Jun 24th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 15th, 2012, 10:31 pm

New Super Mario Bros U will be one of the main Wii U launch titles when the console ships later this year. We’ve seen some screenshots of the game, and a trailer as well, plus various off-screen gameplay footage. But now, for the first time, we have some good quality New Super Mario Bros U gameplay footage running on the Wii U GamePad, with a direct audio feed from the game. As with all Wii U games, players can chose to use the tablet screen to play games on instead of the TV. What do you think of New Super Mario Bros U so far? Will you be picking it up on launch day? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • swiftcashew

    Looks great! Will pick this up at launch.

  • Desi

    Whoever played this, plays really bad. Regarding the footage looks more of the same, fun indeed but i´d like to see a new Galaxy game

    • Madara

      I wonder why she was shaking the controller so hard. Wii motion controls didn’t require violent shaking. I doubt the controller isn’t sensitive enough.

      • suv

        Yah, she did suck pretty bad. It was hard to watch her play while she shook that controller like an evil baby.

      • KingrafaSE

        There’s no point in even shaking the controller. It was so painful to watch the video. I was like ”WTF, why didn’t she get the mushroom!!!”

        • Andrew

          I had motion sickness while watching her play.

  • Skozo

    Fun game, but if only the music was as good in the previous games. Small complaint, preferred Mario 3D music; but who knows really.

  • James Bowserman

    Looks good to me… however if nintendo wants to make this game look fun to other people, than they need to find someone that can play better.

  • Slipsevenfold

    She shook the hell out of that controller! O_o

  • filthysock

    This is just hard to watch. The person playing is absolutely horrible! You’re supposed to hold ‘Y’ to run faster and jump higher!

    Give the gamepad to the person holding the camera and let them try because you seem to have never played a video game in your life.

  • 3ds guy

    A must buy for me

  • slim jim

    i would but it all depends on the wii u price

    • uPadWatcher

      I assume it’s between $299.99 and $399.99 USD.

  • Owen

    who plays side scrolling mario without holding down the sprint button?!

  • nucima

    The Wii Mario Bros. looked much better. This seems to be extremely casual, with the controllable platforms etc.. Does Mario now have telekinesis skills?
    The shown level looks also boring.

    I say all this harms a fluid gameplay. But I would love to get surprised, that it will become epic fun.

    • James Bowserman

      I think whoever was playing made this look boring, I’m sure it will be a worthy Super Mario title.

    • Alienfish

      Did you see those Piranha plants? No, this game definitely looks better than the last one.

  • jat

    u fkin suck at mario btch 🙂

  • Wolf

    Yeah, shaking the screen won’t make it hard to see what I’m doing at all…
    Also, that music is mind bogglingly annoying.

  • Paul

    will be picking this game up along with zombiu, batman arkyham city and lego city undercover and if blackops 2 is annouced then this as well

  • Gew

    Seems rather meh to me; a step or three backwards from the Galaxy games in my personal opinion.

  • Thrasher 1x

    shake the controller!!!

  • Chris

    Man, I want to punch the chick playing. She’s terrible. Pass the controller lady!

  • Nintengoth

    Looks good, but can anyone tell me if it is a new mario game or a remake or summing? it looks like a remake but i hope it aint.
    Maybe a launch pickup not sures yet.

    • jamin

      it’s an all new game, but it’s a new installment for the New Super Mario Bros. series.

  • uPadWatcher

    I will definitely purchase New SMB U along with Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition, Assassin’s Creed III, and Rayman Legends.

  • Tiff

    Is the controller wireless? Because it looks like it has a cord attached to it in the back.

    • bob


      • markw1982

        when nintendo released the dev kits the bable was wired for some reason probably to allow developers to program and not worry about charging but also for security

    • Paul

      yeah security bud, similar stuff with mobile phones aswell and im sure its a new title

  • Supermosh1990

    gonna pick it up on launch day already pre ordered my copy.

  • Alienfish

    Is it really necessary to shake the controller to inflate the Yoshi? I really hope not. I thought Nintendo was past waggle controls. As long as there are button alternatives to the waggle I’m sold.

    • suv

      I like shaking the controllers, but this person looks like they have tourette’s.

      • Alienfish

        Right, explain to me how shaking the screen you’re looking at wouldn’t make it hard to focus on that screen. I’m perfectly fine using the Wiimote along with the TV screen. Would it seem reasonable to have to shake your 3DS in a game like Mario 3D Land? No, and they didn’t even add in a maneuver controlled by waggle. All I’m saying is that there should be more control options for when the small screen is used. I honestly don’t know where all the hate came from for my comment above since all I did was make a reasonable point.

