Oct 30th, 2012

Nintendo has revealed a whole bunch of new New Super Mario Bros U details in a press release, including new game modes, the return of the world map, and even a new character.

NabbitPlayers will be able to experience the new Challenge Mode, where the objective is to complete a level with certain challenges. For example, this includes completing a level without getting a single coin, or even without touching the ground. Challenge Mode will also include Time Attack, where players have to complete the level within a certain time frame.

Another addition is “Coin Battle”, where several players compete on who can collect the most coins on a level. The coin layout on each level can be customized via the GamePad, and saved for later use.

New info on the World Map was revealed as well. New Super Mario Bros U will be the first 2D Mario game since 1992 to have a World Map. Players will be able to navigate and visit the 7 different game worlds and their many levels, and the map features shortcuts to many of the places.

Finally, Nintendo revealed a brand new character for New Super Mario Bros U. Called “Nabbit” (as seen on the image above), his a little fellow who appears on the world map. Players will have to chase him throughout the map, and if they manage to catch him, they receive a “P-Acorn”, which will allow them to fly through an entire level.

Fore more on New Super Mario Bros U, check out the latest screenshots and the new trailer. The game will be a Wii U launch title on November 18.

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  • Bob Singh

    Nabbit is a nice new addition! Looking forward to this game!

    • PACMAN


    • Xadrin

      Nabbit looks like Bowser Jr+ Shy Guy

      • Bob Singh

        The mask he is is wearing is similar to Bowser Jr’s bib.

        • Master of Awesomeness

          I said it first.For some reason though my comment was after yours!
          Oh well, it’s good for everyone to have their say.

          This new dude looks cool. I’ll chase him all day!

      • Master of Awesomeness

        Actually, nabbit is a mutated rabbid which has been given bowser juniors bib, or little cloth thing.

        • Master of Awesomeness

          This is…
          Awesome News is crossed to become…

      • Lusunup

        That’s exactly what i thought subtract the shy guy because he has the same type of bandit scraf with a drawed on evil grin; which is also painted on. Also his legs and arms seem pretty stubby which would be to long to be shy guy. Who knows maybe the smbu story might spiral to something different that has to do with the family of King Koopa.

        • thepokemonmaster

          Well I personally think it’s bowser jr just tired of losing…

      • The Random Man

        Reminds me a bit of that one enemy from SMB2. Too lazy to look up the name right now.


      I like his name…it’ll become some kind of gamer/urban dictionary word in two years…like noobs, squeakers, and shrooms…

      • SH*TBLOCK

        eh…I am loved…I am hated…I am loved to be hated…eh
        eh…I am hated to be loved…I am hated…I am loved…eh

  • Here’s Why

    This game certainly feels NEW!

    • …..

      LOL. Not at all.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    Awesome news! They should bring back all elements of Super Mario World

  • JJ The Damned

    Just how many people are gonna hate Nabbit? I think my friend peter will! LOL

  • Radojko95

    Nice … This will be my first to buy game :))))

    • PACMAN

      onsey makes me chuckle.

    • nice

      for me the only one 🙂

  • LyingTuna

    Well, all of the 2-d Mario games after super Mario bros. 3, plus the latest 3-d ones, have world maps… Though Mario World had a much nicer one. This is going to be like the Mario world one. Also, the nabbit guy has a bowser jr mask. That’s nice, I suppose.

    • rp17

      They mean one giant interconnected map. Not one where you warp between worlds.

      • BubbleMan v2

        Perhaps they should make that more clear in the article, as I was a little confused as well.

  • dawnofmorning

    The new character looks fantastic! Can’t wait to play!!

  • Steve Killa

    Only seven worlds? Come on Nintendo up the ante.

    • dubYA

      I’ll be surprised if there isn’t at least one secret world.

  • Link

    “New Super Mario Bros U will be the first 2D Mario game since 1992 to have a World Map.”

    Did they just forget that New Super Mario Bros. Wii even existed?

    • Iceman404

      When they say that, they mean a non-linear, actually INTERESTING world map that consists of all 8 (or 7) worlds. Only Super Mario World did this.

      • nice

        and smw was the best ever

  • JJJ


    • PACMAN

      I really want to know what his mouth looks like!

      • 3Ds Sux

        ‘Cause there is a P-Acorn in it.

  • NintendoMan :D

    Ha P- Corn ha its funny ha…

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Its P-Acorn, probably from P-Wing. They should have made it P-Corn, like A-corn, just change the initial letter.

  • BananaPwnz

    This game is based a lot on Mario bros 3

    • dubYA

      More like Super Mario World.

