of Nintendo that makes Mario games, but he is actually resigning from that spot and somebody else is taking his place. He will still work on Nintendo games though, just not Mario. I hope Mario games don’t change much.

        • Nintedward .

          That’s not true at all. He hasn’t yet stated his intentions for his IP’s. I presume he will be the one produceing the next 3D mario and ZELDA and other IP’s like pikmin 3 currently…

          2D marios are usualy produced by Takashi Tezuka now. But Miyamoto still has a huge say in what happens in those games aswell.

          • NintendoMan :D

            Oh. The Internet lies. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising though.

          • PACMAN

            Does anyone remember when during a nintendo direct I beleive it was. miyamoto explained the motto of nintendo it was to be original. It’s given them success so far so if miyamoto resigns I will still expect original and creative fun games out of nintendo. This is the difference between them and their competitors.

    • Elite

      I won’t lie i would like to know what to expect in terms of future gaming on the wii u.

  • pman

    Wow i cant wait … Three more weeks…

    • PACMAN

      more than that dude.

  • Trev

    I wish you could use the pro controllers with this game

    • NintendoMan :D

      I think you can actually. 😀

      • Castamere

        Do you have confirmation of that? I only ask because the extra jump or gliding with the motion controls seems to be an integral part of the gameplay.

    • Kev

      I also hope they give us the ability to play with the nunchuk. So far I haven’t seen anyone using a nunchuk to play this game. That’s how I played the previous Wii tirle.

  • Tobbe

    Ofc a must have in my U collection.
    Just saw on the news about the huge storm hitting east coast us. They say maby electricity will be out for weeks. Sad news for hungry Wii U gamers.

  • disliking troll


    • liking troll





    • nice



        so 10 people dont think that this game is bad ass?

        i see hater’s are still on that monkey see monkey do shit.

        thumbing down everything i post for no reason.lol


        • Lazara The Last

          I think wveryone agree on what you’re saying, but since you’re using your stupid moto, you get downvoted ^^

          • Lazara The Last


  • Swic11

    Getting this game day one. My best buy and GameStop have Wii u demo stations set up, but I think I am not gonna play it until I have my own. Too damn excited

  • poposino

    mario needs a serious mario game like mario 64 or mario sunshine, i’ve never liked new supermario bros, i dont feel the love of nintendo when playing them just the need of money

  • ssb4FC 3007 8585 6950

    Cannot wait thunbs up if U agree with me!

  • TheUNation

    Nintendo is really pushing envelope on a franchise title. New features, 5 player simultaneous play, Miiverse integration, HD graphics running at 60 fps… It’s never a Nintendo launch of a new game system without the #1 mascot Mario. I’m looking forward to purchase New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U.

  • NameUcantHate


    • CoD Hater

      BOO!!! CoD SUCKS!!!

  • Wario is my Hero

    After this Nintendo needs to make another open world/ 3D Mario… Kind of like say Super Mario 64 or Luigi’s Mansion 🙂 and make it a multiplayer game 🙂

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    This definitely is a must buy. I’ll surely be getting this. 😀

  • RoboticLink

    Definitely a must have. CAN. NOT. WAIT. By the way I hate you November 17th. Just saying.

  • Kirbymon123

    So…. by plenty of playable characters, you mean the toads and bros, and the miis, right?

  • corbin74

    So do you get to use the blocks in single player? Or just multiplayer?

    • paulie

      you can use the blocks in singular but u r not controlling the character. but that’s what i know so far

  • got my pre order

    I’m not buying wii you to play mario or kids games, I’m buying because it should produce next gen type games that sony and microsoft are years off from doing.

    I hope the wiiu can control my apple tv. I’m hardcore and I’m not buying kids games. The whole burger king toy thing is not what I want to see. Kids can play wii and play mario style games… There’s no need to have that much power for mario, the power is to produce “A” list games and to get adults to play nintendo all over again.

    • NintendoYOU

      You just got a thumbs your for referring to yourself as “Hardcore”

  • nintendoododo

    I just preordered this game. It looks so awesome. This is best launch game in my opinion. I really can’t wait to play this.

    • mojojojo888

      If we are talking multiplayer games, this might be the best offering…beyond that, not a chance…don’t get me wrong, I am getting this game day 1 for the multiplayer and to play with the wife, but it is hardly the best launch game. It, for all intensive purposes, is a HD NSMBWii, and not much more. I don’t think that makes it bad, but its not like a new 3D Mario that usually either changes mechanics or introduces worlds. Best launch titles? Possibly ZombiU, Scribblenauts:Unlimited, or Batman AC. Why? Because at least they are trying to accomplish something new, or presenting new ideas into great games. While NSMBU will no doubt be a great game, I hardly think it pushes the envelope on the NSMB franchise…just saying…

      • nintendoododo

        Are you trying to make me change my mind? Seriously I have my own opinion!!! DEAL WITH IT!!

  • WarioForever

    My reaction on this: “New Super Mario Bros U is a Wii U launch title and will include dozens of levels, lots of different playable characters, and up to five player multiplayer on the same Wii U console.” wait, what? LOTS OF DIFFERENT PLAYABLE CHARACTERS? WHAT? Only Mario bros and toads are playable. (not counting stupid miis, why they are stupid? I’ll explain later)!

  • Atticus

    After playing NSMB for the Wii, I just can’t be excited about this game. It’s not fun. It’s not original. It’s WAY too easy. The addition of the helicopter hat in the last version made every level FAR too easy. Just fly through the whole thing, and if you’re about to land on an enemy, just press Down and you’ll spiral into it and crush it!! HOW IS THAT FUN? And now they’re giving you a baby Yoshi that will let you fly infinitely just by shaking the controller over and over? Come on Nintendo. Give me a break.

    No one is more excited for the launch of this system than me, but they really shit the bed with this. A 3D Mario release would’ve been EPIC. It would’ve sold more units. This is just another boring, easy iteration in a series that needs to take a few years off before showing its face again.

    Rant: Over. Feel free to downvote me now.

    P.S. – I can’t stress this enough — I have been checking Wii U sites since E3 2011… I am DYING to get this system. I’m getting a ton of games. Just not this one. GO NINTENDO…. Just take it easy on these cloned 2D Mario games for a while….

    • rp17

      This game is not easy like the last one. Nintendo increased the difficulty so much they had to add the 5 player just to help out the amateurs. And this game is like Super Mario World. There you could fly over the whole level with a cape but you’ll never find the secret exits that way. And the you can use the balloon yoshi about 4 times. Very close to infinite! Don’t judge a game because it LOOKS similar to one you didn’t like.

      • Atticus

        Ok those are fair points… Maybe if I got my hands on the game once or twice then I’d grow to like it. I’m just going to start off with Zombi U, Call of Duty, Nintendo Land, and maybe FIFA/something else, then get Mario if I want after a few weeks. I just can’t wait 3 more weeks… This wait has been almost as bad as waiting for the Wii.

        • rp17

          I’m just excited because NSMBU may finally give me more of a challenge. And I’m not really a zombie or soccer fan but FIFA and ZombiU look cool. Especially ZombiU.

  • Nano

    Can’t wait

  • Ugh..

    Nintendo plays Mario too safe, they are so afraid to make changes. We need a better team for the 2D Mario games, not the babies Miyamoto hired. It’s kind of like Konami, they can’t make anything without Kojima taking control.

    • Mackenzie Smith

      why change something that is perfect