Apr 4th, 2013

There’s nothing quite like a lego game that captures the feel of fun. The latest installment in the lego game family is Lego Marvel Superheroes, a game that will be released sometime this fall. There’s scant few details on the plot, but you can’t deny that lego Ironman is pretty great. More than 100 heroes from the Marvel roster will be available in the game, including Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Deadpool and yes, even Loki.

Are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Genesect4ssb4

    cool I guess

  • [000]

    I might buy this game if I can see some footage. From the screenshots, it looks interesting.

  • hope it’s like lego city

    • NkoSekirei

      lego city is fun and hilarious

    • dylanbob121

      It will be more like lego batman.Which I dont mind very much.

  • Adrian

    Blegh, when is a good game going to come to WiiU. And by good I mean not made for children, and not a remake or remaster of a game that is already out on another system.
    Hopefully they announce more about Monolith soft’s game soon. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for. Or ZombiU2!!
    On a side note I finally picked up Xenoblade 2 days ago! Took me a month of stalking gamestop’s website to find a used copy in stores.

    • D.M.T

      Kids are the reason why consoles are successful. Most PS3 owners are kids, most Xbox owners are kids and most Wii U owners are or will be kids. Yes, teenagers are kids believe it or not. Teenagers under 18 are minors and minors are kids. And I need to remind you that a lot of adults enjoy these so called childish games.

      • Adrian

        I’m not a fan of American kid culture. I have the same video game tastes now as I did when i was 10. I didn’t like it then either.

  • grandlx2

    I hope it looks better than lego city.. which looks plain and needs AA, and other upgrades. Come on.. If the wii u is next gen, we need to start seeing next gen visuals on it!!

    • TheLast

      It’s not the platfom that’s the problem, it’s the engine they’re using.

    • fireheartis1

      Have you seen the trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut? It uses AA and has very crisp graphics, but Lego City doesn’t look that bad though man. Sure you see jaggies here and there but the game looks great. Not only that the gameplay is very fun and the story is the funniest story I’ve seen in a game for a long time. I love Lego City and I’m not afraid to say I got the game for me not my kids lol. Yes my kids do play it, but I bought it for me because I wanted to celebrate passing my College Algebra class without any tutoring. Math isn’t my best subject and it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Algebra, but I did it and passed with a C+, so I bought Lego City as a yah I did gift. Ok my wife bought it for me, but you see the point the game is great and looks good despite the jaggies it has.

      • sithWiiU

        Looks like the PS360 version tbh.

        • Gustaf

          tbh you are wrong, the developers are saying that it has better graphics than the pc version, and you come with that?, you would say, “is obvious developers will say that” maybe you’re right, but NFS proves that it isn’t just marketing

        • fireheartis1

          Wow fail trolling here people. It looks like the PS3/360 version. Are you kidding me it looks even better than the PC version moron. That’s why PC fanboys are so butt hurt that it’s coming to Wii U exclusively. My God stop being so ignorant boy.

  • Laud


    I have no idea what to say except it looks hilarious.

  • Chiwawa

    yeah!! my friends and I can play co-op again! 😀

  • Trevor Tiegs

    Wow.. Another Lego game..

    C’mon Nintendo -.-

    • Laud

      Nintendo doesn’t own Lego you know, what do you want them to say?



      • Threinfhir

        Lol. Poor Trevor…

  • D.M.T

    Lego games are fun but I am not going to buy another Lego game. 1 Lego game is enough. My next game will be Injustice Gods Among Us

    • AntiTrollTeam

      We have Injustice preordered as well….very excited.

  • greengecko007

    Even as someone who has never enjoyed any of the Lego games, I can’t help but “marvel” at how great the visuals are. The lego characters are almost perfectly rounded and look really sleek and smooth. The lighting effects looks perfect, and the game overall looks beautiful. Oh, but nintendrones don’t care about graphics, right?

    • sithWiiU

      They say they don’t, but then they like to remind everyone how Wii U is way more super powerfuller than PS360, saying how NFS U is the best cause it’s looks so super cool and better and powerfuller than the PS360 versions.

      • They only say that because of how much shit people talk about it. calling it last gen and what have you so they try to show that it isn’t. cause and effect

      • Michael Pachter

        You clearly not a pro at this troll thing and that’s coming from me.

  • Joel

    Impressive lighting effects, I’ll admit.

    • sithWiiU

      Probably the PS360 version.

      • david jarman

        Nope, wii u can pull off pc quality lighting effects. Look at games like Need for speed most wanted, trine 2, and even Ninja Gaiden:Razors edge. You don’t have to like them Nintendo, but don’t be fucking stupid.

  • TheLast

    I’m actually looking forward to this game, as it looks quite fun. Honestly I’ve never seen so much insecurity from you guys..

  • Mickey Mouse

    Enjoying Lego City and looking forward to Lego Marvel Superheroes.

  • Ducked

    This isn’t one of those top games I’m looking forward to, but I enjoyed the Star wars and Batman games.

  • Linskarmo

    Day one buy for me!

  • Guest


  • lonewolf88

    ill pass i got lego city because it was a awesome idea and its like gta but legos and a huge world but muh to this compared to lego city

  • david jarman

    I would rather take childish looking game over one that promotes murder and rape any day. Whatever happened to liking games cause they’re fun?