  • Mida

    Aw come on nintendo. Stop giving players overpowered power ups. If a player constantly fails at a level, it just means they suck. They must practice the level over and over again until they master it. Not by cheap tricks

    • SuperWiiEntertainmentSystem

      I totally agree, I was hoping that trend would stop at this game, but atleast they made it hard compared to the first Mario titles. Which is the reason why I haven’t picked up nsmb2 yet. Too easy and not worth $40 for the easiness of the game

      • PACMAN

        What they’re trying to do is let gamers just skip over the cheap stuff and then if less experienced players need it… boom its there. If you try you can challenge yourself. It makes games much more fun.

    • DerikGotro64

      Were the p-wing in mario 3 and the cape in mario world cheap too? You don’t have to use the overpowered powerups if you don’t want to.

  • NintendoLover

    From the article: ” his a little fellow who appears on the world map. ” HIS a little fellow. I think that’s supposed to be he’s. Anyway, New Super Mario Bros. U looks awesome. I’m glad I pre-ordered it! 😀

  • Armani

    These Mario U game get more news and just gets us all excited!! 😀

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    This game will be a best seller title on Wii U! A MUST GET ON LAUNCH DAY!

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      That or nintendo land

      • NintendoMan :D

        This game already sold out at my Best Buy and none of the other Wii U games have yet.

  • Amtoj

    Wait a minute! Ubisoft has their rabbits jumping into Mario?!

    • MEJM

      Yeah, I too think it resembels the rabbids a bit. With the stubby legs and all. 🙂

      • Amtoj

        What why so many dislikes I just made a reference?

  • WiiUhyper

    “nibbit” is cool, but it might get a little annoying (more then likely not), but it might help you a lot if your stuck on a level!

    • KalebTaylorX

      That’s what MiiVerse is for. 🙂

  • Roedburn

    Glad I chose to get this game, and I’ll enjoy chasing down that lil’ rabbit dude.

  • SmashballZ

    Super Mario bros U ftw! Can’t wait to play this game!

  • Jetty

    Already pre-ordered with Wii U. Knew this game would rock!!!

  • dubYA

    Everything sounds awesome as usual. I am curious about Nabbit though. Anyone else notice that he’s wearing Bowser Jr.’s bandana? Maybe Nabbit is just Bowser Jr. In disguise. You heard it hear first!

    • dubYA

      Why the downvotes? Wouldn’t be the first time Bowser Jr. masqueraded as someone else. Remember Super Mario Sunshine?

      • MEJM

        I guess the downvotes came from saying ”you heard it here first.”
        A tough crowd. 🙂

  • Nintendo Wii U is Awsome

    The new character is awesome. Everything is awesome. The Wii U is so cool it makes everything seem awesome. By the way, I am sure that if there is no secret world, each section of the 7 sections will contain a lot of cool levels.


    “Nabbit” like a cross between nab the rabbit. I just got that.lol NSMBU is keeps getting better. Can’t wait to play it on Nov. 18!

  • Treebeard

    Barrum, not another little rabbit to rustle my leaves!!

  • NintendoYOU

    I see we are back to 2 articles a day again…. sigh….

  • Nintendo Gamer1994

    “New Super Mario Bros U will be the first 2D Mario game since 1992” i think you mean “1991”

    Super Mario World released with the SNES in 1991, & was a deminstration to show off the capibilities of the “SNES” just like Super Mario 64 for N64, Luigi’s Mansion for GCN, Wii Sports for Wii, and now Nintendo Land for Wii U, each of these games was a deminstration of capibilities, and how the Console worked.

    Also i can’t wait to purchase this Day 1 and i already have enough to buy it! 🙂

  • Major Beauner



    this mario will be quacktastic………….bring it on


  • nintendoododo

    This is best wii u game ever. You can’t deny it.

    • Roedburn

      Zelda will be better.

  • Volcano

    Wow. awesome to hear! who wants to see a super mario galaxy 3 on wii u? or a new 3d mario? anyway for american folks do you notice how somehow near the release date of wii u is?

  • Peanut

    This is Legen..wait for it..Dary!!

  • Name

    Nabbit finally something NEW to new super mario bros

  • Amtoj

    Why did I get dislike for calling him a Raving Rabbid look alike? Maybe it’s one of many 3rd party easter eggs we will soon be seeing!

  • Linskarmo (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    Nabbit looks cool. Like Bowser Jr. gave a Raving Rabid his bib and a lot of grape juice. But I’ll probably end up hating him after failing to catch him. *Shakes fist at uncatchable-Nabbit*

  • Burn


  • TheMan

    Nabbit looks like a mixture of Bowser Jr. and an Eggplant.

  • Kirbymon123

    Who’s the new playable character?