Aug 25th, 2014


After last week’s screenshot showcasing several characters and today’s leak with video of those characters, we’re starting to believe someone out there is actually leaking information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. It should be reiterated that these leaks are coming from the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, but any characters that are debuted through these leaks will carry over to the Wii U version.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this huge screenshot leak is the trophies that are being showcased, as well as the interface that will be available for the Nintendo 3DS version. You can view a crop of screenshots below, or click this link to see them all.

What do you think of all these leaks?

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  • Krystal <3 Oh well. I suppose her being a fighter will have to wait until the next game. I just always thought it'd be cool to have someone besides ness and lucas running around with telepathic mind powers and such 😛

    • Saleh Sbeiti

      Well characters have trophies and it was said by a couple of people that not all the characters have been unlocked on the old leak, Holy crap a rumor for a rumor.

      • rp17

        Yeah but, like the Wario trophy, a playable character’s trophy usually states that they are a fighter.

        • Saleh Sbeiti


      • Too many rumors. Got confused. Tails stuck in blender

    • eli

      Remember, you can get character trophies from classic mode. Unless if there was more information that you saw pointing out that she won’t be in the game that I missed

      • true 😛 I’m just assuming she isn’t. I always assume the worst

  • Yoshifan3


    • Dude, what makes you think you’re the ONLY person who could’ve possibly found and suggested these leaks? They’re EVERYWHERE

      • Yoshifan3

        shes literally taking it from the forum lol. i just posted this like 10 minutes ago. hardly anyone knows about these leaks except for people on teh smash boards.

        • /r/smashbros

          • Yoshifan3

            not sure what that means :/


            reddit’s a pretty cool community.

          • Yoshifan3

            nah i dont think im ready yet. probably never will be.

          • Zach Cruz

            was looking on there I found this interesting as this came out before the esrb leak and since the all-star mode seems to be locked in these leaks we may get more characters

            one can hope!

          • rp17

            Every detail matches up…

            This roster would be better. I really thought that DK and Metroid needed a new rep. While I don’t care about Mewtwo it would make sense to be added back before Dr. Mario is considered. Those three complete the, imo, incomplete roster. Plus the fact that Lucas, Ice Climbers, and Wolf would all be (hopefully free) DLC.

          • I still have no clue who shulk is

          • Zach Cruz

            Xenoblade, it’s a really awesome game you should definitely give it a shot, If you heard of X coming for Wii U then basically he is from that universe.

          • OOOOH. Now it’s familiar. I really do wanna try it

        • No I’m not. As Zorpix said these leaks are all over the internet.

          • Yoshifan3

            well my bad then. im sorry. sorry if i came across as rude

          • perpetualentropy

            i got it from nintendo everything or some site like that i dont remember before you posted it

      • Yoshifan3

        i dont care if she posts it or not. i just find it funny is all.

        • I find you funny

          • Yoshifan3

            i is superz hilariousz

          • yoo no it

    • Sorry but I have no idea who you are and I don’t browse Wii U Forums. I get this stuff from NeoGAF.

      • Kevin James McAllister

        You get it from NeoGAF? So I should just start going there and don’t need to come here anymore?

        • That’s not what’s she’s saying at all Kevin. NeoGAF is a forum that is well known for posting leaks and rumors, but they do news.

          So… I suppose if you only actually came here to see rumors and potential leaks, then yes, going to NeoGAF would be more efficient. But if you’re interested in general news as well then here is better.

  • Also, does that mean Wario is out? I kinda understand. There’s like, what? 5 or 6 Mario reps now. Especially if Dr. Mario was true. Yeah, I think leaving him out is okay

    • Brandon Olson

      No, Wario isn’t cut. If anything he’s actually confirmed since they wouldn’t have described him as a Smash Bros. character anyways. Not to mention his model matches the character select screen that was leaked that also confirmed Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, Duck Hunt Dog, and others.

      Wario’s confirmed playable if these leaks are true. and at this point? I’d say they are.

    • Korv13

      He’s in. On mynintendonews, the final??? roster has been shown with all the returning veterans and the newcomers (48 characters + Mii Fighters). I’m very sure this is real.

      For people who don’t want to be spoiled, DON’T GO THERE. You have been warned.

      • as you can tell by this comment on the site:

        1. Game&Watch hand is out of its square…

        2. Fox and Falco pictures are taken from artwork from a previous Starfox game, either Lylat Wars or Command…

        3. Mii character missing…

        4. Latest “leaks” heavily resembles Brawl in many ways…

        5. Past events that resulted in often fake leaks…

        There are things to discredit that image

    • David Trail

      Wario was crap anyway.

      • greengecko007

        Wario is in the top tiers for fighters in Brawl. I never cared for playing as him, but he was a great fighter in terms of ability.

        • David Trail

          Don’t know how. Wario seemed crap to me.

      • perpetualentropy

        he got different moves now

    • J_Joestar

      he technically isn’t treated as a Mario rep IIRC, like Yoshi he reps his own games.

      • That’s true. He did have his own emblem thing. Same as DK

    • Vorpal Blade

      He better not have been kicked out just so we can have a freakin clone of Mario back in the game.

