Nov 4th, 2012

While many may dismiss it as a Mario Kart rip off, judging from the screenshots and trailers we’ve seen so far of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, it looks like a very capable arcade racing game. SEGA has released another set of screenshots of the upcoming Wii U racing game, and they’re looking even better than last time. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be a Wii U launch title on November 18, and will feature many famous SEGA mascots in races taking place on land, in water, in air, and even in space. Check out the new gallery below.

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  • trev

    Its not nario kart or need for speed but I am looking forwsrd to this game. Please add voice chat though

    • Bb


      • Bill


    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

      Looks fun, but I agree. Will hold out for Mario Kart ?8? and…


      • goginho

        Doesn’t need to in my opinion. I’m not really fond of people’s comments about comparing similar games to one another, because I believe that it nicely and productively adds to the game collection, which is always welcome. I mean, why put a game down. We should just appreciate the fact that it enriches our collection of games and expands our repertoire. Mario Kart will prolly be better ..but the more, the merrier.

        • Bicentennial_Pidgeon


          If i can only get one, it’ll be the better one.

        • D2K

          Word. This game is it’s own thing. If I could afford it I would be picking this up too. I love fun racing games.

        • Weird-dude

          I actually enjoyed Sega & Sonic All Stars Racing more than Mario Kart Wii or 7… it’s a mario kart clone with slightly less focus on weapons, and much more focus on speed and dynamic environments.

          That said, I am a big mario kart fan ever since the 1st SNES one.

          I am also interested in trying out the other mario kart clone, soon (or already?) release: the one with that little big racetrack in it.

      • nice

        F-Zero would be great 😀

    • MadPopGaming

      I agree is good but if is not nario, is no good

  • Elite

    Looks good, but i just have no interest. I would like to see a Sonic game eventually. Probably will have to be like the last sonic game, side scroll action which would be fine. WHAT i really would like to see is phantasy star online 2…..

    • Nintedward

      Phantasy star online 2 is coming to PC and PS vita. PC is some BS F2P version riddled with microtransactions (cries) and PS vita version is , well , on the ps vita…

      I’ll have to buy a pre owned vita just to play pso2 and then sell the crap out of it when I’m finished. I just wish it was a Proper game on The consoles and the PC.

      • Nintedward

        BTW guys, Do you all have that horrible excuse for Dubstep Music off the wiiu adverts stuck in your head too ????


        • NinTobias

          Yeah-it’s kinda like becoming the theme for Wii U adverts-I kinda like it actually
          Imagine if they made that Wii U logo sound into a dubstep version, with a black background, white text and a blue U. It would be way more obvious that it’s as related to the Wii as the Wii was to the Gamecube…

          • CRT_hater777

            The GameCube sound was amazing

        • Nintenlord

          Do you have gas??

        • Kid4ever

          No, your the only one with the problem here…

      • Elite

        Sorry i didn’t clarify that i have an extensive knowledge base on Phantasy star. But yes i have a gaming computer and i also have a vita.

    • Shankovich

      I’d like to see Nintendo buy Sega or Sonic and save him…

      • Matthewmc685

        What I want to see is anything sonic adventure (2 remake or 3?) with lots more chao awesomeness!

        • Keath

          chaos were probably the best part of the game. as long as the next sonic game has chaos ill be happy

        • AKA-Link77

          YAH! Chao’s are the sh!t 😉

        • Crapcake

          they’ve remade adventure 2 too much its time for 3d mario and sonic adventure 3!!!!! stop remaking adventure 2 sega!! its about time for adventure 3!!!!!

      • relo999

        shenmue 3, just saying. Or space channel 5 part 3

  • Howdy

    Meh, I’ll pass.

    I like that so many companies are supporting the console, but I haven’t enjoyed Sonic in years. I hope the game succeeds, but I won’t be purchasing this one.

    • ceramicsaturn

      You do realize the first game in this series was fantastic, and that the game isn’t made by Sega’s own questionable studios, but by Sumo Digital who has made some VERY good arcade style racers.

  • Linskarmo

    If this game turns out as fun as it looks, I’ll definitely be getting it. The screenshots look very good.

