Sep 17th, 2012

Nintendo has released yet another New Super Mario Bros U trailer, focusing entirely on gameplay and showing off some new level environments. The trailer also reveals some of Yoshi’s new moves, and some of the new mushrooms in the game. New Super Mario Bros U will be available on launch day, and will feature 7 game worlds, including Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, Layer Cake Desert, with dozens of levels in total. Players will access the levels via a World Map, much like in Super Mario World. Additionally, it’ll support up to 4 players in co-op, and a new sped run mode called “Boost Mode”. There’s also another NSMB U trailer from last week, showing how the game starts with the opening cinematic and levels.

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  • LP

    Extraordinary, thanks Wii U daily, keep,it up…

  • Mida

    Yoshi’s body is ready.

  • Jetty

    Simply amazing. 25 years and this plumber is still the top of Nintendo. Pre-ordered on Friday morning with my Deluxe. Is it just me or does that obese Yoshi on the box art looks very sinister?

    • LP

      He does, he kind of looks like the “Godfather”…

      • SideScreamer

        That’s a baby Yoshi, that inflates. Moron.

        • Jetty

          You’re correct, I shelled out 450 bucks to not know that information. It’s called a “joke”. It’s people like yourself that Nintendo created friend codes. I don’t know or care why you enjoy cyberbullying, you will continue your shallow path of loneliness unless you exert a more civil personality.

          • SteampunkJedi

            Well said. Although sarcasm can be very hard to read sometimes. I’ve learned that first hand. It helps to have an open mind in these sorts of respondations.

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    I’m getting a Super Mario World vibe from this which I like, a lot. I was gonna skip it at launch and get it later but now I’m reconsidering it.

    • Jetty

      Definitely has that SNES look and feel. That beanstalk stage reminded me of Bean Valley from Super Mario RPG. Most of the trailer has Super Mario World influence. Can’t wait to see this on the Gamepad!

      • Bladgrim

        Gah, now you really made me want another Super Mario RPG. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the new Paper Mario.

        • NavyBlueYoshi

          If only it was comming to wii U D: (paper Mario) I hear rumors that luigis mansion was delayed for wii u tho O_o

          • elbossmx

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion will be 3DS titles. They’re going to be out around the same time as the Wii U.

          • Tyler

            Wowww… you’re really misinformed… those are both 3DS games.

          • Tyler

            Wowww… you’re really misinformed… those are both 3DS games.

        • Jetty

          That makes two of us. I always thought Smithy would be on Mario’s side in the sequel. We’ll have to deal with Kingdom Hearts and Sticker Star, for now.

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      Your so right about the SMW vibe. I wish they would have tweaked the game slightly and just called New Super Mario World. But still this looks to be the best in the new super series. I think I’ll get it at launch. It just looks really good.

  • Lusunup

    I love how shiny the yellow baby yoshi is its ((_0 Beautifulz!

  • Bob Singh

    awesome! can’t wait

  • William Wallis

    This looks pretty great, it also looks as though it may be more challenging than “New Super Mario Bros Wii” and “New Super Mario Bros 2”. Looks like Nintendo is doing a great job so far.

  • Mylochek

    Looks great. So glad I got this one pre-ordered. Another great addition to the Super Mario family.

  • SteampunkJedi

    This game looks totally awesome. I want to get it with my Wii U.

  • dawnofmorning

    Looks absolutely gorgeous. Great job Nintendo!

  • Thepaperbag000

    Lol, Glowshi

  • eric1803

    Can you play it online with others?

    • Alienfish

      No. The official word on that, from what I remember, is that Nintendo isn’t okay with really any amount of lag so they didn’t add online. I suppose they feel a choppy online experience would tarnish the gameplay a bit and want to keep the Mario image as clean as possible at this point.

      • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

        at least we have some good miiverse integration. 🙂

  • allon

    Video won’t work on my Droid! :'(

    • Macarony64

      Works on mine

  • Owen

    Game looks like it might be harder than it first seemed, which is a plus. Wont be getting at launch though as Fifa 13 (plus nintendo land) will be more than enough to tide me over till January or so.

  • ocarinaoftime

    This is effing amazing! My childhood, as I’m sure most of the people heres too. Has that super Mario world touch and feeling to it which I simply love cuz that is one of the greatest games ever! Looking forward to it on launch day!

  • kissmyarse

    this games looks like nintendo kissed my arse

  • ssb4

    So want NSMBU now.

  • GoodNintentions

    I am still not sold on this, at least not for day 1. NSMBW was good and incredibly charming but Galaxy had some 2D sections that were more fun and inventive than any level on on NSMBW. NSMBU looks nice and sharp but so far I haven’t seen anything that makes me sure it is an essential purchase.

    Rayman and Trine 2 look more interesting but my friend pointed something out to me that I couldn’t ignore. He said he had always thought 3rd party games had better graphics than nintendo games but is always proved wrong by the test of time. A good example is Yoshi’s Island vs. Donkey Kong Country.

    I know eventually the NSMBU music will get into my brain and force me to buy it

  • Spike

    After looking at this, I can’t help but ask rather or not the people who bothered to purchase the new super mario brothers 2… just happen to get shovelware.

    I’m going to get this like any other mario title, but I’m getting the feeling i’m being manipulated. But then again, one game is for 30 dollars, this one is for 60..

  • Roedburn

    A bit off topic, but about how much memory would an N64 game take up? I want to port OoT, MM, & SF64 over to my WiiU.

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      Just a few megabytes. Maybe around 10 up to around 40 megabytes per so even if all you had was 8 gigs of flash you could download plenty of them.

  • Josh

    I can’t take the wait any longer!

  • Britton

    I really want this game. I loved NSMB and NSMB-Wii. This will be a great game to get at launch.

  • *.*

    Double sato!

  • Bill

    Can I just ask, can you use the pro controller in NSMBU? because I’m getting the pro controller for other games to play with friends, and dont want to have to buy the wii remote as well :/, anyone know?


    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      Iv’e never seen anyone play with a pro controller as of yet but I hope so.

    • Jetty

      Probably so. I can’t see one Wii U title without Pro Controller compatibility. Then again, with launch anything goes.

  • GirlGamer

    Supa Supa Mario! 🙁 about luigi being his younga brotha

  • Sethlaw225

    why does watching these mario trailers make me smile so freaking much. its like a kid entering Willie Wonka Factory you know your getting something good.

  • roedburn

    I love the music in these games.

  • AwayToHit

    wow this looks way better than the joke that is NSBM 2 😀

  • Wow… another soul-less, safe Mario game. Yay! Nintendo, you have the potential to give us great, new, fresh 2D Mario games. STOP PLAYING IT SAFE AND STOP USING THE NOSTALGIA CARD!

  • Gamechemist8

    This looks awesome! I didn’t get NSMB2 but I’ll definitely get this one! HD, awesome gameplay elements with the new gamepad, and fresh and innovative ideas makes this game one of the best games in the launch lineup! Great job Nintendo!

  • XxTwinRova

    Something mario NEEDS is to be able to find other players for all games. I am alone a lot and would love to play multiplayer on mario games but cannot. If I could find someone to play with online that would make me a very happy camper