      • eh… I wasn’t his biggest fan, but at least he was different

  • Korv13

    This leak is getting way out of control…

    I have think about it and if this is the final roster. I am satisfied.

  • Tharja<3

    • J_Joestar

      only thing better is if she had the pose of her statue.

  • Noxen IV

    Lets keep these leaks to a minimum, rather not have Sakurai make any sudden big changes like the last leak he found out about.

    • Zach Cruz

      the game is about a month away i doubt they will remove anything now especially if this content is being submitted to ESRB board. but you never know!

    • James Miller I

      What did he do last time?
      and I am just so excited that Shulk is “allegedly” in the game

      • pacheco90

        He found out about the leaks of subspace emissary from brawl before the game came out, he got angry and refused to make another story mode for this smash.

        • Divaitiie!

          That’s why I hate Leakers.

        • James Miller I

          Wow that’s pretty disappointing

    • Madmagican

      I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the leaked characters that would’ve been surprises got cut out and quickly replaced by others

      There’s bound to be some back-ups in case of this happening

      • TehEngineer

        I think (hope) that Dr. Mario is turned in to assist trophy just to disprove the leak (As in the leak was real so they changed Dr Mario).

      • Tecpedz94

        No that means that the other characters that they would replace it with would have to of already been developed before but removed just cuz they felt that it wasn’t good enough. If they have to make whole new characters it doesn’t take a month…..

  • Is that Tharja?!?!

  • Uh oh …. Nintendo is going to have someone’s legs broken.

  • Kevin James McAllister

    You should change the title of this post; it implies they’re playable characters.

  • Milky Bacons

    So much leaks! So much disappointment!

  • crocodileman94

    I think I understand Sakurai’s reasoning against another SSE like gamemode now.

  • Guest

    No mention on the leaked footage from ESRB

    • rp17


    • Fuzzylittlebastard

      Don’t they rate AFTER its released?

      • rp17

        How would they rate after the release? I mean the rating has to go on all the box art? lol Now would be around the right time to be rating the game. And they don’t play through the whole game anyway, so they don’t need a completed build to judge.

        • Fuzzylittlebastard

          Idk Its jsut something I heard.

  • TheBrainJemin

    Hey look on the bright side! We get Duck Hunt! YAAAAAAAAYYY!!

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    This is just terrible, I wonder if Nintendo has connections to the Yakuza… If so they should use them. EIther way I refuse to look at these for extended periods. I HATE spoilers.

    • Wait… Are you suggesting Nintendo have the leakers killed? Spoilers or no, that’s pretty damn harsh.

      • Superxtreme

        Does this look like the face of mercy? The leakers have probably been “taken care of” by now 😛

    • Mr Ninty

      Nintendo has no need for the inferior Yakuza. Nintendo has ninja’s

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Yes, lets wait for sakurai to confirm things

  • Sdudyoy

    Must not look at leaks.

  • Guest

    Is Sakurai going to remove all these characters? He removed story mode, when a cutscene was leaked online.

    • That’s not how it happened. At all.

      The reason a story mode with cutscenes wasn’t included in this game was because the developers realized that, if the cutscenes were the point of playing the story mode, but you could just watch the cutscenes online without playing the story mode, then there was no reason to spend effort making them since they provided no reward players couldn’t get without playing the game. So they spent that time and effort instead working other things, such as new characters and gameplay modes along with introductory movies for the characters to get us hyped for the game.

      • rp17

        Yeah, but that was a joke…

      • perpetualentropy

        i think their will still be some kind of campain

    • perpetualentropy

      i think their will still be some kind of story mode and no the games done so i dont think so

  • MonadoKnight

    Someone is going to mysteriously die this week…. Though im not entirely sure this is real i dunno im just not buying it completely

    • lonewolf88

      nintendo assassins are working on the case right now don’t worry there heads will be on sakurais desk soon enough.

      • Tecpedz94

        Sakurai the samurai :p lol!

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Don’t you think Tharja is the dodgiest Nintendo character ever?

  • A_7

    well there goes the chances of Krystal being a playable character.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Not necessarily. It could be a character trophy you get after you beat classic mode or whatever. You know, like if you play as Mario and beat classic mode; you get a Mario trophy.

      • James Belnap

        Wario’s trophy is describing his gameplay in Smash Bros, Krystal’s is not.

        • In Smash Melee and Brawl you had two trophies for every fighter – one smash-focused for beating classic mode and another one focused on their game for beating all stars mode… so you never know.

          • James Belnap

            Maybe, but the actual odds of this being anything other than a generic trophy are microscopic at this point.

          • Brandt Mackay

            Again, Nintendo being idiots and not giving Star Fox characters a good representation, again.

          • perpetualentropy

            dinosaur planet

          • Brandt Mackay

            Pure BS. You clearly never played Star Fox Command. To say Dinosaur Planet is the worst of the franchise is asinine and false. Command was a pile of garbage by far. Dinosaur Planet > POS Star Fox Command. Fact.

