Sep 7th, 2012

Game Infomer is one of the largest video game print publications in the world, and they don’t just let any game grace their cover. The next issue of the magazine will have the upcoming Wii U platformer New Super Mario Bros U on the cover, breaking a long streak without a Mario on the cover of the magazine. In fact, Game Informer says that it’s been 16 years since a Mario game was on the cover. The staff at the magazine got a chance to play the game at Nintendo’s headquarters, and the issue will feature 10 pages of New Super Mario Bros U details, including an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Check out the Mario cover below:

New Super Mario Bros U

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  • alienlifeufo7

    Coolio, finally some hardcore gamers will take note of this, that Mario isn’t just for little kiddies that play with toy trucks and stuff.

    • John

      Did you really want to use this image for that argument? There is a rainbow in the background and the enemy is doing a little dance.

      • Eric

        you have forgotten the level of Violence those koopas will do to you at your wrong move… go on! play your Xbox and ps3, it’s more forgiving with their shields and girly perks.

      • 88MilesPrower

        A MANLY rainbow and a MANLY dance! Mario is serious business, no room for toy trucks here.

      • Lord Carlisle

        While I love Mario, I have to admit… this image probably won’t be much help in gathering the “hardcore”(I say this with distaste) crowd.

    • papa pachter

      Perfect pedo console with all these kids games

    • The Plague

      Right. If you think Mario isn’t a core game, then beat every Star on Mario Galaxy 1&2 and then say that. Way hard…

      • Death

        I have 226 on Mario Galaxy 2 T_T
        Those green stars are so damn hard to find…

        • AwayToHit

          242 here 😀

    • Colton

      So it’ll convince a minority of gamers we don’t even want into Nintendo because they’ll ruin the fandom?

      Please stop this.

  • Garzard

    Steppin’ up bro!

    • just NINTENDO

      MARIO is the most famous character i blieve mario is more famous than mickey mouse
      mario:all people love it
      my top 5 characters:
      3rd.kirby&crash bandicoot
      5th.all nintendo characters

      • nintedward

        cough pikachu cough

  • Macarony64

    Mario is the (insert famous movie start here)of gaming

    • Joesatmoes

      chuck norris

      • person

        I had to thumbs it up because it was chuck norris.

      • AKA-Link77


    • Kyron

      Matt Damon

    • Ibiexplorer4

      Justin Bieber.

      And yes. I typed that for the sole purpose of getting thumbs downs. Don’t ask why.

      • Matthewmc685

        Well it worked but I don’t think people will look back on this and say “WOW He got what he wanted, how awesome of him to have a thumbs downs comment”

        • Ibiexplorer4

          I just thought it would be fun to type that as a joke. I’m not trying to be “awesome” as you call it.

        • Ninty1

          I’ve heard of people asking for thumbs up, but asking for thumbs down? that’s original

          • Ibiexplorer4

            Thank you.

      • JEREMY

        that actually makes sense though. he fans all around the world (like Mario), some songs that everybody can listen to (Mario is a game for everyone) and a lot of people just brush him off because of the majority (?) of his fanbase. ex. justin beiber is for gays and little girls. not listening to that crap. (idiot marios for kids im not playing that)

        You’re suprisingly accurate lol

        • nintedward

          if you ever compare mario to justin bieber again , i and many others will cut you.

          justin bieber is horrific . mario is a living legend.

          • Ibiexplorer4

            That’s kind of harsh. It was just a joke.

        • Macarony64

          Call of duty is more like bieber he sells alot has a fan base that thinks that they are grow ups and they dont bring anything new to the gen

        • Ibiexplorer4

          Justin is famous. Mario is well-known.

          And yes. There is a difference.

      • 88MilesPrower


        • Ibiexplorer4

          No reason. I just thought it would be fun.

    • rafael


      • Epic

        Will smith

    • dr scoobie

      mario is the gordon freeman of gaming

    • JumpMan


    • nintedward

      Danny devito

    • Louis

      Marlon Brando

    • LibertyZero

      Pierce Brosnan.