  • TheUNation

    It’s Sonic! Not to mention the fact that Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed clocks in at a sonic speed 60fps. I’m DEFINITELY gonna buy this U title!

    • Castamere

      I’m buying it day one, too. By the way, your avatar’s awesome.

      • TheUNation

        Why thank you playa… Here’s your thumbs up in return.

  • BananaPwnz

    So, its a racing game that’s stars my least favorite video game character and characters…….I’ll pass. Inform us when Mario kart Wii U comes out

    • Iceman404

      Wow, you certainly are busthurt…

      • Iceman404

        Well, butthurt, but you get the idea.

    • ProWiiU

      Wow let’s hate on this opinionated comment that’s different from your views!…..srsly I like the wii u just as much as the next guy but some of its fans are really immature/stupid(nintendward)

    • Herox95

      Dude? Have you even played the game yet?

      • BananaPwnz

        I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have said that, I haven’t played the game, and i shouldn’t have judged it so quickly. I apologize.

  • NintendoMan :D

    With flying and going under water, they kinda did copy MarioKart 7, but it’s still a good game though. I probably won’t be getting this.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Actually, Sega has stated that they came up with the idea before MK7 was announced and was annoyed that Nintendo beat them to the punch.

    • Gamechemist8

      Yeah, flying and underwater sections may have taken a bite from MK7, but graphically the game looks fantastic as do most all of Sega’s games.

    • KingoftheWolves

      Mario Kart wasn’t the first to do that. Diddy Kong racing did that years ago. I’m just confused whenever sonic does anything other than run. Isn’t that his thing? Does look fun

    • Here’s Why

      Sumo confirmed that Racing Transformed was in development long before Mario Kart 7 was announced.

      Just trying to help you dismiss that Sumo or Sega did NOT copy Mario. 🙂

    • Crapcake

      mk7 barely had water except for 1 level and in this you can fly at will but mk8 will be awesome 2

    • Superstick

      like i said. MISSIN OUT.

    • ProWiiU

      Same here, everybody that disliked this just opinion is possibly worse than nintendward

      • NintendoMan :D

        Hey, just an opinion. But I definately can’t wait for MarioKart 8, MarioKart U, etc. That will be an amazing game.

        • ProWiiU

          yeah, I was on your side.. did that come out wrong? I’m saying everyone has the right to their opinion and some people dislike comments just for having one…stupid. 🙁

  • Sethlaw225

    The concept is just like Diddy Kong Racing , Karts,Boats, and Planes . I just hope its as good if not better

  • Angus Young

    Am I the only one who want’s Sonic the Hedgehog 06 on the Wii U? Oh and Sonic Generations, I only have the 3DS version and I didn’t realize until I got it that it isn’t like the PS360 version.

  • Bill

    I’m hoping this game will be the Diddy Kong Racing of the Wii U: A fun alternative to Mario Kart.

  • Ninturd

    Oh wow, its a Mario Kart ripoff! Look at it! I mean, Need For Speed and Sonic & All Stars Racing TRANSFORMED are both ripoffs, including Crash Bandicoot Kart. Theres not much difference, is there? NinTURDS!!!!

  • ThisGuy

    Looks like things are geeting to spicy for the pepper

  • thejam216

    This game will probably be really fun, but just doesn’t seem to be as appealing as the mario kart and f zero franchises that we all know and love. Plus most people are probably facing the same situation as me, thinking about spending what money they have, on the right games at launch to make it worth it. As obviously it gets very pricey, very quickly with so many good games coming out at once, all at their full prices. I unfortunately think that this game just might be overlooked by a lot of players who can only afford the game or games that they REALLY want.

  • BloopbopBeepbop

    Overall, the screenshots look pretty nice.

  • NesToWiiU

    It looks even better than Mario Kart!(Waits for the spamming of dislikes proficy to begin as the typer wonders how to spell profecy.)

