Jan 14th, 2013

One of the problems that plagued the 2011 holiday season was the lack of Skylanders available for many disappointed parents and children. Activision has thankfully rectified this with Skylanders Giants and now, we’re even seeing packs release early, as is the case with the new Scorpion Striker Battle Pack available at GameStop. The pack includes Series 2 Zap, Hot Dog, and an in-game catapult for $25. Additionally, if you spend $29.99 or more on Skylanders between January 16th and January 31st, you can get a free character.

It’s unfortunate that the pack contains none of the new giants, as many are waiting or the likes of Thumpback and Eye Brawl to make their way to retail. We’ll probably see them sometime next month once this pack becomes available across all retailers.


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  • CeCeLife_s

    WHAT HAPPENED TO WIIUDAILY?? its not daily , copies news from My Nintendo News, and has other news that….well arent news. who agrees?

    • Jerardo Salgado

      Although I agree it’s not daily, the difference from Daily and that site is that SOME commentors have some sense…….don’t take that away.

      • Laud

        Lol, ‘commentors’ who don’t have sense is just another way of saying that they have a different opinion and these opinions don’t matter to you.

        • Jerardo Salgado

          I’m not one of those people that just dismiss your comment as trolling if you have a different opinion. Trust me, go to My Nintendo news and look at the comments, it makes this site’s members look like a bunch of English professors. 

          • Revolution5268

             im not surprise at all

      • CeCeLife_s

        I do agree….but at the end of the day….whats really important is the QUALITY of the article… and the timing. WiiUDaily gets a 3. I loved this article..but ever since the wiiu came out…it died…something must be wrong

    • Revolution5268

       slow news i say.

  • Noteak

    I am not sure or not but it says, “problems that plagued the 2011 holiday season” is it supposed to say 2012 or is it already right

    • Hey Noteak,

      I’m referring to the supply problems of the original game, not Skylanders Giants. Giants was much better distributed.

      • Srpg2ishere


  • Luke Wilson

    lol how is this  news?

  • Srpg2ishere

    I wanna see more news about upcoming games not skylanders. lol. 

  • Srpg2ishere

    Nintendo should make a place on their website where they go over all the news and upcoming games because everytime I go to the website and go to Wii U it just shows the games and news for 3ds. I honestly didn’t know about the zombi u and 2k demo’s till i searched the web and went on miiverse. lol. 

  • Anthony Sibilla

    Ok, I am sick of the new “Spyro” games. Activision/Toys for Bob should either drop it and stop butchering him or return to the original incarnation of Spyro and make it PS3 exclusive, commissioning Stewart Copeland to compose the soundtrack and bringing all the original voice actors back.

    Spyro should belong only on Playstation because it doesn’t belong on either a Nintendo or Microsoft console. Name one game released before Skylanders which is available on either a Nintendo or Microsoft console that’s as good or better than the original three games. Don’t even say LoS…

    • Revolution5268

       well same with crash those series did not last. sad but true.
      but i wonder why sony did that? ps3 does not have any game that i love on the ps1, i feel abandon by sony here. i don’t believe that lbp, uncharted, god of war will survive next gen, because sony will just abandon its IPS.