          • perpetualentropy

            i didnt say that at all i said i want to see the game as dinosaur planet and not star fox i really enjoy star fox adventures

          • Brandt Mackay

            Oh! Sorry! I thought you…*ahem* my mistake…. 🙁

          • perpetualentropy

            i actually loved it star fox adventures no i never played command its that bad

          • perpetualentropy

            althought star fox in smash needs more reps crystak would be a better choice then say slippy toad

          • K. Bledsoe

            I liked Star Fox Command…

        • perpetualentropy

          your absolutely right

      • Brandt Mackay

        How do you know this for sure? I too wanted her as a playable character, but noooooo, Nintendo had to screw the pooch on this opportunity. That’s TWO games where she was cut. She along others, were cut from Brawl.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          “How do you know this for sure?”

          Umm, I don’t. What part of “it COULD be a character trophy” did you not understand? It’s just theory I have, nothing more. There’s a possibility it COULD be character trophy after you beat classic mode or it could be just an ordinary trophy they threw in. I don’t know for sure, I’m just speculating here.

          What I really find funny is Nintendo and/or Sakurai is okay with adding a crap ton of Mario characters. But not okay with adding more than two or three Starfox characters (I don’t know if Wolf will be back). 😛

          • Brandt Mackay

            No kidding, it’s annoying. Way too many Fire Emblem character, but no Star Fox characters. I hope Wolf or Krystal (or both) get in the game. There is room for more slots.

    • Brandt Mackay

      No kidding, unless it’s via DLC or well through, *ahem* yeah. I won’t mention that here.

  • Arkamarky

    I think the Leaker is thirsty seeing that the pics he leaked had a lot of you know what

  • Grilo

    This leaks Came from Brazil

  • Iron Angel

    I just want Falco to return

  • Those shots of the trophies of girls though… Very interesting “leak photos”… ~,~ more modest photos would’ve been nice… >.< guess the pictures reflect the photographer…

    • ascendd yt

      It’s for ESRB ratings. They have to see things like that to rate the game.

  • James Belnap

    That’s two games they could’ve added Krystal yet didn’t, what’s wrong with them?

  • James Miller I

    That huge amount of trophies tho 648!!! At least i think that’s the count

    • Joel Cruz

      “Tho” you fuckin stupid swag fag!

      • Zach Cruz

        please dont share my last name with when you post hateful rude comments like this.

        • simkenno

          Ignore the retard 🙂

          • Joel Cruz

            Shut up faggots you all damn know well that this generation sucks balls because gays and swag fags.You the retard muthafucka

      • simkenno

        People like you just need to die.

        • Zach Cruz

          Haha probably just some kid with his parents computer… hopefully he’s just some kid… otherwise i feel sorry for him

      • James Miller I

        Well alright

  • steveb944

    That difficulty slider reminds me of Kid Icarus.

    I’m trying to ignore all other leaks to not ruin my hype.

  • MuffinDerp

    Please! Can you stop shoving leaks in our faces already?! there are some people who would love to play this game knowing as little about is as possible. and all of these leaks on the front page (Even the thumbnails, seriously?) just throws the excitement out the window.
    Gonna have to stop coming to this site until release if this keeps up…
    At least have like a “SPOILER WARNING” and a thumbnail not showing said spoilers on the front page or something like that.

    • perpetualentropy

      its like telling us what were getting for xmas in july yea its great but no surprises but all and all really siked about koopa car and dh dog

  • dazco4

    RUMOR: Jesus Christ is a playable character for smash.

  • David Horowitz

    No more leaks! I don’t want another big part of the game to be taken out!

  • KoopshiKing

    I see Larry in a Koopa Clown Car does this mean that the Koopalings are Bowser juniors skins?

  • Vorpal Blade

    Does this mean all the trophy’s we see here aren’t playable characters, or are?
    (Please say are)

    • J_Joestar

      pretty sure there is nothing that says a trophy will or will not be of playable characters only.

      • Vorpal Blade

        True, but with the leak and all….

  • Kerbizzle

    Well, whoever did all of this must hate their job.

  • lonewolf88

    if tharja is playable my life is complete and I can die in peace.

  • Jeffery02

    “She and Fox also became romantically involved, but no idea if her telepathic abilities were useful there as well.” -Krystal’s Trophy
    Wait…. what?

    • J_Joestar

      Sounds like they are implying she Prof X’d him into a relationship?

  • perpetualentropy

    its dumb though leaks are going to happen why punish everyone its dumb these people want to see these games so bad thell do anything thats not always a bad thing it will sell like crazy taking something out of it because people seen it before it came out is crazy im pretty sure their will be some kind of story mode trust me

  • perpetualentropy

    i really wish they would make dinosaur planet even though it got turned into star fox adventures because miyo said saber looked like fox i just think they should make a new dinosaur planet for the u

  • perpetualentropy

    i would rather have new ip characters then side kicks from existing chrono,dude from gaurdian legends,ABOY AND HIS BLOB OMG!!, pinball from pinball quest, rygar, bayonetta, dude from illusions of gaia, deude from burger time, simon belmont [nes style], doki doki panic characters, koranov, dude from iron sword wizards and worriors!!

  • K. Bledsoe