  • Zeldamaster35

    You do realize this game was in development before mk7, but Mario kart is better

  • WiiUnited

    I might get this since I have the first one, but ill still be waiting for the next Mario kart and the long wait for the next installment I’m F-Zero 🙂

    • WiiUnited

      in* not I’m

  • Superstick

    Whoever doesn’t buy this game sure is gonna miss out on the fun cuz i’m buying the bonus edition of this game. AND why is evryone waitin for mario kart 8 so friggin much! let nintendo get there shit together first! They letting third parties (like sega) do the work so they have more time to develop. just go grab this game along with mario kart 7 to ease your patience

    • DragonChi

      there’s a bonus edition?!

      • Superstick

        Yeah you didn’t know? You have to pre-order though to get it. I’m not sure if later it will become dlc or not (probably not) The bonus edition comes with metal sonic as a playable character and exclusive downloadable content, too. Costs the same as regular its just that you have to PREORDER to get that version.:)

        • Superstick

          Oh and another race track. If you plan on buying this game I hope you connect to miiverse so we can race

  • Stephan

    I honestly don’t see the point in waiting for a similar game to come out much later when I could have this AND the next Mario Kart. It just seems wrong to stay devoted to one thing and immediately turn down the other just because its gonna be similar.

    EVERY racer that involves items and a bit of mayhem is immediately labelled as a MK clone. Even Diddy Kong Racing, despite being the racing game to include kart racing, plane racing, and tube racing all in one, is called a Mario Kart clone. Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with that?

    In fact Transformed is more of a DKR clone than an MK clone, but I’m not gonna diss it just because of that. In fact, I may even enjoy it more once I get my hands on it and actually PLAY it.

  • Chris

    Looks amazing

  • Major Beauner

    Day 1 for me!

    This will tide me over until Mario Kart comes out!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Cant wait!!! 😀

  • DiMM

    Eh, Still don’t understand the point of sonic using cars if he can run faster :l… I’ve played the game before, it’s decently fun but meh, I’m not gonna buy it.

    Getting Nintendo Land, MarioBrosWiiU, & NinjaGaiden 3 at launch. Then I’ll be gettin’ other games slowly as I get moar money & they release.


    C’mon SEGA…Lets see YAZUKA and SHENMUE, Not these shovelware all star tennis and racing games!!

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    The shots look nice, and this game can run at 60 fps. Im sold.

  • Kid4ever

    Nice .. First time the wii u impressed me, so far many of the past post just told me stay away from the wii u for its crappy games and hardware, but this article actually made me think of getting it, but it’s still not enough, I need to see better or I’ll just stick with xbox360 which can perform many of the same stuff for free using smartglass, and the technolgy is more advanced then the wii upad, the only reason I like the wii u pad is because it white like me. Also nintedward can you stop posting ridiculous comments that no one cares about. You just make people want to leave when they see Nintendo has lame pre pubescent as thier fans. Why did you post a comment saying you were good lucking when you had a picture of yourself up , all I saw was a fat boy .

    • Damiao

      The only reason you like the wiiU game pad is because its white like you!? Lol what the… Pretty sure u just posted a ridiculous comment yourself buddy.

    • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

      DON’T Even Compare the gamepad 2 the crappy app.

  • Harley Dawber

    since i pre-ordered my wii u here in game (manchester UK), ive been very curious to what games i want at launch, and yes while it may not be mario kart it still looks really good so i may pick this up at launch(im defiantly getting zombiU, nintendo land, and maybe NSMB U)

  • Maverick-Hunter

    For everyone complaining that. “oh sonic is much faster on his feet why is he in a car that’s stupid” A. sonic can’t run in space or water B. if he as fast as you claim how would it be any fun to race him when they aren’t even at the same level speed.

    Anyway this game looks great love the roster wreck it ralf is definatly going to be my go to character loved the movie

    As for you complaining that it’s a mario kart rip off let me ask something if it didn’t have items and chaos would you A get bored quickly or B complain and say it’s not as good as Mario kart?


    Why everybody so pro mario kart all the time…seems more like the love is for the title than the game itself. I love mario kart to the core but sheesh give sonic a little love. The first all stars racing was amazing. It is a fair bit more immersive and comfortable to play than mario kart is. It no doubt stands up equally to mario kart in terms of quality, no if ands or buts.