    • Pokemon Master#1

      Jack Black

    • SilentBates

      Black Dynamite!

    • Kirbymon123

      Mario is the Luigi of gaming.

  • Ninteresting

    I’m worried about this game but I am sure I will still buy it

    Rayman looks much sexier than this from trailers I’ve seen so far.

    • ninjabake

      Wait til you read the article, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the direction and content in the game. I saw a preview of it and I was impressed(mind you I was skeptical of it as well) but I’m not gonna spoil anything but think of super Mario world, then think of updated visuals, different playable characters, different hidden levels, a new difficult mode (wont spoil it! LOL) and obviously more power ups. To add to that you can play on the gamepad itself so to me its a must buy now. Rayman is as well, so once you read the article I think you may get a little more hype for it

      • Gabe Hoffman

        So you think they should change the name to New Super Mario World?

        • yorgen

          you remind me of someone from nintendo power 😛

          • Kirbymon123

            THEY’RE FREAKING ENDING THE MAGAZINE 🙁 Poor Hoffman. Will Slate every come out of orbit?

  • YAK(youraveragekid)


    • Mac

      i guarentee you that this isn’t gonna get respect. this is how the sony drones are gonna react “OMG WHY IS A KIDDY GAME LIKE MARIO ON THE COV….i mean so its just a cover of a magazine no one reads it anyway and they havent had a cover in 16 years so they are still irrelevant regardless if mario has a cover”

  • Mida

    Their body is ready.

    • Kyron

      My body is MORE ready than theirs.

  • Justin

    Can’t wait for this game!

  • LilLizard

    Mario is the only person I know of to go SOOO MANY years and still never gets old.

    • Herox95

      What about The Legend of Zelda?

      • frank

        Well he said person, not game. But even then, weren’t there baby mario and luigi? And zelda and link have been shown as children AND adults. So while zelda is always changing, the characters to grow older. Link turned 25 not to long ago.

      • SteampunkJedi

        I think you mean Link. But Mario’s pretty much looked exactly the same, while Link changes in appearance at least a little almost every game.

  • Kirby

    That looks so adorable. I must read it. MUST, I TELL YOU!

  • logan7699

    looking forward to the issue..

  • Metroidvania

    Ive never been a fan of Game Informer. It seems they’ve always been baised toward eating up the generic “hardcore” cookie cutter shooters, and being overly obsessed with visuals over gameplay.

    Correct me if im wrong, but isnt this magazine owned by Gamestop? Ive never been too keen on the Nintendo hate this magazine had, the way that they treat their readers, and the fact they the had Pachter articles in their magazine, and took his jumbled words as fact.

    If this magazine is owned by GameStop. I can see them really sucking up to Nintendo now. Since Nintendo is keeping their business alive. Not going after the sales of used games, and allowing people to buy codes in store for the digital download copy. Since they’re a corporate owned magazine. I think their tone on Nintendo will change rather quickly because of this.

    Good news. It also revealed two new Nintendo Land games. Glad to see my favorite Metroid busting out!

    • Enigmatic

      “and being overly obsessed with visuals over gameplay.”
      Not even close.

      “I can see them really sucking up to Nintendo now. ”
      Lol wut.

      “Since Nintendo is keeping their business alive.”
      Along with Sony, Microsft, Apple, and all of the the other game developers that make retail games.

      “Ive never been too keen on the Nintendo hate this magazine had”
      What Nintendo hate? You mean them dissing on the Wii? What true hardcore gamer didn’t hate on the craptastic Wii? Hahaha.

      • nintedward

        you are not a hardcore gamer. i play ps3 , 360 , pc. but (hurt) you just dissmiss the wii ?? NOOOOOOOOOOOB!.

        the wii has lots of very good , difficult , what ever games.

        it has a lot of shovelware and that is annoying. but it has some reallly great games.

        so the ‘hardcore’ gamers that dismiss the wii are ‘softcore crap’.

      • Metroidvania

        Kid I think everyone one on this site knows your a troll, and its funny that you’ve made a name for yourself. Must have a pretty interesting life eh? You’ve beat the same nonsensical horse so much its a grease spot. Oh look the “hardcore” term AGAIN! Try harder! Keep failing!

