Jul 17th, 2012

New Super Mario Bros U
Nintendo recently commented that New Super Mario Bros U would be released “shortly” after the Wii U console. This caused a bit of a stir among fans who expected to buy and play the game as soon as they got their Wii U console. Nintendo has now made an official statement regarding the matter, saying that New Super Mario Bros U release date hasn’t changed and the game is still on track to be released as a Wii U launch title.

Furthermore, Kit Ellis, the Nintendo rep who initially said New Super Mario Bros U would be released after launch, recently told GoNintendo that his comments were “a mistake”. Officially, the game is still set for a Holiday 2012 release, and is listed at Nintendo as a launch title. However, Nintendo often has a different definition of “launch title”. It has happened before with the Wii and 3DS launches where a launch title was actually part of a “launch window”, which spanned a few weeks after the console went on sale.

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  • trainerblk

    it would be nice to see the cape power aka super mario in this

  • Rasta

    Ok tis is the way u figure out Nintendo when they say “This game will Launched along with Wii U” Or “This game is a day one perchase with the Wii U.” Its a tru launch line up game. and when they say “This game is a launch title.” they mean in launch window.

  • Man

    Im cool with what ever u call it. As long as i know its coming im fine.

  • Alienfish

    Still doesn’t matter to me. I’ll be buying it whenever Nintendo decides it’s ready. Premature games always feel so… premature.

  • Hi8us

    I think Nintendo is giving a chance to third parties to let their games sell first. I mean this could be part of their strategy to support third parties, because Nintendo’s games tend to sell the most so waiting a bit to give the other companies time so they’re not directly competing for consumer’s wallets.

  • mac

    ok good cause that was the main game i was wanting to play when i get the wii u

  • swic11

    this kinda sucks though. I’m sure by now they have an idea of their release date. Maybe they are holding back though because better tech (GPU,CPU) may become cheaper in the next month or two. I’m just tired of waiting!! lol

    • Dereq

      It is FAR too close to launch to change things like CPU/GPU. These things were probably finalized last year.

  • Gamer

    Swic11 genius :). Nintendo Knows hardware gets cheaper every three to six months. So there chipset designers shall charge them less because there is competition from other manufacturers in the chip market. Great that the mustached brothers Luigi and Mario are showing up day one. In super Mario Wii U. This guarantees over two million Wii Us sold day un’.

  • Gamer

    We all knew that Nintendo would not make a mistake of not releasing Mario at launch. This will keep every gamer, enthusiast, family and hater preoccupied till Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kirby, pokemon, Mario galaxy 3, F-Zero, Starfox, XENOBLADE 2, last story 2, or any other Nintendo IP shows up. Also we shall be satisfied with third party after third party release. Why are we crying for more third party titles; we shall be broke by year end and the whole of next year lol.

    • Mr.Nuggets

      What a smart person you are ‘-‘ Me likey 😀

  • Jonas

    as long as i can play it thats fine

  • Nintendofreak

    Well i dont really mind to be honest…….im more concerned about d metroid n zelda….yes i knw its varely code right now….as long as zombi u comes out at launch everything is all right

  • Acid

    im back to 4 games im getting on launch date!!!

  • kingtendo

    I already put up 1,000$ for launch day.I will be purchasing 1 extra touch pad controller, Four pro controllers and 8 games. And anything else extra untill I reach my limit.

    I’m gonna be stocked baby. Nintendo

  • Joey

    I got $0 so far, but i’m gonna work up a good amount and get the console, 4 games, 2 wiimote plusses, and 2 pro controllers! And of course, international shipping… 😀

  • AcesHigh

    Yes, the “mistake” Kit admitted to was just saying anything in the first place. Not so much that it will be out after the launch. “Launch Window” fully in effect. Kinda like horseshoes and handgrenades!

    BTW, I’m SO digging the HD GPX. Wii U doesn’t need to be significantly better than current gen. Just having Nintendo IP up to HD standards AND being able to play them on the tablet while the wife is watching her reality crap is more than enough for me!