  • Brandon

    Look more nonhardcore games… Come on nintendo if u say ur going after the core gamer go for them instead of mario. Dont get me wrong ill pick up for my 5 yr old after price drops but zomiu only game im interested in
    played the othe 2 core games already and not a fan of AC

    • Andrew

      Nintendo said that they were targeting both causal and hardcore gamers. I think they are making the right choice releasing games for the Nintendo fans and those who stood by them this whole time and not just the “hardcore gamer” who abandoned them. Besides there are still many games to be shown so just wait and see. I just hope a few of them are new IPs that are interesting like ZombiU.

    • dimsdale

      honestly i see the wii u be the perfered hardcore console from e3 to now watching game port & new i seen alot of heavy hiters & you using hardcore wrong because im pretty sure marios hardcore i put tons of hrs in mario 3d land my 3ds activities show i think no disrepect your a wanna be hardcore gamer hardcore gaming is about how much time u put in the game not what its rated & witch 2 u played darksider 2 tekken tag tournament batman ninja gaiden 3 mass efect 3 zombiu ac3 aliens witch 1 be specific

    • Britton

      Your comment is incredibly ignorant. Mario is one of the most iconic characters in the history of gaming and is not only targeted for 5 year olds. Branch out buddy.

  • Desi

    To be honest, after playing the amazing Rayman and DK I don´t think I really need a new 2D mario as a new Rayman is coming the Wii u way. NSMB Wii was cool but it never took me to some new place as SMB3 did back in the NES days. This looks cheap, casual, great but cheap. DK and Rayman are reaching new frontiers and Mario just lost his pace, I think

  • Your mom

    No I will not be picking this up at launch. I will get batman arkham city armored edition instead. But I shall get this for Christmas.

  • leeeroy

    its gonna be real hard to do walkthroughs for the wii u.

  • Death

    Damn, this player blows.
    I could’ve probably beat the level in the time she took to get past the green platform xD.

    I seriously hope the controller is more sensitive than that, though. Or else it’ll be hard as hell to see what I’m doing.

  • Dan

    First thought: This person is not very good at playing 2D platformers.

    Second thought: Game looks pretty cool. Worth Super Mario Bros. entry at least.

    Third thought: Wow, that audio was coming from the gamepad? That’s pretty good sound quality there.

  • DerikGotro64

    Id play it on the tv screen lol. I really really hope players 2 3 and 4 can play using the wii u pro controllers instead of the wii controllers. Oh if princess toadstool ain’t a playable character, I’m making a mii out of her LoL!
    Other than that; I’m sold on the game.

  • Your Dad

    Lol, I thought you only shake the controller when you have the flying tanuki suit. I wen’t like WTF, I don’t see any thing happening to Mario when she was shaking the controller. But I still can tell Super Mario Bros.U is FUN!

  • silentbates

    take advice from a hockey player; all you have to do is snap your wrist not shake it like some f***ing 3 year old who just deleted your whole pokemon game

  • silentbates

    these controls for this game remind me alot of Super mario World… good times :’)….good times.

  • Bruno

    Screw “Super Mario Bros” already please. I mean, Mario Galaxy was much better than that. 2D games aren’t fun anymore. I didn’t like the 2D DK as well. Now can you imagine if Miyamoto did Zelda and Metroid in 2D? Please, no, forget this 2D nonsense. It isn’t fun anymore, not to me. I could be wrong but never wanted to play Mario Bros for Wii for more than a few minutes, but played the shit out of Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.

    • Britton

      I think you are in the minority about this. 2d games can be fun. Both Super Mario Bros Wii and DK Returns had amazing reviews and sold a buttload of games. You are entitled to your opinion though. Unfortunately for you they will not listen to your plea of “no more 2d games” for reasons I already mentioned.

  • Ninty fan

    Anyone ever played WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw ’08? If so, then you might know this. I WANT SOMETHING YOU(Nintendo) HAVE I WANT IT IN MY HANDS DONT MOVE HAND IT OVER….

  • WRB

    I really hope shaking is optional. I just wanna press buttons.

  • Tristan

    This guy can’t play.

  • endo

    I got very dizzy from all the shaking,but a must buy.

  • AwayToHit

    Worst mario player ever :S

  • Jerm1234

    Shes shaking that gamepad like a crazy woman!

  • LizardLee

    Is it true that a Yoshi will be able to spit magic bubbles or something like that? Also why in the H*** was that person chosen for the video. I am still going to get the game, but after watching him/her play they almost sucked the fun out.

  • 007 1/2

    SHE SUCKS!!!!!!!! Also, i would love a mario kart U.

    • 007 1/2

      Maybe there could be 5 players-4 on the tv and 1 more on the gamepad. That would be awesome!

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