        😉 Luv ya Teido!

        • Enigmatic

          A troll? Hah. Far from it. Ignore my fakes that use my names as an excuse to post random offensive material. They are cowards that don’t use their own original name.

          • Enigmatic


          • Metroidvania

            Im still hung up on your first post. I mean I just dont get it. Im dumbfounded. These “hardcore” gamers you speak so much of. Why do they spend so much time dissing an inanimate object? I mean they must have terribly interesting lives huh?

  • Shankovich

    If you had any foresight, or intelligence, you probably wouldn’t have forgotten that comments need to be approved before going up, so if you “post” several minutes after an article goes up, you probably won’t be first -_-

    And why are the admins approving “FIRST LS KLAJSD LKA IM A RETARD” comments anyways???

    • Grodus

      Because they think they deserve the hate coments. (Just so this comment doesn’t get thumbs down, yes, of course I’m joking. Some people on the internet act like retards…)

      • Grodus

        What the heck? This was SUPOSSED to be a reply to Shankovich who shoulnd be too far above this comment.

        • Grodus

          Well, that’s ironic.

  • Nintendo Power

    not that first again

  • username

    there body is reggie.

  • WaveRacer

    They must have really liked NSMBU for them to put Mario on the front cover

  • Ibiexplorer4

    I have to say. The cover looks pretty good.

  • Pachter

    well i think that whatever has ”nintendo” on it fanboys will buy it.

  • Lusunup

    I find it hilarious that game informers now decides to add a cover page for nintendo and always gives bad reviews to most nintendo games and its potential it has.they now put a cover page because its now supports HD graphics,such graphic trolls.

  • Xblade13

    It looks like a new Super Mario World, what with the baby Yoshis and stuff, which I am glad to see. (Its been far too long!)

    I wonder if there will be any new powerups besides the Flying Squirrel Suit? Maybe the frog suit could make a comeback like the Tanooki did in 3D Land.

    In the E3 playthroughs I noticed a LOT of non-koopa enemies. I wonder if that could mean a different villain than Bowser for once…

  • GirlGamer

    O.M.G this games gonna be a hit!!!

  • macabre6

    Mario is the posterboy for video games.

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Does anybody know when this magazine comes out?

    • Macarony64

      At the end of september


    cool cover

  • Sikora

    Now i know what to expect in my letter box 😉

  • Mass Effect fan

    WOW for that game i would give anything Uncharted,Killzone,Heavy Rain,Resistance,The Elder Scrolls,Dragon Age,Mass Effect,Max Payne,Rage,Bioshock,Borderlands,Fallout,GTA that games are nothing compared to this game hahahahaha

  • Dark Pit

    You see Mario’s fist close to the green pipe? It reminds me of knuckle’s glove.

  • TheBoldman67

    DAMN. TEN pages? o_o That’s ALOT. Might as well just make the whole thing about Mario.

  • snestendo

    This could be a good sign for nintendo

  • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

    This is good news no doubt, this could be a sign that Game Informer, and the rest of the gaming media will no longer have a hatred against Nintendo!

  • XDLugia

    16 YEARS?? Does that mean they did not do one for Sunshine and Galaxy?

  • SteampunkJedi

    Wow. That’s a big Mario.

  • Gamer

    Game Informer finally recorgnizing real gaming.

  • ssb4

    looks cool last mario game i played was galaxy on wii. 3D land seemed boring but racoon mario was a cool concept.

  • Solphins

    This is a blow to Nintendo… They made it look cute. They included a rainbow… why?


    16 years… Super Mario 64

  • Kirbymon123

    😛 My free subscription for signing up to PowerUp rewards just ended. But Game Informer is still gonna be biased.


    Its about time they give Nintendo some love. I get so tired of all of the ps3 and Xbox stuff all of the time. Meanwhile Nintendo usually only gets a paragraph or two.

  • 2K RichKid

    Nov will be the day it will come out. 🙂 They should make Mario Football.